daphne {week 47}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Primary // jeans: babyGap // socks: Cat and Jack for Target}


{And here is the outtake for this week which is a great representation of what almost all but a couple of the photos from our weekly shoots looks like! Always. On. The. Move.}

{week 47} 47?! How is this possible? We are getting so close to 52 weeks and it is so bittersweet. Daphne is such a joyful little soul and as much as I want her to stay little and be my baby, I am so enjoying watching her grow and become a little person.

I mentioned last week that we are still nursing in the morning. This session lasts about a hot minute because there are always SO many things for Daphne to look at or do during this time. So I am not sure how much volume she is actually getting, but for now it seems to work for her. And, these feeding sessions are apparently when Daphne likes to work on her acrobatic and contortion skills! It really is amazing that she can be still attached to me and maneuver herself all around. Again, I am hoping to keep this feeding session until she is one, and then let her self-wean (which Eloise did at 14 months).

Daphne’s newest trick (thanks to Aaron!) is that she will stick out her tongue if she sees you stick out her tongue. Guys, this is the BEST! If you go “Daphne!” and then stick out your tongue, she will stick out hers too. And she is pretty proud of herself. Simple pleasures, right?

Daphne is sort of in-between sizes right now as she is almost too long for 12 months onesies but too small for 18 month onesies, and tee shirts don’t stay down over her belly! We have the plain white Carter’s onesies in about every size, but since I moved Daphne into the 18 size, I dislike the sleeves. They are too long and seem really wide? So unless I roll them way up to her elbow (which defeats the purpose of long-sleeves, right?) they just stretch out into a big old mess. Anyways, this is all to say that the Primary onesie that Daphne is wearing in this week’s photo fits her really well. She is in a 12 to 18 month size (so I would say it runs slightly small) but the sleeves fit well because they are cut to be more slim! I think I will pick up a few more of these long-sleeved onesies (the peter pan collar is adorable) in this size and the next size up!

In the last week I have watched Daphne stand on her own for about 2.5 seconds before she realizes she is standing and sits down. And she has always had something in her hands. Which made me remember that someone told us when Eloise was this age that babies are much more likely to stand if they have something to hold (since they forget they are standing and focus on what they are holding). It makes sense and I remember this being true with Eloise. I am surprised, given the fact that Daphne was rolling and crawling so early, that she isn’t walking at this point, but I know it will happen overnight! So, I am trying to prepare for that…

And I was chatting with Aaron just this week about how crazy it is going to be that in just a few weeks we will have TWO toddlers! {Though Eloise doesn’t seem like much of a toddler these days!}

And here’s Eloise 47 week update.

Happy 47 weeks Daphne!


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