my weekend in pictures.


{This was happening on Friday morning as we were trying to head out of the house. I wanted to scream “You can’t wear socks and sandals!” but she was so proud that she could buckle her sandals. Luckily, she changed her mind and went with sneakers! #phew}


{Sadie’s bed is Daphne’s new favorite spot!}


{The girls in matching lemon jammies. My heart is so full!}


{We took a family walk down to Greenlake on Saturday morning after breakfast and even though it was freezing (and we weren’t dressed warmly enough) it was still fun!}


{Aaron didn’t want to take the stroller, so when Eloise said she was tired 3/4 of the way home, she hitched a ride!}


{I took a friend Thai take-out and lactation cookies since she just had a baby. Within 1 second of being in the car with that food I regretted not also ordering Thai for us!}


{I had a few errands to run this morning, so Eloise and I made it into a mama-Eloise date to U Village, complete with popcorn and coffee.}


{The girls were sort of bouncing off the walls this afternoon and evening, so a relaxing sheet mask was in order tonight. Also, I picked up this Cocofloss after hearing such good things about it; has anyone else tried it?}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no real plans. Aaron spent about 3 hours in the yard on Saturday afternoon (because SUN) and now it looks amazing! I am so ready for spring especially since the spring bulbs are popping up all over the city. How was your weekend?


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my weekend in pictures.


{Friends invited us out for dinner on Friday night so we hit up Optimism Brewery in Capitol Hill since it is super kid-friendly and we had 5 kiddos. Plus, there was a food truck.}


{These girlie were running laps around all evening long and didn’t stop until right before we left, but, of course, I didn’t get a picture of them playing.}


{Daphne and I headed up north to a mama brunch (while Aaron and Eloise headed to ballet and PEPS) and Daphne loved all of the attention!}


{The afternoon sun. Gimme.}


{It was so sunny and gorgeous that we had to play outside on Saturday afternoon. Felt like spring weather. And there is Sadie always making sure her girls are okay.}


{Daphne LOVES being outside. The grass, the sidewalk, you name it, she loves it!}


{And Eloise was helping Aaron who was doing some spring yard clean-up.}


{Daphne and I ran a few errands this morning (before U Village got TOO crazy) and also stopped by to pick up some compost for the garden.}


{And you can’t say no to Girl Scouts, right? So I picked up a few boxes of cookies.}


{Daphne always wants to go outside if she sees Sadie on the back deck.}


{Aaron and Eloise started prepping our raised garden bed for planting.}


{Writing thank you notes for Daphne’s birthday so I don’t forget. And I will be working on a blog post all about her birthday party so stay tuned!}


{We went for a family walk around the block after dinner because SUN and Eloise, being the true Seattleite that she is, she sees the sun and puts on shorts!}

We had such a SUNNY and WARM weekend, and it was so lovely. Seriously, after some serious gray and rain, I needed this weather to give me life. I know it’s going to be back to grey and rainy for a while before we really get spring weather, but it was so nice that this fell over a weekend.

And we are already heading into the middle of March. How is this happening?

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{A pants optional Friday morning waiting for Grammie to come into town.}


{I squeezed in my final BBG workout on Friday during Daphne’s nap and it felt so good to make it to my 12 week goal. I have had tons of questions about BBG so I will do a review post coming soon.}


{Almost as soon as Grammie got to our house she and Eloise were crafting. This is Eloise’s happy place!}




{So silly Daph! We celebrated Daphne’s birthday (again) with burgers at Eureka!}


{Love this little family of mine.}


{And even though it was freezing, it didn’t stop us from getting ice cream from our favorite Molly Moon’s ice cream shop! This was Eloise’s first ice cream in a cone and it only fell once; I was pretty impressed.}


{We celebrated this new one year old on Saturday afternoon with our friends and family. There are lots of pictures to share so stay tuned for a birthday party post.}


{It took her a while, but eventually Daphne really got into her cake. This is the aftermath.}


{And back to U Village (we sort of live there, ha!) for dinner last night since no one wanted to cook and dim sum sounded so yummy.}


{These two. Swoon!}


{I love that Daphne is a complete blur in this photo. It completely sums her up right now: always on the move.}


{Eloise had a play-doh bakery this morning.}


{Daphne received a few new books for her birthday this weekend and she is obsessed!}


{Pizza delivery for dinner! Yep, still lazy.}


{We had an early dinner and then Grammie, Eloise, and I headed out to see Daniel Tiger Live at The Moore Theater.}


{And there’s the whole gang! Eloise was a little overwhelmed at first since there were so many new things to see, but she got into it pretty quickly and clapped and danced along with the play.}

We have had SO much fun continuing to celebrate Daphne’s birthday (she gets the entire month, right?) and having Grammie in town. Plus, it’s March so we are so much closer to spring!

