eloise {week 49}


{tank: Old Navy // shorts: Target (similar) // teething ring: LifeFactory // blanket: Milkbarn Organic Swaddle}

{week 49} oh three weeks left until eloise’s one year? how did this happen? but then looking at that photo, we are definitely entering toddlerhood.

eloise (& mama) have been enjoying our weekly playdates with our PEPS friends. now that the babies are a little older, they are starting to interact with each other & it is so sweet. recently, there has been a clamoring over one toy which is pretty funny – all the babies decide that one particular toy is the best thing ever & then steal it away from each other.

we left home last week on the (pretty) short roadtrip to boise & I was worried about eloise sitting that long in a car seat. worst case, it was going to be me, sadie, & eloise in the backseat. luckily, eloise did SO well. she only napped for an hour total, but it was hard to complain. she kept herself mostly occupied with a basket full of toys & watching sadie. we stopped for lunch & had a picnic (see here) & got all of our wiggles out, & then one more time for a pit stop, diaper change, & nursing. eloise was ready to be out of the car about five minutes before we pulled into my parents’ house, but so were we!

eloise has been very vocal (more than usual) lately. she babbles all day long with me, but has in the past not been as vocal around other people or babies. these days though, she chatters all the time! & volume is a fun thing – eloise likes to see how LOUD she can be, especially if she needs something like water or milk (or attention from someone) at mealtime. I’ll work on getting a video to share.

I talked last week about thinking about weaning eloise, but didn’t think it would be happening for at least a few weeks. well, go with the flow (ha, pun intended!) but I inadvertently dropped eloise’s lunch nursing session on the drive over. when we stopped for lunch, there was enough commotion with the food & sadie, etc. that I completely forgot to nurse! I chalk it up to a difference in schedule since I usually nurse eloise between napping & lunchtime. aaron & I realized it a few hours later, but eloise didn’t ever seem to notice. so, ever since I have been giving her 4 oz of milk (formula for now) with her lunch. she doesn’t seem overly excited about milk with lunch & normally will drink it after she finishes eating. {which is different with the milk we give her at dinner – she usually drinks that up before she gets into her meal!}

eloise wants to walk, but doesn’t have enough balance yet. she climbs up on everything to standing, but will drop down to her bottom & crawl to wherever she wants to go. I think we have a little time before she is walking, but she is mobile enough to keep us on our toes!

happy 49 weeks eloise!


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