friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Magnetic False Lashes.

{via One Two Cosmetics – Original Lash}

It seems like it has been a lifetime ago that I had lash extensions (the year we got married and it was AMAZING) or even used falsies, but I dream about long, lush lashes again. It is awesome not to have to wear eye make-up which I found to be true when I had extensions. But, at this point in my life, it just doesn’t seem worth the money or the hassle to have lashes and lash fills… But, I just found out about these false magnetic lashes and I am intrigued! What do you think about false lashes?

{two} Framebridge Heartsagram.


{via Framebridge}

I have heard a ton about Framebridge from bloggers and actually just put in my first order (I will let you know how it goes!), but these Heartsagrams that are available for Valentine’s Day are so perfect! And for $39 they make a great gift for a spouse, grandparent, or bestie! Now, which Instagram photo to use…

{three} Health!

Finally this week, I am feeling so thankful for our health. We are finally over the colds that took us out over Christmas (knock on wood!) and it is amazing. I always forget how awful it is to be sick until I am on the mend. Plus, when you are a parent, you just don’t get a break, even when you feel awful. So here’s to being healthy for the rest of cold and flu season!!

And be sure to check out what Kendra is loving this week! What about you?



project baby #2 {baby shower}

I was so, so honored to have a shower thrown in my honor by my amazing friend Amanda  this past weekend. As with most things related to a second (or third) baby, I didn’t want anything too crazy, including a big baby shower. We really don’t need much this time around in terms of baby stuff (although I say that and my to-buy list is surprisingly long!) and I just wanted a party where I could catch up and chat with my closest girlfriends. It was perfect.

I don’t have a ton of photos since I am so terrible about picking up my camera during a party, but Amanda took some of most of me and my guests so I wanted to share.


{A cold January morning was perfect for a fire.}


{Brunch an a hot chocolate bar! Plus, aren’t the trees absolutely amazing outside the dining room windows?}


{Little tags for guests to write wishes for Baby Lower. This is so special and I can’t wait to compile them.}


And onto some pictures with guests (and I am so sorry if you left before we could get a photo!). It means so much to me that each of these women came out to celebrate Baby Lower.


{Me and Sara.}


{Me and some of my PEPS mama friends – Leslie, Shannon, and Heather.}


{Me and Kyrsten. Not pictured is her adorably squishy newborn daughter!}


{Me, Jess, and our bumps. Jess is about 10 weeks behind me and we are so excited to be having these babies so close together!}


{Me and my mama. The best Grammie ever!}


{Me and Amanda, the best hostess.}


{Chatting, or something.}


{We were all a little obsessed with the littlest shower guest!}


Thank you Amanda for such a perfectly wonderful morning. I know Baby Lower is going to be so loved and supported by some of the best women around!

Amanda also threw me a shower the first time around which you can see here!

And for those that have inquired, my jumper is Hatch Collection (though no longer available but there are others here) and is so, so comfy; I am obsessed! And my pin is Chanel (see more here) that I picked up when Aaron and I were in Paris almost six (SIX!) years ago.

Happy Shower Baby Foot!


project baby #2 {week 33}


And this week’s outtake!


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 33} So we are just humming along here into January, and it is really starting to hit me that I am in the homestretch of this pregnancy, hence my face in the outtake this week! I have about 6 weeks or so, but the idea that I will technically hit “full term” in 4 weeks is frightening.

The biggest thing this week has been lower back and leg pain on my left side. Starting about a week ago I all-of-the-sudden had pain which I blamed on being on my feet so much (we had just been at the Aquarium) and immediately diagnosed as sciatic pain. I was pretty bad for a few days there and really limping around. It was, well, awful, and I couldn’t bear the thought that these last few weeks would be spent like that! But, I used a heating pad and started sleeping on my left side, and it has gotten so much better. I have to be careful though because just when I thought I was doing so well I went to barre on Sunday afternoon and pushed myself way too hard! I ended up going to see a chiropractor which I haven’t done since well before I was pregnant, and the good news is, the pain isn’t sciatic! It is more than likely referred pain from being pregnant; having this extra weight in my belly is just changing the way my body holds itself. So, I am feeling much better about the pain all around, but know I have to listen to my body and really take the time to slow down.

I am also really happy that I think I am finally over this stinkin’ cold that has been lingering for nearly three weeks. We all got sick right before Christmas (lovely) and it wasn’t really awful, but lots of congestion, sneezing, and coughing which is just so much worse when you are pregnant! I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can make it for the next six weeks without a bug.

