my weekend in pictures.


{friday morning breakfast at starbucks: oatmeal & a latte. the best! #breakfastisbetterwhenyoudon’thavetomakeit}


{my parents were & we took them to boom noodle, one of our favorites!}


{of course we had to hit up nordstrom for the half-yearly men’s sale!}


{my mom adores the veggie salad at nordstrom café so i took one for the team & joined in for a lunch date.}


{loving my new saltwater sandals. i had at least one pair as a kid & loved them! so nostalgic.}


{last weekend aaron & my dad took down all of our storm windows. this weekend aaron worked on prepping the window frames for some new paint.}


{i had fun making a birthday card with fun paper & washi tape.}


{the view of the city skyline from i-5. #iheartseattle}


{we got to catch up with old friends from law school & meet new friends at my friend sarah’s birthday party this weekend. happy birthday sarah!}


{i finally got back to my beloved sunday morning yoga class after taking off the last month to do a body pump challenge (which i finished, yay!). #namaste}


{got some new fabric delivered for a project i am hoping to get started on this summer. so excited!}


{not that i needed an excuse to visit west elm, but there was a sale & we may have bought something. okay, a few things. can’t wait to share!}


{we finally got to the grocery store on a sunday which makes monday evening so much better. loving the shopping bag we got from our friend jerry – all the way from london, so fancy!}


{we attended a small law school reunion dinner party at oddfellows to see & catch up with our friend sarah – different sarah – who was in town for a wedding. it was so great to see everyone though!}


{we can’t go to capitol hill without visiting molly moon’s especially since it was right around the corner. one of the summer season flavors is a vegan coconut chunk – amazing & the best part is no tummy-ache!}

we had a fun & productive weekend with half of it being gorgeous & the other half of it being grey. & by productive i mean aaron got a lot done. i, on the other hand, still have a to-do list a mile long. #itnevergetsshorter

how was your weekend?


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