my weekend in pictures.


{on our way east out of the city on friday morning sadie & I got stuck at the bridge opening at the ship canal bridge. sadie didn’t mind at all that we had to sit in the sunshine for a few minutes.}


{started some spring cleaning by tackling our office closet. at least I made some progress on it.}


{celebrated baby blakely & her mama-to-be this weekend!}


{dinner date at purple café with our friends rhett & lindsay saturday evening.}


{it was an official date night at the paramount theater to see the lion king. this was my very favorite movie as a kid & the musical is phenomenal. just the opening scene – breathtaking!}


{it was rain, rain, rain this weekend after a gorgeous & sunny week.}


{coffee date with my mama!}


{enjoyed some rum cake straight from little cayman. thanks mom & dad!}

gosh, how is the weekend over already? it poured rain for most of the weekend which stunk because it was so beautiful at the end of last week. bummer. while I am excited about the spring-look to seattle – flowers, bushes, & trees starting to bloom – I am SO ready for spring weather! my mama was in town which is always a treat, but seems to make time fly even faster. how was your weekend?


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{aaron teaching sadie a few new tricks.}


{my mom & i took some out-of-town friends to the chihuly exhibit at seattle center on friday afternoon.}


{a picturesque space needle with chihuly glass.}


{mom & me with a chihuly chandelier.}


{our ride to the uw v. bsu game, courtesy of the steiners! what a gorgeous day to be on lake washington.}


{tailgating husky style. otherwise known as boatgating. & no, i did not captain the boat, i just borrowed his hat!}


{a view of lake washington from the newly-renovated husky stadium.}


{no visit from my mom is complete without a trip – okay trips – to panera.}


{sadie meets friends everywhere we go!}


{me & my uncle bill who was visiting this weekend.}


{sometimes a latte is just the pick-me-up you need to get you through a long weekend.}


{family dinner tonight – mom, jerry, aaron & me.}

we had family & friends in town visiting mostly for the season opener game at the renovated husky stadium. while i was sad that the broncos had a tough loss, i am pleased that the huskies did so well. if boise state has to lose, at least it is to my other favorite team! #gohuskies

it was a lovely weekend in seattle with picture-perfect weather! we did get some down-time in – which is unusual since it is called labor day, right? – which was much needed & thoroughly enjoyed. it is hard to believe that it is already september & that it is back to the grind… #wheredidsummergo

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{friday morning breakfast at starbucks: oatmeal & a latte. the best! #breakfastisbetterwhenyoudon’thavetomakeit}


{my parents were & we took them to boom noodle, one of our favorites!}


{of course we had to hit up nordstrom for the half-yearly men’s sale!}


{my mom adores the veggie salad at nordstrom café so i took one for the team & joined in for a lunch date.}


{loving my new saltwater sandals. i had at least one pair as a kid & loved them! so nostalgic.}


{last weekend aaron & my dad took down all of our storm windows. this weekend aaron worked on prepping the window frames for some new paint.}


{i had fun making a birthday card with fun paper & washi tape.}


{the view of the city skyline from i-5. #iheartseattle}


{we got to catch up with old friends from law school & meet new friends at my friend sarah’s birthday party this weekend. happy birthday sarah!}


{i finally got back to my beloved sunday morning yoga class after taking off the last month to do a body pump challenge (which i finished, yay!). #namaste}


{got some new fabric delivered for a project i am hoping to get started on this summer. so excited!}


{not that i needed an excuse to visit west elm, but there was a sale & we may have bought something. okay, a few things. can’t wait to share!}


{we finally got to the grocery store on a sunday which makes monday evening so much better. loving the shopping bag we got from our friend jerry – all the way from london, so fancy!}


{we attended a small law school reunion dinner party at oddfellows to see & catch up with our friend sarah – different sarah – who was in town for a wedding. it was so great to see everyone though!}


{we can’t go to capitol hill without visiting molly moon’s especially since it was right around the corner. one of the summer season flavors is a vegan coconut chunk – amazing & the best part is no tummy-ache!}

we had a fun & productive weekend with half of it being gorgeous & the other half of it being grey. & by productive i mean aaron got a lot done. i, on the other hand, still have a to-do list a mile long. #itnevergetsshorter

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{saturday afternoon marked my first starbucks drive-thru experience. yep, for real.}


{aaron started patching the holes in our ceiling where our old lights were.}


{we went to out for quinoa pasta & ended up with a basket full of snacks for the superbowl. darn you whole foods!}


{on sunday morning we took a family stroll around greenlake.}


{sadie wanted to swim with the birds.}


{highlight of the walk: the bald eagle perched high up in a tree.}


{mini vegan, gluten-free pizzas. not too shabby. february 1 marked the start of gluten-free month. cheers to diet restrictions & eating more veggies!}


{despite the 49ers not winning the superbowl, i did enjoy beyonce’s half-time show & the brief reunion of destiny’s child!}


{aaron thinks this gal in the budweiser commercial is my doppelganger. i am on the fence.}

we had a pretty relaxing weekend without a lot of solid plans which was a nice change. how was your weekend?



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last week on instagram & in my weekend in pictures i shared my newly purchased rodarte + starbucks mug that i snagged on the clearance rack. i bought it to keep at the office so that i could enjoy tea or lattes without wasting all of those cups & lids!


well, aaron & i were on the same wavelength that day {great minds really do think alike!} & he surprised me with a rodarte + starbucks mug! so, instead of keeping both {i mean do i really need the same mug at work & at home?} i decided it would be a great giveaway!

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my weekend in pictures.


{couldn’t resist this rodarte + sbux mug on the clearance rack!}


{enjoyed delish indian nosh with our friends, the friends!}


{played our new game say anything. thanks david & jodi!}


{grabbed lunch at jimmy john’s. delish but a very limited menu for vegetarians.}


{spent some of saturday afternoon catching up on mags & cuddling with the sade-ster.}


{saturday night dinner & a movie with my husband & grandmother. the best! p.s. this is 40 is a good rental movie…}


{i managed to put a few things from ikea together this weekend despite the often terrible directions. stay tuned for upcoming projects!}


{we sampled some soda with our whole foods dinner on sunday night.}


{lots of tomatoes for a crockpot marinara sauce. fingers crossed it is yummy!}

we had a very busy weekend that went way too quickly! {where did the year go?} i am still trying to get the house back in order after our week away. lots of laundry & new things {i.e., christmas presents} to find homes for. how was your last weekend of 2012?