my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise’s Easter grass is growing SO fast! We finally gave them a haircut on Friday morning.}


{Gimme all the babies!}


{We met up for a playdate with Amanda and Elliott at Maple Leaf Park since it was such a beautiful, sunny day on Friday! Of course the kids needed a snack break.}


{Our rhodie is finally blooming and it is SO gorgeous!}


{Sunny afternoons call for sidewalk chalk after naptime and spending as much time as possible outside before Mama has to make dinner.}


{There are many “wrap naps” these days when Mama has to get something done and Daphne insists on only sleeping when being held. I know I will miss this in a few months so I am trying to soak up every minute!}


{Time on the play mat is starting to become a regular thing and Daphne is pretty happy about it (most of the time).}


{Got a ThredUp bag to help me start organizing my closet that I started tearing apart a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can generate some funds so that I can pick up a few spring/summer pieces I have had my eye on!}


{Saturday night Aaron went out with his brother Ben, so I flew solo for bedtime for the first time. It went way better than I expected, though my expectations were very low (haha). And after big sister was down, I cuddled up with this little one and watched Moana!}


{Eloise is all about her memory game and Aaron obliged in playing it with her this afternoon for the umpteenth time. She’s actually really good!}


{Tummy time!}


{Eloise and Papa cuddles after naptime.}


{A post-Barre trip to TJ’s. Shopping by yourself when you have little kids is like a dream!}

We had the most gorgeous, sunny, and warm day on Friday and spent nearly every minute of it outside (except for during naptime, of course) which was followed by a weekend filled almost entirely of rain… I guess that’s called spring in the PNW! You would think I would be used to this by now seeing as I have lived in Seattle for 12 years (eek!).

There were a lot of “firsts” for our family this weekend: my first solo bedtime with the girls, my first post-partum Pure Barre class (I am going to be SO sore!), and Aaron’s first solo time watching both girls. It’s still sometimes hard to believe we are a family of four, but we are getting into our new normal and it feels good!

How was your weekend?


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my weekend in pictures.


{Grammie and Eloise at the tulip fields.}


{So many tulips. It is gorgeous!}


{Oh my gosh that squishy face. She sometimes makes me want a newborn all day every day forever!}


{Dyeing Easter eggs with Grammie. Not surprisingly purple was her favorite dye color!}


{A grocery store run with Grammie and Daphne. It is so nice to have two adults when shopping so I can take the car seat in the stroller. We also got an entire cart full of plants!}


{Grammie planting my front pots – thanks Mama! – and Eloise perfecting her bubble blowing.}


{The Easter bunny came early to the Lower house and brought Eloise some of her own gardening tools. So of course she had to try them out!}


{My beautiful pots all planted for spring!}


{And Eloise helping water my new peony plant. Apparently she didn’t think the spout was fast enough!}

{“Happy Easter” from Eloise!}


{Outtake from Daphne’s weekly photo. Sisters are the best you guys!}


{Papa and Daphne. It kills me when she puts her little arm over her belly like that.}


{So much bark got delivered this afternoon. And then Aaron spent the rest of the day spreading it out in our flower beds. I posted a video in my Instagram stories of the backyard if you want to see it all done!}


{A post-nap Easter egg hunt this afternoon. She was pretty excited about it! Also, this is pre-new bark as this flower bed looks vastly different now!}



Grammie was in town for the long weekend (obviously) so we had such a fun time with her while she was here! We headed up north to Skagit Valley for the Tulip Festival and even though the tulips are slightly late this year (about a quarter aren’t in bloom yet) it was still so, so beautiful! If you are ever in Seattle in April, go check it out.

The weekend brought sunny and warm-ish weather, so we tried to spend at least some of the day outside! Aaron did a complete overhaul to our yard and now it looks amazing, plus Grammie planted our front pots and I got a few new plants into the backyard beds.

It really felt like SPRING this weekend and I am welcoming it with open arms. Even though we are supposed to get rain for the next few days, the warmer temperatures will (slightly) make up for it. And we are ready to start a new week!

How was your weekend? Also, HAPPY EASTER and how is it already the middle of April?!


