daphne {week 43}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // tunic: Target (old) // leggings: Target (old)}

{week 43} This past week has gone so quickly, mostly because we were leading up to Christmas!

Daphne visited the dentist last week for her first check-up. We were already taking Eloise in for an appointment (she goes every 6 months) and since Daphne had teeth this time, the dentist went ahead with the first check-up. Mostly it was just having the hygienist clean her teeth with a gauze pad and then having the dentist check to make sure her teeth are coming in correctly. And while Daphne did NOT like having her teeth looked at, everything looks good!

And on a related note, I noticed this week that she has another tooth (on the bottom) making an appearance and it has already cut, so here’s to SEVEN teeth for little Daph!

We got to get together with some of Eloise’s PEPS friends late last week for a play date and chose the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center play gym since there were so many big kids. But Daphne had a good time climbing around and playing and watching all of the kids (nearly all were bigger than her). The only tricky part was that Daphne was really interested in trying to climb on all of the big bikes and scooters… keeps me on my toes!

Weaning is still going well and I am holding strong on the first morning feeding. We have had some biting during that feeding, but not too bad. I just am not ready to completely give it up yet! But I started weaning her from the lunch feeding, offering just one side, and it has gone well. So this week I will completely wean her from nursing at lunchtime and offer her a bottle instead. And at some point the bottles will become cups of milk. Crazy that we are so close to that!

We also celebrated Christmas this past weekend, and since it was Daphne’s FIRST Christmas it seemed extra special. She has been in love with the Christmas tree (and specifically the lights!) but has mostly left it alone. I was a little worried that she was going to destroy it or try to eat all of the needles, but she has done a really good job still. I can’t blame her for being curious about it since it sits in the “play area” of our living room, and it sparkles with lights, and there are presents underneath. Daphne would help open some of her presents if we started ripping for her, but mostly she just wanted to chew on everything. So Eloise was happy to help her open everything up! We started letting the girls open one present starting a few days before Christmas because there were so. many. gifts. And even then, Christmas morning was overwhelming! It took us all day to open presents and there was so much over-stimulation. Daphne was interested in some things and the ribbons, but there was just way too much going on. I think next year we will take a note from our Jewish friends and spend 8 nights opening Christmas presents!

And here is Eloise’s 43 week update.

Happy 43 weeks Daphne!


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