my weekend in pictures.


{Amanda hosted such a fun Baby Shower/Celebration for me and Baby Foot on Saturday morning (I will be sure to share pictures soon!) and I finally got a chance to wear my new Hatch Collection jumper. A little out of my comfort zone (and Aaron doesn’t love jumpers or rompers so much) but I am in love! So comfy and I want to wear it everyday!}


{We finally had to say good-bye to our Golf Wagen which we turned back in as part of the TDI scandal. It was a bit of a sad day.}


{Eloise was sporting a super high pony thanks to Grammie. That face!}


{Cuddles with this girl on a cold and blustery evening.}


{Grammie slept in the new Murphy bed that Aaron built this fall and winter, and Eloise was obsessed. She wanted to be all tucked in with all of her friends.}


{Cuddles with Papa while we waited for dinner this evening. Love these two.}

We had Grammie back in town and it got warmer than freezing, so it was a pretty great weekend all around! I was so honored to have a Baby Shower thrown by Amanda and loved, loved being around so many women that mean so much to me – my tribe. Tomorrow is back to normal with Eloise headed back to school and back to our regularly scheduled activities. A bit of a relief as we count down the weeks until this baby is born.

How was your weekend?


my {long new year’s} weekend in pictures.


{So naptime went super well on Friday afternoon… She eventually went to sleep but there was definitely a dance party beforehand!}


{I know why so many pregnant women wear head-to-toe black: the bump disappears!}


{Enjoying some snuggles with Eloise.}


{The only way to end the year is with Snappy Dragon delivered!}


{Eloise was dying to get in on a game of Catan!}


{With family in town, we must have played at least five games of Catan!}


{Eloise loves her Paga! Isn’t it so fun when kids make up the names for grandparents? This one is definitely sticking around.}


{Eloise was all about the funny faces to entertain everyone at dinnertime.}


{And she loves her Grammie (or Mimi) so much too!}


{Eloise the jellyfish!}


{We took a family trip to the Aquarium on Sunday and it was so fun. Eloise and my sister loved the sea otters!}


{Thankful for these two as we started the New Year: Eloise and the bump. Also Sonnet James dresses are awesome as maternity dresses and absolutely work after the baby is born too!}


{Post-dinner shenanigans with Papa and Paga.}

Happy happy 2017! We were lucky enough to have my family – Paga, Mimi, and Aunt Yaya – come up to visit for a few days for a post-Christmas celebration. It was SO cold, but we had a good time staying in and watching football, and even venturing out a bit!

We (Eloise and I) were also so lucky to have Aaron home almost the entire holiday season (these past two weeks) even if we were sick for the first bit. It felt like a weekend every day which is much easier on this Mama! But, we are back to the daily grind starting tomorrow with Eloise headed back to school and resuming our normal weekly activities.

It is so crazy that the New Year is upon us since it has felt so far away for the past few months. Now we are kicking it into high gear and I will be ferociously hitting my to-do list before Baby Foot joins us in about 50 (50!) days!

How was your New Year’s weekend?


{And thanks to my sister for some of the pics!}

my {long Christmas} weekend in pictures.

Not a huge weekend update, but here are a smattering of photos from our Christmas weekend!


{This kid! Eloise wants to wear her sunglasses all the time, even when it’s dark outside. And if there is even the slightest bit of light, she covers her eyes and says “too bright mama!” This is definitely a PNW kid and a true Seattleite!}


{We opened stockings and presents from Santa first thing on Christmas morning. Eloise was so sweet, and wanted to open and play with everything before moving onto the next present. This stretched Christmas out all day long which was fine with us!}


{This year’s Christmas table. It was so fun to use my late grandmother’s brass candlesticks, chargers, and crystal. We brunched with Aaron’s brother and some close friends, but Christmas dinner was just the three of us! It was fun to start creating our own traditions; thus far it is Chinese food for Christmas Eve and lobster for Christmas!}


{Feeling so blessed this Christmas with my little family!}


{Cheese! Eloise and Sadie were pretty excited about heading out for a post-Christmas dinner walk to see the lights around the neighborhood.}


{And today Aaron and I spent most of our day cleaning out the pantry. Nesting in full effect!}

We laid-low this weekend since we were all a little under the weather with nasty colds, but by Christmas we were all feeling pretty good! Celebrating Christmas this year was so fun since Eloise mostly understood what was going on and had a ton of Christmas spirit! She replaced her normal “happy birthday” which she says all the time with “Merry Christmas!” And we have a few days to recover before my family heads into town for a belated Christmas celebration!

How was your holiday weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise and I made Christmas treats for our neighbors on Friday afternoon. We always give them our Christmas card in-person (usually Aaron and Eloise go out around the neighborhood one evening) and I thought it would be fun to add some sweet treats. We made this Christmas Chex Mix and this Pre-School Fudge. If I get my act together, I will share pictures of the final results!}


{Santa came a little early this year and left a new-to-us red car in the driveway! Just kidding, we sat at the car dealership all morning on Saturday. We are turning in our VW Golf Wagen in a few weeks (after the TDI scandal) and needed a replacement. I never thought we would have an SUV, but with Baby Foot’s impending arrival, it seemed like a good fit for us!}


{We went to our friends’ annual Bite Party on Saturday night where everyone brings an appetizer or dessert to share and then everyone votes on the best. We made this Dark Chocolate Tart with Sea Salt and it was pretty good! Note: if you like super sweet desserts, this is not for you.}


{We finally got our new fireplace done and it is all decorated for the holiday! The final piece was adding logs and lights to the firebox (eventually we may add an electric insert). I will be sure to share more pictures soon since it is so beautiful all decorated and Aaron did an amazing job!}


{I finally have a shelf – thanks Baby Foot! Enjoying a pre-barre bowl of cereal nearly hands-free. Sidenote: did any other mamas lose their appetites during the third trimester?}


{Weekly pizza night and Eloise is always eager to help roll out the dough. Aaron always lets her make her own pizza and it is the cutest.}

What a fun weekend we had! It is still super cold here (by PNW standards) and barely getting to 40 degrees most days but we are staying as warm as we can; it is this time of year we are so thankful for our radiant heated floors! Eloise seems to have picked up a cold which progressed over the past two days and now I am feeling stuffy… fingers crossed we will kick this before Christmas!

