friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Blogging Anniversary.

Last Tuesday, October 11th, was a big day. Not only was it my big brother’s birthday {Happy Birthday Jason!} but it was also my blogging anniversary: 5 years! Wow. I can’t even believe it. So much has happened since I was a newlywed and freshly out of law school: one house, one dog, one-and-a half babies, and 757 blog posts!

{two} YHL’s Kitchen Remodel Reveal.

kitchen-remodel-final-down-aisle-to-fridge{via Young House Love}

I still have mad respect for John and Sherry of Young House Love, even though I miss their full-time blogging every day. They gave/give me so much confidence to tackle DIY projects (big and small) and their new kitchen reveal did not disappoint! I love (LOVE) a white kitchen and I am swooning at all of the details. Plus, I need Sherry to come over and teach me how to style shelves – she is the best! Seeing these pictures makes me want to re-do our kitchen so badly (we have big plans!) but I also know it means I want to wait and be able to do everything that we want to. So I will keep saving my pennies until then and admiring this new kitchen. Be sure to check out the entire reveal here!

{three} West Elm Pop-Up Shop.


Tomorrow afternoon I will be at West Elm Seattle hosting a Pop-Up Shop and I’d love you to join me if you are in town. This is my first big event and first time I will be meeting and seeing customers face-to-face, and I am pretty excited (and nervous) about it! It will be at the West Elm in South Lake Union from noon to 3pm. I will be offering five different flags, taking full custom orders, offering free shipping for not-in-stock flags, and there will be a discount if you buy more than one flag! And if you can’t attend but want to join in on the fun, be sure to check either the Shop’s Facebook or Instagram on Saturday morning for a discount to use on the Shop’s site!

What are you loving this week?



project baby #2 {week 21}


{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 21} I have been feeling so great recently! My energy levels are pretty much back to normal and my headaches & nausea are pretty much gone (hooray!). And, I am finally starting to feel pregnant. It might sound crazy but just this week I have started to change my mentality (especially with clothes) from trying to hide it to embracing it. By that I mean I was wearing super loose clothing and lots of baggy tops because I just felt big in my belly (but not pregnancy bump big). And now I am finding myself grabbing a lot more fitted tops. I particularly like these tanks and long-sleeved shirts from Gap Maternity to layer under sweaters, cardigans, or vests.

I also (finally) was able to alter my old Madewell jeans into maternity jeans! I talked about doing that during a weekend post some weeks ago, but my first attempt wasn’t very successful. I was hesitant to take out much of the waistband and had pretty small elastic (just a few inches) so I didn’t give myself much room to grow. I basically ended up wearing them like my old jeans with a rubber band around the button which completely defeated the purpose of sewing in elastic panels! But then I did some searching for another tutorial (see here) and then discovered this really wide elastic on Amazon. I then cut the entire front pocket out of the jeans and used a super sharp denim needle with a zig-zag stitch (helps keep the stretch!) and it worked. The only really hard part was sewing around the rivets which I definitely hit one and my machine did not like that… But if you are interested in making your own maternity jeans, let me know because I have so much elastic left over!

And finally this week, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the old wive’s tales on gender prediction to see where we are with Baby Foot:

{heart rate} if the baby’s heart rate is above 140 beats per minute, it’s a girl; if it’s under, it’s a boy. GIRL – the baby’s heart rate was at 158 bpm.

{ring on a string} if the ring swings in a strong circular motion, it’s a girl; if it moves in a to-and-fro motion like a pendulum, it’s a boy. GIRL – definite circular motions!

{cravings} sweet – it’s a girl; savory – it’s a boy. GIRL – craving anything sweet!

{acne} more acne – it’s a girl; no acne – it’s a boy. GIRL – I have had a little bit of acne (or pimples) show up from my first trimester until now.

{dreams about baby} INCONCLUSIVE – I have had a few dreams about the baby & being pregnant, but it has never been a specific gender. (same as with Eloise!)

{chinese lunar calendar} based on the mother’s birthday & month of conception. GIRL

{the mayan tale} the mayans take the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception and add them together. if the result is an even number, it’s a girl; if it’s odd, it’s a boy. BOY – odd number.

{midwife’s test} my previous midwife desiree (who moved to another hospital, sad!) said that if leg hair growth increases, it’s a boy, and if it decreases or stays the same, it’s a girl. GIRL (same as Eloise!)

obviously it overwhelmingly looks like Baby Foot may be a GIRL based on this random sampling of old wive’s tales. I guess we will find out in February! Plus, if it means anything, I still think this baby is a girl!

