my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Eloise is getting lots of practice changing diapers these days! She is going to be the best big sister.}


{I finally finished this painted globe for Baby’s nursery and I am so in LOVE! I will hopefully be sharing all of the details of the nursery soon!}


{Taking it easy during the end of E’s nap on Friday. I have gotten almost everything done on my to-do-before-the-baby-comes list but boy was it exhausting!}


{These two snugglers on Saturday morning!}


{Eloise and Aaron headed downtown on the train (and in the Ergo which is Eloise’s favorite!) to the Tiny Tots Symphony on Saturday morning for an Eloise & Papa date. E was a little shy at first, but enjoyed the performance. Thanks for the tickets Amanda!}


{Eloise running full speed towards the play ground at U Village after dinner on Saturday night.}


{Mama had to make a Molly Moon’s stop before we headed home after the play ground.}


{Eloise and I made banana bread, per her request, on Sunday morning. I liked the recipe since there was no refined sugar, but it ended up a little dry. I’ll have to tweak the recipe the next time!}


{I made little gifts for the L&D nurses this afternoon to bring with us to the hospital. I know it seems like a lot since we will probably only have two or three nurses (one L&D and one post-partum) but Aaron eagerly handed them to anyone who walked into the hospital room last time and we quickly ran out!}


{Grammie and Paga (my parents) got into town this afternoon and Eloise has been having a blast with them, including joining Grammie for some late afternoon yoga.}


{And she liked reading thru Paga’s magazine and pointing out all of the pictures.}

Well, it was a nice long weekend, and even though it rained thru much of it, we still thoroughly enjoyed it! We didn’t have a lot of plans since I didn’t know whether I would be going into labor or not, so we sort of just laid low and hung out, getting a few last minute things done. It sort of felt like a final weekend for me: last Pure Barre class, last dinner out just the three of us, last bedtime with just Eloise… I have a sneaky feeling this baby is coming soon!

How was your long weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise LOVES playing and reading in the nursery. And here’s a sneak peek!}


{Valentine’s Day cards for Eloise’s school friends. This is the BEST! She loved picking out the stickers for her friends.}


{After a PEPS play date on Saturday morning, we stopped by our local bookstore to sell some used books. Eloise was in heaven in the kids’ section! A girl after my own heart. If I could, I would buy her every single book in that store!}


{Thanks to June & January for sending the sweetest baby hat! If you are looking for simple, but super cute clothes for babies and kids, go check it out!}


{An obligatory belly shot in the nursery. Pants, especially jeans, are the worst this past week or so. Just super uncomfortable. But I am mostly pretty good in these chambray joggers from the Gap – elastic waist and they feel like jammies! I can’t get myself to wear leggings outside the house or working out – leggings aren’t pants, IMHO! – so I will definitely be picking up some more joggers for early post-partum outings!}


{Aaron was so sweet and took Eloise to the grocery store this morning so I didn’t have to make the trip on Tuesday (our usual shopping day) since it’s my birthday this week! I added flowers to the list since I have been obsessed with these tulips recently, and he brought me home the sweetest bouquet!}


{Headed to a quick barre class and it was SO sunny that I had to dig out my sunnies! Look at that blue sky.}


{It has been so amazing being able to continue to do Pure Barre thru-out both of my pregnancies. I know that it has kept me strong both during and after baby. Plus, Sami is the BEST! If you are in Seattle, go let her kick your butt!}


{We were so excited to attend a celebration for Baby Steiner this evening! Hailey (middle) is due just one day before me, and Jess is due in April, so not too much longer! There are going to be so many babies! It was so fun to catch up with everyone and wear stripes  – haha! And thanks for the photo Jess!}


{Amanda was so sweet and made Eloise this cape for Christmas and a special “big sister” bag for Valentine’s Day! I think I caught Eloise mid-sass!}

This weekend felt like it flew by, but it was so, so pretty this afternoon that I am mostly okay with it. 50 degrees and the sun was out – magical I tell you! Seattle, could you make every day between now and summer like this, with any and all rain showers or clouds limited to overnight?

We got a few last-minute things done that were sort of lingering, and I am feeling really good going into this week. It’s a super special week with a deep cleaning of our house, a mani/pedi for Mama, birthday and Valentine’s Day celebrations – hooray! So much to look forward to!

How was your weekend?


