daphne {week 24}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // cardigan: Carter’s (old) // tank onesie: Carter’s (old) // shorts: Carter’s (old) // Oball rattle (similar)}

{week 24} Gah, 24 weeks and it’s already the middle of August?! How is time moving so quickly. I feel like Daphne is growing so, so fast. She seems much less like a baby now as she has much more personality these days!

Daphne is on. the. move. She is constantly rolling and scooting and spinning on her belly during play time. Plus, she is so determined. Seeing a toy just out of her reach, or Mama or Papa or Eloise is incredibly motivating for her to push off her little toes and pull with her arms. I am really starting to see the “crawling” motions start and know that it is just a matter of time (probably just days or weeks) before she is really moving. We have already talked to Eloise (and I am constantly reminding her) that we have to keep her play mat and the immediate surrounding areas clear of any small toys, including anything that Eloise doesn’t want to share with Daphne. There is nothing like the threat of your little sister chewing on something that will make you put it away quickly! (This is going to be the best clean-up trick ever!) And I have started to be really mindful of the toys that we have in our living room and making sure they are all Daphne-safe toys.

Daphne’s little tooth is coming in really well. And it’s sharp! She grabbed my finger yesterday and started gnawing and left tooth marks! Plus, the tooth right next-door is going to make an appearance soon as well; you can see the little white tooth bud just under the surface of the gum. Despite the endless amount of drool (though that has been going on for some months now) teething doesn’t seem to be effecting Daphne much! Fingers crossed teething for her goes as smoothly as it did for Eloise.

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that instead of needing to go out and buy summer clothes for Daphne that I should check in Eloise’s old clothing stash first. I have E’s old clothes sorted by size and next up was the 9 months to 12 months which I first thought would be way too big for Daphne at this point. But, I saved a lot of the Carter’s brand clothes (which run pretty small, in my opinion) and lo and behold, they fit Daphne pretty well. And while she can wear 9 or 12 month clothes, she still also fits into 6 month clothes as well. Clothing sizes for infants are all over the place and I think so much depends on the type of clothing! That said, if I do pick up anything new for Daphne (because she has to have some of her own things, right?) I will look at 12 months (Carter’s) or 6 to 12 months in other brands.

Happy 24 weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise has been asking for months to have her nails painted, so we got her nail polish for her birthday (we got this Piggy Paint which is great for toddlers). She was so excited and wanted her nails painted immediately, pink on her toes and purple on her fingers. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough to let it dry and that I’d have polish all over the living room, but the paint dried quickly (and I only did one coat) and Eloise did really well staying seated with her fingers and toes out to dry!}


{We celebrated our good friend Harlon’s birthday on Friday evening with a fun family dinner. The food was amazing (my friend Lauren and her mom are amazing cooks) and it was great to see and catch up with friends!}


{And Saturday, post-nap which didn’t happen, we headed to The Little Gym for our friend Beatrice’s party. Eloise was a bit reserved and shy since she didn’t know any of the other kids except for Bea, but enjoyed running around and swinging on the bars.}


{Meanwhile Aaron was up the street helping our friends demo their basement in preparation for a big house remodel. #demoday}


{And it was a pizza party of course! I loved that my friend Shannon brought blueberries and peas though (to round out the meal) because I would have done the same thing!}


{Beatrice had the CUTEST cupcakes. Her party theme was farm animals, so there were cows, sheep, horses, and pigs.}


{The birthday presents have been coming in all week long, including this weekend. Eloise has enjoyed this baking set from Aunt Yaya especially since she helped me bake the cake for her party!}


{It’s great to head out to the garden in the morning for some fresh green onion for your eggs… in your underpants and rain boots.}


{Apparently there were some beets that were ready for harvest! And a tiny purple flower too.}


{We headed to celebrate Clive’s birthday this morning and, of course, Eloise found books to read. I love this kid!}


{Building block towers with Papa before bed this evening.}

Summer birthday parties have commenced (I guess starting with Eloise’s last weekend) and this weekend (plus next) is filled to the brim with parties for our friends! I really felt like we spent the entire weekend at birthday parties, and we even missed two of the parties because of naptime! It has been fun this year to see these now-three year olds celebrate because they are really understanding what a birthday is… well, the cake, singing, and presents part at least.

