eloise {week 48}


{tank onesie: Carter’s // jeans: babyGap // rubber duck (gift from E’s dentist)}

{week 48} just as soon as I hit publish on eloise’s monthly post last friday, I noticed a tooth bud on the right-side next to her bottom two teeth. I still have a hunch that she is getting at least one back molar, but I was definitely right-on about eloise acting like she was teething (drool, fussy during sleep, wants mama, chewing like crazy). & then just yesterday I discovered that the bottom tooth on the other side is also coming in! sorry kiddo. your teeth like to come in all at once!

eloise has always preferred me (I am her food source afterall) but lately she is super clingy. I guess it is separation anxiety? but even if I am standing right next to her, it sometimes isn’t enough. usually she fusses & cries a bit if she wants to be with me, but then as soon as I pick her up or hold her, she wants to be down & crawling around. maybe she just needs a quick mama hug?

cruising (along the couch, coffee table, side table, sideboard, or any piece of furniture she can stand up against) is still eloise’s favorite activity. she does know that she can’t stand on her own just yet & doesn’t actually try to stand or walk without assistance. once she gets to the end of whatever she is cruising on, she will drop down to her bottom & start crawling. I know walking is imminent, but I am thankful she doesn’t want me to walk her around all day long (having her hold onto my hands so she can walk)!

this week marked the end of the baby bathtub. sniff. we had long taken the infant insert out of the tub, but really liked using it inside the bathtub (both to help contain eloise & to save on water use). however, eloise wants to be active in the tub as well & would hold onto the sides & try to pull herself over. not good for anyone. so we got this tub mat & are just putting in a few inches (if that) of water. now eloise can splash & play, & I don’t have to be worried about her falling over in the tub. plus, with her current bath toys that stick to the wall (see below) she has much more fun since she can reach them all, whether they are floating in the water or sticking to the tub.



{Boon Tub Applique toys}

as we are approaching 12 months (what?!) I am planning on weaning eloise (from nursing). we still nurse three times a day (after she wakes in the AM & after each nap) which I am hoping will continue for the next four weeks. at that point I am thinking about dropping the middle feeding & doing milk at lunchtime instead, & then a little while later (depending on how my supply is doing) I will drop the late afternoon one & add more milk at dinnertime. that final nursing session, though, is still really special to me & (for the most part) I would like to keep it going for some time longer. some days I am ready to be done, but mostly I love that time with eloise, even though she isn’t really snuggly during that time anymore & just wants to eat & play! any advice from you mamas out there about weaning babes from nursing to milk in cups?

happy 48 weeks eloise!


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2 thoughts on “eloise {week 48}

  1. I wish I remembered more about the weaning process. All I really remember is that I was nervous about it with M, and it ended up going really smoothly. I seem to remember that the guideline for comfortable (for mom) rate of weaning is one feeding per week, give or take. I am right here with you in the world of mixed feelings. 🙂

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