daphne {week 32}


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{week 32} 32. A week into her seventh month and I still can’t believe it. The days are long and the weeks are short!

Now that Daphne is sitting up so well on her own, she is enjoying playing on our play mat much more. We have “Daphne safe” toys out for her, though everything on that side of the living room has to be safe since she is definitely not stationery. She can go from sitting to lying on her belly and then to her side and then sometimes can find herself back sitting again! It is amazing to watch her move around. I am always so amazed by how quickly babies learn to move, considering just a few months ago she couldn’t even control her own limbs! There is still lots of rocking on her hands and knees, but as soon as she moves forward, she slips down onto her belly. I say it every week, but crawling is just around the corner!

Daphne enjoys eating very much. Way more than I remember Eloise enjoying it. And now that we are doing solids for three meals per day, she pretty much demands it after finishing up nursing. It has been so fun to see her explore foods and learn to feed herself, but boy is it so much work. I am chopping and roasting and prepping food (seemingly) all day long, and then cleaning up after mealtime. It’s seriously a full-time job, just cleaning up from three meals at the house! We are still offering some purees (mostly fruits mixed in with yogurt*) but Daphne has a huge preference towards finger foods and really just wants to feed herself. Which is great, but makes for long and very messy mealtimes.

On Friday Daphne got her flu shot (the first booster and will have a second one at her next check-up) along with a single dose of MMR. We are leaving the country for a trip this week and our pediatrician recommended she get that specific vaccine, even though the course of MMR doesn’t start until around 1 year old. Apparently much of the research points to international airports as sources of introduction to infection. Daphne did really well for her shots and cried for about a minute, and then was fine. She didn’t sleep as well as I expected (normally shots knock her out!) but she also didn’t have any other symptoms (like fever) so I was relieved.

*Our pediatrician suggested that we introduce plain, organic yogurt right before we travel to help with any tummy issues that can stem from traveling and introduction to new foods. Plain yogurt is pretty sour so I have been defrosting some of her fruit purees and adding them in (and also because any flavored yogurt you buy at the store has SO much added sugar…why?!)

Happy 32 weeks Daphne!


project baby #2 {nursing essentials}

Back in April I shared my newborn and post-partum essentials that were important to me in those first few weeks when Daphne was so tiny and new. (And see my post-partum essentials with Eloise here.) Now that we are seven months out, I wanted to update again with my nursing essentials since these are the things that are (or have been) important to me for a much longer amount of time and will likely be until Daphne weans.


{one} (Reusable) Nursing Pads.

For me reusable nursing pads are must and Bamboobies are my go-to. Even after my supply had come in and leveled out, I still found that leakage was an issue, so these help me from having to change clothes (or at least my shirt) multiple times per day. Plus, once baby sleeps thru the night and you are going 10 to 12 hours between the first feeding and the last, you want something that will help absorb. I like the thin, heart-shaped pads for daytime since they fit smoothly, but then I like the thicker, round ones for nighttime use.

{two} Nursing Bra.

Like most new mamas, I spent the first weeks (okay, probably months) in softer nursing bras meant for sleeping. Then once my milk came in I started wearing “real” nursing bras, including underwire ones (which you have to be careful with when your milk is coming in). I still had nursing bras from when Eloise was little but found that I needed/wanted a few new ones.

I kept seeing blog posts and ads about a new brand called ThirdLove and decided to finally buy when they released a line of nursing bras. I opted for the wireless one and have been really impressed. The biggest thing about nursing bras (for me) that you don’t have to think about with regular bras is how easily the cup flips or folds down; I have a few that don’t do this well and end up soaked in milk at the end of every feeding! ThirdLove’s cups are super soft and fold really well down plus a bonus that the straps don’t slip. Guys, this is life-changing!

The other secret to nursing bras (which I have shared before) is that Nordstrom will convert any regular bra into a nursing bra for a nominal alteration fee (like $15). Definitely worth it if you are particular about a brand, or have a unique band or cup size.

{three} Tanks.

As with Eloise, I don’t like nursing tanks. I think they can be great for those first few weeks, but beyond that, I like the support (and look) of a bra. But, I do wear a tank top basically every day so that when I do nurse, my belly isn’t exposed; I just pull down the tank when I need to nurse. I have multiple tanks with the thin (spaghetti) straps from both H&M and Old Navy in white, black, and grey that basically covers any shirt situation along with an old “nude colored” cami (similar to this) which is great for under white shirts.

{four} Boppy Pillow.

