my weekend in pictures.


{Waiting for swim lessons on Friday morning. She asked every morning this week when she got to go!}


{We hit up the playground before dinner on Friday afternoon. Both of the girls were obsessed with this little bench.}


{Aaron was busy this entire weekend working on building a bench in our entryway. And it provided so much entertainment for the girls too!}


{Aaron brought home the most beautiful peonies this weekend.}


{We had family dinner this weekend with our friends and after the kids went to bed, we celebrated Aaron’s birthday early with cheesecake. Happy 3-5 babe!}


{And then we had to end the night with a game of Catan.}


{Daphne woke up feeling pretty sad this morning. She was running warm and just didn’t seem like her happy self. But she was so cuddly.}


{Getting a jumpstart on the week by picking up my groceries this afternoon.}


{And we headed to Bartell’s and ended up with free ice cream, but not what we went there for!}


{Daphne was not feeling well most of the day and ended up snoozing late this afternoon, after nap time. She insisted on being held so I wore her in the carrier until she fell asleep. She is cutting her fourth molar (in two weeks) which I am thinking is the underlying issue. She has really never been sick before and it is the saddest thing ever.}

We had a pretty low-key weekend so that Aaron had time to build out our entryway. The basics are all framed out, but there is still finishing work to be done. I am so excited to share it as soon as it’s done!

How was your weekend? And can you believe next weekend is Memorial Day?


my weekend pictures.


{Picked up some fresh blooms on the way home from swim lessons on Friday morning. Bummed that Whole Foods was out of peonies, and the hydrangeas are already wilted, but they were so pretty for a bit!}


{These girls playing together makes my mama heart burst!}


{All of the girls dressed in grey (my shirt was grey and Eloise insisted that we all match) for our pre-Mother’s Day brunch on Saturday morning with the Andersons.}


{Loved having all of these kiddos playing together.}


{In anticipation of our deck being expanded (we can’t wait!) we picked up a new outdoor table and chairs. And, of course, Eloise had to help Aaron put a chair together.}


{It’s officially water-table season as there was SUN and warm temps in the forecast all weekend long!}

{In case you missed it in my Instagram stories, Daphne had the BEST time on our family walk on Saturday evening.}


{My loves.}


{I got to sleep in this morning while Aaron got up with the girls and made breakfast and found the girls playing with their baby dolls together. It was so sweet.}


{It was WAY too nice to stay at the house today so we headed out to the Ballard Farmer’s Market and there were so many fresh flowers! I should have waited and picked up some peonies today. But I am ecstatic that it is peony season.}


{A selfie with my Eloise. We had lunch on the sidewalk curb enjoying a street musician playing the harp and it was perfect.}


{These girls made me a mama and also the best job ever. I will be forever grateful.}

We had the most BEAUTIFUL and sunny weekend filled weekend! And while there definitely weren’t enough hours in the day to get all of the projects done (or worked on) that we wanted, it still felt like progress.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas out there!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{We headed to the Zoo late Friday afternoon to welcome the rhinos to Seattle and have a picnic dinner. We looked for the tigers (Eloise’s favorite) but they were sleeping…}


{And we didn’t see any of the real lions, but Eloise insisted on climbing on this one. Sparkly shoes and everything.}

{Swim lessons for E bright and early on Saturday morning!}


{The girls and I went for a walk down the street and Daphne insisted on helping push Eloise on her trike.}


{Just a girl and her dog.}


{Aaron built us another raised garden bed.}


{And recruited Eloise to help. She was happy to put washers on all of the bolts.}


{We had to cut our outside time short on Saturday evening since we were approaching dinner time. Eloise and Aaron were in the kitchen making pizzas and Daphne walked in from the living room. We all heard a crash and a cry. Daphne fell right into the corner of Eloise’s kitchen step stool and broke her eyebrow open. It was tricky to get the bleeding to stop and even though I did (with a band-aid) I knew immediately we would need to go to at least urgent care. So, we turned off the oven and scrambled out of the house. Our friends offered to watch Eloise for the rest of the evening which was amazing. And the three of us headed to Children’s Hospital.}


{We headed to Urgent Care first knowing that we could be re-routed to the ER depending on how things were looking. We waited for 45 minutes before we saw a nurse. She told us that sutures under general anesthesia would require an ER trip and that it would take at least THREE hours! So, we took our chances and waited for the nurse practitioner to give us her opinion on stitches. After Daphne had some numbing cream applied, she finally got to eat dinner! I managed to grab some pasta, strawberries, and a Lara bar as we rushed out the door. Not the best dinner ever but she didn’t even care one bit. However, she did not like having a big band-aid on her head.}


