daphne {week 8}


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{week 8} Holy cow, 8 weeks already?!

Daphne is such a sweet little spirit and has been showing us so many smiles as of late, including during this week’s photoshoot. She definitely has her unhappy moments (and the cutest sad face!) but she is generally very happy.

We are still nursing six times per day for about 40 minutes (20 on each side) and she is the noisiest! Except for her first and last feeding, she is “talking” most of the time that she nurses. She is also pretty noisy when she is sleeping too – groaning and moaning in the wee morning hours!

While she is still giving us a nice long stretch of sleep at night (at least 7 hours), she has started to fuss between about 4 and 6 am. Almost always she has lost her pacifier and as soon as it is back in her mouth, she is good. Once she is really sleeping, her paci drops out and she doesn’t (generally) need it to stay asleep. But, since my guess is that she is a pretty  light sleeper during this short morning stretch, she very frequently needs help with her paci, so the hours right before I get up with her for our first feeding aren’t very restful (for me at least!). I have been trying to take a nap at least a couple of days a week in the afternoon if I can get both girls down at the same time which helps, especially since I “need” 9+ hours of sleep! Maybe someday…

Daphne is also really gassy, as compared to Eloise at this age, which our ped told us is super common for babies this age so we aren’t worried at all, but she definitely fusses over it sometimes until she can let it out. I also wonder whether her morning fussiness is due to gas?

This girl loves (loves) her hands. She is still in newborn-mode with her hands though and they are almost always tight in a fist. But if she can, she will attempt to stick her entire fist in her mouth. Usually that’s a sign that she wants a paci, but sometimes I let her suck on her hands since that is the way she is naturally self-soothing. Not sure if we want to encourage hand (or eventually fingers or thumb) sucking, but I hate to prevent her from soothing in that way. And speaking of her hands, she always has lint and fuzz in her hands! I don’t know where she gets so much of it, but every feeding I open her hands (or wait for them to open towards the end of her feeding which is a sign of being full) and pick the lint out. We call her The Lint Smuggler.

And finally, Daphne is finally not crying thru diaper or clothes changes. She still doesn’t love having a shirt or a onesie put over her head, but she won’t cry much anymore, whereas before, every single diaper or clothing change was accompanied with tears. The saddest.

Daphne has her 8 week check-up (and first set of shots) this morning so I will share all that info for her two month update next week!

See Eloise in this same outfit here. Babies in overalls are the BEST!

Happy 8 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 7}


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{And this week’s outtake! Their faces are hilarious!}

{week 7} This past weekend was Daphne’s first Easter and as you can see from the photos, she was pretty happy about it! Because of her March birthday (barely!) I think of her as a spring baby, but she really is a winter one. That said, spring is on the way here in Seattle and I am excited to not have to bundle her up so much when we go out!

Daphne’s eyebrows are finally coming in and the color changes based on the lighting. They generally look blonde, but when she is in the sun, they look red! Aaron and I both have red undertones in our hair and Eloise has red in her hair (in the sun), so it isn’t a surprise that Daphne would have red, but I am just so surprised about it being in her eyebrows! She is the cutest person to ever have dark hair and light eyebrows!

Since I mentioned it a few weeks ago, Daphne’s skin is much less dry and flaky which is nice because she was shedding everywhere (which kind of freaked me out). It is super normal for newborns, but I just wasn’t expecting it. And while there are no signs of cradle cap (I think it was just dry skin on her scalp) Daphne does have a bit of baby acne. It is mostly on her cheeks and not horrible. I think it is just hormones and not a reaction to what she is getting thru my breastmilk; if it becomes worse though I may try to cut out dairy to see if that helps since dairy sensitivity is pretty common in newborns.

We are getting a lot of smiles these days from Daphne and not just gassy ones. She will respond to voices and faces and likes to be tickled. That sweet little smile is the best! And she has a dimple in her right cheek.

