my weekend in pictures.


{We headed downtown to Nordstrom Flagship to see Santa on Friday morning, but had to sign-up for the waiting list just 10 minutes after opening… so we headed to Pacific Place (mall) to get our wiggles out and stay warm!}


{We were waiting for Santa during Daphne’s nap and, of course, she fell asleep in my arms and as soon as I laid her down in her car seat, she woke up! But Eloise was so sweet to her.}


{SANTA! We go with the same friends every year together which is super special. I shared some pictures I got of the girls on my Instagram and Facebook, but will be sure to share the official picture once we get it!}


{Oh these girls!}


{Eloise had her first (real) ballet class on Saturday morning! We had taken a dance class before, but it was a Mama and Me type of class. I did have to participate a lot more than I thought though since Eloise was in stage 5 cling mode for most of the class… but look how adorable this little ballerina is!}


{And stamps after class. The best part, of course!}


{We walked down to Greenlake on Saturday evening to see the Pathway of Lights at the lake and have dinner with friends! It was pretty chilly, so we all bundled up.}


{We were able to get down early to Greenlake and catch the hot air balloons. So fun! And then after dinner we walked part of the lake in search of Christmas music (which we didn’t find) but the entire pathway around the lake was illuminated with candles and it was so pretty!}


{And then we came back to the house, put the girls to bed, and played some Fibbage.}


{This morning after breakfast we headed out to the “tree farm” in our neighborhood to find our Christmas tree! And Daphne was feeling very festive in her Santa hat (thanks Aunt Kelly!) and her green jacket.}


{On the hunt. And Eloise has decided that she really loves my Kate Spade winter hat… so good thing I have another winter hat. #expensivetaste #getsitfromhermama}


{All smiles this morning!}


{A Christmas tree on the top of the car is a Christmas MUST!}


{And decorating the tree with a three-year-old. I managed to convince her to move a few of them around…}


{We headed to Optimism Brewing Co in Capitol Hill for a benefit fundraiser concert and dinner. Daphne loved crawling up and down the tables.}


{I was going to take a selfie with the girls, but Aaron insisted on taking one instead. And this is the best we got… my girls and their Santa hats. I am OBSESSED!}


{Caspar Babypants in concert. He makes kids’ music (mostly) tolerable since that is what we listen to most of the time these days (that or Raffi). Eloise and I saw him last year and he was equally entertaining. And he managed to get all of the kids to lie down! Eloise had such a fun time at the show (there are videos of her dancing over on my Instagram Stories)!}

We had a really fun and festive weekend! It’s definitely feeling a lot more like Christmas around here and I finally feel like I am catching up (last week I felt SO behind on everything). We are gearing up for Eloise’s last week of school before winter break and Aaron’s first week of (the second half of) his paternity leave!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Love having a playground at U Village to help get our wiggles out between running errands. Eloise loves these butterflies!}


{The first time that Daphne has been on the shelf under our side table. Eloise spent so much time under there as a baby, but never tried to sit up like Daphne!}


{Sisters, guys. This is the outtake from Daphne’s nine month post on Friday!}


{I pretty frantically decorated for Christmas (minus the tree) at the end of this week but am loving the edition of this Merry Christmas card from the Shop. It is so cute framed! Cards are $5 and ship for free. Plus, there is still time to order before Christmas!}


{Hot chocolate bar set-up for our Jingle & Mingle Party we hosted on Saturday morning. This is one of the only pictures I got. Fail. But, it was fun and that’s what counts, right?}


{Such cute cups from Target. The Dollar Spot guys!}


{We got our Spirit Post package this weekend which is an alternative to Elf on the Shelf and focuses on acts of kindness. Eloise is obsessed already and got a letter from Santa this morning, courtesy of our owl, Macondrome (named by Eloise).}


{After hosting a party at the house in the morning, we were a little stir-crazy by dinnertime, so we headed out to a new Thai restaurant down the street. It was SO delicious! And Daphne was the best little dinner date.}


