project baby #2 {week 18}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 18} With the exception of Sunday my energy levels are back up & I am feeling really good. Sleep is still really good & luckily I have a huge bladder and am not up at night to pee (yet). I didn’t have a pregnancy pillow to sleep with last time, but I HIGHLY recommend it for any of you mamas-to-be!

I was back at the acupuncturist this week too & it has helped with my headaches so much! She also did some immunity boosting since we are heading into cold & flu season which has apparently made an early appearance. Boo. I don’t have any more regular appointments scheduled since my headaches are few & far-between these days (wahoo!) but am really happy with the results, even if it meant more needle pricks.

I am finally starting to feel like I am looking like a maybe pregnant lady. And looking back at my last pregnancy (see link below) I am basically exactly where I was the last time! Growing out of regular pants but too small for maternity. I know its just a matter of time (weeks) & am hoping a rubber band & stretchy jeans will get me thru.

Last time around I did an almost halfway there FAQ that I thought would be fun to answer this time too, so here you go!

{question one} how are you feeling?

The second trimester isn’t called the “sweet spot” for nothing. It is the time where your energy levels are back up, nausea has (mostly) subsided, & your belly isn’t too large yet. And I am definitely feeling really good. I have occasional back pain these days, but Pure Barre (& stretching) really seems to help!

{question two} how much weight have you gained?

I will echo my previous answer by basically saying that my weight gain is healthy. I am super weird about numbers on the scale so I never know how much I weigh which is absolutely true during pregnancy. I step on the scale at my appointments, but the nurse just takes the notation and doesn’t tell me. I know my midwife will tell me if my weight gain is too much or too little, so it’s best for me to just focus on eating healthy & staying active!

{question three} are you having any cravings?

Really similarly my early cravings were strawberries & bagels. Luckily for our bank account strawberries were actually in-season during my first trimester which means we weren’t paying $9 for a small pint of not-even-good strawberries. I also have to have my water ice-cold & have also been loving lemonade.

{question four} are you feeling the baby yet?

Yep! I have been feeling the baby for a few weeks now which is pretty fun. Baby Foot isn’t super active yet, but I feel a flutter here & there. Since I had an early ultrasound this time around, we know that my placenta is posterior (which is was last time as well) which makes feeling the baby & hearing the heartbeat so much easier.

{question five} will you find out the gender?

Just like last time we are going to leave the gender a surprise! It was really fun for us last time to not know what the gender was & even though it drove some people crazy, we are going to do it again. Honestly, there are so few surprises in life & nothing is going to change for us based on whether Baby Foot is a boy or a girl.

{question six} how many more kids are you planning on having?

Aaron & I both knew that we wanted to at least try to have two biological children, & we feel very lucky that we’ve been able to do that. While we have mostly agreed that two children makes sense for us & our little family, I am not in a place in my life to say that we are completely done having children. That said, this is more than likely my last pregnancy.

{question seven} have you picked out any names?

Yes, sort of. We have a boy’s name picked out which is actually different than the boy’s name we had picked out for Eloise. A girl’s name, on the other hand, is where we are sort of at a loss. Many of the more traditional names that we like are super popular, & Eloise was honestly the only girl’s name we picked out last time around! I always joked that if we had another girl, it would be named Eloise since that is the only name we liked and could agree on. But we tend to like French names, so I will be scouring old French baby names for the next few months!

{question eight} have you started designing the nursery?

I would like to tell you that it is all designed in my head (like the last time around) but it is sort of just in pieces and parts. We are using a lot of Eloise’s old nursery furniture & will actually keep the nursery in the same room (switching Eloise to the old office as her big kid room) so some of the planning has already been taken care of. The good news about that is that a lot of the big ticket stuff we already have so I have more budget for the fun stuff! I am thinking of using the (loose) theme of maps, globes, & travelling which I feel like is a good gender neutral theme (much like the safari theme was for Eloise’s room). I have picked out a few things but need to sit down & figure out specifics, including if we want to keep the layout of the nursery the same.

And then as an off-shoot of the nursery design is the fact that Eloise will also be getting a big kid room at the same time. We are planning on moving all of the decorations & the rug over to her new room, so really it is mostly a gallery wall & some other decorations that are needed. And we just picked up a cute little bed for her once she makes the transition from her crib (any advice on that is welcome!).

