daphne {week 3}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Old Navy // pants: crewcuts pants (no longer available) // booties: June and January}

{week 3} Gah, three week?! This has been the longest and shortest three weeks of my life! (Well, except for maybe the first three weeks of Eloise’s life…) But I guess that’s what they say about parenting little ones: it is the longest and shortest time!

Daphne is as sweet as ever and continuing to be awake more and more during the late morning and afternoons. She is still a bit fussy in the evenings, but keeping her upright and making sure she has a good burp or two seems to help. We never really had to burp Eloise, especially when she was exclusively breastfeeding, so we are still learning to remember to burp this kid!

Last week Daphne went in for her two week check-up and did really well! She is much longer – grew an inch and a half! -and she was nearly up to her birth weight. The doctor gave us the greenlight to stop supplementing with a bottle three or four times a day and let her sleep at night as long as she will go. Wahoo! We are still giving her one  1 ounce bottle of pumped milk right before bedtime (which is usually between 11 pm and midnight), and I am down to pumping just twice a day, early in the morning (between 5 and 8 am) after Daphne’s first feeding and right before bed (between 11 pm and midnight) after Daphne’s last feeding. I didn’t pump this early at all with Eloise, so I definitely feel like all I am doing is nursing and pumping… but I did drop a pumping session in the afternoon which gives me Eloise’s naptime back to shower or sleep or get stuff done around the house – it’s life-changing! I also have been able to keep my milk supply up and actually freeze a few ounces here and there, building up that freezer stash!

Daphne has been a really good sleeper still, especially in comparison to Eloise. She is going about 3 to 3 and a half ours between feedings during the day, and 7 to 8 hours at night! But, even with that long (long) stretch at night, she is really only sleeping about 4 hours straight and then spends the remaining few hours fussing. I have found that if I go and rock with her in the glider in the nursery, she will go back to sleep for a few hours. I can’t wait until she can keep her pacifier in her mouth because I think that will allow for her to go back to sleep for longer without me having to rock her. But for now, I am trying to enjoy the extra cuddle time (even though I just want to crawl back into bed)!

In the past few days we have noticed that Daphne is developing the tiniest bit of baby acne on her cheeks and chin. It is pretty minimal, but Eloise never had it so this is a whole new thing for us. I know some babies get acne really badly and there is almost nothing you can do about it (since it is almost always hormonal) but I am trying to be more attentive to cleaning up her face after feedings.

Also, we haven’t started any official tummy time (where we lie Daphne down on her tummy) but she has really great head and neck control when we hold her upright over our shoulder or on our chest. She will definitely be ready in a few weeks to start!

And see Eloise’s week 3 update here (she is wearing the same outfit)!

Happy Three Weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{Sunbathing on Friday morning… because we actually saw the sun in Seattle!}


{An adventure out to U Village with the girls late Friday morning. I also managed to get everyone wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but failed to get a photo…}


{Aaron and Eloise FaceTiming with family on Saturday morning.}


{Getting back into the cloth diapering routine. Newborn diapers are SO tiny!}


{Daphne is staying awake a little longer between feedings and naps these days, so we are trying out some “play time.” In a few weeks I think she will be ready for tummy time!}


{Those eyelashes are coming in!}


{Saturday night at the Lower house: Eloise was in bed, Aaron was out visiting out-of-town friends, and Daphne and I cuddled on the couch and watched HGTV.}


{Sunday morning came early and since I was up feeding Daphne and pumping really early, I took a nap around 7:30 AM. #newbornmamalife Can you guess which one of the three of us was pretending to sleep?? Also, Aaron and I have a pretty strict policy against co-sleeping with our kids (a completely personal decision!) but at this newborn stage I sometimes make an exception.}



{Daphne frequently covers her eyes if she thinks it’s too bright! Haha, a true Seattlite!}

We had a mostly lazy weekend and enjoyed each other’s company without feeling like we had to grind out a big to-do list. And it was so fitting that today is the first day of spring because we have actually had sunshine over the past few days! Hooray! I know it sounds like I am obsessed with the weather (seriously, all people in Seattle talk about the weather!) but this is the first sunny stretch we’ve had since the fall! I read somewhere recently that Seattle has only had 4 sunny days since October – what? We are SO ready for spring!