We finally got some rain (!) on Saturday night and into this morning which was a nice break from the hot summer weather. {Can I sound any more like a Seattleite?} We are looking forward to a completely unscheduled week after a bit of a crazy one last week! How was your weekend?


Also, pretty much everyone we have seen this weekend has asked about Eloise’s new purple watch (she is IN LOVE) and it’s probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I put it on her Amazon Wishlist like a year ago, but sent it to my parents as a gift idea (thanks Mimi and Paga). Anyways, here is the link to the watch (it’s just a regular watch but Eloise thinks it’s a “smart watch” like Papa’s – his is a Fitbit Blaze – and checks her text and email notifications on it, ha!): Timex Kid’s Watch.

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eloise’s third birthday party!

Months ago I asked Eloise what she wanted to do for her birthday, and she told me she wanted to have a party with her friends and have a purple dinosaur cake. {She was very insistent on having a “purple dinosaur cake” and would say that’s what she wanted for her birthday if you asked her. I recently caught a part of a Daniel Tiger episode where there were make-believe dinosaurs, and one was purple, which is probably where she got the dinosaur idea from!}

I didn’t really put two + two together, but when I started mentioning “purple dinosaurs” to people, everyone immediately was like “Barney?” To which I wanted to stay as far away from Barney as possible! So I started looking on Etsy for a shop that could make a cute “purple dinosaur” invitation and I found this little shop that personalized the invite for Eloise!


I love using Paperless Post because it has a great event tracker for keeping track of RSVPs, but in the past I had always used one of the invitation designs that was offered on the site. I discovered though that they offer an “upload your own” invitation that allows you to upload your own design (or one that you buy like I did) which was perfect!

Generally I take on way too much for parties (um, imagine that!) and then end up scrambling the few days leading up to the party which isn’t very fun (and is super stressful). And I also always end up with WAY too much food (you’d think I would learn after all of these years how much food we actually need). So this time, I made sure I kept things super simple (because, two children = no free time) on both the décor and the food. Food-wise, I didn’t make anything except for the cake and Rice Krispy treats (which are the easiest thing ever to make!) and it was all stuff I picked up and took out of a box or bag, and set out on the table. And décor-wise, I picked up (purple) flowers, a banner, and some balloons, but focused on one craft: party hats. I used my tried-and-true party hat (including mini ones this time since there are so many younger siblings in the mix now) and added purple “dinosaur scales” to them.

I did make Eloise’s purple cake. It was purple frosting with purple dinosaur candles. Sadly, there aren’t any close-ups of the dinosaur candles, but I spray painted plastic dinosaurs purple and candle holders gold (we are early indoctrinating this girl to be a UW fan!), had Aaron drill into the backs of them, and then put them together (like this) with purple candles as a finishing touch. I usually bake a cake for birthday parties, but this time it was a bit different because I did a “test cake” the week before to make sure the recipe was good (or that I could make it well). It was a buttermilk cake (I didn’t do the fruit compote or cream) with whipped frosting, and it was yummy!

And onto the pictures! {Thank you SO much JESS for taking these!}


For those that have asked, the girls are both wearing one of our favorite brands June & January, Eloise in the play dress and Daphne in the play romper (both in violet).

And here are links to Eloise’s first and second birthdays!

Happy Third Birthday Eloise!


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eloise {three years}


{lion: jellycat via Nordstrom // tee: Old Navy // skirt: June and January // party hats: DIY}

{three years} Three years. I seriously can’t believe it. Eloise seems old and young at the same time (and if you have had recently or currently have a three year old, you know what I mean!). I am amazed by how much she understands and how well she communicates. It’s astounding. She is this incredible little person and I am so, so honored to be able to watch her grow, and also very humbled that I have the great responsibility of raising her. {See her grow up: birth story // one year // two years}

