my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise has been asking for months to have her nails painted, so we got her nail polish for her birthday (we got this Piggy Paint which is great for toddlers). She was so excited and wanted her nails painted immediately, pink on her toes and purple on her fingers. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to sit still long enough to let it dry and that I’d have polish all over the living room, but the paint dried quickly (and I only did one coat) and Eloise did really well staying seated with her fingers and toes out to dry!}


{We celebrated our good friend Harlon’s birthday on Friday evening with a fun family dinner. The food was amazing (my friend Lauren and her mom are amazing cooks) and it was great to see and catch up with friends!}


{And Saturday, post-nap which didn’t happen, we headed to The Little Gym for our friend Beatrice’s party. Eloise was a bit reserved and shy since she didn’t know any of the other kids except for Bea, but enjoyed running around and swinging on the bars.}


{Meanwhile Aaron was up the street helping our friends demo their basement in preparation for a big house remodel. #demoday}


{And it was a pizza party of course! I loved that my friend Shannon brought blueberries and peas though (to round out the meal) because I would have done the same thing!}


{Beatrice had the CUTEST cupcakes. Her party theme was farm animals, so there were cows, sheep, horses, and pigs.}


{The birthday presents have been coming in all week long, including this weekend. Eloise has enjoyed this baking set from Aunt Yaya especially since she helped me bake the cake for her party!}


{It’s great to head out to the garden in the morning for some fresh green onion for your eggs… in your underpants and rain boots.}


{Apparently there were some beets that were ready for harvest! And a tiny purple flower too.}


{We headed to celebrate Clive’s birthday this morning and, of course, Eloise found books to read. I love this kid!}


{Building block towers with Papa before bed this evening.}

Summer birthday parties have commenced (I guess starting with Eloise’s last weekend) and this weekend (plus next) is filled to the brim with parties for our friends! I really felt like we spent the entire weekend at birthday parties, and we even missed two of the parties because of naptime! It has been fun this year to see these now-three year olds celebrate because they are really understanding what a birthday is… well, the cake, singing, and presents part at least.

We finally got some rain (!) on Saturday night and into this morning which was a nice break from the hot summer weather. {Can I sound any more like a Seattleite?} We are looking forward to a completely unscheduled week after a bit of a crazy one last week! How was your weekend?


Also, pretty much everyone we have seen this weekend has asked about Eloise’s new purple watch (she is IN LOVE) and it’s probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. I put it on her Amazon Wishlist like a year ago, but sent it to my parents as a gift idea (thanks Mimi and Paga). Anyways, here is the link to the watch (it’s just a regular watch but Eloise thinks it’s a “smart watch” like Papa’s – his is a Fitbit Blaze – and checks her text and email notifications on it, ha!): Timex Kid’s Watch.

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my weekend in pictures.


{I swear Eloise enjoyed her birthday party more than it looks in this photo! I will be sharing more photos of her party later in the week.}


{All smiles with this one.}


{Rolling has made weekly photos a bit of a challenge. Luckily I got a few good shots before she started becoming a rolly poly.}


{We headed over to Portage Bay this evening for dinner at Agua Verde. The water is so beautiful down here.}


{Eloise cheesin’ it up after dinner. She was mesmerized by the water before, during, and after dinner. Looks like we need to make a few more trips to the lake before the end of the summer!}

After hosting a house full of friends for Eloise’s birthday party on Saturday morning, we pretty much took the rest of the weekend to rest. We got a few things checked off the to-do list though and enjoyed the slightly cooler weather.

We are gearing up for a fun week and officially having a 3 year old on Thursday (what?)! Let the Birthday Week commence!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Baby D is sleeping in her crib! We sleep-trained this weekend and I will share more details this week.}


{Our little thumb-sucker. And she LOVES her lovie!}


{There was free ice cream at the grand opening of Bartell’s (a drug store) at Greenlake on Saturday and Eloise was delighted to get a strawberry ice cream cone. Her very first cone. She was pretty excited about it!}


{Eloise has been liking to play “picnic” all day, every day. And some memory game too. With Baby Stella who does everything (and borrows everything) that Daphne does!}


{Trying to entice Daphne to crawl. She loves, loves that book of baby faces and that rattle ball!}


{As some of you know, I tend to bake a brand-new cake recipe when I throw parties which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Next weekend we are throwing Eloise’s THIRD birthday party and she requested a purple cake (with purple dinosaur candles) so I decided that maybe I should do a test run. It turned out well (and much more purple in person) so hopefully it will turn out well again at the end of the week! And hopefully our neighbors will enjoy this cake at the Block Party this week (since we can’t have two cakes in our house in the same week).}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with very few plans. It was nice to just hang out with the kids after a bit of a crazy week before. Plus, we are gearing up for a BIG week: Aaron and my SEVENTH wedding anniversary and a corresponding date night (with a sitter and everything!), Daphne’s fifth month birthday, and Eloise’s third birthday party. And I have been hearing it is supposed to be a scorching week with highs near 100 (which will absolutely set a record here).