{We headed to a friend’s birthday party this morning and got to see the Sadliers again (third time this weekend)!}


{Daphne and Aaron hanging out in the smaller kids’ area while the other party kids were running around the big play space.}


{Meal planning for the week and ordering groceries online for pick-up tomorrow morning! The only way we make it thru the week.}


{I finally made it to my Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class and was so glad I did. It was a killer workout – already sore! – and I got to see this little cutie before class. (This is Ophelia who is the owner’s 3 month old daughter.)}

We had a fun and festive weekend and it is really starting to feel like the Christmas season! We had lots of social events booked for the weekend (family dinner, hot chocolate party, birthday party) and it was great to catch up and see so many friends. While I am not thrilled about being back in the rainy season (I know, I live in Seattle and should be used to it by now!) but I am excited that it is Christmas. My favorite time of year. And it will be especially magical with the girls.

How was your weekend?


my {thanksgiving} week in pictures.


{Daphne was really interested in my parents’ puppy Izzy. They were pretty cute together!}


{And Daph also really loved that baby she could see in the oven. Kisses all around!}


{I picked up this turkey kit at TJ’s last week and Grammie was so nice to do it with Eloise. Cutest turkey of the year.}


{Eloise got a few early Christmas presents, including Candyland, which she wants to play non-stop. If you come over to visit anytime soon, it is pretty much a guarantee that she will ask you to play a game with her.}


{The girls with my brother, Uncle Jason, and Aunt Kelly on Thanksgiving.}


{Love them.}


{And Daphne with my oldest sister Keri (or Aunt Dollie as we call her).}


{And that belly!}


{Daphne could not wait to play/destroy all of the dollhouse pieces and there were moments this week where Eloise would let her play. It was the sweetest.}


{And Sadie is always the protector of these girls. Wherever they were, she was too.}


{I got to hang out with my old girlfriends TWICE this week, including a mamas only dinner! We had amazing food and conversation and shut the restaurant down! Such a great time with these ladies.}


{I may or may not have forgotten to get a Thanksgiving picture of the girls (and definitely didn’t get a family one) so I re-created it for photos later in the week. This is my current favorite picture of these two girls.}


{Eloise gets her love of popcorn from Aaron, but it didn’t take much convincing for Paga to have some too!}


{I was SUPER nervous about the Apple Cup, but the Huskies did so well! Apparently I had nothing to worry about though because Wazzu didn’t show up to the game until the very end, and then it was too late! Go Dawgs!}


{When Izzy was calm and sleepy, Eloise was a pretty big fan!}


{We left at 6:30 this morning to hit the road back to Seattle. We didn’t get to see a real sunrise but it was still pretty to see dusk.}


{We stopped in Baker City, Oregon at Sumpter Junction restaurant which is one that my dad suggested. This place has a train that runs thru the entire restaurant and I grew up going here on our roadtrips from Boise to Seattle (to visit my grandmother). Daphne didn’t really care about the train too much but did love Aaron and being out of her car seat.}

{The train going by our table. And clearly I am just as excited as Eloise! Plus, matching Christmas jammies are going to be on repeat for the next month!}

We spent the week in Boise with my family and had so much fun! It was wonderful, as always, to see friends and family that we just don’t get to see as often as we’d like. The week was mostly relaxing and I tried not to schedule too much. As with everyone else, we counted our blessings and things we were thankful for, and this year we have SO MUCH to be thankful for!

We drove back home today and the trip went really well. The girls did amazing the entire trip and all of the timing of stops for gas, potty, food just all worked out! We have a pretty packed week coming up and I am hoping to get back into the groove of normal life sooner rather than later. Plus, finally decorating for Christmas is on the agenda, though our tree will probably have to wait until next weekend.

How was your Thanksgiving week and long weekend?


P.S. Did you see our new blog header? I have been meaning to update it for the past few months, since Daphne was born, but didn’t get around to it. One of the photos from our Christmas card shoot was perfect (and I will be sure to share the rest in a few weeks).