Here’s my 21 week bump update with Eloise if you are curious!

Do you think Baby Foot is a boy or a girl? Happy 21 weeks!


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my weekend in pictures.


{In preparation for fall and the big storms predicted for the weekend, Aaron hung the storm windows.}


{And Eloise played in the dirt. She is obsessed with that bucket!}


{Aaron made me a few stands for my flags as I start getting ready for my Pop-Up Shop next weekend at West Elm Seattle. If you are in town, come by and see me between noon and 3 pm!}


{I launched a small Fall Collection and love them all. That black “trick or treat” though is probably my new favorite!}


{Somehow I ended up promising Eloise waffles for breakfast on Sunday and she did not let me forget it!}


{We headed north to visit the Andersons in their new house & to watch the Seahawks game. I had so much fun socializing and biting my nails that I didn’t take any pictures… Here’s a shot that Jess got of Cale with all the kiddos! Thanks for having us!}

We had a pretty productive weekend which feels great! Everyone was anticipating a huge, huge storm for Friday and Saturday, but we just ended up with a lot of rain and about 10 minutes of strong wind. But I am thankful since it could have been really bad. I can’t believe we are already in the middle of October with Halloween just around the corner! How is the fall already flying by?

How was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Gap No-Show Socks.

product photo

{via Gap}

So this is definitely not seasonally correct, but I finally found a good pair of no-show socks for sneakers, and have been wearing them with my booties too, at the Gap. I have always had trouble with socks being too big (since I have really tiny feet) but these ones have worked well! Plus, Gap is always having a sale, so they are pretty inexpensive too.

{two} Covered Goods Multi-Use Nursing Cover.

Black & Ivory Pinstripe Covered Goods multi-use nursing cover

{via Covered Goods}

I haven’t started nesting (yet) but I have been keeping an eye out (and making a list) of things we will need for this next baby. Mostly we are trying not to buy a lot of stuff (which was true with Eloise too) but especially this time around since we can re-use so much of what we have around. But, one thing that I always hated was my nursing cover. I had the one that just had a strap that went around your neck and it was problematic from the start. I felt like I was attracting more attention to myself in public when I was trying to use it, and a few months in Eloise learned to throw her arms and legs around, and it was done-zo with that nursing cover! I spent most of my time nursing Eloise without one.

Enter: Covered Goods. I had seen these around on car seats a few places in town, but my friend Lauren has one for her new baby, and they are awesome! They are stretchy jersey that act as a car seat cover (like above), a nursing cover, and a shopping cart cover. And, it comes in stripes – swoon! This is definitely on my list of things for Baby Foot!

{three} Mini Boden + Roald Dahl Collection.

{via Mini Boden}

Roald Dahl is probably one of my favorite authors ever. I remember devouring all of his books as a kid. Such a magical storyteller. I can’t wait for Eloise & Baby Foot to start reading!

Anyways, Mini Boden has just launched an impossibly cute collection inspired by Roald Dahl stories and it is awesome! Mini Boden runs on the high end of what would I buy for Eloise, but I am wanting to buy some of these pieces in bigger sizes (so she won’t grow out of them so quickly) and hoard them! I have my eye on this Matilda dress (the inside is so cute!), this T-shirt, this royal dress, this cape (which is sold out!), and this alphabet dress.

Be sure to check out what Kendra’s loving this week! What about you?




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project baby #2 {week 20}

Baby Foot_Week 20.jpg

{letter board: Letter Folk // tunic: Old Navy (old)}

{week 20} Holy halfway there. Seriously. I know I am going to say this for basically the duration of the pregnancy, but I can’t believe we are already this far along! We are going to have a baby in 20 weeks! (And maybe less than that since I never officially hit 40 weeks with Eloise!)

The biggest thing about this week is that we got to see Baby Foot in the 20 week ultrasound yesterday! Oh my goodness, I forgot how amazing it is to see the baby like that on the screen. There were lots of things for the technician to check and everything looked fantastic & perfect: brain, heart, stomach, kidneys, umbilical cord, lips and soft palette, feet, hands, placenta, amniotic fluid, spine.

Baby Foot was moving around quite a bit and is currently breach with his or her legs completely folded up by the head. We have a picture of it and when Eloise saw it after she got home from school, she copied the pose & folded herself in half – the cutest!