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise was super into Instagram stories and making funny faces!}


{After the kids go to bed, it’s mocha ice cream time!}


{On Saturday afternoon, Daphne and I went to celebrate our good friend Sami and Baby Sweeney! Also, those pink champagne macrons were AMAZING!}


{Showering Baby Sweeney. Can you spot me and Baby D?}


{My favorite set of sisters!}


{Jump! And she picked out that outfit all by herself.}


{Helping Papa mow the lawn.}


{Even in the Primaries, it’s important to vote! Make it count!}


{Despite a bit of inconvenience, we started doing online grocery shopping and curb-side pick-up since Amazon Fresh’s packaging is getting out of control (so. many. ice packs.)!}

We had a bit of a weird weekend because Eloise was sick with a fever almost all day on Friday (and I had Aaron come home because I thought we would be headed to Urgent Care for sure) but then was completely normal on Saturday, just to be sick again early this morning! Fingers crossed we are thru it.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Tummy time for Baby D!}


{This sweet dog is always by my side, even when I am downstairs pumping and the rest of the family is upstairs eating breakfast.}


{Daphne had at least 6 fingers in her mouth. At one time. She’s obsessed with her hands.}

Sorry for the complete lack of pictures! We had a really mellow weekend just getting back into the swing of things after a week away in Boise (which I will share about soon). It was great to be with family and friends, but we are thankful for the almost 30 degree temperature difference! This was Aaron’s last few days of his paternity leave (well, the first half) and we are back to the usual grind starting tomorrow morning! Wish us luck this week.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{I finally got a chance to refinish our coffee table. We love this table (it was my late grandmother’s) but it was just really dark. So I stripped it down and stained it, and it looks amazing! I will share “after” pictures soon.}


{Oh, sleeping babies are the best. So sweet. But also sleeping!}


{We hit up another birthday party on Saturday morning. Eloise had so much fun playing with her friends. Happy Birthday Amelie!}


{We had Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, and Uncle Stan and Aunt Kathi (in this weekend from Indiana!) over for dinner on Saturday evening. Eloise was very excited to pick some lettuce and beets from the garden.}


{Sadie girl got a much-needed summer haircut and is very festive in her bandana!}


{We ventured out to the Ballard Farmer’s Market this morning with Ben, Sarah, Stan, and Kathi. We hardly ever hit this farmer’s market (or any farmer’s market for that matter, sad) but it was so fun!}


{Eloise and I came across a typewriting poet and requested a poem about sisters. It was so sweet and I am going to frame it for Eloise’s room!}


{We enjoyed pho for lunch!}


{Stan, Eloise, Kathi, Aaron, me, and Baby D. Such a fun time!}


{This is one happy baby!}


{Did my final body scan for the end of the Summer Challenge today after my usual Sunday afternoon barre class. Really pleased with my results – I am much stronger! I didn’t do the Whole30 part of the Challenge because I am nursing and didn’t want to restrict my diet too much, but it was still a great 6 weeks!}

As you can see we had Uncle Stan and Aunt Kathi in town! It was great to see them and show them around the Emerald City. We had amazing (read: sunny) weather and it finally feels like summer!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{The girls in their matching shirts that Mimi and Paga brought back from Greece! Eloise chose her shirt to wear and then insisted that Daphne wear hers too.}


{When Papa leaves out his headphones and Xbox controller, Eloise likes to pretend she is watching TV. That is pure joy on her face!}


{On Saturday morning we (Daphne) slept in so Eloise was up before I could finish our morning feeding and pumping. Since Aaron was out for a run, Eloise sat in her room and read with Stella until Papa got home. The sweetest!}


{Eloise and our neighbor Maxine drawing all over the sidewalk. And that white hat is covered in chalk…}


{Daphne in the sweetest outfit from Uncle David and Aunt Jodi. We don’t wear a lot of ruffles and bows, but it’s pretty cute!}


{Eloise was lying in the grass and enjoying the shade since “the sun is so bright Mama!”}


{Aaron was busy on Saturday afternoon working on building a frame for some art for our bedroom. This map has been hanging with painter’s tape for a while now, so it has been nice to see it in a frame!}


{We added a few new diapers to the cloth stash and I am pretty excited about it!}


{Driving across Lake Washington to the Eastside this morning and it was so beautiful. The mountain (Rainier) was out!}


{We got to celebrate the birthday of a very special and dear friend, Miss Madeleine, this morning. The happiest of birthdays M!}


{Eloise had a ton of fun at the party making a macaroni necklace, painting, eating cake, and playing in the water!}


{This afternoon I headed to my 25th barre class to end the Summer Challenge and this is how I felt at the end. I was SO tired and did not want to go, but the air conditioning was a pretty influential factor given the near 90 degrees that Seattle hit today!}


{Aaron and Eloise had a pretty good time at the Summer Challenge Celebration Party at lululemon this evening.}

Summer is officially here and it is already too hot! 🙂 Seattleites are known for complaining about it being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, and I am no exception. Today was hot, hot and when you have a little one who wants to nurse and snuggle all the time, you just cannot cool off! But, that said, we are embracing summer with open arms and enjoying the next three weeks that we have Papa home!

We had a fun weekend mixed with house projects and visiting friends. I think any weekend that has these two things is the best kind of weekend!

How was your weekend?