Eloise & Daphne meet Santa {2017}



This year we kept up the tradition and ventured downtown to the Nordstrom Flagship store to see Santa. Each year we try to go pretty early in the month, but even though we went on the 8th, it was SO busy! You can’t make a reservation, but you can put your name on the waiting list to get a text message so you don’t actually have to stand in line for hours and hours and you can shop around.

We got there 10 minutes after opening (which was a Christmas miracle!) and there was already a long enough wait that we had to put our name on the waiting list… and we waited about an hour before we got the text to come to Santa’s shop, and then we waited another hour (!) in line. Seriously, we were getting antsy. But the girls did so, so well and Daphne even snoozed a bit while we waited (and it was her morning nap time, so that was good).

Eloise had already told me beforehand that she didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap, so we decided she could ride on the rocking horse again (like she did last year). And Eloise also asked Santa for a baby stroller, a scuba diver (that came out of nowhere!), and a chew toy for Baby Daphne. And then, very surprisingly, Eloise let Santa give her a hug!

As you can see, Daphne wasn’t really thrilled to see Santa. She was sleepy and I figured she would either be crying or have a paci in her mouth, but we just got stoic Daphne (which is rare).

See our past visits with Santa here: 2014 // 2015 // 2016.

Outfits: {Eloise: top: Cat and Jack // skirt: Oshkosh // shoes: Cat and Jack} {Daphne: sweater and skirt: Cat and Jack // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

Did you visit Santa this year?


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Eloise meets Santa {2016}

Per tradition, Eloise and I joined her friend Beatrice and her mama earlier this month to meet Santa downtown at Nordstrom. We loaded the girls into the car and headed down in the morning with Starbucks in hand hoping to beat the rush. The line wasn’t awful this year and it took just over an hour.

As we got closer to the front of the line and Santa came into view, Eloise was super interested in seeing the other kids sit on his lap and ask him for what they wanted for Christmas. I was hopeful but since Eloise had already told me that she didn’t want to sit on Santa’s lap, I knew I wasn’t going to push her.

And by the time we got up to Santa, she was clinging to me like a baby monkey. Her friend Beatrice went first, but ended up in tears which made more Eloise upset. Somehow though I managed to get Eloise on a rocking horse and the photographer distracted her enough to move her back towards Santa and actually get a smile! And Eloise asked me to tell Santa what she wanted, so I made sure he got her list: 2 monkeys, a pickle, and a giraffe. Seriously. She talked about it the entire week before we went to see him!


Maybe someday Eloise won’t be terrified of Santa? But then she also has been talking about Santa ever since she saw him… it’s a little confusing. And she kept asking where he parked! I told her the only place the sleigh and his reindeer would fit was on Nordstrom’s roof.

At what age did your kiddos get excited about seeing Santa?


And see Eloise with Santa for the past two years: 2015 & 2014.

my weekend in pictures.


{sadie cuddling with the bump.}


{hit up the nordy’s anni sale with my mom on saturday. haven’t been to the anni sale in person in years since I always pre-sale. what a nut house!}


{I finally decided I could wear a pair of birkenstocks. then I found out my feet are too small… #fail}


{got the car seat this weekend & finally got to see my cover in action!}


{found my grandmother’s old slides & enjoyed lots of slideshows of her life.}


{finally got the glider for the nursery delivered! it is living in the living room until the nursery space is ready.}


{started doing lots of baby laundry. #nesting}


{went on a double date to see begin again with aaron & my parents. it was really cute & has a great soundtrack!}

this weekend we had the pleasure of hosting my parents & some cooler summer weather! I feel like we got quite a few things checked off the to-do list which is feeling really great. a little weird to be going into my last week of work this week – it’s hard to complain about monday morning!

how was your weekend?

friday I’m in love.

welcome back friday! be sure to pop over to kendra’s blog too to see what she’s up to {& amanda periodically joins us as well}. we would love for you to join us! leave a comment and we’ll come check out what you’re loving each week!

{one} blueberry greek yogurt banana bread.

I was craving banana bread earlier in the week {which is weird because I have had an aversion to bananas since my pregnancy started…} & I knew emily over on the daily garnish would have at least a few recipe ideas. I decided to make the blueberry greek yogurt one {also weird since I don’t really love blueberries} & have been loving it for quick breakfasts this week. next on my list: churro swirl banana bread.

{two} goodwill donation centers.

as we have been preparing for a big move {more on that next week I promise!} I have been feeling very grateful for the fine folks over at the goodwill who have very kindly taken many, many things off of our hands. our basement was packed fully {okay, not completely} of stuff that we don’t need/use/want but haven’t had any motivation to do anything with because it was out-of-sight-out-of-mind. until now. aaron & I were both on a mission to minimize how much stuff we have & made sure that we really weren’t keeping anything that we didn’t need/want.use. thanks goodwill for taking all of our old stuff off of our hands – you are a lifesaver!

