daphne {week 24}


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{week 24} Gah, 24 weeks and it’s already the middle of August?! How is time moving so quickly. I feel like Daphne is growing so, so fast. She seems much less like a baby now as she has much more personality these days!

Daphne is on. the. move. She is constantly rolling and scooting and spinning on her belly during play time. Plus, she is so determined. Seeing a toy just out of her reach, or Mama or Papa or Eloise is incredibly motivating for her to push off her little toes and pull with her arms. I am really starting to see the “crawling” motions start and know that it is just a matter of time (probably just days or weeks) before she is really moving. We have already talked to Eloise (and I am constantly reminding her) that we have to keep her play mat and the immediate surrounding areas clear of any small toys, including anything that Eloise doesn’t want to share with Daphne. There is nothing like the threat of your little sister chewing on something that will make you put it away quickly! (This is going to be the best clean-up trick ever!) And I have started to be really mindful of the toys that we have in our living room and making sure they are all Daphne-safe toys.

Daphne’s little tooth is coming in really well. And it’s sharp! She grabbed my finger yesterday and started gnawing and left tooth marks! Plus, the tooth right next-door is going to make an appearance soon as well; you can see the little white tooth bud just under the surface of the gum. Despite the endless amount of drool (though that has been going on for some months now) teething doesn’t seem to be effecting Daphne much! Fingers crossed teething for her goes as smoothly as it did for Eloise.

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that instead of needing to go out and buy summer clothes for Daphne that I should check in Eloise’s old clothing stash first. I have E’s old clothes sorted by size and next up was the 9 months to 12 months which I first thought would be way too big for Daphne at this point. But, I saved a lot of the Carter’s brand clothes (which run pretty small, in my opinion) and lo and behold, they fit Daphne pretty well. And while she can wear 9 or 12 month clothes, she still also fits into 6 month clothes as well. Clothing sizes for infants are all over the place and I think so much depends on the type of clothing! That said, if I do pick up anything new for Daphne (because she has to have some of her own things, right?) I will look at 12 months (Carter’s) or 6 to 12 months in other brands.

Happy 24 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 23}


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{week 23} This past week has been a bit hectic with all of the last-minute party planning for Eloise’s party last weekend, but it hasn’t fazed Daphne a bit. She is so even-keeled and happy. Seriously, all the time. It is such a delight!

Sleep. Sleep has been going really well (knock on wood) and we are in a really great routine now. Daphne generally naps well, though her third nap is normally a catnap and isn’t always super reliable, but if we are home, she sleeps well during the day. And at night, she sometimes wakes and needs some comfort within a few hours of sleeping, but sleeps soundly throughout the night! I generally hear her when I am getting up to pump around 7 am, but she typically sleeps until 8. We have been putting her down for sleeping while she is sleepy, but still awake, and she falls asleep by herself well. She likes to have a paci, but the most important thing is her lovie!

With Daphne’s routine during the day, it makes it hard to get out of the house in the morning without sacrificing that first morning nap since she doesn’t sleep well in her carseat or on-the-go. It’s definitely a trade-off, either having a kiddo that sleeps well at home or sleeps well out; you pretty much can’t have both! So lately I have been waiting to get out of the house until early afternoon for maybe two hours to get home before the girls both nap in the afternoon. It stinks to feel stuck at home all morning, but on the flip-side, I get to take a shower and get ready (and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee sitting down!) during Daphne’s morning nap.

We have also noticed that Daphne, while she is sleeping, is all over her crib! I pretty check her on the webcam (I have an app on my phone) in the evening or during naptime and she is never in the same spot (or position) that she was in the last time! Since she rolls all over all the time while she is awake, she does the same thing when she’s sleeping. And with the rolling, she has also found tummy sleeping. We always lay her down on her back, but she generally rolls to her side right away and then to her tummy.

The past few days Daphne has done really well with sitting. She can sit (sort of like a tripod, leaning way forward) for a little bit on her own. I remember this time with Eloise that she could sort of sit, but not reliably, and it seemed like it was going to be forever before she could sit on her own. But then, all of the sudden she could! I know that “all of the sudden” is right around the corner!

Happy 23 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 21}


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{week 21} Gah, four and a half months?!

