my weekend in pictures.


{Friday morning we headed over to Bellevue and spent some time at the LEGO store since the girls are both into LEGOS recently and it’s a super kid-friendly store. There was a station where you could make ornaments out of LEGOS and for every ornament made, a set of LEGOS would be donated to a child spending the holiday in the hospital. Eloise made this little Santa one and it was so cute!}


{We had lunch with Aaron on Friday and even though the girls know they aren’t supposed to stand on the booth seat, they are just so darn cute. So it was like “Say Cheese!” and then “Sit down!”}


{It was SO cold outside on Saturday morning and I really wanted to stay inside, but the girls insisted on being outside while Aaron did some mowing and yard cleanup.}


{And Teddy, the mailman, came while we were venturing out front and the girls ran to greet him. I don’t know if I have mentioned, but we have the BEST mailman ever. He is such a sweet man and really loves the girls. He even brought Eloise a birthday present this summer. It’s the best.}


{Our office/guest room is such a mess these days and partly because I have been trying to get these closet doors (for the entryway) primed and painted. I always think it’s going to be so quick to paint furniture/doors/etc. but then it ends up taking so much longer!}


{Family movie night on Saturday. Eloise chose “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” and really enjoyed it!}


{And finally, on Friday morning I shared the news that I am closing up the Shop, at least for the time being. I am holding a big sale though and flags are marked WAY down, so head on over to the site. Plus, use the code GOODBYE to get $10 off an order of 3 flags or more.}

What a MUCH better weekend! And it was crisp and sunny. So good. It’s never long enough though, is it. And can you believe it’s Thanksgiving this week? How is this happening?

How was your weekend?


my {long} weekend in pictures.

This week was a freakin’ doozy, guys. Maybe my least favorite of all of the weeks so far. It started off on Monday evening with me at urgent care after taking a divot out of my finger (from trying to dice sweet potatoes) to mid-week having Aaron diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth,  and then quarantining ourselves, canceling all of the fun plans we had for the rest of the week and our entire weekend! {Of course, it was a super-packed weekend. Naturally.}

But Aaron is on the mend and (fingers crossed and knocking on so much wood) neither of the girls nor me have caught this dreaded, and very contagious, illness. Phew!

The weekend was gorgeous but we are all going a little stir-crazy and hoping for a very uneventful, but healthy week ahead! I did take a couple of pictures to share, but honestly it was a LOT of hanging out in the house…


{Eloise and I headed out to ballet on Saturday morning since neither of us were showing any symptoms of HFM, and then picked up some pastries on our way home. Eloise chose a pretzel as large as her head to share!}


{And in the post-dinner craziness I managed to catch Daphne dressed up as a bat doctor fairy. (That is Eloise waving her fairy want in the background!)}

I hope everyone had a super fun and healthy long weekend!


happy halloween! {2018}


Happy Halloween from The Lowers!

This year Eloise (starting in the summer) had all sorts of things that she wanted to be for Halloween (rainbow, unicorn, toothbrush, etc.) but nothing really stuck. I found this DIY costume on the Primary website and showed it to Eloise and she was set! She LOVES the local high school marching band so I wasn’t too surprised. But I think this may be the very last year I have any say in her costume, however.

Daphne, on the other hand, didn’t have a choice since I have been wanting to dress up a toddler as a chicken pretty much since I got pregnant! I just needed her to be able to walk! And it was a really easy costume (I made just a few modifications like no belly stuffing and felt for feet) and SO CUTE! You guys, seriously, it’s the best.

We hope you had a safe and fun Halloween this year!