{three} paige denim maternity skinny jeans.

paige denim

I am not sure why, but I have always {even long before I was pregnant} been anti-maternity clothes. I think in my mind I see them as being frumpy… plus, I am barely big enough to fit into maternity clothes {pants at least} so they haven’t been on my radar for very long. when my mom was in town a few weeks ago she spoiled me with a few maternity items {I tried things on with the big fake belly & it was hilarious!}. one of my newest closet additions are these paige jeans. I am a huge fan of page denim anyways {& still am trying to rock them with a belly band – the skyline are my fav} but these are amazing! at first I wasn’t sure about the side panels {rather than the fully belly panel}, but since I can fit into them now & as I continue to grow it is a bonus! I just took them to nordy’s for hemming but know that I will be living in them for the next few months. I can’t wait!

what are you loving this week?


my weekend in pictures.


{a trip to bellevue square means I get my auntie anne’s fix. I never really ate big pretzels before I was pregnant, but now whenever I see them I crave them.}


{we just happened to be at nordy’s & they just happened to be running triple points. so, we shopped a bit!}


{no one loves the warm sunny weather more than sadie because it means she gets to cruise around in the car with the window down.}


{aaron & a few of our very nice friends loaded up this guy on saturday. just the start of some  very big things to come around here!}


{found some time to relax & enjoy the second book in this trilogy.}


{sadie has been such a cuddle bug lately. she always wants to be right by my side. or on my lap. whichever is more convenient for her.}

we had the most beautiful gorgeous & sunny weekend weather that really made it feel like spring is here. I know this is just a teaser & that winter-ish weather will return soon, but it was nice to break out my sunglasses &  not need quite so many layers for at least a few days. we had an awesome group of friends come over this weekend & help us pack & move a few things from around the house as we prepare for our next big project. it feels a little crazy-town around here since there are so many things going on at once these days, but we are excited about the coming months. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{sadie made a christmas ornament at the groomer on friday. yep, that is a lock of her fur. #wearecrazydogpeople}


{a fortune after lunching at p.f. chang’s on saturday – a break from last-minute holiday shopping.}


{we got lots checked off the christmas wish list this year at nordstrom.}


{sadie is enjoying her fleece blanket in the backseat this time of year. & she is sporting her christmas bow from the groomer.}


{we visited the new anthro at bell square & I couldn’t resist trying on these fun party skirts. you wanna guess which one was an early christmas present?}


{my grandmother picked the christmas sugar cookie to go along with her dinner this evening at panera. it was the one with the most sugar, I am sure!}

it was a fun, but oh-so-quick weekend! my mom made a somewhat last minute trip into town and it was so good to see her & spend an early christmas this afternoon. we avoided the grey winter weather with lots of shopping cardio & catching up. just this one last work week to get thru before the christmas holiday & I am so excited (& so ready!). how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{friday morning breakfast at starbucks: oatmeal & a latte. the best! #breakfastisbetterwhenyoudon’thavetomakeit}


{my parents were & we took them to boom noodle, one of our favorites!}


{of course we had to hit up nordstrom for the half-yearly men’s sale!}


{my mom adores the veggie salad at nordstrom café so i took one for the team & joined in for a lunch date.}


{loving my new saltwater sandals. i had at least one pair as a kid & loved them! so nostalgic.}


{last weekend aaron & my dad took down all of our storm windows. this weekend aaron worked on prepping the window frames for some new paint.}


{i had fun making a birthday card with fun paper & washi tape.}


{the view of the city skyline from i-5. #iheartseattle}


{we got to catch up with old friends from law school & meet new friends at my friend sarah’s birthday party this weekend. happy birthday sarah!}


{i finally got back to my beloved sunday morning yoga class after taking off the last month to do a body pump challenge (which i finished, yay!). #namaste}


{got some new fabric delivered for a project i am hoping to get started on this summer. so excited!}


{not that i needed an excuse to visit west elm, but there was a sale & we may have bought something. okay, a few things. can’t wait to share!}


{we finally got to the grocery store on a sunday which makes monday evening so much better. loving the shopping bag we got from our friend jerry – all the way from london, so fancy!}


{we attended a small law school reunion dinner party at oddfellows to see & catch up with our friend sarah – different sarah – who was in town for a wedding. it was so great to see everyone though!}


{we can’t go to capitol hill without visiting molly moon’s especially since it was right around the corner. one of the summer season flavors is a vegan coconut chunk – amazing & the best part is no tummy-ache!}

we had a fun & productive weekend with half of it being gorgeous & the other half of it being grey. & by productive i mean aaron got a lot done. i, on the other hand, still have a to-do list a mile long. #itnevergetsshorter

how was your weekend?