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my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise and I met our PEPS friends at open gym on Friday morning, and Eloise had so much fun! I was worried that she might just hold my hand and be shy (which she often does in new situations) but she was eager to climb and jump on everything!}


{I finally found a globe to paint as a project for Baby Foot’s nursery. I am hoping to get it done this week!}


{We were at U Village for dinner on Friday, so a trip to Molly Moon’s was a must. I really wanted to try a milkshake (since I just discovered that was an offering!) but since the store is undergoing some construction, there is the ice cream truck instead… so, no milkshake. But, I did get a pint which mostly hit the spot!}


{We spent a lot of Saturday trying to go thru boxes and organize our office/guest room. Eloise had a lot of fun helping us go thru all of the things and also wearing her art smock!}


{Eloise has been doing so much imaginative play lately, and one of the big things is that the bottom third of our stairs is her “airplane.” She brings out all of her books and stuffed animals from her room and everyone goes on a flight. It is the cutest.}


{We headed to the Seattle Children’s Museum this morning and had a blast! Eloise and I had to take a selfie on the “train.”}


{All aboard!}


{Eloise also really liked the Metro bus.}


{And the fire truck! It was so fun to be at the museum this morning since it was one that I went to as a kid whenever we visited my late grandmother – such memories!}


{Post-nap (well, the nap that never happened…) we headed to a friend’s house for the Super Bowl. It was a little scary walking into a “Pat’s Nation” party, but everything turned out pretty well. I wanted to see the Falcons win, but at least it was a decent game (except for OT – why can’t the NFL play college OT rules? Such a bummer that the Falcons didn’t even get a chance in OT).}


{Eloise got a balloon from the party and she was in heaven. It was cold and rainy all day, so she was happy in her rain boots and rain jacket. When did she get so big?}

This weekend went so fast! Probably because I had a huge to-do list (poor Aaron!) that we actually got almost all the way thru. I am determined to get all of the things done before this baby comes, so it is no down-time around the Lower house these days! But, we had some fun seeing friends and having family time too.

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{We visited Papa at work on Friday in his new office. Eloise approved and really liked his badge holder!}


{We had a family dinner at the Sadliers – a super fun tradition now – and we finally wrangled the kids into jammies for story time.}


{More baby prepping means baby gear is starting to make an appearance. Eloise is obsessed with the infant car seat!}


{And the moment of truth came Saturday when we installed the infant car seat in the car. We have a slight issue with Aaron needing the seat back further than the car seat will allow… so, we can either put Eloise behind the driver’s seat and turn her forward-facing – which I really am not ready for! – or get her a slimmer car seat… Hopefully we have a few weeks to figure it out!}


{Testing out my Solly Baby Wrap with one of Baby Foot’s stuffed animals and really love it! I like that it is adjustable so Aaron can wear it too if he wants. My mama got me the Rifle Paper Co. print and it is so, so beautiful!}


{I wanted to make sure to get a picture of Eloise in her new tunic that my sister-in-law knit for her for Christmas – it is so gorgeous! And Eloise looks like she is ready to start kindergarten… where did our baby go?}


{We discovered that Baby Stella fits into our newborn diapers. Eloise has been obsessed with changing her diaper recently.}



{Nesting is in full effect around the Lower house and I finally got a chance to clean the fridge!}

I have purposefully not made plans for these past few weekends because my to-do list(s) are so long still and I am liking just lying-low. But, we got so much done including getting art up on Eloise’s new room and scheduling a deep house clean (YES)!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{On Friday mornings we have dance class, so Eloise always wants to wear her tutu skirt. And she also picked out the rest of her outfit! That yellow sweatshirt is mine from when I was three and she loves it!}


{This is about half of the packages we got on Friday… seriously, it felt like Christmas with USPS, UPS, and FedEx! Between last-minute stuff for Baby Foot and my upcoming birthday – I think that is why Aaron is getting so many packages! – we had a lot coming in.}


{Eloise is obsessed with the Ergo – it’s the sweetest and means lots of snuggle time with Papa since I can’t wear the Ergo with my belly at the moment. So imagine her excitement when we got this Tula carrier which is super similar from Aaron’s sister. Sheer delight!}


{We worked on moving Eloise to her new room and got far enough by Saturday’s nap time to try out her new bed. This is how well it went… we pretty quickly figured out we needed to move her sound machine and lamp to the other side of the dresser! She eventually went down after over an hour and in her crib. It has been MUCH better for the rest of the weekend and she is officially in her new room! I will share more details soon.}


{We spent all morning moving the rest of Eloise’s room, including her closet. Eloise was amused by all of the fun new things that we uncovered, like this playmat, while insisting on being dressed in her turkey costume!}


{A post-barre trip to TJ’s was nice since I was alone but maybe not the best since I had just worked out and it was nearly dinnertime! But I mostly managed to stick to my list and pretty quickly realized I had to be able to carry everything a few blocks to the car, so I didn’t go crazy!}

This weekend was amazing for me because I got to full-on nest! We cleaned and organized and got Eloise into her new room which means that I now have full access to the nursery to prep for Baby Foot’s arrival! It is crazy to have Eloise in her new big kid room though and have the nursery empty… we are going to have two kids soon! It is starting to feel like I need more time but I am thankful I still have four weeks since last time around we were prepping the nursery two days before Eloise was born!