Since we sleep trained Eloise when she was five months old, she has basically been a great sleeper. 12 hours at night and a nice nap (most days). But, as we got into the mid-year of her twos, we started running into issues of Eloise screaming and crying when we tried to leave for bedtime. Aaron got the brunt of it since I was either pregnant or caring for newborn-Daphne, but her wails would echo thru the house! After getting some advice from friends and talking it thru, we started getting more firm with a bedtime routine. I think most of our issues stemmed from Eloise’s expectation that she would get an endless amount of books before she went to sleep and each night was a negotiation; now we have a firm rule of one book at naptime and two books at bedtime, though those books can be lost if she is naughty in the time leading up to sleeping time or during the bedtime routine. And we also found that if we allowed her to have books in her bed to “read” while she is falling asleep, it’s helpful too. Eloise takes a really long time to fall asleep (sometimes over an hour) which is partly because I still allow her to have a pretty long afternoon nap if she’ll take it, but she does do well falling asleep herself.

Eloise has been an amazing big sister these past five months. She has always loved babies and was really in-tune with what was going in with my pregnancy, but you just don’t know how things are going to shake out once that baby comes home (and never leaves)! We have had our moments for sure, but the vast majority of the time, Eloise is awesome about Daphne. She is always so loving and curious about her, and just wants to help all. the. time. My little mama. It has been amazing to see the relationship between these two girls!

Just in the last week or so we started Time Out with Eloise. One of the parenting books that I have flipped thru (The Incredible Years) recommended that real Time Out really isn’t effective until the age of three. Before this, we put toys (or whatever was the issue) into Time Out, or just removed Eloise from the situation that was causing the issue. Eloise is a pretty good kid (considering she is a toddler and exploring her boundaries) and does not like to be in trouble (just like her mama) so we didn’t have a ton of issues. But there are some things that Aaron and I have decided aren’t tolerable in our house (like hitting or throwing) that lead to an official Time Out. Eloise isn’t great with Time Out as she screams and cries the entire time and really just wants someone to stay with her, but I think it’s been effective. I know she doesn’t totally understand it yet as a consequence, but the vast majority of the time just the threat of a Time Out will correct behavior quickly!

Eloise’s pre-school is based on the school calendar year, so she has been on summer break since the end of June and will start again in early September (right after Labor Day). While our school schedule in the PNW is vastly different than the rest of the country it seems, it really fits our weather much better regarding summer. We don’t really get warm until June (or even July) and have a gorgeous September, so it really works out well. This year Eloise will attend the same pre-school (the Birch School) but will go four mornings a week (Monday thru Thursday) instead of just two. It is great because on Tuesday mornings she will go to story time at the library with her class which is something I have struggled to make happen with both girls (trying to get everyone out of the house in the morning to make a 25 minute story time is a little insane). Eloise asks at least twice a week when she gets to go back to school, so as much as we have enjoyed the summer, I think we are all ready to get back into the school routine in the fall. She just loves her teachers and her friends and just thrives in that environment which is so wonderful for us to see. I am currently starting to research possible Pre-K programs for Eloise to start in the fall of 2018 (which is blowing my mind… Pre-K? That means Kindergarten is just around the corner).

In the past few months, Eloise has learned how to button buttons and zip zippers. It isn’t all the time, but she always tries at first (“I can do it all by myself!”) and about half the time she needs help. But I am seriously impressed with her fine motor dexterity!

Also, band-aids. So many band-aids. We love the Oh Joy! ones from Target since there are fun designs and colors (without any character branding) that I can also wear, and I buy at least three boxes at a time. Eloise has a habit of re-skinning her knees as soon as they are healed from the last time, mostly from running down the sidewalk. I am a total klutz so hopefully she doesn’t follow my lead and gets over it sooner rather than later…

Lastly, we did (in May) turn Eloise’s car seat around so that she is forward-facing. It was a really agonizing decision and we went back and forth for a really long time on it, but ultimately turning her around made the most sense.

And the newest rendition of Things Eloise Says:

“Papa is a big giant boy! He can run. He can catch me. He can play tag and drink coffee.”

“Why does Susan (our neighbor) have her Christmas lights on? Maybe she likes them? Or maybe she needs them in her life?” (Shrugs.)

Papa: “Eloise are you string?” Eloise: “Yes. And din-dependent. (Independent.)”