How was your weekend?


daphne {week 2}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Gerber // pants & bib: Etsy // booties: June and January // quilt: made by Amanda (Rifle Paper Co. fabric here)}

{week 2} This was our first (half) week solo since my mom went home and Aaron headed back to work (he delayed his leave for later in the year), so I have been easing into daily life with the two girls. Most of the change will be in coordinating Daphne’s ever-changing feeding schedule and Eloise’s daily schedule!

Since Daphne’s next peds appointment is not until later in the week, we are still supplementing her regular nursing sessions with three (or four) 1 ounce bottles throughout the day to help get her up to her birth weight faster. Even though I still hate to pump, I have been fitting in three sessions a day which allows us to give Daphne pumped milk and put a few ounces in the freezer to build up a stash.

On Saturday morning Daphne and I had an appointment at the hospital with a lactation consultant to follow-up on Daphne’s tongue-tie. We got the A-Okay on the healing of Daphne’s tongue (sometimes ties can grow back!) and an A+ on nursing (she had a big feeding at the appointment)! Daphne is just a few ounces short of her birth weight.

From day one, we have noticed that Daphne sometimes shakes her head (and fusses) when there is a nipple of any kind nearby and she is hungry. It can be frustrating when it takes 5 minutes in the middle of the night to latch-on, but mostly it is pretty funny. We have started referring to it as “the Daphne” and even Eloise will shake her head if we say do “the Daphne!”

Another big thing this week was that Daphne lost her umbilical cord and now has a belly button! We have been waiting and waiting for it to finally fall off because diapers and clothes are so ill-fitting when the cord is still on… Aaron was changing Daphne’s diaper and noticed it was gone, and I ended up finding it on the couch!

And because of the cord being gone, we started cloth diapering Daphne. I mentioned before that we were given two small stashes of newborn cloth diapers from friends – one set of gDiapers that have disposable inserts and one set of all-in-ones. We are excited to be cloth diapering again, especially since Daphne goes thru so many diapers each day and there is no need to spray poopy diapers since breastmilk poop is water-soluble. Now I just have to remember my wash routine for cloth diapers!

Daphne continues to be such a sweet little baby and pretty laid-back. She tends to be fussy in the evening, but has been making up for it by sleeping 4 to 6 hour stretches at night! (Knock on wood.)

Happy Two Weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{Breakfast drinks: Califa cold brew for Mama, (cow’s) milk for Eloise, (pumped) milk for Daphne.}


{Yep, I could do this all day. Wait, I have a toddler too…}


{Snuggles with Daphne while I play with Eloise.}


{A selfie with my two best girls. On Friday we stayed in our jammies all day long. And Eloise insisted on wearing a blue sticker on her eyebrow. #toddlershenanigans}


{Aaron’s work sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to the house!}


{Ah, this Daphne girl. We are so in love!}


{We headed out before the rain on Saturday after naptime for our first family walk. Instead of getting a double stroller, we got this seat/board attachment for Eloise and she LOVES it!}


{Our neighbor Amy brought over a stash of ice cream sandwiches and we have been slowly making our way thru them! So delicious!}


{Getting Daphne used to this babywearing thing since I am pretty sure this is the only way I will survive during the day with both girls!}


{Papa and Eloise post-bath. That little bath robe kills me!}



{Papa and his girls reading a bedtime story. Swoon!}

This was our first weekend of just the four of us and it was much slower than we are used to, but perfect in it’s own way. We were able to see a few friends with a PEPS play date on Saturday morning and two weekend dinners brought over – thanks Leslie and Nancy! – and also get into a new routine which included a much-needed nap this afternoon (for me)!

