friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Magnetic False Lashes.

{via One Two Cosmetics – Original Lash}

It seems like it has been a lifetime ago that I had lash extensions (the year we got married and it was AMAZING) or even used falsies, but I dream about long, lush lashes again. It is awesome not to have to wear eye make-up which I found to be true when I had extensions. But, at this point in my life, it just doesn’t seem worth the money or the hassle to have lashes and lash fills… But, I just found out about these false magnetic lashes and I am intrigued! What do you think about false lashes?

{two} Framebridge Heartsagram.


{via Framebridge}

I have heard a ton about Framebridge from bloggers and actually just put in my first order (I will let you know how it goes!), but these Heartsagrams that are available for Valentine’s Day are so perfect! And for $39 they make a great gift for a spouse, grandparent, or bestie! Now, which Instagram photo to use…

{three} Health!

Finally this week, I am feeling so thankful for our health. We are finally over the colds that took us out over Christmas (knock on wood!) and it is amazing. I always forget how awful it is to be sick until I am on the mend. Plus, when you are a parent, you just don’t get a break, even when you feel awful. So here’s to being healthy for the rest of cold and flu season!!

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friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday! I wanted to pop-in one last time to share some of what I am loving this week, and then will be back in the New Year!

{one} Burberry Wool Trench Coat.

{via Burberry}

Burberry is such an iconic brand and one that you could wear for a lifetime! I am loving this wool trench coat which is so chic plus it will keep you warm without all of that puffiness! Plus it’s on sale… Don’t mind me swooning over here!

{two} Oh Joy! Pinecone Pom Table Setting.

pine cone pom table decor

{via Oh Joy! blog}

I love a good table setting and this one that Oh Joy blogged about last week has such a sweet touch of whimsy. If I didn’t already have my table settings planned for Christmas, I would definitely be doing this. And I love that it is festive without screaming Christmas! Stripes, pom poms, and gold flatware is right up my alley!

{three} Pure Barre on New Day NW.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting

As most of you know, I am sort of a Pure Barre nut. It is my go-to workout and I think everyone would benefit from it! I have been able to continue to do it thru both of my pregnancies and know that it helped me “bounce back” when I was post-partum with Eloise. And while none of my Pure Barre soapbox speeches are sponsored, I do have an “in” since I have known the owners of the local studios (six!) since I was little (think middle school). It has been so amazing to see Sami and Brandon be so successful with Pure Barre in Seattle, so I couldn’t say no when Sami asked me last week to join her on our local news network for a TV spot. We filmed on Wednesday morning and it was super fun (especially since I didn’t have to talk!). If you are interested in seeing the clip, here’s the link!

What are you loving this week?


P.S. I have a few more posts scheduled thru the weekend to share about Christmas, but will be taking most of next week off. Have a great end of the week and holiday weekend!



friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday! Can you believe how fast this week went? And just 9 days until Christmas!

But since shortly after Christmas Baby Foot is due, I thought I would do a special Mama-to-Be Round Up for this week’s post. Here are some things that would be great for any expecting mamas, and I may or may not need want some all of the following:

{one} Dwell and Slumber dress.

Cozy Olive

{via Dwell and Slumber}

As is true with more and more “maternity” clothing lines, Dwell and Slumber is a company that sells dresses you can wear before, during, and after pregnancy. When I first started hearing about this, I thought it was crazy. Even the lady at a maternity store told me that was the goal (as she was trying to sell me full-panel maternity jeans!) and generally I am not a fan. Pretty much anything that will accommodate my growing bump will not fit me post-partum. But, there are a few pieces that I think could, and I think these dresses from Dwell and Slumber are one of them (the other being a few pieces from the Hatch Collection, though I think some of the pieces from this line are just too baggy!). I love the drape of these dresses and the dolman sleeves, they are nursing friendly with the Henley-like button-up front, and they would look cute belted to help rein in some of that extra fabric! I have my eye on that olive one, plus basically all of the grey ones…

{two} Plum Pretty Sugar Robe.

Sweetheart Robe. Lovebug.

{via Plum Pretty Sugar}

When I had Eloise I brought my own hospital gown to change into once we headed into the post-partum/recovery room and while I will do that again I do also plan on bringing my own robe. Robes are awesome for growing bumps but also for nursing. And I am loving these beautiful robes from Plum Pretty Sugar, especially this soft grey one (it’s called Lovebug!). Something nice to wear at the end of your pregnancy and also equally nice to have those first pictures taken in at the hospital!

{three} Logan and Lenora wet bags.

Simple Clutch

{via Logan and Lenora}

I was first introduced to the idea of wet bags because we went the cloth diapering route with Eloise (and we will continue to do with Baby Foot!) but I am convinced that every mama-to-be needs at least a few wet bags in her stash. They are amazing for anything and everything – wet swimsuits, blowouts, extra storage. I still use a small one in my purse to carry a change of clothes for Eloise in case she has an accident.

But I am loving these fun wet bags from Logan and Lenora which is a recent find via Instagram. I am planning on streamlining my “diaper bag” this time around and having a pouch for me, one for Eloise, and one for Baby Foot to carry essentials, and I think these pouches/clutches might be perfect!