Papa: “Your brain is very interesting.” Eloise: “And independent!”

“I don’t prefer my zucchini.”

Says everything three times (like from her Eloise books): It’s my favorite, favorite, favorite! I loved it, loved it, loved it!

Watching the marching band: “Maybe they are going to the marching band house. Or to school. Or to work, but not Papa’s work.”

“Do you think he has a weeding whacker?”

Eloise: “I love ice cream.” Me: “Oh, what is your favorite flavor?” Eloise: “Chocolate. Purple chocolate.” (This is before she had ever had ice cream!)

“Adios! I’m going to Mexico… It’s not open. Mexico.”

Papa: “Where does (cow) milk come from?” Eloise: “Cows.” Papa: “So if cow milk comes from cows, where does almond milk come from?” Eloise: “Bears?” (Papa asks again.) Eloise: “Teddy bears?”

“Maybe he’s brooming” (about Aaron sweeping the stairs).

Eloise: “Here you go Mama, this is for you” as she hands me a painted picture. Mama: “Oh thank you, it’s beautiful!” Eloise: “I know you love it.”

Mama: “Which jammies do you want to wear for naptime?” Eloise: “My Christmas jammies. I know it’s not Christmas. I love Christmas!”

Eloise: “Can Stella see the world?” (She wanted to take Stella her doll outside.)

“Hey there little cutie!” whenever she sees Daphne.

“Did you get those nom-a-noms from Madeleine’s party?” referring to M&Ms.

“Paga (my dad). You have a guest downstairs waiting for you. I don’t remember his name but he’s a guest!”

Running down the street: “This is a really good workout for me!”

Puts board books into her jean shorts: “Mama, it’s a nice little present.”

“Hot sauce is kind of my favorite but I don’t like the flavor of it.”

Birthday Interview. {I am hoping to do this interview every year to see how the answers change!}

What is your name? Eloise.
How old are you? Three (holds up three fingers).
What is your favorite thing to do? Play with Mama and Papa, and go on walks.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A doggie.
What is your favorite food? Bananas and pee-pop (it’s a food that you drink, it’s like milk or water or something like that).
Who do you like to spend your time with? Mama and Papa and Daphne and Sadie.
What do you do really well? Um, play with food.
What makes you laugh? Jokes.
What is the best time of day? Opening presents.
What are you afraid of? (Shakes her head). I like cats.
Who is your best friend? Mama.
What do you like to do with your family? Paint.
What do you love to learn about? Blocks.
Where do you like to go? To school.
What is your favorite book? Curious George.
If you had one wish, what would it be? I would make a witch?

{weight} 31 pounds, 8 ounces (50 to 75%); height: 36.5 inches (25 to 50%)*

{hair} (reddish) brown.

{teeth} 20 teeth plus four molars.

{eyes} dark brown.

{clothes}  2T (swimsuits from last year), some 3T, mostly 4T.

{diapers} underpants during the day and for naps, Honest Co. diapers at nighttime. {And the only reason she is even in diapers still during nighttime is because neither Aaron nor I have wanted to make the commitment; we are just now sleeping consistently thru the night and want to enjoy that for a moment. Eloise is the type of kid who will pee in a diaper if she is wearing one, so it isn’t like we are waiting for her to wake-up dry in the morning. Plus, her pediatrician just told me that (in his opinion) “nighttime training” isn’t really a thing and children will naturally stop producing urine at night sometime between 3 and 8 years. Long story short, it’s up in the air!}

{feeding} during the day, three meals, morning snack, & afternoon snack. cup of milk with every meal.

{likes} coloring, yelling, Duplos, digging in the dirt, splashing, counting, chewing on her toothbrush, the mailman (Teddy), any person outside on the sidewalk, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, coloring, buckles, jumping, watching out the front window (dogs, kids, trucks), books, mama & papa’s cell phone, toys that squeak or rattle, singing & music, dancing, Sadie, FaceTime, bathtime, shoes, mama’s (diaper) bag, clapping, putting things inside a bag or box, taking lids off of things, talking, helping with anything & everything, when Papa comes home from work.

