my weekend in pictures.


{As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, we headed to the Museum of Flight on Friday with the girls. It was SO fun! We are definitely headed back soon and will probably get a family membership. It was that good, guys.}


{And Eloise kept asking if all of these statues were real people! She was really in awe of this astronaut. Maybe she’ll be an astronaut?!}


{Aaron took Eloise to ballet on Saturday morning since the studio isn’t super Daphne-friendly. So when she got home, I asked her what she did. And then she posed.}


{I really wanted to join in on the Women’s March this weekend, but got cold feet and chickened out. And I was lamenting about it all Saturday long. But THANK YOU to those of you who did march! In the current state of things, it is easy to stay silent and just go with the flow of things, even though it is really messed up, but we need everyone to speak up and shout out about what is going on! Thanks for being brave!}


{We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and Eloise convinced Aaron and Dave to play a game of Chutes and Ladders before bedtime. And she won!}


{Daphne did NOT want to take a nap by herself this morning and the only way she would sleep is if I held her. So I did. It was really uncharacteristic of her (she NEVER does this!) but I figured she is almost 1 and I probably won’t get that many more chances to hold her while she naps, so I just went with it and enjoyed the quietness of that sweet sleeping baby.}


{And the girls were playing together this afternoon which was the most adorable thing. I think they were playing store because Eloise was handing things to Daphne thru the windows and doors and then charging her for them!}


{Sunday night is Instant Pot night at the Lower house. If you have any good recipes, send them my way!}


{Semi-obsessed with this LOVE sweatshirt I picked up from Hanna Andersson (and also sweatshirts generally). I originally wanted to get one for me and both girls, but that ended up being sort of expensive… so I just got one for Mama! For reference I picked up the girls sweatshirt since I didn’t like the woman’s one as much.}

This was our final weekend of Aaron’s paternity leave, so it felt a little weird to me. Like this entire week is going to be really different as we find our new normal again. But I am going to survive, right?

How was your weekend?


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guest room/office: styled hydrangeas {sponsored}

Every New Year I find myself wanting a fresh start and get into cleaning/decluttering mode as well as “buy all the new things” mode. Great for post-holiday sales but bad for my wallet since it was just Christmas, right?

So this year, I have been in purge and decluttering mode (you should see the stacks and bags full of things in our office ready to go OUT) but have also been trying to re-style and refresh some of the spaces in our home.

In an effort to save on the amount of things we have (as well as saving money) I have been extremely selective about what has been coming into our home. It is easy to just buy all of the things, especially home decor, in order to fit the empty space, but I have taken a new approach and have really enjoyed it much more. Instead of the constant buying, styling, and getting rid of (and then rinse and repeat) I have been editing pieces out of our decor that I don’t really LOVE and then shopping around the house to see if there is something we already have that would fit what I am looking for. Sometimes I can restyle a piece in a new space and it’s perfect and sometimes I do need/want something new and then it goes on my to-buy list for when I am shopping.

One newish thing that I have been really liking in some of our spaces is faux flowers. In the past I wasn’t a huge fan, but some of the faux flowers are really good! So when Silk Plants Direct reached out late last year to see if I wanted to style and blog about silk flowers, I had to say yes!

There are tons (and tons) of options on Silk Plants Direct, so if you are shopping, I would highly recommend setting some filter criteria. I sorted by flower type (hydrangeas and peonies are right at the top for me) as well as by arrangement (I wanted something already in a vase or container). And then it was onto shopping! Faux flowers (good ones at least) tend to be a little pricey, but I think it’s worth the cost. If you buy real flowers, you know how expensive of a habit that can be, and you don’t have to replace faux flowers every week (or change out the water).


I loved this purple and green hydrangea arrangement and I knew I could style it in a couple of places in our home (office, bedroom, living room). At least for me, I like a simple arrangement (flowers and color) in a simple container (no big designs or graphics) because it is easiest for me to style it with other things. For the time-being, this arrangement will live in our office/guest room on one side of the dressers, though I am sure it will move around the house once I start to get the itch to re-style!