Baby’s heartrate was average at about 149 beats per minute. The old wives’ tales tell us that a faster heartbeat is indicative of a boy and a slower one is indicative of a girl, but Baby Foot is right in the middle. (And I am remembering I did a post with all of the old wives’ tales to see if we could guess the gender – I will start a post for the near future!) And Baby Foot is also tipping the scales at 13 ounces which is in the 45% for babies this far along in utero. So only 7 more pounds to go until he or she reaches Eloise’s birth weight! It’s crazy to think about how much and how fast this baby is going to grow in the coming months…

Also, messy hair, don’t care? I was headed to Barre right after this week’s picture (which is usually the case) so I didn’t bother to dry my hair… In my mind it can dry cute, but it really can’t!

If you missed it, here is the bump earlier this week that I shared on Instagram (in real life – unfiltered & uncropped!):


And here’s my 20 week post with Eloise if you are curious!

Happy 20 weeks!


my weekend in pictures.


{E and I hit up Starbucks for a special snack before my midwife appointment on Friday morning. Thankful the stores carry some snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar!}


{Once Papa got home from work, Eloise helped make pizza. It was so yummy and has become a weekly tradition.}


{On Saturday morning these two hung out so I could get some much-needed sewing done for upcoming events for the Shop – mainly West Elm. Eloise insisted on wearing her Halloween costume all day and it was delightful to see her in it. Aaron and Eloise took down the guest bed that was temporarily set-up downstairs to make room for some upcoming room transitions (Eloise is moving into our old office downstairs and Baby Foot will move into the nursery).}


{I was able to get a short photo session done for another big event coming up this fall. I will let you know the details once everything has come together!}


{While I was so, so nervous about the Husky game this week since it was against Oregon and in Eugene, it appears I had absolutely nothing to worry about! UW dominated the Ducks from the first play (an interception) and never looked back winning 70 to 21. Go Dawgs!}


{Eloise raided her school backpack & insisted on putting on her rain jacket and her hat despite not having pants on. It was really pretty cute. Sidenote: even though it looks like it, Aaron IS wearing pants!}


{Eloise gave Baby Stella a bath in her sink this morning. It was so sweet. She is going to be the best big sister you guys!}


{Trying to get work done every minute that I can for the next few weeks (well, month)! There will (hopefully) be lots & lots of flags headed out of the Shop between now and December.}


{My Sunday afternoon Barre class is my favorite. I really crave the time to myself and the feeling that I have after I’ve had a really good workout! I finally got to try the new sticky socks and let me tell you, they did not disappoint! They are slimmer, more fitted, and super sticky even on the toes which makes a huge difference! If you do barre at all, pick up a pair!}

It felt like such a fall weekend here in the PNW with blustery weather. And I sort of liked it. After feeling so hot all summer long, I am so ready for the cool. Plus, it meant I wasn’t tempted to leave the house to run unnecessary errands when there is so much to do around the house. We have been working so hard to get a few big projects done around the house and we are just wrapping up one that I cannot wait to share! There doesn’t seem like there are enough weekends left in October… seriously, can time slow down!

And, first thing tomorrow morning after we drop Eloise off at school, we get to go to our ultrasound and see Baby Foot! I will be sure to share all the details in this week’s bump post.

How was your weekend?


friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Luke’s Diner.

{via NPR}

This past Wednesday coffee shops all across the country changed into Luke’s Diner from my beloved The Gilmore Girls as an early celebration of it’s Netflix renewal next month. While there were a handful of coffee shops in Seattle which made the conversion for the morning and Eloise happened to be in preschool too, I didn’t want to face the endless crowds (which apparently spanned city blocks) to wait for a Luke’s coffee. Had Lorelai or Rory been in town, I would have been there in a second. And while I am a bit sad to have missed all of the fun, after hearing that a friend waited more than two hours in line with toddler in tow for a coffee, I am glad I stayed home!

{two} The Imitation Game.

The Imitation Game Poster

{via IMDB}

So we are a little late to the party since it came out in 2014, but we finally watched The Imitation Game and it was so, so good! Like so many others (including Hollywood producers apparently) I don’t easily tire from WWII movies and this one is no different. It tells the amazing story of how Alan Turing and a small group of mathematicians and cryptographers broke the Enigma Code to help defeat the Nazis during the War. It is definitely sad so grab some Kleenex, but worth it!

{three} Pumpkin Season at TJ’s!


October brings fall and all things pumpkin & I can’t get enough. I know a lot if it isn’t even real pumpkin, but I still can’t help but get excited! Eloise and I hit up TJ’s this week and bought all of the pumpkin things. I think it’s Baby Foot’s fault…

Be sure to check out what Kendra’s loving this week! What about you?