How was your weekend?


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{I am so thankful that this kid loves reading as much as she does! Reading to Stella on the car ride home. She didn’t want to get out of the car until she finished the book…}


{When you are eight months pregnant, putting your napkin in your lap takes on an entirely new form!}


{On Saturday morning we had our monthly PEPS playdate! Eloise and Eli enjoyed a breakfast of fruit and homemade bagels – they were amazing!}


{Cuddles with Eloise and the bump post-nap.}


{So I may or may not have broken the sink sprayer (that black one) which made our sink pretty useless. This is all “original” to about the 70s so we’ve sort of been dying to replace it!}


{And then you have to make a decision about which one you want out of what seems like a million faucets. Seriously, why does it have to be so complicated?}


{And then your awesome husband spends most of Saturday night installing the new faucet. The actual install took him hardly any time, it was getting the old faucet out since it was rusted in! Eloise was, obviously, super helpful too!}


{And there you go, new faucet! It makes a HUGE difference already since we have a super shallow sink. At some point in the next few years we will do a complete kitchen gut and remodel, but this should hold us off for now.}


{Sunday was spent almost entirely in Eloise’s new room getting it ready for her big transition in a few weeks. Walls are painted (thanks to our neighbor a few weekends ago!), chandelier is up, bed is assembled and painted, webcam is up, dresser was delivered, bookshelves hung.}


{I am so excited to see this space come together! Also, trash cans. We may have to build a little fence for those or something…}


{Bump post-barre which looks WAY bigger from a bird’s eye view than it actually is!}


{This morning Eloise and I headed over to Land of Nod to see Caspar Babypants in concert. She was having such a good time clapping, singing, and dancing (I promise) but as soon as I tried to take a picture, stoic. This is the best I got!}


{It was so (so) crowded, but we got there a little early and snagged a bean bag chair! Eloise had a great time at her very first concert and even snagged a signed CD!}


{I set up the new diaper shipment for Baby Foot which seemed surreal since it seems like so long ago that Eloise was in diapers full time. I can’t wait to see these tiny newborn diapers! And even though we pay a premium above other diaper brands, I love not having to go to the store to get diapers and wipes and instead have them delivered. We may also try Parasol which is a similar diaper delivery since I have heard good things!}


{And, Happy Valentine’s Day! We are less than a month away from that big celebration, so I figured I should get my wreath up since other festive Valentine’s Day décor is not likely to go up this year. And that is mostly because I am worried that it won’t get taken down until this summer because, newborns and toddlers!}

It was a fun long weekend and, as usual, ended too quickly! I can’t believe we are into the second part of January already. But, we got SO many projects done around the house which makes this nesting mama so happy! Rain is forecasted for this week (bummer!) but it’s a short one at least!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Amanda hosted such a fun Baby Shower/Celebration for me and Baby Foot on Saturday morning (I will be sure to share pictures soon!) and I finally got a chance to wear my new Hatch Collection jumper. A little out of my comfort zone (and Aaron doesn’t love jumpers or rompers so much) but I am in love! So comfy and I want to wear it everyday!}


{We finally had to say good-bye to our Golf Wagen which we turned back in as part of the TDI scandal. It was a bit of a sad day.}


{Eloise was sporting a super high pony thanks to Grammie. That face!}


{Cuddles with this girl on a cold and blustery evening.}


{Grammie slept in the new Murphy bed that Aaron built this fall and winter, and Eloise was obsessed. She wanted to be all tucked in with all of her friends.}


{Cuddles with Papa while we waited for dinner this evening. Love these two.}

We had Grammie back in town and it got warmer than freezing, so it was a pretty great weekend all around! I was so honored to have a Baby Shower thrown by Amanda and loved, loved being around so many women that mean so much to me – my tribe. Tomorrow is back to normal with Eloise headed back to school and back to our regularly scheduled activities. A bit of a relief as we count down the weeks until this baby is born.

How was your weekend?