I mentioned also last week that Daphne is up for about 30 minutes during her “wake” time, but that wasn’t really right. She has been awake for the past few weeks for closer to an hour which has been a good change. While I love, love having a sleepy little newborn, it is also fun to have her awake and starting to interact with us and her world. I have been introducing tummy time slowly on her play mat or across my lap (she already can push up off of my chest when I hold her upright) and shake a toy or rattle to get her to look up and rotate her head. She is also liking her play mat for laying on her back and staring at the toys and even batting them with her hands.

Finally, Daphne is starting to fill out and fits into her 0 to 3 month clothes now! And actually her 0 to 3 month tops and onesies are almost looking too small, especially if I pair a onesie with a cloth diaper since they add so much bulk. But with bottoms, she still fits into her newborn pants, including the tiny newborn ones that are “up to 7 pounds.” She still has a pretty small waist and little, scrawny legs and arms, but filling in in her belly.

Happy 7 weeks Daphne!


daphne {week 6}


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{week 6} This past week has sort of been a blur where all of the days start feeling the same. I guess that is what happens with routines, each day is basically the same, which is great for kids who need consistency (Eloise!) but not so great for Mamas who start to feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day! Luckily I have started to get my act together enough to feel like I can leave the house without it being a major, chaotic thing. The most helpful thing for me is that I have lowered my expectations about how “ready” I will be before we leave the house… concealer, mascara, maybe a quick shower, and clean clothes! (Plus, Aaron and I always joke that the secret to being a good parent is low expectations. Ha!)

Daphne, while still going thru the night without a middle of the night feeding, has been much more fussy during the night. I usually just have to get her paci in her mouth and maybe rock her for a second, and she is back down. But I am finding that I am doing this multiple times per night which wasn’t the case even a week or so ago. But in reading back on Eloise’s week 6 update, I was reminded of the dreaded week 6 sleep regression! Since I was in a PEPS group with Eloise at this point in her life, meaning I met weekly with a mama’s group to chat all about our new babies, I was totally up-to-speed on all of these types of things, like regressions, milestones, or developments. But since having Daphne I haven’t had a chance to catch up on my reading! All of this is to say that I think Daphne may be in her 6 week sleep regression and will go back to snoozing more normally soon!

She is still sleeping at night in her rock n’ play right next to our bed. At this point I had transitioned Eloise into her crib, but am not feeling quite as antsy to do that this time around. At least yet. I may try putting Daphne down for naps in her crib, especially to get her used to lying flat during sleeping time, but nighttime seems like a completely different story and the reason is two-fold; one is that because Daphne just needs her paci stuck back in her mouth to get back to sleep, it is so, so much easier for me to just roll over in bed and lean over to give her a paci (rather than have to get up out of bed and go next door), and two is that Eloise is next door to the nursery and I am trying to prevent having both kids up at night if Daphne is crying! I know it’s not realistic to think that Daphne’s crying will never effect Eloise because she definitely cries in the early mornings before her first feeding, during naptime in the afternoon, and in the evenings after Eloise is asleep. But I am much more anxious about it in the middle of the night! I think I will get thru this regression and then re-evaluate!

We are still offering Daphne a bottle of pumped milk after her last feeding of the day which she almost always takes. It is mostly to ensure she will continue to take a bottle (which can sometimes be an issue for (mostly) exclusively breastfed babies) and is only about an ounce and a half. I have dropped down to just one pumping session per day, right after Daphne’s first feeding around 6:30 or 7 am. Although it was nice to get extra pumped milk and feel like I was “fully drained” right before bedtime, having a pumping session after her last feeding was pushing my bedtime so late! Generally milk supplies are higher in the morning (which seems to be mostly true with me) and then I can get pumping out of the way before Eloise is up for the day. And nothing is more stressful than having a toddler (and an infant) to watch while you are pumping… I had Eloise in the nursery with me once while I tried to pump and it was terrible. It cut my output at least in half!