When nursing Daphne, I have found that I use my Boppy nursing pillow so much more than I did with Eloise (seven months out), like whenever I am home during a feeding. I find it is much more comfortable for me to have the support of a pillow and will probably continue to use it until Daphne is too big! This time around I also bought this beautiful pillow cover from MadlyWish which is made from the Rifle Paper Co. fabric line. Guys, it sounds silly, but this pillow cover makes me so happy. I wish I would have gotten a fun cover for the Boppy when Eloise was little. Instead I used the very juvenile ones that came with the pillow. So, get a Naked Boppy Pillow and find a shop (there are tons on Etsy or Instagram) that sells beautiful covers and you are set!

{five} Hydroflask Waterbottle.

Until about two months ago, I was using the same Camelbak waterbottles that I got when I was pregnant with Eloise. They worked fine and were great for keeping me hydrated during pregnancy and post-partum. However, when they started leaking (from the drinking spout) and becoming harder to clean, I started shopping around for something else. Enter: Hydroflask. I had heard great things about Hydroflask from other mamas but couldn’t get myself to buy a waterbottle that was so expensive! But then I did. And it was so worth it. Seriously. My water stays cold for hours or until I drink the entire bottle (usually the latter). If you are on the fence at all about one, do it. I got the wide-mouth one and added the straw lid because with two little ones, I never have two hands available to screw open the lid!

And along with these essentials, I probably should mention a breast pump. I didn’t have a great experience pumping with Eloise but we bought this new Naya Smartpump this time around and I really, really like it (well, as much as you can like a breast pump). A lot of people are surprised when they find out that I pump because I stay home with the girls, but sometimes I need to be able to be away from Daphne and we also give her a bedtime bottle which (right now) is pumped milk, so I am currently pumping twice per day.

What were your nursing essentials? Did they change over time or from your first kiddo to your second (or third)?


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daphne {month seven}


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{month seven} Happy Girl! Seriously, she is just so happy. I really just hope that we all can be as happy as Daphne girl, even just once every day.

Daphne LOVES to eat and is now eating three meals per day. She eats so much (I usually just cut her off since she will just keep eating whatever you offer her) and it’s always after she has nursed! In a few months we will switch and do solids before nursing (as she transitions off milk and onto “real” food) but for now, nearly all of her calories still come from breast milk. We are still offering purees (that I defrost before every meal) along with chopped fruit (apple, banana, pear, mango, peach) or roasted veggies (zucchini, broccoli, squash, cauliflower, sweet potato). And while we still have a ton of purees in the freezer, Daphne seems to prefer hand-held food that she can feed herself. Even when we do purees on a spoon, she grabs at the spoon and wants to feed herself! It seems like we are going to be transitioning off of purees a bit earlier than we did with Eloise, but the frozen purees in single (ice cube) servings are super nice when we are on-the-go; I just put a few cubes into these reusable pouches and it is perfect when we are out to dinner.

Nursing sessions these days are pretty short since Daphne is a much more efficient drinker and also because everything, especially Eloise, is such a distraction! Daphne probably spends 50% of the time sitting up or otherwise looking around. Her first nursing session in the morning (usually around 8 am) is always 20 solid minutes, and then she is off to start her day! On a few occasions in the last few weeks we have been out during Daphne’s morning nap, so it has been very short or non-existent, so that second session (right before lunchtime) as been a super quiet one and sometimes Daphne has even fallen asleep! It seems like it has been SO long since Daphne would fall asleep during nursing, and I am trying to hold onto those sweet moments.

Daphne is still on the go and has managed to army crawl even faster than ever! If I set her down on the play mat, she will be off of it and headed to Eloise’s kitchen (across the room) in about 20 seconds. She still isn’t crawling with her knees underneath her yet, but she is surprisingly mobile, going from sitting to her belly to rolling on her side to spinning around (on her belly). It is impressive! She will chase toys down (like her ball rattle or round blocks that roll) and loves to give big sloppy kisses to stuffed animals and dolls. She also really likes books and even though she wants to chew on them, she will sit and listen to a story before bedtime or play time and grab at anything that is brightly colored (she seems to really like red).

I almost hate to bring it up, but it is what everyone who sees us asks (strangers, friends, neighbors): sleep. Daphne, from day one, has been a great sleeper partly because she is a good self-soother. She naps at least twice per day (with a third catnap on days her afternoon nap is early) with one nap being about an hour and the other nap being close to 2 or 2.5 hours; generally her afternoon nap is the longest (especially if her morning nap was short or we were out of the house) but sometimes her morning nap is nice and long (which is glorious on mornings when Eloise is at school). Daphne goes down super easily and without much effort which is mostly out of necessity in the form of a toddler big sister. Sometimes I feel bad that I don’t spend time rocking Daphne before she sleeps, but it is also great that Daphne can go from wide-awake to sleeping completely on her own. She likes to have two pacis, one in her mouth and one in her hand, and she switches them out while she is awake. And she also needs her lovie to snuggle with or to hold in her hand if she is sucking her thumb. I just bought her another identical lovie since I couldn’t find time to wash her original one and figured she is attached to it enough that it probably won’t hurt to have a back-up down the road.