{Once the NP came in to check on her, she was able to tell us that glue would be fine since the cut wasn’t gaping open. So they wrapped her up like a burrito and she screamed the entire time. It was heart-breaking. I did, however, notice that both of her top molars have cut thru (since her mouth was the widest it has ever been during the procedure). Daphne didn’t let us put her shirt back on, but was acting really normally when we left, just TWO AND A HALF hours after we arrived… sheesh.}


{Aaron headed out early this morning to make a run to IKEA which was postponed from Saturday night. And he had a bon voyage crew! We have a ton of house projects in the works so I will update once we have some completed.}


{This afternoon we were able to get back outside and Eloise helped Aaron with the rest of the raised bed.}



Geez, this weekend was a doozy. The second urgent care visit for Daphne in three weeks. We are feeling really lucky though that we have close friends that took amazing care of Eloise and fed her dinner and read her bedtime stories so that we didn’t have to wrangle a three year old at urgent care. And we are also feeling lucky that Daphne is fine. She has a big blob of glue on her forehead which should heal in the next week, but she hasn’t even seemed to notice it all day today.

We are gearing up for a crazy work week for Aaron and looking forward to a late-week date night as well as Mother’s Day weekend!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne can climb up the stairs at the U Village playground completely on her own now. She really wants to walk up and hold the rail like a big kid, but quickly remembers that her legs aren’t long enough for that. She needs help sitting down at the top of the slide, but has a good time going down. And it helps that we were at U Village no less than four times this week, so she got a lot of practice!}


{GRAMMIE! And Eloise insists most days on matching Daphne. It’s the sweetest.}


{Getting some painting in before breakfast.}


{Daphne had really good time with us at Nordstrom. #startemyoung}


{And when it feels like summer, we do afternoon snacks on the back deck.}


{And, of course, more painting.}


{We lunched at Elemental on Friday after Eloise’s swim lesson. I love that they give the kids pizza dough to play with while you wait. Plus, the sides on the kid’s menu are grapes and steamed broccoli!}


{We hit the town for DATE NIGHT on Friday. Starting down at Greenlake for burgers at Lunchbox Laboratory followed by ice cream cones at Molly Moon’s (the obsession is real, plus the black sesame flavor is now gone for the season) and then to U Village to browse around at the Amazon bookstore. Thanks for a fun night!}


{Eloise always asks Grammie to curl her hair.}


{This is what happens when you don’t have a garage for all of the strollers…}


{Eloise was so excited to give Aaron his graduation gift and show him the envelope that she decorated!}


{The Graduate! And you can’t really tell, but he is wearing a tie that Eloise made him at school (she painted it) and she was beyond excited that he wore it for his big day. Such a good Papa.}


{At the commencement ceremony.}


{Aaron, of course, wanted to have a sushi dinner post-graduation, so we headed to our favorite little spot down the street. And Daphne tried to eat with chopsticks. She was a little frustrated that the food wouldn’t stick, but she’ll get there!}


{Helping Grammie with her suitcase this morning.}


{And it’s Super Eloise!}

{Grammie brought this new toy and Daphne is pretty excited about it! I love her little head tilting from side to side. Also, our old floors are definitely not level, so those balls roll all over!}

We had such a FUN weekend with Grammie in town! The weather during the week was phenomenal and made me SO excited for summer!

ALSO if you didn’t see on my Instagram or Facebook, Aaron graduated this weekend! I have a separate (sappy) post coming up on that later this week.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne has recently decided she loves wearing hats. She found the winter hat basket and will bring one over, give it to you to put on, walk around in it, and take it off. Rinse & repeat. It’s so cute!}


{We made it to swim lessons on Saturday morning!}

{Kick kick kick!}


{Driving across Lake Washington on the 520 bridge Saturday afternoon and I will never tire of this view.}


{After a super fun family dinner with the Sadliers, it was bedtime for the kids. Eventually. It was hard to wake her up to head home last night. So sweet.}


{And this is Daphne’s new trick. And it’s terrifying. She can climb up really well – and insists on being up on the stool – but isn’t stable enough to be safe on the top of the stool, so that’s fun.}


{The weather was pretty sunny this afternoon so we had an impromptu picnic lunch at Greenlake! Daphne couldn’t wait the entire ride down there so she started noshing early, hence the bib.}


{The rhodie in our backyard is finally blooming! We never know what color it’s going to be, but this year it is bright pink.}