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise nursing her baby Stella. She is such a great little mama!}


{Eloise LOVES her little sister. And ditto for Daphne. It is the sweetest!}


{If you missed it on my Instagram and Facebook, I shared a side-by-side of Daphne and Eloise in one of my favorite rompers! I swear these girls look similar, but in these pictures they look so different!}


{I finally went thru my entire closet on Saturday afternoon during naptime and was pretty brutal. I will realistically need nursing friendly tops for the next year (plus) and to get rid of the things I will never wear… it was a surprisingly large pile of things!}


{Out at U Village for some shopping and dinner on Saturday.}


{There are three cozy coupes at the U Village playground these days, so Eloise got a turn without having to be too patient!}


{This little one is trying so hard to hold her paci in her mouth!}


{Eloise helped us make some of Mama’s “milk bars” (aka lactation cookies) which she was so excited about! We have been trying not to call them “cookies” so that she isn’t as interested in them. The recommendation is to eat 4 cookies a day to help boost supply (!) and I am taking that as a challenge!}


{Papa and Eloise reading. She is so obsessed with books and would read them (or have them read to her) all. day. long.}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no plans – exactly what we needed! I was so spoiled since I got to sleep in both mornings. Well, I was still up early to feed and pump, but headed back to bed for a morning nap! (You know you are the mama of a newborn when you can squeeze a nap in before 8 am!)

Aaron was able to mow the lawn in between the sprinkles on Saturday morning and by late Saturday afternoon, we had sunshine! It finally (finally) feels like spring is around the corner.

Eloise has spring break this week, so I am gearing up for my hands being full with both girls for the first half of the week before Grammie joins us! Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate and we can spend some time outside.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne smiles on Friday morning. Oh my heart!}


{The girls and I made it out to the Zoo on Friday morning which was impressive, I have to say. We met up with PEPS friends and it was so fun! Eloise was bound and determined to see the tigers and we got to see two of them!}


{J.Crew declared Friday to be #nationalstripesday so, of course, we had to participate since we are obsessed with stripes! Eloise was also wearing black & white stripes but didn’t want to be in the picture after naptime…}


{Such a little snuggler!}


{Aaron and the girls FaceTiming with Aaron’s parents – Nana and Papaw.}


{Such a proud big sister! Eloise was pretty excited to hold Daphne this weekend. But she never wants to stop!}


{Our yard got some much-needed attention this morning since it was sunny and pretty warmish. Aaron spent many hours out there today and now the yard looks so great!}


{Daphne in her new swing. Though I think Eloise likes it more for her baby doll Stella than Daphne!}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no plans which was much-needed after feeling a little crazy the past few weeks! The sun finally (finally!) came out this morning and it was wonderful. I just want it to last thru the next few months… We got to FaceTime with both of our families, see Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah (thanks for the cookies!), and have dinner with friends on Sunday (thanks for cooking dinner and dessert!).

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Seriously, can she get any cuter? If this was not my newborn, I would be demanding another baby!}


{Picked up fresh flowers for a baby shower and attempted to make my own arrangements. Turned out pretty well except for the darn hydrangeas that barely made it alive thru the party!}


{We had the honor of hosting a Baby Shower En Blanc for Jess, Cale, Jaz, and Baby Austin on Saturday morning! It was a sprint to the finish, but we actually pulled it off! I would probably recommend not hosting a baby shower (or really any type of party) when you have a 3 week old, but it turned out really well and was so fun! More pictures to come.}


{Our little family all in white!}


{After Eloise’s nap on Saturday we decided to enjoy the sort of sunny weather and take a stroll down to the playground at our local community center. Daphne basically napped the entire time and the rest of us got a really good workout since the walk on the way home is nearly all uphill. My body wasn’t super stoked about that…}


{Baby stretches from Daphne this afternoon. And yep, it was a jammies-all-day kind of Sunday!}

On Friday morning I took both girls to the grocery store (alone for the first time with both!). It went pretty well with Daphne in the Ergo and Eloise in the cart until check-out and then went quickly downhill from there. Eloise was threatening to jump out of the cart when I was paying and on the way out to the parking garage… and then she absolutely refused to get in her car seat. So after about 5 minutes of trying to negotiate with her, I managed to get her (screaming and crying) into her car seat, and, of course, by that time Daphne was crying too. It was a super fun trip home! I have been testing out various online grocery services and deliveries the past two weeks, and will definitely be sticking with that from now on!

