eloise {week 52}

{romper: Gymboree // lettuce rattle from this farmer’s market set // quilt: gift from neighbor}

{week 52} & the final monthly photo. phew! no big update for the week since I just posted eloise’s month twelve/one year update here.

also, I have been asked about whether I will be continuing with weekly updates, & the answer is no. it has been such a challenge to get eloise to stay still these past few weeks months as it is! I will be continuing with monthly updates, however, & will be sure to share big updates. thanks for following along in this first year!

happy 52 weeks eloise!


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2 thoughts on “eloise {week 52}

  1. She is so stinking cute! How was the party? I’m sure it was a success and that Eloise loved it. I haven’t seen too many pics yet. But sometimes I miss some of the posts that people put on here and then they disappear on me! I am so “not good” at these things! Love you guys!

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