And after having this arrangement in the house for a bit, I have been really happy with them. The flowers were a little smashed from shipping in a box, but I gently fluffed them up which worked well. From a distance, I think these are pretty good faux hydrangeas, and even the “water” looks pretty real. I will definitely peruse Silk Plants Direct if I find I need more faux arrangements for some of our other spaces and also really love the idea of a faux flower plant for outside during the spring and summer.

Be sure to check out Silk Plants Direct on social media (depending on what your preference is): Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest.

AND Silk Plants Direct is offering 10% off for blog readers for any order (except custom orders) if you use the code BLOGGER10 at check-out.

Do you have any faux flowers in your home decor?


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daphne {week 46}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // romper: Primary // keys: Amazon}

{week 46} It has been a BIG week around here with Baby D, and the weeks are just flying by. I keep looking at the calendar and just can’t believe we are getting so close to March 1st. Commence party planning.

Daphne’s official first words are “good girl.” We have been noticing her saying it for a while, mostly around Sadie, but will almost always say it on command and also when she sees Eloise. It’s the cutest! We have a video and I will be sure to post it soon. Daphne also says “mama,” “mimi,” “bop bop,” and occasionally “papa” but none of those things are in context, so I think they are just sounds at this point.

Also, Daphne is officially waving AND clapping. Guys, I remember this from when Eloise was this age and it was the best. If you say “Hi, Daphne” and wave at her, she will most certainly turn towards you, smile, and give a big arm wave. Like her entire arm. And she also likes to spin her arms around during mealtime (or when she is in her highchair). Cute, but not amusing when there is food on her tray. And clapping, oh clapping. Daphne has been working on getting those hands together for a little while now, but she finally got it. And there is lots and lots of clapping these days.

Daphne is so, so fast and she is into everything. And if you can’t find her, it’s a sure bet that she is in the bathroom pulling all of the toilet paper off the roll and clapping!

We are still doing well with one morning nursing session and four bottles throughout the day. At first we were starting with 3 oz bottles since we weren’t sure exactly how much she was consuming (that’s one of the tricky parts about breastfeeding) but it seems like she wants more like 4 oz. I also updated some of her bottles to the Level 4 nipples (which increases how much milk comes out) and now she can down a bottle in a matter of minutes. It’s really impressive.

We have also been really trying to offer Daphne water at mealtime too (since she has a formula bottle before meals) in either a small cup (a shot glass to be specific) or a straw cup and she LOVES it! About half of the time she will swallow the water once it is in her mouth, and the other half it just falls out of her mouth. She got this silicone pocket bib from Santa though and we have been loving it! I like the pocket and the adjustable neck strap. Plus, it is super easy to clean and dries really quickly. I may pick up another one!

And here is Eloise’s 46 week update.

Happy 46 weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{Sisters. Watching them play together is the best.}


{Eloise and I bundled up and headed to the Zoo for a play date!}


{E and her friend Bea. These girls have known each other since they were 6 weeks old!}


{Eloise at ballet on Saturday morning.}


{I took a quiet (and quick) moment for an amazing cup of coffee in the middle of a very busy Saturday morning.}


{Last minute sign for a friend’s baby shower (which will now hang in the baby’s nursery) which I am loving.}


{We showered a mama-to-be (for the second time!) on Saturday morning with a fun brunch. These ladies have been with me basically since Eloise was born and I cannot imagine a better group of women. #mytribe}


{Saturday afternoon was so gorgeous and sunny that we just couldn’t stay inside after Daphne woke up from her afternoon nap. So a family walk around the neighborhood was a must! Eloise has been doing so well on her balance bike and Daphne was obsessed with the stroller!}


{Aaron power-washed the front and back decks and now they look amazing!}


{After Pure Barre I got home and Eloise asked me to take a picture of her in Papa’s hat. She was so proud!}

We had a really busy Saturday – ballet, mama brunch, and PEPS – but it turned out to be really fun! The girls got some good time with friends and Aaron, and I also got to be out with some girlfriends and catch up (which we rarely get to do since we have 10.5 kids between us! And the weather ended up being super nice and sunny on Sunday which was great. We didn’t have huge plans, but enjoyed the weekend and the time together.