The biggest change this week was that we dropped Daphne’s dreamfeed. I had started the dreamfeed in order to collapse her last nap into her nighttime sleep, but then she started waking up for the dreamfeed (which was between 10 and 10:30 pm). So, over a couple of days, I shortened the dreamfeed nursing down to one side while increasing the bedtime bottle by an ounce, and then dropped the dreamfeed nursing completely while increasing the bottle by another ounce. Daphne now takes 6 ounces in a bottle at bedtime!

In order to account for the extra supply from not doing the dreamfeed, I started pumping. I don’t have a plan about how long I will pump at this time (since my supply seems to dwindle over the day) but I do produce enough to make it worth it, at least for a bit. It will help build up our freezer stash (especially since Baby D is taking such a big bottle now). I also have started pumping a little later in the mornings, but before I feed Daphne for her first feeding. It seems a little backwards, but I have a ton of supply first thing in the morning and Daphne is sleeping later these days. Since Aaron is back at work now, I have to get my morning pump in before the girls (well, at least Eloise) is up for the day.

Now that Daphne is sleeping longer into the morning and going to bed earlier at night, her total nighttime sleep is about 12 hours (8 pm to 8 am). It’s not perfect sleep and she still wakes up for her pacifier or a cuddle, but it’s pretty amazing! I have a few moments of quiet time in the morning, and Aaron and I have time in the evenings after bedtime (we are currently 3 seasons into The Good Wife, watching an episode or two per night).

Daphne is back in the Rock N Play for sleep, which was partly because of our trip to Boise and partly because she sleeps so well in it! Once we get used to the dropped dreamfeed routine, we will formally sleep train (we plan to use the Ferber Method, like with Eloise) to help transition her into her crib.

For posterity and because a few people have been asking, here is Daphne’s daily routine. She flexes between a 3 hour and 4 hour feeding schedule, but has a consistent wake-up time and bedtime. And as I have mentioned previously, this routine/schedule will work wonderfully for when the school year starts for Eloise and I am doing drop-offs and pick-ups, plus, both girls sleep until 8! I try to be home for at least two of her naps (especially the morning one) since she doesn’t sleep as well on-the-go, though it’s tricky because if we don’t leave the house super early (like 9-ish) we are stuck at home until around noon.

7 AM – pump

8 AM – wake-up/nurse

9:30 AM – nap

11:30 AM – nurse

1:15 PM – nap

3:00 PM – nurse

5:00 PM – cat nap

6:15 PM – feed

8:00 PM – bedtime with bottle

9:30 PM – pump

And in non-sleep related news, Daphne has started scooting. Like an Army crawl, only way slower and not very far! She does lots of tummy time on her playmat and rolls around from her back to her tummy, but she recently has started wanting to move differently. I expect she will be an early crawler for sure!

Happy 12 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 20}


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{week 20} Wow, 20 weeks, huh? This past week feels like it has been a big one, so here we go!

Daphne had her 4 month check-up (2 weeks late, poor second child!) last Friday right after we got home from Boise. Her ped was really happy with Baby D’s growth (details below) and was pleasantly surprised to hear she was rolling! She did have to get her second set of vaccines, which she did fairly well with. The first vaccine was oral and she took that pretty well, the second vaccine was an injection that she missed entirely, and she was crying for the next two. Luckily, she calmed down almost immediately but it is still so hard to see!

The ped offered for us to start solids (rice cereal) since it has been shown that starting solids early helps (prevent) food allergies. I was surprised that he was so straight-forward (and encouraging) with starting solids now since it hasn’t been that long since we were doing this with Eloise, and Eloise’s ped really cautioned us against starting solids too early and encouraged us to wait until she was 6 months. Aaron and I are on the same page and are planning on waiting to start solids until Daphne is at least 5 months, but probably 5.5. I know a lot of parents are so eager to start solids, but we really aren’t. It is more work (I plan on making all of Daphne’s purees like I did with Eloise, plus prepping all of the food for baby-led weaning), requires way more planning, and makes diapers really stinky!

Sleep. I won’t talk much about it since I don’t want to jinx anything, but we have started making some big sleep changes. Mostly, the big change this week has been that we moved Baby D to her crib for sleeping. Last week when we were in Boise, we went ahead and let Daphne sleep in her Rock N’ Play for all naps and nights since we knew it was where she slept best (and she slept really well!). But somewhat impulsively over the weekend, I put Daphne down for her first nap in her crib, and she did well, so we just kept her sleeping in her crib all day and over night. She is still adjusting to being in her crib and we are still needing to go in and soothe and give her her paci, but it feels like progress. We haven’t totally committed to “sleep training” yet, but Daphne is a pretty good self-soother, so we are hoping we won’t have to do too much (formally, at least).