How was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.

Actually, this ended up being my week in pictures because Eloise was home for mid-winter break this week. We had almost no plans for the week because I didn’t want to be overly ambitious trying to get two kids all over town. So we mostly stayed home. Which was great. And it also caused some cabin fever. Plus, our weather was really cold, so staying home in our jammies just felt right!


{I am definitely not tired, Mama. Oh, okay.}


{The playground at U Village does have little heaters so we managed some time there for a bit one morning. And Eloise had the idea of pushing Daphne around in one of the cozy coupe cars. I thought for sure this would be a major regret, but they both loved it!}


{Daphne did not want to stop.}


{Aside from some of the more unusual precipitation we experienced this week – hail, snow, sleet, wind – we saw the SUN! And Sadie was enjoying every bit of it.}


{Eloise, before bed one night, insisted on organizing her kitchen. It was impressive. If it wouldn’t have been so late, I would have had her work on my pantry too!}


{I mentioned Daphne always has something in her mouth (that way both of her hands are free, right?) and this is what I mean. And it means she drools so much more.}


{Snow! Not a lot but enough to get excited about. We usually don’t get a lot of snow in town even when the ‘burbs do.}


{Playing together after breakfast. It is one of my favorite times of the day.}


{Because we had snow on the ground, I decided I needed to bundle the girls up and go outside and play, even though I just wanted to stay inside and admire it from my living room. But Daphne hadn’t ever really seen snow before and Eloise was begging to make a snowman. So I managed to get everyone majorly bundled up.}


{Daphne was curious about the snow at first.}


{Eloise LOVED it!}


{But Daph realized she didn’t like it. Not one bit. And she cried until I picked her up and she wouldn’t let me put her down. Which made building a snowman a little tricky.}


{So we had to wait until Daphne went down for her morning nap and we built this snow person. A contractor was driving by just as we finished a said “That’s such a great snow person. Nice work!” And so, instead of a snowman, we had a snow person.}


{With a side of sass and a celery nose.}


{Eloise normally has ballet on Saturday morning, but we can make-up classes on Thursday afternoon. And somehow, on Thursday afternoon, I managed to get two kids out of the house and all the way to Fremont in traffic and parallel parked on the street in a “princess parking spot” (right in front) and we were 15 minutes early! #momwin Eloise was the only student in the class this week which made me nervous that she wouldn’t participate, but she did so well!}


{Bed head.}




{I was laughing so hard which is probably why this picture is blurry, but I thought she was going to go in head first!}




{We had friends over last night for a family dinner and it was so FUN! Eloise and Harlon (far left) were born just one day apart and have known each other their entire lives!}


{Papa the jungle gym and Daphne practicing her squatting.}


{Eloise was reading Daphne stories this afternoon while Aaron made dinner. It was so sweet.}

We had a fun week all being home, but holy cow am I ready for school to start again! I am definitely not cut out to have two kids home all day, every day. Help me come this summer!

This weekend we kept similarly non-scheduled since these next few weeks will be jam-packed with birthday festivities and Grammie heading into town. Plus, Daphne’s one year well-check and photoshoot soon too.

How was your weekend?


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{Snack time with Daph.}


{Hello Fresh meal! We’ve been getting one order (three meals) once per month and it’s a fun change to our normal dinner routine.}


{We spent Saturday morning celebrating Miss Emme James turning one! She is just a week and a half older than Daphne.}


{And more birthday party fun. It was dry and sunny, albeit cold, but Eloise was down for playing outside. We had come straight from ballet and had chosen to wear two different rain boots (both the left one)!}


{We headed to U Village on Saturday afternoon after naptime to do some late birthday shopping and celebration for Mama! After a fun trip to Madewell we stopped by the playground. Daphne loved this little window, but was really unsure about the slide.}


{We tried Even Stevens for dinner and it was delish! Sammies are pretty much our family jam.}


{And no birthday celebration is complete without Molly Moon’s ice cream. Eloise got a gift card for her birthday and was so excited to use it to buy her own!}


{It was probably in the 30s and so windy, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying every bit of our ice cream outside!}


{These girls both LOVE books. Such a joy!}


{This morning we decided we would stay in our jammies for most of the day since it is the start of Eloise’s mid-winter break. And she opted to add faux fur to her ensemble.}


{Eloise had quiet time, per usual, this afternoon and just as I was going to head down to get her and Daphne up it got really quiet. And I came down to find her asleep like this! I guess she was tired.}

We had a fun weekend continuing with birthday celebrations and seeing friends! It was bitterly cold and we had a few small snowflakes fall which was exciting. But the SUN has been out and it’s been so, so beautiful. I will take cold and sunny over warm and rainy any day. We kicked the week off with a lazy holiday Monday and Eloise will be home all week from school!