How was your weekend?


daphne {week 1}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // romper: Carter’s // booties: June and January // blanket: made by Aunt Kelly}


{And the outtake with big sister Eloise. I am not sure what Daphne was staring at in the photos, but Eloise’s face is priceless!}

{week 1} This past week of being a family of four (!) has been a bit of a blur, but Daphne is such a sweet little soul. I can’t imagine a better addition to our family. Like her big sister, Daphne seems pretty laid-back, and has been much more awake and alert than I remember Eloise being. She has a lot more (black) hair than Eloise did and her eyes are slightly darker, a grey-brown.

We are on a 2 to 5 hour feeding schedule, depending on the time of day. During the day, I am trying to keep between 2 and 3 hours, while at night I am letting Daphne stretch the time between feedings since it means more sleep for us both! If you don’t know, a feeding schedule is calculated from the start of one feeding to the start of the next (much like contractions) so once you include how much time the actual feeding takes, you know how much time you have to eat/sleep/shower/do anything else before the next feeding. Currently Daphne is taking about 45 to 60 minutes to complete a feed; she is spending about 30 minutes actually nursing but is so sleepy that she snoozes during feedings. So, not a whole lot of time for mama to do anything but feel like she is feeding!

Nursing is going really well this time around (in relative comparison to Eloise) and my milk is in! The first few feedings went super well with Daphne, but pretty quickly I was getting blisters (yep, blisters!) and I knew we needed to get some help. Luckily we were in the hospital a bit longer this time (since Daphne was born so early in the morning) so we had access to the hospital’s lactation consultants. After the second consultation when Daphne was 2 days old, we confirmed that she had a tongue-tie (apparently they run in the family since Eloise had one too) that we were able to get clipped. Since then, her latch has gotten so much better!

At Daphne’s first doctor’s appointment, she was down almost 10% of her body weight to 7 lbs, 13 oz which is what Eloise’s birth weight was! She also hadn’t been peeing enough that third day, so between that and the weight loss we supplemented with 2 ounces of formula along with her normal feedings. We went in for a weight check just the day and she was up one ounce but since she still wasn’t peeing enough, the doctor recommended to continue supplementation with a bottle. But instead of using formula, I started pumping to be able to give Daphne an extra ounce of milk by bottle every other feeding. It definitely stinks to have to pump at this point since I really hate (HATE) pumping, but I knew I wanted to start pretty soon since it allows me to be away from her for more than an hour at a time. Plus, I got this new pump from Naya which uses water instead of air to pump and it is a game-changer! Don’t get me wrong, pumping still isn’t fun, but it is much more comfortable than my Medela pump.

Lots of people have asked, and for those of you who we haven’t been able to see in person, I promise Daphne’s birth story is coming soon! And until then, here are some FAQs:

{how is Eloise doing with Daphne?} Eloise is doing really well with Daphne and has been the sweetest big sister. She has always really loved babies and calls Daphne “my baby” which is the cutest thing ever. There is definitely some jealousy since my/our attention has to be spread over two kids now, but since Aaron and my mom are here to help right now, we are able to keep a pretty good balance. Eloise wants to be helpful with Daphne, and probably overly so, with lots of hugs and kisses. Also, Eloise calls her Daph-A-nee which is so endearing!

{how is Sadie doing with Daphne?} Sadie is doing well with Daphne and we honestly didn’t even do the meet-and-greet thing with her outside of the house, like we did with Eloise. Sadie has always been amazing with Eloise and never shown any signs of grumpiness or aggression, so we really weren’t worried about the way she would be with Daphne. She isn’t in protective mode yet, but I know soon enough she will be sleeping outside of Daphne’s nursery and being attentive when she cries!

{who does Daphne look more like – mama or papa?} Daphne has a few of my features – black hair, eye shape, and nose – but I think her face shape is Aaron. And, I think she looks really similar to Eloise as a newborn and it definitely gives me flashbacks!

{where did the name Daphne come from, is it a family name?} Daphne is a name that I found in a some-what random internet search of traditional French baby names… seriously. Since we didn’t know the baby’s gender, we had to have a boy name and a girl name, but coming up with a girl name was tricky since the last time around we only had picked Eloise and there were no back-up names. We like traditional names and hoped to pick something that wasn’t super popular, but that’s tougher than it sounds! When I first suggested Daphne, Aaron wasn’t so sure, but he pretty quickly picked it as his choice! We had two girl names, one for each of us (mine was Margot), but in the end, Daphne won and we are super happy with it!.