Nesting is definitely starting to happen around here which I think I mentioned has taken the form of decluttering! It has been amazing to see all of the things we no longer use or need be taken out of the house. Eloise’s new room was painted this past weekend, so we can finally tackle some of the lingering projects for her new room which include: painting her new bed, hanging her new light fixture, hanging new shelves, rearranging her closet configuration, and mounting the webcam. And we sort of have to get things done with E’s new room before we can make updates to the nursery, so it feels like progress!

And finally, I am trying to be practical (and not being too over-the-top) with things like installing the car seat in the car, packing my hospital bag, and arranging care for Eloise which are all things I was apparently supposed to do (according to my pregnancy app which I check about every 4 weeks) this past week. We already have the car seat though don’t know whether it will fit in the car behind the driver’s seat and also be able to have Aaron fit in the car… And I have started a list of things to go in the hospital bag… And my mom and dad have planned a trip up to Seattle starting a few days before my due date… So, it’s all basically done, right?!

And here’s my 33 week update with Eloise!

Happy 33 weeks!


my weekend in pictures.


{Amanda hosted such a fun Baby Shower/Celebration for me and Baby Foot on Saturday morning (I will be sure to share pictures soon!) and I finally got a chance to wear my new Hatch Collection jumper. A little out of my comfort zone (and Aaron doesn’t love jumpers or rompers so much) but I am in love! So comfy and I want to wear it everyday!}


{We finally had to say good-bye to our Golf Wagen which we turned back in as part of the TDI scandal. It was a bit of a sad day.}


{Eloise was sporting a super high pony thanks to Grammie. That face!}


{Cuddles with this girl on a cold and blustery evening.}


{Grammie slept in the new Murphy bed that Aaron built this fall and winter, and Eloise was obsessed. She wanted to be all tucked in with all of her friends.}


{Cuddles with Papa while we waited for dinner this evening. Love these two.}

We had Grammie back in town and it got warmer than freezing, so it was a pretty great weekend all around! I was so honored to have a Baby Shower thrown by Amanda and loved, loved being around so many women that mean so much to me – my tribe. Tomorrow is back to normal with Eloise headed back to school and back to our regularly scheduled activities. A bit of a relief as we count down the weeks until this baby is born.

How was your weekend?


project baby #2 {week 32}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 32} Last week I had a check-up with my midwife and everything looks great! I am measuring slightly small at 31 weeks, but that is pretty much the norm for me. My midwife and I were actually sort of surprised I was measuring that big because it definitely doesn’t look like it! When I lie down on my back, the bump basically disappears! Perhaps I have a larger-than-normal body cavity or maybe really small organs? (Haha!) We got to listen to Baby Foot’s heartbeat and it sounded perfect! Eloise got to hold the Doppler on my belly and she was pretty excited about it. For the rest of the day she talked about hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

My midwife also discovered that Baby Foot is already head-down! Hooray! I am still feeling most of the movement on my right side, so it must be a foot kicking? I haven’t felt any huge movements in my belly like I did once or twice with Eloise, but at this point I think that’s good!

I am still having heartburn, though it is mostly limited to evenings and nighttime and has been slightly alleviated by me sleeping with two pillows at night so I am propped up. Not sure why I didn’t think of that sooner! Maybe because my side of the bed already feels like a fortress with my maternity pillow.

I have had quite a bit of lower back pain though in the past few days which I am hoping will resolve itself. It is shooting down into my hamstring on my left side and is no fun. I tried stretching it out yesterday, but I think that actually made it worse. Since I can’t take anything, I have been trying to take it easy and use a heating pad. Fingers crossed this doesn’t last for another 8 weeks!

Also, we are about 50 days away from my due date, if you can believe it… it seemed like we would never get here, but here we are! I am trying to enjoy these last weeks of my pregnancy (since it is likely my last) and also enjoy the time I have with Eloise, just the two of us. My to-do list, as you can imagine, is a mile long but I am optimistic it will all come together! I have a handful of things left to buy before Baby Foot joins us (though you really don’t need much for the second one, do you?) but most importantly, we are planning on setting up Eloise’s big kid room and the new nursery in the coming three or four weeks. E’s new room needs to be painted (hopefully this coming weekend) and her new dresser will be delivered next week!