How was your long weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne playing on Friday morning. We stayed in our jammies for some of the morning before deciding at the last minute to run out on an errand. Most Fridays we stay in our jammies since Eloise doesn’t have school.}


{And while Daphne napped, Eloise and I started crafting for Valentine’s Day. I love the idea of homemade cards. But then it is so much work! Plus, I took on making all of her friends super hero masks… remind me not to be so ambitious next year!}


{The SUN was out in the afternoon and it was glorious. The girls played quietly in the afternoon for a few minutes and it was heaven.}


{And more crafting. See above. (face palm)}


{Eloise thought it was WAY too sunny on Saturday morning before PEPS. Also, I put Daphne’s hair into a teeny-tiny ponytail for the first time. Swoon. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but don’t you worry that I will get a good one to post soon!}


{We hosted PEPS on Saturday morning and ended up with a house full of kids, mamas, papas, and babies. It was perfect and so fun!}


{It was so nice and sunny outside, though still pretty cold, that I couldn’t stay inside while the girls napped on Saturday afternoon. So I got out for my cardio session and walked down to Greenlake. It was crazy busy there, but so beautiful!}


{We had family dinner at a friend’s house and Daphne took advantage of the big kids playing hide-and-seek.}


{And the kids’ evening ended with all of them wearing baskets on their heads and running down the stairs.}


{And after bedtime, we got in a game and some good conversation. Oh, and snacks. So many snacks! Thank you for hosting us Amanda and George!}


{The kids’ kitchen cabinet is getting good use these days. And Christmas jammies because why not?}


{I headed over to Sara’s house this morning for a Galentine’s Day Brunch and it was so fun to see old and new friends! I even got to wear a sparkly skirt and heels, and drink my coffee while it was still hot! It’s the little things.}


{I headed out to Pure Barre this afternoon and loved wearing my sunglasses. This is the best kind of winter weather, in my opinion, cold enough for a coat but sunny enough for sunglasses!}


{I almost always hit up Trader Joe’s after Barre since it’s just a block away and if I stick to my list, I can get it all in a basket! But then I have to lug that basket all over the store with my super sore arms from Barre. I may re-think this decision next week.}


{And my view when I got home this evening. Do you think they missed me?}

We had such a fun weekend and the SUN made it 10,000% better! We got to see a ton of friends and catch up which is always a good time. And, this week is Valentine’s Day and my BIRTHDAY, so we are all pretty excited.

But I am also in denial that I am turning one year older, that we are in the middle of February already, that Eloise is officially 3.5 (with her post coming soon!), and that Daphne is just weeks away from being ONE.

Here’s to an amazing week and Happy Valentine’s Day!


my weekend in pictures.


{Making banana bread on Friday morning while Daphne napped. Eloise was SO excited!}


{We saw some blue sky this weekend, just for a bit, and even then it was glorious. After weeks of grey and rain, I needed to see this blue!}


{Eloise passed out during quiet time. But I can only let her sleep for about 30 minutes or else bedtime becomes nightmare-ish!}


{And we headed out on Saturday for a double date night with friends. We had dinner and then did an escape room, and we had the BEST time! It was so fun.}


{Papa and Eloise shenanigans after Saturday morning ballet class.}


{And Saturday night we had our dear friend Brenda over and Eloise was dying to play a game after dinner, so Sleeping Queens it was. If you have little kids, get this game. Even though Eloise is way too young for it (according to the box) she gets all of it (except for the math part which we leave out) and it is actually pretty fun! Because you can only play Candyland so many times, right?}

{An interview of Eloise about art. She is hilarious! She and Aaron are making me special presents for my birthday. Don’t worry, they aren’t a surprise!}


{And napping again. Those crossed legs though.}


{Maybe it was cliche, but I did watch the Superbowl mostly for the halftime show – a JT concert! I love JT but was underwhelmed with the show… anyone else? And how about those Eagles? I despise the Patriots, so it was easy to root for Philly this year.}


{And a selfie with Eloise and Baby Stella.}

We wrapped up the weekend watching This Is Us so any pictures would have been Aaron and I sobbing. That show is the best. And the saddest. Oh my heart.

We had a fun weekend without too many plans which is always the best kind, right? Plus, we got a date night which was really the best. I am determined to have a monthly date night, and so far, so good (two months in, ha)!

How was your weekend?