{dislikes} not being included, having something taken away from her, not eating when someone else is, being hungry, TimeOut.

{nicknames} Bug, Love Bug, Baby Bug, E, Wheezy, Kiddo, Love, Bugaboo, E-Lo or Elle.

*I always said Eloise was a big two year old, especially in comparison to some of her friends, but according to her weight and height stats, she really isn’t!

Happy THREE years Eloise!


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daphne {week 23}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // romper: June and January // moccasins: Freshly Picked // party hat: DIY}

{week 23} This past week has been a bit hectic with all of the last-minute party planning for Eloise’s party last weekend, but it hasn’t fazed Daphne a bit. She is so even-keeled and happy. Seriously, all the time. It is such a delight!

Sleep. Sleep has been going really well (knock on wood) and we are in a really great routine now. Daphne generally naps well, though her third nap is normally a catnap and isn’t always super reliable, but if we are home, she sleeps well during the day. And at night, she sometimes wakes and needs some comfort within a few hours of sleeping, but sleeps soundly throughout the night! I generally hear her when I am getting up to pump around 7 am, but she typically sleeps until 8. We have been putting her down for sleeping while she is sleepy, but still awake, and she falls asleep by herself well. She likes to have a paci, but the most important thing is her lovie!

With Daphne’s routine during the day, it makes it hard to get out of the house in the morning without sacrificing that first morning nap since she doesn’t sleep well in her carseat or on-the-go. It’s definitely a trade-off, either having a kiddo that sleeps well at home or sleeps well out; you pretty much can’t have both! So lately I have been waiting to get out of the house until early afternoon for maybe two hours to get home before the girls both nap in the afternoon. It stinks to feel stuck at home all morning, but on the flip-side, I get to take a shower and get ready (and maybe enjoy a cup of coffee sitting down!) during Daphne’s morning nap.

We have also noticed that Daphne, while she is sleeping, is all over her crib! I pretty check her on the webcam (I have an app on my phone) in the evening or during naptime and she is never in the same spot (or position) that she was in the last time! Since she rolls all over all the time while she is awake, she does the same thing when she’s sleeping. And with the rolling, she has also found tummy sleeping. We always lay her down on her back, but she generally rolls to her side right away and then to her tummy.

The past few days Daphne has done really well with sitting. She can sit (sort of like a tripod, leaning way forward) for a little bit on her own. I remember this time with Eloise that she could sort of sit, but not reliably, and it seemed like it was going to be forever before she could sit on her own. But then, all of the sudden she could! I know that “all of the sudden” is right around the corner!

Happy 23 weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{I swear Eloise enjoyed her birthday party more than it looks in this photo! I will be sharing more photos of her party later in the week.}


{All smiles with this one.}


{Rolling has made weekly photos a bit of a challenge. Luckily I got a few good shots before she started becoming a rolly poly.}


{We headed over to Portage Bay this evening for dinner at Agua Verde. The water is so beautiful down here.}


{Eloise cheesin’ it up after dinner. She was mesmerized by the water before, during, and after dinner. Looks like we need to make a few more trips to the lake before the end of the summer!}

After hosting a house full of friends for Eloise’s birthday party on Saturday morning, we pretty much took the rest of the weekend to rest. We got a few things checked off the to-do list though and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather.

We are gearing up for a fun week and officially having a 3 year old on Thursday (what?)! Let the Birthday Week commence!

How was your weekend?


our trip to Idaho!

Just about a month ago, we loaded the girls (including Sadie) into the car and headed west to Boise! We have made the drive maybe a couple of times a year for the past few years, and always try to drive if we are staying for a week or longer.

The girls did so SO well on the trip. That’s not to say it wasn’t long and everything was perfect, but really, we didn’t have any major toddler drama and naps actually happened! The biggest issue we had was that at the end of both trips (so right outside of Boise and right outside of Seattle) we were nearing Daphne’s feeding time, so she started getting fussy (and I don’t blame her!). Instead of stopping 20 minutes from our final destination, we just stretched and gave her a little bit of a later feeding. It was slightly stressful having a fussy baby after being in the car for almost 10 hours, but overall, it was a great trip!