We were super busy Friday evening and early Saturday morning prepping for the baby shower. It was a miracle that we pulled it off, but it worked and it was so, so fun! We had lots of friends over that we hadn’t seen in ages, and so. many. babies! There were 12 kiddos in attendance! I truly do love hosting parties and managed to plan and prep most of this one before Daphne was born. There will be more pictures to come (I didn’t take any but Jess has at least a few!). And we were so excited to celebrate the impending arrival of Baby Austin – congrats Jess and Cale!

And Sunday was a super lazy day and we all stayed in our PJs. It rained literally the entire day, so we took full advantage. Aaron and Eloise spent a lot of the day rotating toys and doing all of Eloise’s newly-found puzzles!

We are gearing up for a new week and can’t believe it’s the last week of March!


my weekend in pictures.


{Sunbathing on Friday morning… because we actually saw the sun in Seattle!}


{An adventure out to U Village with the girls late Friday morning. I also managed to get everyone wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day but failed to get a photo…}


{Aaron and Eloise FaceTiming with family on Saturday morning.}


{Getting back into the cloth diapering routine. Newborn diapers are SO tiny!}


{Daphne is staying awake a little longer between feedings and naps these days, so we are trying out some “play time.” In a few weeks I think she will be ready for tummy time!}


{Those eyelashes are coming in!}


{Saturday night at the Lower house: Eloise was in bed, Aaron was out visiting out-of-town friends, and Daphne and I cuddled on the couch and watched HGTV.}


{Sunday morning came early and since I was up feeding Daphne and pumping really early, I took a nap around 7:30 AM. #newbornmamalife Can you guess which one of the three of us was pretending to sleep?? Also, Aaron and I have a pretty strict policy against co-sleeping with our kids (a completely personal decision!) but at this newborn stage I sometimes make an exception.}



{Daphne frequently covers her eyes if she thinks it’s too bright! Haha, a true Seattlite!}

We had a mostly lazy weekend and enjoyed each other’s company without feeling like we had to grind out a big to-do list. And it was so fitting that today is the first day of spring because we have actually had sunshine over the past few days! Hooray! I know it sounds like I am obsessed with the weather (seriously, all people in Seattle talk about the weather!) but this is the first sunny stretch we’ve had since the fall! I read somewhere recently that Seattle has only had 4 sunny days since October – what? We are SO ready for spring!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Breakfast drinks: Califa cold brew for Mama, (cow’s) milk for Eloise, (pumped) milk for Daphne.}


{Yep, I could do this all day. Wait, I have a toddler too…}


{Snuggles with Daphne while I play with Eloise.}


{A selfie with my two best girls. On Friday we stayed in our jammies all day long. And Eloise insisted on wearing a blue sticker on her eyebrow. #toddlershenanigans}


{Aaron’s work sent the most beautiful bouquet of flowers to the house!}


{Ah, this Daphne girl. We are so in love!}


{We headed out before the rain on Saturday after naptime for our first family walk. Instead of getting a double stroller, we got this seat/board attachment for Eloise and she LOVES it!}


{Our neighbor Amy brought over a stash of ice cream sandwiches and we have been slowly making our way thru them! So delicious!}


{Getting Daphne used to this babywearing thing since I am pretty sure this is the only way I will survive during the day with both girls!}


{Papa and Eloise post-bath. That little bath robe kills me!}



{Papa and his girls reading a bedtime story. Swoon!}

This was our first weekend of just the four of us and it was much slower than we are used to, but perfect in it’s own way. We were able to see a few friends with a PEPS play date on Saturday morning and two weekend dinners brought over – thanks Leslie and Nancy! – and also get into a new routine which included a much-needed nap this afternoon (for me)!

How was your weekend?