P.P.S. It is officially Christmastime at The Petite Flag Shop and I am loving the new additions of mini flags and cards (I can’t decide which is my favorite). There is a 30% off sale (and free shipping, always) going on thru Cyber Monday if you use code: BLKFRIDAY17!

my weekend in pictures.


{Finally found some time to start packing for our Boise trip and SO excited to use our Walker Family Goods duffel. My friend Lex that I grew up with started this company with her husband and it had a really successful kickstarter. I love this bag already and am already eyeing a pink one! It is perfect for packing both girls.}


{A big purple dinosaur joined Daphne and me on our post-lunch walk.}


{We had our monthly family dinner with the Sadliers’ and had the best time, as usual. It’s so fun that the kids all play together (for the most part).}


{A sunny and dry Saturday means yard work for Papa and Eloise. There were so many leaves and tree debris down in the yard from the crazy windstorms we had earlier in the week.}


{Just got this book and I am super excited to get into it. Getting a jump-start on New Year’s resolutions I guess!}


{Bedtime with the girls.}


{We woke up super early (okay, early for us, it was 5 am) to get on the road for Boise. Driving thru Snoqualmie Pass and realizing just how gorgeous our state is.}


{We stopped in Pendleton, Oregon for lunch and got some wiggles out at a local playground.}

{And Daphne LOVES the swing! She has only been in one one other time but didn’t laugh and giggle like this. Eloise has never really liked swings so I haven’t tried it with Daph too much. Apparently I should change that!}


{The girls playing together. Okay, truth: Eloise setting up the dollhouse and Daphne wants to join in on whatever she is doing!}

We spent all day Saturday cleaning up the house and packing up, and then all day Sunday driving to Boise to spend Thanksgiving week! I am completely in denial that it is already the end of November (what?!) but excited to celebrate Turkey Day with my family and then head home to DECK THE HALLS for CHRISTMAS!

How was your weekend?


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my weekend in pictures.


{After a very trying week, this sister love was exactly what I needed. Seriously, is there anything cuter?}


{Lots of new products hit the Shop in the past few weeks, including cards and mini flags. I feel so behind, but better late than never I guess! And working to get out Christmas flags and cards out soon.}


{Ah, this girl. The sweetest little bug!}


{Family bath time. Being able to bathe the girls together is a game-changer and they both LOVE it!}


{Saturday morning we had a PEPS play date, and this was the first time Daphne could really play with the big kids. She just started pulling up on the play kitchen (we have this same one) and she is so excited!}


{Cooking with Aaron for Friendsgiving.}


{Friendsgiving this year was filled with babies! This is the only photo I took so I think that is a good sign we had a good time. Thanks to the Andersons for hosting this year!}

{In case you missed it on my Instagram and Facebook, Eloise the ballerina. She has ballet classes starting next month, so I got her tights and shoes which she, of course, had to try on. I am SO excited to see her as a ballerina!}


{Sunday morning play time. Eloise is always so excited to see Daphne every morning. Love them!}

It’s been a crazy and trying week (I may delve into details at a later time, but for now, I am moving on!) but we had a pretty good weekend with these sweet girls of ours. We saw lots of friends and celebrated Friendsgiving! How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.

{Some music time with the girls! Eloise is always (always) singing and Daphne loves rattles and the maracas we brought back from Mexico.}


{Since we got snow (yes, SNOW!) starting on Friday, I was pulling out all of our warm, winter clothes, including this “snowsuit” that my mom bought when I was pregnant in case it was really cold when the baby was born. Needless to say, it was HUGE because it fits Daphne right now. But, she wasn’t thrilled about it…}


{Sadie is living her best life. She thinks the highchair is magic because when the baby is in it, food just appears on the floor!}


{We had family game night on Saturday but realized we don’t have any toddler-friendly games (hello, Christmas ideas!) so we played Legos instead. And Daphne is blurry because she is always moving. Always.}