We are headed into this week a bit slowly with the holiday tomorrow, but it’s a bit bittersweet since this is Aaron’s last week of paternity leave. I think we are all ready to be back to normal, but gosh we will miss having Papa around all day!

How was your weekend? (I am realizing now that it is a long weekend, but since every day feels like a weekend right now since Aaron is home, I am just going to pretend this was a regular two-day weekend!)


daphne {week 45}

Daphne_Week 45.jpg

{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // sweater: made by Aunt Kelly // top: Old Navy (old but similar) // leggings: Target (old) // slippers: Hanna Andersson}

{week 45} This week we have been at Mimi and Paga’s house (my parents) for the week to attend my cousin’s wedding and to have a late Christmas celebration with family.

The drive over was long (10 and a half hours) but Daphne did SO well! She is really such a great little traveler. We woke up the girls early (6 am) to head out of town and Daphne was back to sleep within a few minutes of leaving the house. She also was in a really happy mood when I woke her up which always helps! We kept to the regular routine with mealtimes and naps, stopping for breakfast and lunch, and then Daphne put herself to sleep on the road. Her naps weren’t quite as long as they are when she is in her crib, but she wasn’t fussy so no complaints!

Daphne has done pretty well sleeping. A few nights she has had really good nights where we put her down and she doesn’t make a peep until morning, but we did have one night where she was up and crying for hours (HOURS) before I finally rocked her in the living room and slept with her on my chest on the couch. That entire night was kept thinking “this stinks, please go to sleep” but also “thank you so much for not doing this every night!” We have been using this travel sound machine and it is awesome! {Our old one went thru a crazy amount of batteries but this one is USB. We looked high and low for a good travel sound machine and finally found this one!}

The biggest thing that happened this week was that Daphne learned to clap! And just in time for the wedding. Daphne spent nearly the entire wedding ceremony on Saturday clapping and babbling! It was really sweet and everyone couldn’t stop laughing at her! She is also working on waving too. A big, full arm wave. I love this stage.

And here’s Eloise’s 45 week update (also on my parents’ living room rug)!

Happy 45 weeks Daphne!


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my {long New Year’s} weekend in pictures.


{Little Daph always wants to know what everyone else is up to so she doesn’t miss anything exciting!}


{We brunched at our old favorite Portage Bay Cafe for New Year’s Eve with an old and dear friend.}


{It has been cold, cold, cold here. Bundled up babies are the best!}


{Making popcorn with Papa!}


{Family movie night selfie. Our New Year’s Eve plans changed sort of at the last minute so we decided to start a movie night! It was Eloise’s first movie and she was BEYOND excited to stay up past bedtime and watch Moana. And amazingly, she watched the entire thing. She had a lot of questions, but the longest thing she had ever sat thru before this was an episode of Sesame Street so we weren’t sure how she would do. And before the movie started, I reminded her that we had met Moana at her friend Lily’s birthday party – it was one of those dressed up princess characters – but she had NO idea at the time who it was. And then Eloise asked me if we could have a play date with Moana. It was so sweet!}


{Got in my first workout of week 4 #BBG this afternoon. Originally I was planning on waking up at 6 am to do my workout (which is the normal routine for me) but this morning the alarm went off and it was not going to happen. But I am proud that I did it since it is so easy for me to talk myself out of a workout as the day progresses.}


{We headed over to the Andersons after naptime and the kids got to play together!}


{Just 6 weeks apart and right now they are grabbing toys from each other and poking each other in the eyeballs, but some day soon they will play and it will be so cute!}


{And we had to get in a game of Catan since it has been FOREVER since we have played. But playing with kids up is no joke. Definitely didn’t get into my groove when Daphne was constantly swatting at the game board… next time!}

Obviously we had a super mellow New Year’s weekend which was sort of perfect. As with Christmastime, the end of the year tends to get busy and chaotic, so it was really nice to just be at home with the girls and stay in, for the most part. We celebrated the New Year without much pomp and circumstance, but it still feels nice to have a fresh new 365 days ahead of us! And Daphne turned TEN MONTHS today which feels big.

How was your New Year’s weekend?