Daphne is super into her hands these days and constantly has them (or tries to have them) in her mouth. Aaron has been able to keep her fingernails trimmed down, though they still grow like weeds, so we haven’t had to keep mittens on her. She can’t self-soothe enough with just her hands, so she is still using a paci, but we will see if she becomes a hand sucker.

You can also see from this picture that Daphne’s hair is changing a bit. It is becoming lighter on the sides, most notably in the sun, and is developing into a faux-hawk on the top just like Eloise’s at this age. I think these girls are going to have the same hair!

Daphne is much more alert during her “wake time” this past week as well. She sometimes falls asleep during the end of her feeding or immediately after, but a diaper change always jazzes her up. She still doesn’t love a diaper or clothes change, but she is starting to tolerate both much better. After a fresh diaper, Daphne is generally up for 30ish minutes before she starts to show signs of wanting a nap. She will sometimes go to sleep on her own, but generally needs/wants a swaddle and a paci. Her naps are all over the place during the day depending on what we are doing: in the car seat, in the Ergo or Solly wrap, on the Boppy lounger, in her swing (we have a version of this one that I found on consignment*), on my chest or arms.

Finally, I compared Daphne’s 4 week stats with Eloise’s and they are basically identical in weight and length but Eloise’s head was bigger!

Happy 6 weeks Daphne!


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* I am not a huge consignment store shopper unless it comes to baby gear. We never had a swing with Eloise, but since Daphne was fussy in the evenings for the first few weeks we thought one might be helpful. Our philosophy about most baby/kids’ gear is to wait to get it until you need it. And consignment stores are a great place to find a really good deal on gently used gear (that you will use for a couple of months, max!). You can spend so. much. money on baby gear and it feels like such a waste! If you are local to Seattle, my favorite consignment shop is Childish Things.

daphne {week 5}


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{week 5} Just a few things to update on this week following Daphne’s first monthly update. We just went to the doctor’s office for her 4 week check-up and here are her stats:

Weight: 9 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)

Length: 22 in (75th percentile)

Head: 37.6 cm (50th percentile)

In comparison to Eloise, these girls are basically the same size in terms of weight after the first month which is sort of surprising given the fact that Eloise was significantly smaller when she was born! I remember E hitting the growth curve fast and hard from the get-go and it doesn’t feel like Daphne has been that way. Much more slow and steady for this little one! I haven’t done a true comparison of the girls’ stats, but will dig out Eloise’s old records to see – I am so curious!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that it looked like Daphne may be getting some baby acne. She has a few spots here and there, but mostly her skin has stayed clear. She does still have really dry and flaky skin though, and may have a tiny bit of cradle cap (not an actual diagnosis but just my own hunch) on her scalp near her hairline. I am hoping she doesn’t get cradle cap (for real) since I have heard it is such a pain to manage, even though it is completely harmless and really common.

Daphne’s eyebrows are starting to come in and get darker. She is definitely sporting the light brows and dark hair, though it is still adorable! There is still a lot of fine hair all over Daphne’s back, forehead, arms, and tops of her ears which I know will go away over time. We keep teasing her that she is the hairiest person in our family, since both Aaron and I have very little body hair!

We are still happy with our diapering situation, though we may be moving to just disposables for a while. We were using the g-diapers with disposable inserts (which we really like and fit Daphne really well) but continuing to use the disposable inserts doesn’t feel like we are really doing anything different than using a regular disposable. We have the option of using a cloth insert instead, but since we didn’t use this system with Eloise, we would have to buy the inserts, and since these particular g diapers only go up to 12 pounds, it doesn’t seem worth it. At least for now. If Daphne is slow on the growth curve, maybe we will re-think the decision, but I feel like we blinked and Eloise was 10+ pounds! And we also have the Lil Joeys all-in-one cloth diapers which I absolutely love, but Daphne’s little chicken legs are too small and she just leaks all the time… I hope she can chunk out in her legs before her waist is too big for these diapers. That is sort of the way it goes with cloth, some diapers work well and others don’t depending on the kid. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Daphne will fit well into the BumGenius diapers that we used with Eloise!

