my weekend in pictures.


{we attended a fun celebration for both a birthday & an MBA completion for our friend sara – congratulations!}


{hit pike place market early saturday morning to pick up last minute party goodies – fresh flowers & french macarons! the tulips are so gorgeous & I have filled my house with them.}


{the dessert table set-up for my birthday bash.}


{kicking my feet up after a long & fun night of entertaining. loving this fantastic anthro skirt {no longer available}!}


{leftover cupcakes & donuts for breakfast? sure! don’t worry, we also had some blueberry muffins…}


{aaron showing our little friend jaz how to snap a straw.}


{car accident + rainy weather = major traffic issues.}


{meet fred, my grandmother’s new roommate!}

we had the most amazing weekend celebrating february birthdays with our friends & family. seriously, it was the best! sleeping in, eating macarons, & catching up with friends is the very best way to spend the weekend. now I am in disbelief that we are in the last week of march already – where did february go?

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{sadie made a christmas ornament at the groomer on friday. yep, that is a lock of her fur. #wearecrazydogpeople}


{a fortune after lunching at p.f. chang’s on saturday – a break from last-minute holiday shopping.}


{we got lots checked off the christmas wish list this year at nordstrom.}


{sadie is enjoying her fleece blanket in the backseat this time of year. & she is sporting her christmas bow from the groomer.}


{we visited the new anthro at bell square & I couldn’t resist trying on these fun party skirts. you wanna guess which one was an early christmas present?}


{my grandmother picked the christmas sugar cookie to go along with her dinner this evening at panera. it was the one with the most sugar, I am sure!}

it was a fun, but oh-so-quick weekend! my mom made a somewhat last minute trip into town and it was so good to see her & spend an early christmas this afternoon. we avoided the grey winter weather with lots of shopping cardio & catching up. just this one last work week to get thru before the christmas holiday & I am so excited (& so ready!). how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{good things come in west elm packages. so excited to share what is in these boxes – post should be up wednesday!}


{a much-needed mani & pedi to end the work week.}


{its funny how everything you order online all arrives on the same day.}


{in a bit of a role reversal, i taped up the windows & aaron varnished the back doors.}


{mmm… which wich!}


{sadie & i were meditating in the sun. #ohm}


{we took my grandmother to chipotle for the first time – she loved it!}


{we went to see this is the end since it was getting really good reviews. #worstmovieever}


{some of our neighbors have the most beautiful flowers. #iwishihadagreenthumb}


{we found a new part of ravenna park this morning. sadie enjoyed the new sights & smells!}


{don’t aaron & sadie look stoked to be at anthro with me?}

we had a fun weekend & finally got a few in progress projects completed, but boy did these last two days fly by! why do the weekends always go so much faster than the week days? how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{on thursday evening i attended the anthro petite launch at the downtown store & got to meet joy from oh joy! she is as lovely in person as she is on her blog. #bloggercrush}


{i needed a few jelly bellys to get me thru my friday at work.}


{it is finally peony season – at least at whole foods. i am waiting it out until tj’s gets them so i don’t have to spend $12 a dozen. #mightbeworthit #peonyseasonbegins}


{saturday was a beautiful sunny day which called for a floral dress & my fun new oxfords..}


{i finally got a new wreath for the front door.}


{i ordered some moo cards & am so excited!}


{sadie was great at supervising yard work on sunday afternoon.}


{happy mother’s day to my mom! #circa1992}


{we finally hit 1000 miles on our new car. pretty exciting!}

we had a fun weekend with some sun & some storms. it was nice to get a few projects out of the way & gear up for aaron’s big birthday bash next weekend {spolier alert: he will be thirty!} we got a chance to catch up with both of our moms today, but since neither of them are in town, we took my grandmother out for a mother’s day dinner. how was your weekend?


updated closet doors.

now i am sure you are thinking “updated closet doors, doesn’t seem like much of a blog post.” am i right? well, you are. except that we have been “working” on the closet doors for some time now. remember back in november & december when we painted our bedroom? well, that is when we took off the closet doors & they haven’t been up since. needless to say it is a big deal around here that we have closet doors again!

as you can see from the pictures below {the befores} whoever had painted the doors before we moved in decided it would be wonderful to paint all of the hardware too. {seriously, who does that?} so when we took down the doors to be painted from their original yellow to white-ish {the color of our trim} we decided it would be lovely to restore the hardware. once we got the hardware off the doors {hinges, hinge pins, & faceplates} we soaked them in a crockpot full of water & a bit of laundry soap. {the crockpot was a $5 steal from the goodwill that we will only use to soak old metal hardware & other crafty things.} it took two rounds of a low crockpot, but we finally got all of that paint off!






what an improvement, huh? it is lovely to have the hardware back on as it should be. you know, all metal-y & not all paint-y. plus, a bonus because i got hooks in the inside of my closet – yay! we picked up three of these hooks from anthro & while they aren’t exactly the same metal as the door hardware, it keeps with the antique-y look. i do put my clothes away, but it is nice to have a place to hang your twice-worn jeans or put together an ensemble ahead of time, don’t you think?


have you been updating any of your hardware {buying new or refinishing old}?