In our pre-kid days, Aaron and I used to stop just once for lunch/gas/pee break and make the trip in under 8 hours (it is 500 miles, so that’s impressive). We also had a diesel so we could actually make the trip on a single tank if we wanted to… Flash-forward to having two kiddos and the trip was closer to 10 hours. The first time we made this road trip with Eloise (when she was four months old too) we split the drive into two days, staying overnight in Pendleton, Oregon. Even though it took so much longer to get there, at the time it was great because the road conditions were snowy and icy since it was December. But, since then, we have decided it is worth it to just buck-up and make the entire drive in one day. Daphne’s feeding schedule of 3 to 3.5 hours was sort of perfect and we ended up stopping just three times for her feedings, and for the rest of us to pee/eat/get gas/get out our wiggles. Eloise took a nap during her usual naptime (after lunch) and while it was more of a cat nap on the way to Boise, it was much longer on the way home! And Aaron had downloaded the Daniel Tiger “movie” (which is 45 minutes rather than the usual 20-ish minutes of a normal episode) and Eloise was delighted to watch it one time per trip! {We are really strict with screentime still and Eloise gets to watch one show per trip, whether it be a 4 hour plane ride or a 10 hour car ride.}


{I always pack finger foods for a picnic lunch (and other snacks) since it is the easiest to pack and eat while on-the-go. Plus, this is Eloise’s favorite way to eat all of her meals!}


{Selfies with Baby D.}


{It is the best feeling to see your final destination after being on the road all day. I will never tire of seeing my parents’ house. So many memories from when I was a kid!}


{I always get my haircut while in Boise, and this time the entire family came with me. The plan was to have Eloise’s hair cut too, but once it came down to it, she backed out. So Daphne got hers trimmed up!}


{My mom kept my old Fisher Price dollhouse and Eloise played with it the entire time we were visiting.}


{And playing with Aunt Kelly.}


{And Baby D with Aunt Yaya.}


{And my big brother (Uncle Jason) with Baby D!}


{And a cheesy grin from Daphne with Aunt Kelly.}


{I promise she wasn’t this sad about Aunt Dollie the entire time! This is my oldest sister Keri, but my sister Anya and I have called her Dollie our entire lives, and since Aaron’s sister is also named Cari, we use Dollie so it’s not so confusing!}


{This kid loves putting things in order or lining them up. Takes after her mama!}


{Purple play-dough with Grammie is like Eloise’s dream come true.}


{Family dinner at the Eversons’ house. And maybe a first date for Eloise and Deacon??}


{Reading Stella Goldilocks and the Three Bears which Eloise memorized (and now recites all the time) while we were in Boise.}


{Meeting Paga’s new horse.}


{Finding some shade. It was over 100 degrees our entire trip!}


{And Aaron on the new horse. With all of the sun protection.}


{Baby D taking a bath in a bowl. That is pretty much a requirement for all babies, right? She LOVED it and hasn’t cried in the bath since! Also, I totally thought this bowl was going to be way too big for her, but I was very, very wrong.}


{A playmat date with Boyd who is just one week younger than Daphne!}


{Catching up with the girls at a big family dinner.}


{Meg and her family were in town, and Beth so nicely hosted all of us even though it was her birthday!}


{Eloise and Violet with some post-dinner entertainment.}


{The reality of trying to get a group picture with four mamas and seven kids. #toddlermeltdowns}


{The best we got. LOVE you ladies and your kiddos! *Not pictured were all of our amazing husbands!}


{Staying cool by the pool with Baby D.}


{Jen gave us her old jumperoo (as you have seen Daphne in in recent pictures and videos) and she has loved it from the beginning!}


{Playing Alphabet Soup with Grammie. My mom always has the best ideas and does all sorts of projects with Eloise.}


{Daphne with my dad, Paga.}


{She loves him!}


{And lots of stripes. It runs in the family so I come by my stripe obsession honestly!}


{These girls at a pit stop in Prosser, WA. Such great little travelers!}

We always have a great time in Boise and can’t wait for our next trip! It was wonderful to see my family and friends, and introduce Baby D all around. Love to you all!