Lucille, Daphne’s middle name, was my paternal grandmother’s name. Both of our girls were (middle) named after each of my grandmothers.

{what do you call Daphne, does she have a nickname?} We are calling her Daphne at the moment, though I know nicknames are bound to come! As I mentioned above, Eloise calls her Daph-A-nee, and we still refer to her (lovingly) as Baby Foot.

{are you getting any sleep?} Actually yes! The first night was a little rough in the hospital because we were so tired and it was all brand-new, but by the second night, Daphne was giving me one good stretch of sleep. And now that my milk has come in, Daphne seems much more satisfied after nursing and is pretty much going right back to sleep after feeding during the night.

{is the nursery done?} Yes, like 95%. I want to get a few framed photos of Daphne and the family up, and a small gallery wall, but those are things that I know will take time. I will be sharing the nursery soon though!

{are you going to cloth diaper or use disposables?} For the current moment we are using disposables from Honest Company since that is what we used with Eloise and they get delivered! Once Daphne loses her umbilical cord, we have a stash of newborn cloth diapers (both all-in-ones and gDiapers) that are on loan from friends that we are hoping to use. Seriously, cloth is super easy once you have a good system down! And then once Daphne is big enough for the rest of our cloth diapers, we will transition to (mostly) cloth.

{how are you feeling?} I am feeling pretty good and much more well-rested than I had anticipated (knock on wood)! My recovery is going really well and the thing I am the most worried about is flying solo with two kids – ahh!

Happy One Week Daphne!


project baby #2 {it’s a girl!}

As some of you know from calls, texts, Instagram, or Facebook, Baby Foot arrived on Wednesday, one week past my due date!

We are so thrilled to announce the newest member of our family:

Daphne Lucille Lower

March 1, 2017 | 12:19 am | 8 lbs 9 oz | 19.5 inches

We are home now and doing well, and all pretty smitten with Baby Daphne. I will be back soon with all of our updates!

Welcome to the world Daphne!


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Eloise is getting lots of practice changing diapers these days! She is going to be the best big sister.}


{I finally finished this painted globe for Baby’s nursery and I am so in LOVE! I will hopefully be sharing all of the details of the nursery soon!}


{Taking it easy during the end of E’s nap on Friday. I have gotten almost everything done on my to-do-before-the-baby-comes list but boy was it exhausting!}


{These two snugglers on Saturday morning!}


{Eloise and Aaron headed downtown on the train (and in the Ergo which is Eloise’s favorite!) to the Tiny Tots Symphony on Saturday morning for an Eloise & Papa date. E was a little shy at first, but enjoyed the performance. Thanks for the tickets Amanda!}


{Eloise running full speed towards the play ground at U Village after dinner on Saturday night.}


{Mama had to make a Molly Moon’s stop before we headed home after the play ground.}


{Eloise and I made banana bread, per her request, on Sunday morning. I liked the recipe since there was no refined sugar, but it ended up a little dry. I’ll have to tweak the recipe the next time!}


{I made little gifts for the L&D nurses this afternoon to bring with us to the hospital. I know it seems like a lot since we will probably only have two or three nurses (one L&D and one post-partum) but Aaron eagerly handed them to anyone who walked into the hospital room last time and we quickly ran out!}


{Grammie and Paga (my parents) got into town this afternoon and Eloise has been having a blast with them, including joining Grammie for some late afternoon yoga.}


{And she liked reading thru Paga’s magazine and pointing out all of the pictures.}

Well, it was a nice long weekend, and even though it rained thru much of it, we still thoroughly enjoyed it! We didn’t have a lot of plans since I didn’t know whether I would be going into labor or not, so we sort of just laid low and hung out, getting a few last minute things done. It sort of felt like a final weekend for me: last Pure Barre class, last dinner out just the three of us, last bedtime with just Eloise… I have a sneaky feeling this baby is coming soon!

How was your long weekend?