eloise {week 44}


{onesie: Carter’s // shorts: Target (similar)  // Sophie the Giraffe}

{week 44} oh boy, this week has been a blur! & by that I mean eloise is on the move. I am pretty sure it is because I just stated in her ten month post that walking wasn’t imminent. I feel like in the past week, eloise has taken huge strides in the pre-walking & mobility department.

eloise is happiest these days standing up. she can pull herself to her to kneeling on most things, including the fan tower & her nursery ottoman. & she can pull herself up to standing on the coffee table, the side table (whose low shelf I am storing some toys  books), & in her crib. so just in a week (!) she has gone from just kneeling to standing. again, oh boy!

the other thing that makes eloise deliriously happy is a book. she has always enjoyed books & has “listened” to stories being read to her since she was born. we started early with storytime & even as a teeny baby she would pay attention to the books we read. fast-forward a few months & I can easily say books are her favorite things. she will most often pick a book to play with (or chew on) over a toy during play time. my mama heart, of course, is soaring because I have always adored books! the only problem is that she is now devouring books in that she is chewing the corners & eating the paper…

also, eloise insists on turning the pages when we read books, so sometimes the stories go very quickly! she does, though, stop & look at the pictures, & sometimes babbles as she flips thru the pages. adorable! when you get to the end of a book, she will shut the back cover & then flip the book over to start reading it again!

happy 44 weeks eloise!


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