eloise {week 50}


{tee: Old Navy // bloomer shorts: Carter’s // block: Uncle Goose (similar) // bird from this Manhattan Toy Company set}

{week 50} not gonna lie that I am having some trouble with eloise being so close to one. it makes me a little sad that my little baby isn’t so little anymore. closer to being a toddler than an infant (or a newborn!). I have been loving all of the new milestones, activity, & development, it is just going way too fast! I often wish I could just rewind a bit & slow it down… at least to the parts where she wanted to cuddle. those don’t come too often these days.

eloise is still such a happy child (as you can see from this week’s picture) & had such a great time with my family this past week. she is sometimes shy at first with new people, but usually comes around pretty quickly & will reach out for others to hold her so she can touch their face or play with their glasses. most of the clinging to me comes around mealtime or sleep time, or shortly thereafter. in the mornings, for example, as soon as she sees me she wants to nurse & if aaron is holding her she will fuss. lately if eloise & I are upstairs in the living room playing before breakfast & she sees aaron leave out the front door for work, she will fuss & cry for him. she also really enjoys when he gets home from work & gives him the biggest smile & crawls over to have him pick her up. it is the cutest.

teeth have been a fun (read: not fun) thing this past week. she is getting two teeth in front on the bottom (the left one is almost completely in & the right one is broken thru), & I still think she is working on a back molar. teething is the only thing we can really blame for the handful of evenings she has woken up screaming (around 9:30 usually) & cannot be calmed down. it usually takes both of us giving her cuddles & reassurance that we are there for a while before she will settle down. it hasn’t been very fun for any of us, but she is sleeping well otherwise (knock on wood!).

when we got home on sunday evening it was super cool in seattle (temperature-wise). for the first time in a while we didn’t need the fan on in eloise’s nursery & we put on a sleeper with long-sleeves & legs (Hanna Andersson makes the BEST ones!). she woke up a little bit after I put her to bed & her feet felt really cold, so aaron & I decided it was safe to give her a little blanket. I just put a swaddle blanket (folded in half) over her & even though it isn’t keeping her feet particularly warm (since she kicks it all over the crib), she seems to have enjoyed an extra something soft to cuddle with. she loves to rub her lovie on her face when she is tired & trying to put herself to sleep, & I have noticed she does the same thing with the blanket when I have seen her on the webcam.

a few months ago, I mentioned that I thought eloise had eczema on her chest & neck. I also started noticing some rash on the very back of eloise’s neck between her shoulders. I was making sure to wipe it down really well after each meal; put Zoe Organics Everything Balm or Cream, or Aquaphor on it; & even limit corn & eggs (as possible allergy culprits). while we were out of town last week, I stopped using our normal SnapBib in favor of a Bumkins one* we had for traveling at the suggestion of my mom & aaron. lo & behold, eloise’s rash cleared up! I am still going to chat with her pediatrician about it at her one year check-up & may still take her to an allergist, but maybe she is just allergic or sensitive to vinyl?

eloise is still loving cruising around along the couch, coffee table, & anything else she can walk along. she is still pretty quick to drop to her bottom when there isn’t something to hold onto, but she is starting to be able to stand on her own for just a few seconds! crawling is also up on her hands much more these days as she is almost as fast on her hands as she is on her elbows. I notice that she will still army crawl when she wants to hold something in her hand & crawl at the same time – smart kiddo!

happy 50 weeks eloise!


*I picked up another Bumkins bib so that we have two, but I have to say I don’t LOVE it. it has a pocket that I find to be more of a hassle than anything else. plus, I am not a fan of all of the graphics – why do all of the bibs for boys have to have cars & all of the bibs for girls have to be pink?? any suggestions on good bibs for toddlers?

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One thought on “eloise {week 50}

  1. We looooove the Modern-Twist bib, so much so that we don’t even use the mountain of bibs I’ve made for the kids. It’s silicon and comes in adorable neutrals (red monkey and orange lion). But, it’s pricey ($20), so we just have one and rinse it after each meal.

    I’ve noticed that our E gets a rash on his chest when a certain parent (cough cough) forgets a bib and his front ends up soaked through his clothes. These kiddos and their sensitive skin!

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