We are looking forward to a fun week before settling in for the holiday weekend! I can’t believe Christmas is just a week away!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise and I crafted on Friday afternoon and I am planning on sharing this week for Pinterest Christmas!}


{Our own Cindy-Lou Who! Eloise’s hair is getting so, so long, and I thought maybe we could get it cut (the first one!) later this month, but when I asked her about it the other day she said “no thanks.”}


{Aaron has been working so, so hard on this fireplace project – did I ever share that he is building a fireplace in our living room? – and he promised to get it done in time for Christmas. So we spent a lot of the weekend priming and painting so that I can decorate my new mantle!}


{We brunched with the Andersons this morning at an old favorite, Portage Bay Café, and Eloise has gotten pretty good at using a fork. Even though the restaurant was a little crazy busy, it was great to catch up with friends!}


{And Eloise was being super silly this afternoon… she has a pretty good sense of humor these days!}

Sorry for the lack of exciting pictures. After the excitement of the snow on Friday, it was pretty rainy and yucky outside which wasn’t very inspiring. We laid pretty low and got some things done around the house – good for us but didn’t make for great photo opportunities! I absolutely cannot believe that we are two weeks away from Christmas – I have so much left to do!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.

{In case you missed it on my Instagram or Facebook, we are teaching Eloise how to play hide-and-seek. She is good at hiding (with some help) but staying quiet is definitely a steep learning curve!}


{Eloise, Sadie, and I have been walking around the block either before or after lunch these days since by the time she gets up from her nap in the afternoon it is basically dark. And just in the past week it we have gotten much colder, so its out with all of our winter gear!}


{On Friday I watched the Huskies win the Pac 12 Championship! Such a good game. Excited (and nervous) to see them play Alabama in the play-offs!}


{December means Christmas tree shopping. Eloise wasn’t too sure about all of those tall trees and spent most of the time up on Aaron’s shoulders. We did find a great tree though, its little but so cute! I decorated the top half while Eloise napped this afternoon, and Aaron and Eloise decorated the bottom half while I was at Pure Barre.}


{Christmas decorations all down from the attic! I am always amazed by how many boxes there are since it doesn’t seem like I have that many decorations!}


{Eloise sitting with her two ornaments she got this year. Every year as a kid my mom got my sister and I Christmas ornaments (many of which now hang on our tree) and it is a tradition I wanted to continue! Earlier in the week Eloise and I hit up Target and I let her choose her ornament for this year. Of course I couldn’t say no when she wanted lumberjack Santa and a lion!}


{I came home from my workout to find my two best people hanging Christmas lights. Well, Aaron was hanging Christmas lights and Eloise was dancing to the Christmas music! But then she got super distracted by my bag and insisted it be in the picture.}


{The start of the week means packing a lunch for Eloise! I have enjoyed this a surprising amount, but get back to me in May when I am packing her PB & J and goldfish crackers!}

We had a super chilly and festive weekend getting ready for Christmas! I was a little bah-humbug on Saturday and decorating anything seemed like way too much work, but by this afternoon, I was ready to get everything up. And as usual, the weekend went way too quickly!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise had her first dance class on Friday morning and she was so excited to be a “ballerina”! A few of her friends (& their mamas) are in the class too which makes it so much more fun. She had a blast and chatted about it for the rest of the day. Also, when did she turn into such a big kid?!}


{Aaron was busy this week on another big project for the house – a fireplace! We are both really excited about this one, just in time for Christmas!}


{And our old media center is now our new sideboard! Love this piece here! Now to just refinish that dining room table and chairs… maybe someday. Le sigh.}


{Eloise loved Karly this weekend whose house we crashed before having dinner with Ben & Sarah on Saturday. Thanks for having us Karly!}


{Of course, a game of Drawful after dinner. I won by a landslide and still unsure how I managed it!}


{Eloise loves these little bubbling fountains at the U Village, so we killed some time over there while we waited for the stores to open. Holiday shopping season has officially begun and it was already so packed! We did manage to catch the early Black Friday sale at Land of Nod though and order a few things for Baby Foot’s nursery, including the rug! Plus, I let Eloise pick out a stuffed animal for the baby and she picked the most adorable alligator!}


{I am finishing up a custom flag for a friend that I just love!}


{The bump and I made our Sunday afternoon class and since a fellow mama-to-be was there too, we decided it would be great to take a picture of the bumps! Pure Barre is hands-down the best pre-natal workout for me as it kept me strong during my pregnancy and helped immensely post-partum!}

A super rainy weekend kept us mostly inside trying to tackle a few projects before we head into the short holiday week. I am really excited for Thanksgiving at the end of the week and spending some time with my family (and away from the chaos of normal life, right?). I know once we get home we will be hitting the ground running and Christmas will be here. As much as I LOVE Christmas (seriously, LOVE!) I am not quite ready for it… Maybe I will be more excited to decorate post-Thanksgiving?

How was your weekend?