eloise {week 45}


{top: Carter’s // bloomers: Carter’s // Dada book: Amazon // blocks: Uncle Goose (similar)}

{week 45} this week was mostly spent in boise visiting my family – grammie & grandpa needed an eloise fix! aaron, eloise, & I flew down all together, & boy am I glad I wasn’t flying on my own! eloise was so, so good, but she is so, so busy. she spent most of the flight on the way down flirting with the people in the rows behind us & playing with her water cup. & on the way home she was obsessed with pulling everything out of the seat-back pocket.

eloise snapped into the time change right away (it is only an hour) & slept really well – she took such long naps during the day that we had to wake her up a few times! she has gotten used to sleeping in a pack n play from our visit back east last month & also does well without blackout shades. we do bring a sound machine when we travel since she is used to white noise at home. I find that she can fall asleep without white noise, but staying asleep is tricky without it!

we spent some time swimming which was fun & eloise seemed to enjoy it more than her usual swimming lesson. she loved to splash when being held & did so well even when water got on her face. we also tried this baby pool float which was a pretty big hit. it was the first time eloise has been in a pool without being in either my or aaron’s arms. she did well & kicked her legs around.

my parents put up a swing for eloise & she LOVED it! we visit the swings at the park a few times a month if we can, & eloise has always enjoyed that so I knew she would enjoy it. this swing tended to go sideways a little more than the park swings & she didn’t enjoy that too much. the seat is pretty big still so there is lots of room for eloise to grow into it!

eloise is pretty much always on-the-go when she is awake & army crawling is still her preferred mode of transportation. I have noticed that she will get up on her hands & knees as she approaches something she wants to pull up on, so I know she can crawl, she just doesn’t most of the time. she has become a master at pulling up to kneeling (& sometimes standing if it is low enough) & now the issue is whether the thing she is using is steady enough to hold her weight, or whether it will slip around once she puts weight on it. eloise has also started walking along the coffee table (cruising!) & isn’t very steady on her own, but has gotten the moving of her feet part (which she lacked just a few weeks ago). while I think independent walking is still a ways off, it is closer than I want to think about!

here are some pictures from our trip to boise (eloise swinging & meeting my parents’ horses):











happy 45 weeks eloise!


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One thought on “eloise {week 45}

  1. So sweet! I love how she is studying the horses! Not quite sure what to think of them but I think they like her! She will love going to stay with them on her own someday! They have so many fun things to do and see there! I would love it myself! She is precious Misha!

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