my weekend in pictures.


{sadie cuddling with the bump.}


{hit up the nordy’s anni sale with my mom on saturday. haven’t been to the anni sale in person in years since I always pre-sale. what a nut house!}


{I finally decided I could wear a pair of birkenstocks. then I found out my feet are too small… #fail}


{got the car seat this weekend & finally got to see my cover in action!}


{found my grandmother’s old slides & enjoyed lots of slideshows of her life.}


{finally got the glider for the nursery delivered! it is living in the living room until the nursery space is ready.}


{started doing lots of baby laundry. #nesting}


{went on a double date to see begin again with aaron & my parents. it was really cute & has a great soundtrack!}

this weekend we had the pleasure of hosting my parents & some cooler summer weather! I feel like we got quite a few things checked off the to-do list which is feeling really great. a little weird to be going into my last week of work this week – it’s hard to complain about monday morning!

how was your weekend?

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