my weekend in pictures.


{I launched petite sized flags over on The Petite Flag Shop site on Friday morning. Right now the only pre-set design is BOO, but these flags can be customized just like the original ones. Head on over to the Shop and get your Halloween or Fall flags; use the code BOO for a free petite BOO flag with any order (and I will refund your shipping all month!) or if you just want a petite BOO flag use the code BOOSHIP for free shipping!}


{Saturday morning shenanigans. Papa and Eloise coloring and Daphne always watching, while finishing her breakfast!}


{So much packing happening over here. We leave in the middle of the night (5 AM flight!) on Tuesday! Be sure to check out my Instagram for all of our trip updates!}


{I LOVE that these girlies are playing together now. Eloise builds and Daphne destroys. Haha!}


{Cuddling and watching football (or in Eloise’s case commercials) before bedtime. We didn’t tell her that the UW game was starting after bedtime. She would have freaked over the full purple uniforms and shiny purple helmets!}




{I packed Shop orders today to get out in the mail first thing in the morning. Thanks for all of the support!}

I feel like all I did was pack this weekend and organize things for the trip. And I am really trying not to bring all the things, but geez, there is so. much. stuff. I did sneak out for my Sunday afternoon Pure Barre class though and gave myself a pedicure. So there was that. (And I have a mani tomorrow while E is in school and on Mondays the nail salon has babysitters. For free! Yup, so excited about that.)

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Our plans for Friday evening changed at sort of the last minute, but we had a three different invites for things (apparently it was a very popular date). We headed over to Colin and Sara’s house to celebrate Colin’s probationary period being done and him becoming a full-time firefighter. Congrats!}


{And then on the way home we stopped by Sami’s surprise birthday party. And here is Aaron showing off his Super Papa skills and holding two kiddos at once; one toddler and one milk-drunk newborn.}


{On Saturday I headed to a mid-day Pure Barre Empower class (like Pure Barre but way more intense, more cardio, more planks, more push-ups and more weights) and left Aaron to feed the girls lunch. This is a picture of Eloise after sticking a piece of elbow macaroni in Daphne’s ear… oh boy! Obviously she was delighted. I laughed when Aaron told me, but we had to sternly tell her that noodles do not go in Sis’s ear!}


{Holy hard work-out. And loved snuggling with this one when I got home!}


{Eloise would NOT nap on Saturday afternoon but we really needed her to since we were going out later that evening, so Aaron took one for the team and went down to lay with her. Next thing I knew they were both asleep!}


{We hit up Frelard Pizza Company with our new neighbors (4 adults and 5 kids!) and it was so fun! Good food, good company, and 90s music all night long.}


{Our neighbor Cat was reading to all the girls and they were giggling so much (it’s a super silly book). It was so sweet!}


{Cleaning up after lunch this afternoon. And look at those teeth Daph!}


{Aaron and Eloise spent the afternoon getting some new plants in the ground.}


{A post-barre trip to TJ’s. I always forget how crazy that place is on Sunday evening, but I didn’t have either of the girls, so it was like a mini-vacay!}


{Love this crew!}


{We are normally Colts fans, but when they come into town, we are still loyal to the Emerald City. Go Hawks!}

This weekend we had lots of social stuff on the calendar for the evenings and it was so nice to see friends and catch up! We had two late nights (Friday and Saturday) but the girls did pretty good (we did have one toddler who didn’t want to leave a birthday celebration) considering they were out way past bedtime. And, for some crazy reason I scheduled TWO Pure Barre classes this weekend! I am going to be so sore tomorrow…

We had a great weekend, but I am in complete disbelief that it is October…

Also, there’s a Fall #Instasale happening over on the The Petite Flag Shop’s Instagram until Wednesday, so go check it out!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Love how these girls are starting to play together.}


{Daphne is doing such a great job sitting up!}


{As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, Daphne and I were playing peek-a-boo. It was so sweet!}


{I gave Daphne a teething biscuit on Saturday morning thinking it would be a clean(ish) thing to eat. Not so much. Moral of the story: Daphne can make a mess of any type of food.}


{Saturday morning we headed to Mount Baker playground to celebrate our little friend Seraphina’s birthday party. Eloise enjoyed the playground and the donuts!}


{We headed out to dinner on Saturday evening. This is the face Eloise makes if you say “cheese!”}


{Now that it is officially fall and the weather has cooled down, the A/C unit got to come out! As nice as it is to have in the heat, it is so nice to have it out of the living room! And yes, we store it in the shopping cart box!}


{Making a big batch of sweet potato waffles for the girls.}


{Such a sweet girl.}


{“Huh Mama?” Eloise was out with Aaron this morning while he was mowing the lawn but really needed to bring in an armful of rocks.}

Oh my goodness guys, it sounds so cliche but I am so ready for fall. The weather this week has been perfect. Seriously. A little bit of rain, clouds, cooler weather, and breaks of sun. I could live in this weather all year long!