If you are curious, see Week 18 with Eloise here!

Happy 18 weeks!


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my weekend in pictures.


{On Saturday morning we headed to T’s birthday party where there were tattoos. Eloise didn’t want one at the party, but she put a few in her gift bag to bring home. And as soon as we got home she wanted one on each hand, and she has been sporting them all weekend long!}


{I finally got some sewing done for the Shop this weekend!}


{Go Seahawks! Honestly, I missed most of the game – though I heard it from the other room – and had to head to Barre before the end of the game, but I am still happy for the win!}


{Eloise found her turkey costume in her closet this afternoon and insisted on wearing it all evening. Even on our after-dinner walk. It was the cutest! You can tell she is saying “cheese!”}

What a weekend! I didn’t get a single thing on my to-do list done, but the weather was perfectly sunny & crisp, and today was a great mama’s day: toddler-free breakfast with girlfriends, quick afternoon nap, & Pure Barre. Thanks to my awesome hubby for watching Eloise & getting things done around the house!

How was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} This Is Us premiere.

This Is Us - Season Pilot

{via NBC}

I am pretty excited that all of the network shows are starting their premieres after a summer of binging on Netflix & Amazon Instant Video series. One show that I hadn’t really heard anything about but we happened to catch the premiere of was This Is Us. It is supposed to be the replacement for Parenthood which I never watched, but after just one show, I am hooked! I cried (a lot) but mostly because one of the characters gives birth (but let’s be honest, everything makes me cry these days!). So if you missed it, catch up on the premiere and watch it this week!

{two} Scandinavian Swimmers.

{via Trader Joe’s}

If you know me, you know I love all things gummy & I had a particular fondness for Swedish Fish. However, I gave them up a few years ago because of the (toxic) food dye. Boo. Since I have been craving sweets this pregnancy, I was ecstatic to find these Scandinavian Swimmers at Trader Joe’s which are essentially Swedish Fish but are naturally dyed! You wouldn’t even know that the red lobsters aren’t Swedish Fish unless you are looking at the shape. And while I know they really aren’t great for me, I am happy to have an alternative for my sweet tooth!

{three} Happy Fall!

Easy Fall Decor with Just Destiny Mag-17

{via Just Destiny blog}

I am not sure anyone is more excited that it is fall than me! And Seattle has been giving us some seriously awesome fall days – sunny & a little warm with just the start of leaves starting to turn. Fall has some big things in store, including some big stuff going on with The Petite Flag Shop after having a long summer hiatus. I have a small Fall Collection to release in the coming weeks & a huge event coming up next month. I will be sure to share all of the details soon. Until then, Happy Fall Y’all!

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What are you loving?



project baby #2 {week 17}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 17} This week has been so great! Finally the second trimester! I mean, I know I was already in the second trimester, but it certainly didn’t feel like it.

I no longer have to power nap in the afternoon to make it thru the day which is glorious because it means I can actually get things done during Eloise’s naptime. This isn’t to say I have bounds of energy, but I am feeling pretty good.

Also, my headaches have been less severe after two acupuncture appointments. It wasn’t looking good since Eloise brought home a cold last week, but I powered thru it much more quickly than I expected. Though I know it won’t be the last cold she brings home…

Clothes, okay pants, are getting trickier these days, but I can still make a few pairs (four) work. As you can see from the picture above, my jeans stretch out in the knees so ideally I should dry them between wearings, but they are stretchy enough that I can wear them almost all day without being too uncomfortable. In my non-stretchy jeans (think of them like girlfriend jeans, a slim-cut but not super skinny) I am better off with a rubber band around the button. I pulled out an old pair of maternity leggings to try on & I am not even close to fitting into them yet, so here’s to hoping for a belly soon!

I have been feeling Baby Foot move around quite a bit which is pretty amazing. I didn’t feel Eloise move until my nineteenth week, so it’s been fun to feel this baby a few weeks earlier. It makes me want to get thru the next two-&-a-half weeks quickly so we can see Baby Foot at our 20 week ultrasound!