{I forgot to book my Pure Barre class for this afternoon – whoops – so we decided to grocery shop as a family, rather than our usual Amazon grocery pick-up. It wasn’t quite as crazy as I thought it would be but it made me thankful I don’t grocery shop on Sundays every week.}


{And since the weather was still nice and sunny after dinner, we took a family walk around the block. Daphne insisted on being held for three-quarters of the walk, and 3 minutes after this photo was taken she kissed the concrete. Poor kiddo. It was the worst.}


{Finally, if you are at all interested (no pressure) I donated a custom flag design from The Petite Flag Shop to the Grupe Family Insta Auction. This family recently had a house fire and lost nearly everything, so a bunch of small businesses offered to donate goods from their shops to help raise funds. It’s mamas helping mamas in the best possible way.}

We had a doozy of a week so I was anxious for this weekend to re-group and get a fresh start. But we did get to catch up with lots of friends, including two different family dinners and a last-minute play date! And the sun finally came out and it was glorious.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{We headed to Redmond on Friday to join the Sadliers for lunch. And these kids love this Daphne girl. #daphnesandwich}


{And after lunch we had to get a scoop of Molly Moon’s!}


{Daphne was pretty oblivious of not having ice cream once I gave her cup and a spoon. Plus, the stools made for great drums.}


{I had to get a pint of this flavor to-go. It was amazing!}


{We definitely didn’t need sunglasses this weekend, but Daphne didn’t seem to mind.}


{Eloise taught Daphne how to collect rocks in the yard before it started pouring rain.}


{And then it started raining and this kiddo refused to wear her hood. I guess she really is a PNW kid.}


{We got to have dinner on Saturday with Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah. We hit up a new brewery in Magnolia and the hibiscus cider was amazing!}


{We had buttermilk left over from a recipe last week and then I found a chocolate cake recipe that called for buttermilk. A coincidence? I think not. So I made a chocolate cake.}


{We went to PEPS this morning and one of the mamas brought over these construction hats. Daphne was thrilled to try them all on and loved playing peek-a-boo with them!}


{And the older kids convinced one of the other mamas to read stories. An impromptu story time!}


{I came home to this after my Pure Barre class this evening. Apparently no pants were required to make pizza for dinner.}


{And this is the only picture Daphne would let me take. That’s her “mama, I want to hold your phone” grab. And look at that belly!}

We had a pretty low-key weekend that was so, so soggy. Seriously. I gave up and decided that our yard needed work and since the rain didn’t appear to be stopping, I spent the better part of an hour and a half in the pouring rain Saturday afternoon pulling weeds from our backyard flower beds. It was nice to be outside actually and the weeds came up pretty easily since the ground was so soggy. And then naturally today was pretty dry… oh well. My backyard looks amazing!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise’s monthly theme at school for April is yoga, so she came home talking all about yoga this week. And we have this memory yoga game that we played on Friday afternoon while Daphne was napping.}


{Friday night DATE NIGHT! We headed down to the Ave for dinner and an escape room with our friends. Thai at Thaiger Room was as good as I remember it from 10 years ago (yep, feeling old) and the escape room was Da Vinci themed and was so. much. fun.}


{Eloise had her first swim lesson bright and early on Saturday morning, and she did amazingly well! We weren’t sure how she would do but talked about getting her into private, intensive swim lessons this spring. Looks like we’ll be at the (indoor) pool these next few months!}


{Eloise sometimes changes into her jammies for quiet time and then falls asleep. I sent Aaron down there to get her up but when he didn’t come back up right away (and the monitor was quiet) I checked the webcam and found them snuggling.}


{We took dinner to friends who had a baby last month and live just a few blocks away. Of course as soon as we decided to walk, it started to pour rain! Eloise decided that this giant umbrella was her umbrella.}


{We tested out Amazon Fresh grocery pick-up this morning since there is one close by and it is free for Prime members. It was so fast I couldn’t believe it! Definitely doing this again.}


{We headed out for a quick walk around the block after dinner since it was still light (yes!) and wasn’t raining, and we had to test out our new Keenz wagon. I drove all the way out to the Target in Issaquah to pick it up since there was a big promo on it and this was the only place it was stocked in the area. So 40 minutes out and 40 minutes back before I headed to Pure Barre was so worth it! They are out of stock online and locally in Seattle, but if you are interested, here is the link.}

We had a pretty quiet weekend that felt really grey and rainy. Boo. It looks like we’ll have a break in the weather tomorrow before the next set of storms come thru. Wish me luck since Eloise is on spring break this week so I will have both girls home all week with me! We are planning lots of play dates and easy dinners.

How was your weekend?