eloise {week 42}


{shirt: Carter’s // onesie: Gerber // leggings: Target // moccasins: Freshly Picked // Sophie the Giraffe}

{week 42} eloise is back in PT for torticollis {which I first talked about here in her five month update} since her pediatrician is still slightly concerned about eloise’s head tilt after her nine month appointment. we were going to PT for about two months & she was released from care, but now we are back at it. some of it is just going to be maturity (I think) but a lot of it is breaking bad habits & allowing her neck to stretch & strengthen evenly. we are hoping to see the PT every two weeks & do daily stretching exercises at home. I think I talked about eloise laying on her (right) side a lot, & this is actually one of the things that is hurting her progress towards a straight head! I am trying to get her to lay on her left side… yep, it is a challenge! there isn’t really too much to be worried about at this point, & honestly I don’t even notice it most of the time because I am with her pretty much every minute of the day. her pediatrician’s biggest concern is the effect it could have on her vision, though there is no indication that it has so far & it is pretty uncommon.

eloise also saw the dentist yesterday. yep, a baby dentist. the new recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics is that infants/children start to see the dentist as soon as they get teeth (the old recommendation was at one year old). so, we were on the waiting list for a pediatric dentist office that is pretty close to our house, but after waiting almost three months, I decided to do some more research & find another dentist! as much as I like the idea of eloise seeing one dentist (& not a specific pediatric one) I like the idea of having her see a dentist who has extra training with kids & children (& honestly I am not too crazy about our current dentist & his office, so no point in taking her there). eloise was a great little patient & let the dentist look (& clean – just a wipe with gauze) her six teeth! the dentist & assistant (& entire staff) were very kind & wanted to make sure we were starting good dental hygiene early. we have already been having eloise “brush her teeth” with this toothbrush after solids & after her bedtime bottle, & she is obsessed!

crawling is still going well & we are thinking that any day now she is going to be up off of her belly (I think I say this every week though!). she is really starting to use her knees when she is army crawling & rocks on her hands & knees all the time. these days if she is upset or crying in her crib, she will get on her hands & knees… tricky when she is wearing a sleep sack!

speaking of crib, we finally lowered her crib mattress down. she hasn’t yet pulled up to standing (or even sitting) in her crib, but we didn’t want to take any chances. eloise hasn’t consistently been able to get from her belly to sitting, but I know that she could if she wanted too, or by accident. she already loves the railing & sides of her crib (& always props her feet up while she is sleeping) so I know that if she finds herself sitting in her crib for any length of time, she will try to pull herself up.

happy 42 weeks eloise!


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