And lastly, all of the initial bloodwork that we had done for early neural tube defect & down syndrome screening came back negative so we are feeling really happy about that.

Happy 17 weeks!


my weekend in pictures.


{We ended a morning of shopping with a pizza lunch & Eloise got to play with some pizza dough while we waited for our food.}


{We spent Friday night at the Sadliers’ house for family dinner night which was so fun! These three had a great time playing with each other & getting ready for bed, and the parents got to enjoy a fun game night post-bedtime. Thanks for hosting us Sadlier family!}


{While Eloise napped on Saturday I finally got some sketching done for the Shop! I have a few big things happening this fall & I am so excited to share them with you.}


{This morning we headed to the Zoo with Grammie & got to see the tigers really close up. Usually they are on the far end of the exhibit & really hard to see, so it was such a treat to have them so near the glass. This tiger had just walked right in front of E & me!}


{E loved having Grammie to help hold her up at the exhibits!}


{Dinner was Snappy Dragon take-out. Yes, please! I mean, why else do I go to Pure Barre on Sunday afternoons?}

We had a fun weekend with Grammie in town! Even though the weather was pretty rainy on Saturday, we didn’t let it stop us from having a good time. And today was the perfect fall day – a little crisp but so, so sunny! I am loving that fall is in just a few days.

How was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Halloween Costumes.

Twelve of the Cutest Costume Shops for Kids | Thrifty Littles Blog

{via Chasing Fireflys}

Okay, I know it is only the middle of September & since it isn’t even technically fall yet, we shouldn’t even be thinking about Halloween yet. But, if you have ever wanted to buy something for Halloween, be it a costume or décor, you know you actually have to buy it in late summer or else everything is picked over. And that is absolutely 100% true with kids’ Halloween costumes. Kat over at Thrifty Littles posted a great round-up of online costume shops!

I had every intention of making Eloise a costume this year, but ended up snagging this adorable pumpkin costume from Pottery Barn Kids for just slightly more than it would cost me to make it!

{two} Honest Beauty Lip Crayon.

{via Honest Beauty}

For the past few months I have really been loving lip color, especially this simple & easy to put on lip crayon from Honest Beauty (I have it in Sheer Raspberry). Lipstick can seem a little too high maintenance for this stay-at-home mama to wear every day, but I do like a fun lip if we are out of the house. This lip crayon feels like a mix between a lipstick and a lip balm which is perfect for everyday! Plus, I feel good about the ingredients since you pretty much end up eating most of your lipstick… ugh.

{three} Solly Baby Wrap + Rifle Paper Co.

Solly Baby Wrap Baby Carrier

{via Rifle Paper Co}

You all know how much I LOVE Rifle Paper Co (I definitely have a girl-crush on Anna Bond) & since I am diving right into all things baby again, this Solly Wrap + Rifle Paper Co collaboration is right up my alley. The wrap just launched & is sadly already sold out… But you better believe I am on the email list waiting to scoop one up in the next launch! Seriously that fabric – swoon!

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What are you loving this week?



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project baby #2 {week 16}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week sixteen} I am feeling pretty good this week & mostly back to my normal self, as much as you can be normal when you are pregnant. I have much more energy these days & my appetite is back for the most part as I am feeling less nauseous.

My belly is *starting* to look like a baby bump, especially at the end of the day when it is full of a day’s worth of food, but I think I am still a few weeks out from really starting to show. This is so similar to my week 16 with Eloise (which is linked below) where I was definitely feeling pregnant (on the inside) but really not looking like much on the outside. I guess I am just a late show-er.

I am trying to keep up with twice-a-week Pure Barre classes (with a few modifications already) but sometimes only get one class in. I have found that I tire much more easily during class & have to be careful not to push myself too hard, so taking an occasional short rest or water break has been good recently. I know staying physically fit is so, so good for me & for Baby Foot which is often the only motivation for me to get myself to an 8 PM class on Thursday night!

I also had my first acupuncture appointment this week to try to find some relief from my (sinus pressure) headaches. There is so little that you can do to remedy anything during pregnancy, so I am excited & optimistic that acupuncture will help!

If you are curious, check out my Week 16 with Eloise here.

Happy 16 weeks!