We had a crazy week and Aaron worked a ton, so we made almost no plans for this weekend. It was perfect. I am denial that it is the end of September, but also so happy it is fall!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{All afternoon on Friday Eloise waited for Mimi and Paga to come… it was so sweet!}


{Crafting with Paga.}


{Eloise finally (FINALLY) agreed to a haircut if Mimi came and held her hand. She wasn’t sure at all though and ended up sitting on my lap. Once we got started though, she was great and even let the stylist braid her hair!}


{And lunch at Din Thai Fung. So, so delicious.}


{Selfie with Mama and Eloise!}


{Eloise LOVES the noodles. And is way too cool for a fork.}


{Daphne was happy with a plastic spoon.}


{Since Eloise did such a great job with her haircut, we celebrated with Molly Moon’s. She insisted on a cone and I worried it would fall the entire time she ate it!}


{Last week our neighbor’s super tall tree (like 100 feet!) split from the heat and part of it fell. So, they started taking it down. We watched all last weekend and most of Saturday afternoon. It was amazing!}


{Painting is a must when Grammie is around. And Eloise is delighted!}


{Reading a new book with Paga.}


{Visiting the Chihuly exhibit this morning. I promise Eloise had way more fun than her facial expression!}


{Love these two!}


{Aaron and I slipped out for a date night this evening and enjoyed a kid-free trip to U Village! First course was ramen, second course was a fried chicken sammie, and dessert at Molly Moon’s. I definitely regretted wearing my super skinny jeans tonight because my belly was so full!}

Mimi and Paga (my parents) were in town this weekend, so it was pretty much a great time seeing as they are two of Eloise’s favorite (favorite, favorite) people. The weather also feels like FALL! I am not ready for the rain yet, but ready for the cool, crisp weather.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{This girl. She let me put her hair in a ballerina bun. And then she twirled around the house all day. Magical.}


{Eloise went to the neighbor’s house after nap time on Friday so Daphne and I headed to Trader Joe’s. Guys, shopping with only one kid is like a vacation. And Daphne got to sit in the cart for the first time, like a big kid. She loved it. Can you tell?}


{We introduced Baby D to a sippy cup. She’s not so sure and makes a hilarious face when she realizes it’s water in the cup and not milk.}


{On Saturday morning we headed to a PEPS playdate which is always so fun! Eloise has been into puzzles lately so she was excited to see some.}


{Tuned into the Boise State game and while they played a good game against Wazzu, it just didn’t work out. Darn 4th quarter! And triple OT. Crazy.}


{Buh-bye old dishwasher! Aaron hauled it away to the transit center for disposal this morning since apparently no one wants a free old dishwasher… haha! And thanks to the Sweeneys for letting us borrow their truck!}


{Daphne is discovering finger foods. She puts every single thing in her mouth. Except for pieces of food. If Aaron or I hold the food for her, she will eat it, but won’t do it herself.}


{We ventured up to the Andersons’ house for the Seahawks game this afternoon. Great company, terrible game. The kids had so much fun, especially Jaz and Eloise.}


{And these two littles. So sweet!}

We had a fun weekend packed full of social events. It was great to see old friends and catch up!

And the weather was a-m-a-z-i-n-g today. Seriously perfect. The smoke has cleared out, the temperature was a few degrees cooler, and the sun was out.

How was your weekend?