{World’s Best Papa right here. Eloise has been into taking her babies to the doctor (for hilarious “injuries”) and Aaron played the doctor this morning.}


{This morning I hit up Trader Joe’s without the kids and before the crowds and it felt like a vacation. Almost. And there were so many impulse buys guys, like truffle butter!}

Just as we woke up Friday to snow (yep, it’s super early this year!), colds set in for Daphne and me. So we spent all day Friday and this weekend pretty much laying low and hanging out at the house. We didn’t have anything planned, so it worked out pretty well. Aaron got some raking and yard clean-up done between the storms and I took a 2 hour nap on Saturday! Plus, we finished Season 2 of Stranger Things after binge-watching it on and off this week.

It definitely feels like fall now that the weather has changed (it actually feels like winter) and that we have set the clocks back. Luckily though, we made out pretty well with the time change and Eloise slept until her normal wake-up time of 8 AM since she was up SO late last night reading before bed, and Daphne was up slightly before her normal wake-up time and Aaron snuggled with her for a bit so I could sleep until 7:30 this morning. Not too shabby. Especially since I know that a lot of those mama friends out there with little ones were probably up at the crack of dawn!

Feeling much better today and hoping to be back to normal to start this week! How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{It was SO nice and sunny on Friday afternoon that we had to take a walk after lunch. Eloise and I wore our new shoes, both from the Cat and Jack for Target line: hers and mine. Eloise’s are the most beautiful shade of purple which, of course, she LOVES!}


{I got the girls’ costumes done just in time! A donut and a cupcake. Hopefully we will get some cute photos of them in costume in the next couple of days.}


{And this is Daphne’s newest trick. She wants to be on those feet so badly! Soon enough kiddo.}


{We carved pumpkins on Friday night and Eloise was pretty excited about it. I always forget though how un-kid-friendly carving pumpkins is… she was okay with it when she got her kitty pumpkin! Also, it looks really unsafe with Daphne on the counter, but we only did this for the photo and I promise I am hiding behind her and have my hand on her back!}


{We celebrated our little friend Emerson’s first birthday on Saturday morning, and this was Eloise’s party outfit. Quite the fashionista. And she very much enjoyed the cake!}


{This is Daphne’s other favorite thing to do. She kneels at that shelf and throws everything on the floor.}


{This year’s pumpkins! Eloise’s kitty, Aaron’s love and peace, and my stars.}


{I had to steal this picture from Jess’s Instagram of the two littles. The Andersons came over on Saturday evening for dinner and it was fun to see Daphne and Austin together. Just 6 weeks apart!}




{Starting the process of finding a pre-k program for Eloise. Seriously, there are so many decisions to make! A spreadsheet is necessary. I wish she could stay at her current school until she starts Kindergarten, but it only goes until 4s and doesn’t include pre-k.}


{We headed to a Halloween party this evening and Eloise was excited to finally wear her costume (I just finished the headpiece today!). I didn’t consider how cumbersome this costume would be and she took it off within about 5 minutes of our arrival. Hopefully it will last thru trick-or-treating a bit longer!}


{My friend Kari had quite the Halloween-themed food spread!}


{And Daphne had a good time playing! Her costume was pretty easy for her to move in still and gave her some padding when she was on her belly!}

This weekend was SO beautiful! It was perfect fall weather: foggy and cold mornings followed by sunny afternoons in the low 60s. I wish it would stay like this for the rest of fall (and into winter)!

We had a fun weekend filled with parties and friends which was a nice way to spend the last weekend of October (what?!). We are gearing up for Halloween over her and Eloise is pretty excited for the Halloween parade (mostly for the drum line of the marching band though she will be disappointed when the entire marching band doesn’t show up) and also getting to have THREE pieces of candy! We talked to her about the candy she would get at Halloween and she agreed on three pieces and we would give the rest of the candy to other kids who didn’t have any candy… she is the sweetest kid!

How was your weekend?


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