And just as a sidenote mostly for historical value, Daphne’s Nubbawub pacifier (which is a penguin) has officially been named Graham. I asked Eloise what we should call it when we first got it (she LOVES to name things and I wanted to make sure she felt included) and she said “Grammie!” Well, that might be confusing since we call my mom Grammie (or Mimi), so we shortened it to Graham.

Happy 5 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 4}


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{And some outtakes with Eloise! Yep, that’s a (temporary) tattoo on E’s belly – she’s obsessed!}

{week 4} I will keep this post pretty short since Daphne’s one month birthday is coming up this weekend, what?!

Daphne is really starting to smile and even laugh a little (in her sleep which is impossibly cute, like the tiniest little chuckle), and Aaron and I both swear she smiled at both of us this week! You can see her smiling in that first photo with Eloise; Daphne is in awe of Eloise and if she is upset, Eloise will start singing to her and 90% of the time the crying will stop. Seriously.

In terms of eating and sleeping, Daphne has been preferring eating every 2.5 hours (rather than 3) that past few days which makes me think she might be going thru a small growth spurt, and about 50% of nights she will sleep for 5 or 6 hours. On the nights Daphne wakes up, she mostly just wants to be rocked and have her paci, and she will go back to sleep! We really don’t do middle-of-the-night feedings which is really bizarre since I feel like Eloise ate all night long!

And since I don’t really think newborns should be on schedules per se, I have sort of had to “schedule” a bit in terms of timing because of Eloise, but it is pretty much in line with what Daphne is naturally doing! Daphne and I start our day around 6 or 6:30 am with a feeding and then I pump, and generally she starts her morning nap to the sound of the pump (great white noise!). By the time I am cleaning up my pumping stuff, Eloise is up for the day (between 7:30 and 8 am). And then we proceed to a 2.5 or 3 hour feeding schedule thru-out the day, and on Mondays and Wednesdays when we have to pick up Eloise from school at 1 pm, I try to get in a feeding either right before we have to leave or after Eloise is down for a nap (which sometimes means I am shortening or lengthening the feeding times a bit). And recently I have been aiming for 7 pm and 10 pm feedings to end the day so that I am not nursing thru dinnertime and I can feed and pump right before bed and not be up past midnight!

And see Eloise’s week four since she, again, is also wearing the same outfit! It’s mostly been a coincidence that in the past two weeks the girls have been wearing the same weekly photo outfit; this weekend I was looking for something white (for the baby shower) and this little bird dress was perfect! Aaron and I joked that we should do the exact same outfits each week for Daphne as we did for Eloise, and while I briefly considered it, it seems like WAY too much work! Plus, as we get into bigger sizes, we will run into seasonal clothing issues as these girls were born at exact opposite times of the year!

Happy Four Weeks Daphne!


Also, I updated the Project Baby #2 page so it is fully up-to-date with all of my weekly bump pictures with Daphne, and I also started the Daphne Lucille page which will be a quick link to all of Daphne’s weekly birthday posts!

daphne {week 3}


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{week 3} Gah, three week?! This has been the longest and shortest three weeks of my life! (Well, except for maybe the first three weeks of Eloise’s life…) But I guess that’s what they say about parenting little ones: it is the longest and shortest time!

Daphne is as sweet as ever and continuing to be awake more and more during the late morning and afternoons. She is still a bit fussy in the evenings, but keeping her upright and making sure she has a good burp or two seems to help. We never really had to burp Eloise, especially when she was exclusively breastfeeding, so we are still learning to remember to burp this kid!