And see my 32 week update with Eloise here!

Happy 32 weeks!


my {long new year’s} weekend in pictures.


{So naptime went super well on Friday afternoon… She eventually went to sleep but there was definitely a dance party beforehand!}


{I know why so many pregnant women wear head-to-toe black: the bump disappears!}


{Enjoying some snuggles with Eloise.}


{The only way to end the year is with Snappy Dragon delivered!}


{Eloise was dying to get in on a game of Catan!}


{With family in town, we must have played at least five games of Catan!}


{Eloise loves her Paga! Isn’t it so fun when kids make up the names for grandparents? This one is definitely sticking around.}


{Eloise was all about the funny faces to entertain everyone at dinnertime.}


{And she loves her Grammie (or Mimi) so much too!}


{Eloise the jellyfish!}


{We took a family trip to the Aquarium on Sunday and it was so fun. Eloise and my sister loved the sea otters!}


{Thankful for these two as we started the New Year: Eloise and the bump. Also Sonnet James dresses are awesome as maternity dresses and absolutely work after the baby is born too!}


{Post-dinner shenanigans with Papa and Paga.}

Happy happy 2017! We were lucky enough to have my family – Paga, Mimi, and Aunt Yaya – come up to visit for a few days for a post-Christmas celebration. It was SO cold, but we had a good time staying in and watching football, and even venturing out a bit!

We (Eloise and I) were also so lucky to have Aaron home almost the entire holiday season (these past two weeks) even if we were sick for the first bit. It felt like a weekend every day which is much easier on this Mama! But, we are back to the daily grind starting tomorrow with Eloise headed back to school and resuming our normal weekly activities.

It is so crazy that the New Year is upon us since it has felt so far away for the past few months. Now we are kicking it into high gear and I will be ferociously hitting my to-do list before Baby Foot joins us in about 50 (50!) days!

How was your New Year’s weekend?


{And thanks to my sister for some of the pics!}

highlights of 2016.

2017, happy, and new year image

{image via}

Happy 2017!

January. I shared my #bestnine on Instagram, my family came up to celebrate the holiday, & Grammie & Eloise did yoga. I (finally) updated the blog header! Aaron & I went out on a date (with a babysitter!), dressed up, & hit the town for a work party. We set up a family gallery in the downstairs hallway. Santa brought Eloise a kitchen for Christmas & I shared the IKEA hack. Our first (Valentine’s Day) pregnancy announcement was featured on (Auntie) Ashley, who I’ve known since college, came to stay for a brief trip! Aaron & I spent a night away at Salish Lodge & Grammie came to stay.


Noted Kitchen.jpg


February. We had a playdate with my law school friend Grifan and her daughter Blakely (who moved pretty far away!). Eloise had her 18 month check-up and participated in another study at the UW. I celebrated my 31st birthday by throwing a big birthday brunch with family and friends. Eloise had her first visit to urgent care. We had another playdate with another law school friend Sarah and her daughter Hadley at a very kid-friendly coffee shop Firehouse in Ballard. We went to the aquarium with friends. And we got a new roof!





March. I co-hosted a table with Amanda for the Annual PEPS Luncheon. We had lots of dinners with friends. We all flew to Boise for a long weekend, saw Uncle Jason and Aunt Kelly, and all of my girlfriends. I launched The Petite Flag Shop as a fun, creative outlet! We hosted Easter Brunch and celebrated with the Andersons.





April. We started taking Sunday morning family walks around Greenlake (yay for warmer weather!). I desperately needed a hair cut, but didn’t have time to fly to Boise. We spent a week with Grammie on Maui! I was a regular at Pure Barre on Thursday evenings. I brunched with all of my favorite local Mamas (without our kids!).




May. I celebrated my second Mother’s Day. We attended Miir’s One Year Anniversary for it’s flagship store. Amanda and I crafted. Aaron and Ben moved our side yard fence. Eloise participated in a cool robot study at the UW. Aaron and I had a dinner date  to celebrate Aaron’s birthday at Musashi’s – an old favorite! Our friends Ryan, Katie, and Micah stayed with us for Ryan’s medical school graduation. Aaron celebrated his 33rd birthday! We brunched with Jen and Eric who were in town at Preservation Kitchen in Bothell. We took an urban hike from our house to Pike Place Market.