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{We met up with some new friends at the Zoo on Friday morning. The baby gorilla wasn’t out, but we got to see this sweet one taking a snooze!}


{It was Daphne’s first Zoo trip, but she really spent most of the time in the stroller. For lunch, we found a nice shady spot near the tigers and Baby D got to venture out for a bit.}


{We started solids with Daphne on Friday to celebrate her turning 6 months! She was super stoked about it.}


{But then made this face a lot. She didn’t love it (or even like it) at first, but things got better quickly (as you will see).}


{I got home from Pure Barre on Saturday morning and Eloise had let Aaron do her hair in piggies! That is big for us. She will sometimes let me do her hair, but then three seconds later just pulls it out…}


{We dropped Eloise off at the Sadliers’ house for her first overnight stay on Saturday night. I was worried that she would change her mind at the last minute, but once we got there she was like “when are you leaving Mama?” Bittersweet for sure. She had the BEST time though, as you can see she got to make her own pizza! Thank you SO MUCH Amanda and George for taking such good care of her.}


{And meanwhile, we went to Musashi’s for date night and had some time with Baby D!}


{As crazy as it was because we didn’t have a highchair at the restaurant (!) we did a second introduction of solids. And Daphne LOVED it!}


{After a lazy morning, we picked up Eloise from her sleepover and headed to Snohomish County to Flower World. It’s been almost two years since we completely re-did our yard and we still haven’t planted plants in the flower beds. So, we attempted to get some plants to fill the yard and mostly succeeded. It was super hot and we had a cranky, hungry toddler close to naptime coupled with WAY too many plants and choices so we didn’t get everything we needed. Baby steps, right?}


{There was a lot of eating around here this weekend and I have forgotten how cute it is when babies eat. Even though it is such a mess!}


{Get it girl!}


{This morning Aaron headed outside to work in the yard early (to mow and plant and clean-up the beds) before it got too hot, so the girls played while I ate breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen. They are already playing together and it makes my mama heart melt. The sweetest. Also, Eloise refused to wear clothes for nearly the entire day.}


{Attempting to plan out my week after I did meal planning and grocery ordering. School starts mid-week and I am so ready for it!}


{Finally getting some hydrangea in the front yard. We have much bigger plans for the front, but for now Aaron has cleared out this side bed next to our parking pad and we are focusing on that. I think it will be some time before we can really overhaul the entire front!}

First I have to tell you that in true Seattleite style this weekend was unbearably hot. Like record-setting hot. 90 degree heat is no bueno for the PNW and thank goodness we have an A/C in our living room and basement bedrooms. And the heat is supposed to continue until mid-week. I am planning on being out with the girls early in the morning and then holing up inside once the heat starts!

But, this weekend was still really great. I purposefully tried not to plan too much because weekends, especially long ones, just fly by. Of course, I had a mental list of many, many things to do and only some of them got done, but I still feel like I was productive without being exhausted.

I am still in disbelief that Labor Day has come and gone and fall is almost upon us. Where the heck did the summer go?

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Friday morning Eloise decided she was a ballerina and wanted to put on a show for Daphne and me. And, she let me put her hair up in a bun!}


{On Friday evening we had family dinner at the Sadliers’ house and got to have a belated birthday celebration for these two crazy three year olds. Happy Birthday Eloise and Elliott!}


{We left late from family dinner, but Eloise never went to sleep… so at almost midnight she was finally in bed. Aaron says he wasn’t asleep when I took this, (Eloise was definitely NOT asleep yet!) but he and Eloise were both passed out five minutes later when I went in there!}


{On Saturday we went to dinner at a neighbor’s house and Eloise loves their cat and his outdoor tunnel.}


{One baby gate up. And so it begins.}


{Eloise had blackberries this morning and when I looked across the table, it looked like she had a missing tooth!}


{Always running out the door, but I was wearing a silk shirt this morning so I thought it should be documented!}


{Daphne liked catching up with some other baby friends this morning at Eli’s birthday party.}


{And Aaron and Eloise were having WAY too much fun at the party!}


{Gah, she’s so happy! And almost sitting up on her own. How is she growing up so quickly?}


{Our friends are remodeling their kitchen and needed a new home for their dishwasher, so we gladly replaced our old dinosaur one. Thanks to my hubby for setting everything up! You know you are grown up when you are excited about appliances, right?}

We only had one birthday party this weekend guys, and it was the last one of the summer. Seriously, so much fun but I think we are all partied out.

This is our last weekend of summer before Labor Day next weekend, so we sort of laid-low without a lot of plans. It was perfect. And tomorrow is supposed to heat up just in time for our last week of summer vacation!

How was your weekend?