my weekend in pictures.

{As I mentioned on my Instagram Stories (can we call them InstaStories?) Daphne saw the eye doctor on Friday morning. We’ve been waiting for this appointment since I made it in early February (when she still had a swollen elbow) so I was anxious, to say the least. It was amazing to see how the doctors check the vision of a toddler! Daphne was pretty happy and cooperative for the entire ordeal, except when the dilation drops had to be put in. But, I don’t blame her.

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my weekend in pictures + trip to boise.

We kicked off summer last week (okay, a week and a half ago – where does the time go?) with a trip to Boise! Daphne missed a few days of school, but since Eloise was done, we thought we’d make the trip before Idaho gets too hot.

{We woke up the girls early and hit the road by 6:05 am! We got out of town and stopped at our favorite breakfast spot in Cle Elum, Stella’s.}

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eloise {last day of pre-k}

{Eloise has been wanting to wear this Minnie Mouse dress to school every single day, but since it was mine as a kid (so it’s vintage, ha!) and I don’t want it to be destroyed, I didn’t want her to wear it until a school day where I knew she wouldn’t be outside in the dirt or painting. She was absolutely delighted that I let her wear it on her very last day!}

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