Last week Daphne went in for her two week check-up and did really well! She is much longer – grew an inch and a half! -and she was nearly up to her birth weight. The doctor gave us the greenlight to stop supplementing with a bottle three or four times a day and let her sleep at night as long as she will go. Wahoo! We are still giving her one  1 ounce bottle of pumped milk right before bedtime (which is usually between 11 pm and midnight), and I am down to pumping just twice a day, early in the morning (between 5 and 8 am) after Daphne’s first feeding and right before bed (between 11 pm and midnight) after Daphne’s last feeding. I didn’t pump this early at all with Eloise, so I definitely feel like all I am doing is nursing and pumping… but I did drop a pumping session in the afternoon which gives me Eloise’s naptime back to shower or sleep or get stuff done around the house – it’s life-changing! I also have been able to keep my milk supply up and actually freeze a few ounces here and there, building up that freezer stash!

Daphne has been a really good sleeper still, especially in comparison to Eloise. She is going about 3 to 3 and a half ours between feedings during the day, and 7 to 8 hours at night! But, even with that long (long) stretch at night, she is really only sleeping about 4 hours straight and then spends the remaining few hours fussing. I have found that if I go and rock with her in the glider in the nursery, she will go back to sleep for a few hours. I can’t wait until she can keep her pacifier in her mouth because I think that will allow for her to go back to sleep for longer without me having to rock her. But for now, I am trying to enjoy the extra cuddle time (even though I just want to crawl back into bed)!

In the past few days we have noticed that Daphne is developing the tiniest bit of baby acne on her cheeks and chin. It is pretty minimal, but Eloise never had it so this is a whole new thing for us. I know some babies get acne really badly and there is almost nothing you can do about it (since it is almost always hormonal) but I am trying to be more attentive to cleaning up her face after feedings.

Also, we haven’t started any official tummy time (where we lie Daphne down on her tummy) but she has really great head and neck control when we hold her upright over our shoulder or on our chest. She will definitely be ready in a few weeks to start!

And see Eloise’s week 3 update here (she is wearing the same outfit)!

Happy Three Weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 2}


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{week 2} This was our first (half) week solo since my mom went home and Aaron headed back to work (he delayed his leave for later in the year), so I have been easing into daily life with the two girls. Most of the change will be in coordinating Daphne’s ever-changing feeding schedule and Eloise’s daily schedule!

Since Daphne’s next peds appointment is not until later in the week, we are still supplementing her regular nursing sessions with three (or four) 1 ounce bottles throughout the day to help get her up to her birth weight faster. Even though I still hate to pump, I have been fitting in three sessions a day which allows us to give Daphne pumped milk and put a few ounces in the freezer to build up a stash.

On Saturday morning Daphne and I had an appointment at the hospital with a lactation consultant to follow-up on Daphne’s tongue-tie. We got the A-Okay on the healing of Daphne’s tongue (sometimes ties can grow back!) and an A+ on nursing (she had a big feeding at the appointment)! Daphne is just a few ounces short of her birth weight.

From day one, we have noticed that Daphne sometimes shakes her head (and fusses) when there is a nipple of any kind nearby and she is hungry. It can be frustrating when it takes 5 minutes in the middle of the night to latch-on, but mostly it is pretty funny. We have started referring to it as “the Daphne” and even Eloise will shake her head if we say do “the Daphne!”

Another big thing this week was that Daphne lost her umbilical cord and now has a belly button! We have been waiting and waiting for it to finally fall off because diapers and clothes are so ill-fitting when the cord is still on… Aaron was changing Daphne’s diaper and noticed it was gone, and I ended up finding it on the couch!

And because of the cord being gone, we started cloth diapering Daphne. I mentioned before that we were given two small stashes of newborn cloth diapers from friends – one set of gDiapers that have disposable inserts and one set of all-in-ones. We are excited to be cloth diapering again, especially since Daphne goes thru so many diapers each day and there is no need to spray poopy diapers since breastmilk poop is water-soluble. Now I just have to remember my wash routine for cloth diapers!

Daphne continues to be such a sweet little baby and pretty laid-back. She tends to be fussy in the evening, but has been making up for it by sleeping 4 to 6 hour stretches at night! (Knock on wood.)

Happy Two Weeks Daphne!


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