We are still cloth diapering and it seems to work well for us. Eloise’s old bumGenius diapers don’t seem to fit Daphne as well around the legs though, and she tends to leak when she wears those. Frustrating, but it happens. I will try again in a few weeks and see if it works! Until then, we are only using the Grovia ones that we got from a friend. I really like these Grovia ones and they fit Daphne really well! Cloth diapering is a bit more challenging once you start solids, but not terrible. I just roll any solids into the toilet and then wash the diapers like I always did. And because I am flushing away nearly all of the poop, our cloth diaper pail doesn’t smell (as compared to a diaper pail full of poopy disposable diapers night). Plus, did you know you are supposed to flush solids from disposable diapers? Yep, it’s in the instructions! (Crazy, right? Though it makes a lot of sense.)

And finally, Daphne is so chatty! She is making so many sounds these days and is chatting during most of her awake time. Mostly we hear DA, MA, and BA which are the same first sounds we heard from Eloise. Daphne does say “mama” a lot, though I know she isn’t calling me Mama. But when she is upset, it is a very sad “mamamamamama.” Daphne also shrieks with excitement when she is really happy or when she sees Eloise. It’s the cutest.

{weight} I would guess close to 17 pounds.
{hair} blackish brown.
{teeth} two bottom middle teeth.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} 3 to 6 months (pants only), 6 months and 12 months (Carter’s), 6 to 12 months.
{diapers} size 3 {from the honest company}. At home we are doing cloth (bumGenius and Grovia) and disposables when we go out and overnight (and add a cloth cover).
{feeding} nursing every 3 to 4 hours during the day, starting around 8 am. feeding sessions last around 10 to 20 minutes (still both sides). bedtime is between 7:30 and 8 pm with a 6 oz bottle.                                                                                                                         {likes} eating, watching big kids or babies, crawling, spinning on her back and belly, teething rings, chewing on anything, sitting in her highchair, staring at her quilt (from Amanda), rattles, nursing, riding in the car (usually), her big sister Eloise, Sadie, singing, lights, paci, being bounced, sucking on her hands, being tickled, talking (cooing).
{dislikes} having gas, lying down flat right after eating, being hungry or tired, not having a bottle immediately after seeing it.                                                                 {nicknames} Daph, Bug, Snorty, Baby D, Daphne Doo, Daph-a-doo, Love, Lovebug.

And here is Eloise’s seven month update. It’s interesting because in real life I think Eloise and Daphne look so similar at this age, but in these two seven month photos, I don’t think they look as similar!

Happy seven months Daphne!


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daphne {week 30}


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{week 30} Gah, 30 weeks?! It feels like such a milestone number. And in my brain I keep thinking “Gosh, only 22 weeks until she’s one!” and then I realize that’s nearly as long as she’s been alive!

Just in the past few days Daphne has started sitting really well on her own. I try to put her down on her bum with some toys around, but before she would almost immediately tip over and get to her belly (so she could crawl around). She’s much more interested in sitting up now and can spend quite a bit of time sitting, playing, and staying upright. I don’t think she’s sturdy enough to leave on the hardwood floor without someone within arm’s reach yet, but we are definitely getting there! I remember loving this stage with Eloise because I could sit her down and she would play and stay in the same spot; not so much with Daphne because it is just a matter of time before she gets to her belly and starts rolling and crawling all over!

And much more in the past week Daphne is up on her hands and knees and really rocking back and forth. I know this is a pre-cursor for full-on crawling, which we have been expecting is just around the corner. Daphne also spends a lot of time planking (forearms on the ground but up on her toes) which is impressive and will also help her build strength and coordination for crawling.

Daphne is LOVING solids still and has gobbled up everything we have given her: salmon, beef, broccoli, sweet potato, egg, apple, peach, and the list goes on. We are using the same mentality for food that we did with Eloise which is to expose Daphne to as many flavors and types of food as we can, even though Eloise is much pickier now, she is still a really great eater! I have noticed that Daphne will often make a face (like a yuck face) when she first tries something, even if it’s something she has had before, but it only lasts thru the first bite, and then she happily eats it! This past weekend we introduced scrambled egg which she seemed to enjoy, but more importantly did not seem to have any allergic reaction to. I didn’t suspect that she would have an egg allergy, but we have a lot of baby/toddler friends with egg allergies, so I was on a bit of an alert. I think we need to continue the egg exposure, but for now I am not too worried about it.

