daphne {week 42}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // jammies: Hanna Andersson // Santa hat & blanket: made by Aunt Kelly}

{week 42} This week has been fun (& a little different) because it is the start of Aaron’s paternity leave. Well, the second half of it; he took the first half in the summer. So we have had a lot more time with Papa which has been so fun!

This week’s photo really captures how Daphne is these days which is that she wants to be up and interacting, and not lying on her back. At all. She is go-go-go and never wants to keep a hat on!

We have also started being a lot more consistent with water in a cup at mealtimes this week. I know we are approaching a big transition soon where Daphne will go from a bottle (or breast) to a cup and we just haven’t been offering it, mostly because it is just one. more. thing at mealtime. Sorry Daph! But she is learning how to drink and swallow out of a cup (we use a plastic shot glass which actually works so well since it is small enough for her little mouth) and she LOVES it! And Aaron re-taught her how to use a straw the other day and now she is drinking out of a straw and (mostly) swallowing the water. We haven’t started offering (breast) milk or formula in a cup yet, but that will probably be starting soon.

The biggest update for this week is that I had to start weaning Daphne from nursing to a bottle for two of her feedings (late afternoon and dinner). I have mentioned it before, but I have had SO many issues with Daphne biting while feeding and I got to the point last week where I was just done. I want to continue nursing her and will try to do so for her first two feedings where biting doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem, but I guess blood was the end point for me. I don’t want to bleed while nursing! So, I am still nursing her when she wakes and right before lunch, but then we are offering bottles (4 ounces) in the late afternoon, evening, and at bedtime. We still have some frozen breastmilk available that we are using along with Holle formula. It has been a change for me/us but Daphne doesn’t really seem to be phased at all (which is great)! Since Aaron is home now during the day on leave, it has been nice to feel like we have a bit more flexibility in the afternoon since I don’t have to be home or with Daphne to nurse her. It has been a little hard for me (mostly emotionally) because I am not ready to wean Daph just yet, but I think it was a good decision for everyone.

And here is Eloise’s 42 week update.

Happy 42 weeks Daphne!


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