June. I snuck away to Bend, Oregon for a long weekend with the girls, and Aaron flew solo with Eloise. We had dinner with friends, and another (much-needed) playdate with Grifan and Blakely. We celebrated the life of our amazing friend John Sisko. Aaron celebrated his second Father’s Day and I surprised him with a pregnancy test! Eloise and I went to our first Little Gym Class. We celebrated a friend’s first birthday. We flew to Chicago and then onto Indiana to visit Aaron’s family, and got to see Nana and Papaw (Aaron’s parents), the Cambridges (Aaron’s sister’s family), the Garner-Ballards and Uncle Colt.



July. We headed up to Grandpa Neal’s lake house for the holiday weekend and got to spend lots of time with uncles, aunts, and cousins! We headed back to Chicago for a few days and explored the city, ate well, and went to see the Cubs at Wrigley Field. I went to see the Dixie Chicks with my friend Jenna. Eloise turned 23 months. We had our first pre-natal appointment with our midwife. Grammie and Paga came to visit, and then Eloise and I traveled to Boise.


August. Aaron and I celebrated our SIX year anniversary! We celebrated Eloise’s second birthday with a party at the house, and then celebrated her actual birthday at Blue C Sushi (which she still talks about!). Uncle David, Aunt Jodi, and cousins Madison, Gavin, and Landon came into town to visit, and we went to the Boeing Museum, the Space Needle, and a Mariners game. We had a playdate with the Sadliers. Eloise had her two year check-up. We toured Eloise’s new pre-school. We had the first ultrasound with Baby Foot at thirteen weeks. Eloise was potty trained. We made a BIG announcement (spoiler: BABY #2)!




September. I started Project Baby #2 which is weekly bump updates for Baby Foot. Eloise started pre-school at the Birch School. I started acupuncture treatments for headaches. Aaron’s Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike came into town for a visit. Grammie came to visit too. Sadie went in for her annual exam at the vet and left with a clean bill of health. I had drinks with old law school friends downtown. We went to Tahlia’s third birthday party and Eloise was introduced to temporary tattoos. I had breakfast with my local mama friends. We celebrated Sadie’s 12th birthday. We attended John Sisko’s last show at Sisko Gallery.




October. Eloise’s paci went bye-bye for good! We had the 20 week ultrasound with Baby Foot and kept strong by not finding out the sex. We celebrated our fifth blog anniversary! I hosted a pop-up shop at West Elm for The Petite Flag Shop and Aaron joined me (so it was really a date!). Eloise transitioned to a toddler bed. Eloise and I were featured on Land of Nod’s Instagram feed for a special Halloween craft morning. Eloise and I visited Aaron at work to celebrate Halloween!


November. We had our family Christmas card photoshoot at Gas Works Park. The Petite Flag Shop was featured on the online flash-sale site Brickyard Buffalo. Eloise turned 27 months. We attended the third annual Friendsgiving at the Anderson house. Eloise and I started a mama and toddler dance class with some friends. We flew to Boise for the week of Thanksgiving. Aaron and I got to sneak out for a date night to see Fantastic Beasts. I shared my ideas for Baby Foot’s nursery.




December. Eloise met Santa at Nordstrom. Eloise learned how to play hide-and-seek. We got our Christmas tree and decorated the house for the holiday! We had a double-date night with the Sadliers. We brunched at Portage Bay with the Andersons. We got a new car. Eloise went to daycare (so Mama could have some time to prep for the holidays!). We went to the annual Bite Party and shared a dessert and good company. We all came down with colds. We went to WildLights at Woodland Park Zoo (a new Christmas tradition we started last year). I made an appearance on New Day NW for Pure Barre. Aaron built us a fireplace (we will share more details soon). Eloise went to the dentist and got two thumbs up – she’s a great brusher and doesn’t use pacis! We mostly recovered from our colds and took pictures in our matching Christmas jammies! We celebrated Christmas with presents, brunch with Ben and Sarah, FaceTime with family in Idaho and Indiana, and lobster dinner. We had dinner with the Sadliers and all the kids were matching in their jammies. Grammie, Paga, and Aunt Yaya (my family) drove up for post-Christmas celebrations. And we will be saying good-bye to 2016 by watching the college football playoffs: Go Huskies!




Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting



We had an incredible year and it’s hard to believe how much has happened in just 365 days! 2016 was pretty darn good to us and we have so much to look forward to in 2017!

Happy New Year friends!

xo M

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