Since Aaron headed back to work this week, it was time for me to put Daphne on a bit more of a scheduled routine, as compared to a routine based on whatever time she woke up in the morning. Though we have more than a month before school starts for Eloise, I feel like I need to get Daphne on a schedule that would allow us to do pre-school drop-off and pick-up without interfering too much with Daphne’s (sleep) schedule. With her current wake-up time (of 6 or 7 am), I would have to wake her up mid-nap (twice) in order to get Eloise to and from school… no Bueno. Luckily, I found a good schedule/routine that works for everyone and lets us move between a 3 or 3.5 hour schedule based on what Daphne needs. We started on Monday and so far, so good!

Daphne, just this week, has grown out of her first pair of (gold) Freshly Picked moccasins. Sad day. At least we have plenty for her to grow into! She seems to be growing a bit more all of the sudden with clothes seeming smaller and smaller too.

And here are Daphne’s 4 month stats:

  • weight: 15 lbs, 4 oz (75%)
  • length: 25 inches (50.75%)
  • head circumference: 41.7 cm (50.75%)

As compared to Eloise, Daphne is one pound less, the same length, and a much smaller head! I suspect though that Daphne is actually longer from shoulder to crotch than Eloise was (given how she fits in her clothes).

Happy 20 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 19}


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{week 19} This has been a big week for Daphne since it’s her first trip to Boise! She usually does pretty well in the car when we drive around town, but a long road trip is a totally different game! But, she did SO well. We kept on our usual schedule of 3 hour feedings and ended up making three stops to nurse/eat/get out wiggles, and then stretched the last feeding of the trip a bit so we didn’t have to stop just 20 or 30 minutes away from my parents’ house. Obviously there was so much time spent in the car seat, but Daphne did well playing right after a feeding, and then putting herself down for a nap so long as she had a paci (or her thumb) and her lovie! Only at the very end of the trip did she fuss – and we were stretching her feeding time so it was risky!

Once we got into Boise, she transitioned to the time change right away; I kept her on Pacific time thru bedtime and then we switched to Mountain time by the next morning. Daphne has kept to her regular feeding intervals which has been nice and predictable. And with sleep, she has been in our bedroom in the Rock N’ Play. The past few mornings she has slept in (wahoo!) until 7 or 7:30 am (as opposed to her usual 6 am) and only been up once or twice in the night.

It has been SO hot here (into the triple digits every single day!) so Daphne and I have spent all of our time inside in the A/C. And when we do get in the car to go out, we have this little fan that we clip near her car seat since our car vents don’t go anywhere near her! {We got this fan a few weeks ago when we noticed that she was getting pretty hot driving around Seattle once the weather was warm.}

We have been introducing Daphne to my family and Boise friends which has been a delight! She met her Aunt Yaya (my sister), Aunt Dollie (my sister) and Uncle Lance and cousin Dawson, Uncle Jason (my brother) and Aunt Kelly, and her Great Uncle Gary (my dad’s brother) and Great Aunt Gail, and some of my closest girlfriends and their families.

Daphne also had her first haircut this week! We took a family trip down to my hair appointment (since I only get my hair cut in Boise) because we were planning on having Eloise get her hair cut for the first time. Plans changed on that and Eloise didn’t get a hair cut (a very opinionated toddler!) but Daphne did! She had this one small section in the back behind her ear that was almost an inch longer than the rest of her hair, so I had it trimmed up and it can grow out with the rest of her hair. She did so well (Aaron just held her) and I don’t think even realized what was going on!

And lastly, I forgot to bring the Bumbo seat for Daphne in our rush to get out the door last week. Not a huge deal, but she loves to be upright and sitting during at least some of her awake time, but is nowhere near sitting up on her own. We were at a friend’s house for dinner and she offered us a jumperoo that both of her boys had outgrown and they were looking to get rid of. And let me tell you, Daphne is obsessed! She squeals with delight when she is in it, and even though it is enormous (!) it will be great to occupy Daphne and is pretty temporary (in the whole scheme of things, right?).

Happy 19 weeks Daphne!


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