Since introducing solids, I have noticed that Daphne is much more left-hand dominant than I expected her to be. When playing, she uses both hands, but when she’s feeding herself, it is almost always with her left hand! (This is sort of making my Mama heart so happy because I always wanted to be left-handed! Don’t even ask me why.) But, she is a right thumb sucker for sure, so maybe she’ll be ambidextrous? Eloise was basically born right-hand dominant (like without question) and I know some kids are as old as grade school before a dominant side or preference is shown, but I have a feeling Daphne may surprise us all and be a little lefty!

And finally this week we have retired her bibs (for a bit) because she just isn’t drooling as much. I suspect that her two first teeth are pretty much in at this point and that the next one(s) aren’t imminent. At least that is what I am hoping because even though she never showed signs that teething was painful, it’s got to be, right? And as much as I love her little bandana bibs, I am thankful for the (slightly) less amount of laundry I have to do, and that I don’t have to remember to put a bib on her when we are running out the door (which is basically always, especially during the week)!

And see an almost identical picture of Eloise here!

Happy 30 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 29}


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{week 29} This week solids have continued to go well and I am still trying to offer them twice per day, at lunch and dinner time after Daphne nurses. We are still doing a mix of purees and BLW foods. So far Daphne has tried: roasted sweet potatoes, watermelon, steamed broccoli, red grapes (quartered), black beans, and apple slices. We also introduced peanuts and didn’t get an allergic reaction which is a relief; it was highly unlikely that either of our girls would have a (pea)nut allergy but you never know. Our pediatrician suggested that we introduce a snack food called Bambas which is made almost entirely of peanuts (think a similar texture to a Cheeto but tastes like peanut butter) rather than trying to introduce straight peanut butter (which was super tricky last time around)!

And also (since I know you have been waiting with baited breath) we finally got poop! After almost 13 days… guys, it was stressful. But Daphne wasn’t showing any signs that she was in pain or that there were any issues, so her doctor really wasn’t worried. That said, I am very sad to have left the (solely) breast milk poop days and move into the real poop days. It’s so stinky. And always makes me re-think our decision to cloth diaper! (Okay, not really, but sort of.)

Since big sister Eloise is in school now and Mama wants/needs to get out of the house to get things done, a few more morning naps are on-the-go. It is hit or miss, but mostly what happens is that Daphne will nap either in the car seat or in the Ergo (or Solly wrap) but it’s for a much shorter time than a nap in her crib would be. And then if she has had an on-the-go morning nap, I really make sure she is home for her afternoon nap (which is pretty easy since Eloise naps at the same time).

Happy 29 weeks Daphne!


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daphne {week 28}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // peplum top: Target (old) // leggings: Carter’s (old) // bandana bib: DIY with Rifle Paper Co. fabric // quilted playmat: DIY for Eloise}

{week 28} Daphne. Always on the move. As you can see from this photo, during our weekly shoot on Sunday, she did not want to stay still. These days, as soon as I put her down on her back she will immediately flip over (except on her changing pad which is great).

Since Eloise started preschool again, we’ve had much more Mama and Daphne time which has been nice. I have been really trying to focus on one-on-one playtime in the mornings between feedings and naps since that is really what we miss out on when Eloise is home. And that’s not to say that Daphne doesn’t enjoy playtime when E is home, because in all honesty, Daphne would probably rather play with Eloise than Mama! She is just so mesmerized watching Eloise. But, we can take time to feed and it doesn’t feel rushed with a toddler saying “Mamamamamamama” the entire time! (Though her feedings are shortening even more, sometimes clocking in around 15 minutes. #progress) She seems satisfied and once her belly is full of milk, she sits right up and starts chatting. It’s the sweetest.

We added solids at lunchtime this past weekend because Daphne seems SO interested when she see us eating lunch. I’ve been doing a smaller portion at lunchtime than at dinner and usually doing either a single puree or a BLW food just to make it a little easier at mid-day for me. We have also been offering this Prune + Pear + Clove puree a lot since Daphne is a bit constipated! It worked like a charm for Eloise and we are hoping it will do the same for Baby D. I may have mentioned, but this is the one puree that we will continue to make and offer, even in a few months when we stop offering other purees and do strictly BLW solids.

Happy 28 weeks Daphne!