If you are interested, here is the list of my pregnancy essentials from my last pregnancy (with the exception of gummy pre-natal vitamins this time around!). Any current mamas have anything to add to the list?

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friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Aveda Candrima Body Lotion.

Candrimā™ Body Moisturizer

{via Aveda}

When I saw my hairdresser a few weeks ago, he handed me an Aveda “care package” on my way out, and it included this body lotion. Normally I am anti-fragrance since I have really sensitive skin and especially when I am pregnant, but this lotion’s fragrance is amazing! It’s like Aveda but Christmas-y!

{two} Farmgirl Flowers Holiday Bouquet.


{via Farmgirl Flowers}

Fresh flowers have become such a treat these days! Plus, learning floral arrangement is high on my list for things I want to learn next. I follow the Farmgirl Flowers feeds on Instagram and Facebook just to see the beautiful arrangements! This holiday one is definitely inspiring my Christmas table this year!

{three} Free Shipping at The Petite Flag Shop.

A little self-promotion, but I am offering free shipping on all orders between now and Christmas at The Petite Flag Shop! There is a small Christmas collection available, including all of the above-pictured flags, plus the full range of flags available and custom orders! Use the code MERRYSHIP.

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friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday and Happy December!

{one} Pinhole Press Family Puzzle.

Names & Faces Puzzle Flash Cards

{via Pinhole Press}

I love the idea of personalized photograph things for Eloise since we live so far away from most of our family. I did one of these board books for Aaron (from Eloise) for Father’s Day this year and really want to do one of all of our immediate family soon! This puzzle game is super cute and I wish I would have seen it before I did all of my Christmas shopping for her. It’s definitely on her future gift list though!

{two} Stripey Crewneck.

Product Image

{via Nordstrom}

While I picked up a few specific maternity pieces last month, I have been limiting myself to buying only things that will work during and after pregnancy. Since I have so little time left, it seems like such a waste to buy maternity clothes that will only get a few months’ use. I had been hearing rave reviews from this BP Striped Crewneck shirt all over the interwebs and after having it and wearing it a few times, I am sold! It is stripes (and black & white at that) so that pretty much did me in, but it works well with my bump without stretching. And, it will be a good tunic length on me post-pregnancy. It isn’t available in black & white anymore, but is in navy & red!

{three} Holiday Honeycrisp Salad.

Holiday Honeycrisp Salad ~ full of flavor and texture, this gorgeous salad is loaded with fresh apple slices, crunchy candied pecans, chewy dried cranberries, and salty blue cheese, all dressed with a tangy-sweet apple cider vinaigrette atop a bed of your favorite salad vibrant and tasty you'll want to make it an annual addition to your Thanksgiving or Christmas menu! |

{via Five Heart Home blog}

When we met up with some of my best girlfriends last week, I offered to bring a salad to dinner since I wasn’t feeling super inspired to cook. But, I didn’t want to show up with a box of lettuce and a bottle of salad dressing, so I got to digging on Pinterest. I found this super simple salad that uses all of my favorite things: nuts, dried cranberries, and honeycrisp apples. Seriously, the honeycrisp apples we have had all season have been amazing! And, I loved the idea that this salad recipe came with a recipe for the dressing. I don’t do it much at home (though I should!) but it is super simple to make salad dressing: add ingredients to jar, put lid on jar, shake and serve. This did not disappoint and I know it will be on our regular salad rotation!

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friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Going from One Kid to Two.

Going From One to Two Kids

{via Cup of Jo}

As we are getting closer and closer to my due date (three-and-a-half months!) I have been thinking a lot about the transition we will make from one kid to two. Some days I am so ready for it and I can’t wait to have two littles in my arms (like when Eloise tells me she wants to teach Baby Foot how to walk and read stories – seriously the sweetest!), but then there are days where I think we are crazy for adding one more kid to the mix (like when Eloise will only have Mama do cuddles at bedtime – sweet, but seriously? I am with her all. day. long.). All that to say, I really liked this Cup of Jo article about the transition.

{two} Joe Biden Memes.

One week in, the reality is still hard to bear, but it feels like I have found some relief from it all as things are normalizing and the news cycles are kicking up new stories. Plus, the holidays are right around the corner, right? (Seriously, how is Thanksgiving next week?) Any-hoo, I have found a lot of comfort in these Joe Biden Memes that are popping up all over the place! Man, I will miss our current administration.

{three} Emily Henderson’s latest living room reveal.


{via Style by Emily Henderson blog}

I am seriously swooning over here at Emily Henderson’s latest room reveal. It helps that we have really similar aesthetic taste, but it is perfect! I love her use of color and (seemingly) simple styling that is really welcoming. I think the biggest trick about decorating is to make it look effortless and livable, and Emily does that perfectly! If you haven’t seen it already, go check out this awesome living room!

And be sure to check out what Kendra is loving this week! What about you?


P.S. With next week being Thanksgiving, I may not post on Friday, but I will be back to re-cap our holiday weekend! Plus, be sure to keep an eye out on The Petite Flag Shop’s Facebook and Instagram for Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sale info!


friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday! Phew, what a week…

{one} Dresses for the Bump.

Fall maternity style with the perfect pair of black booties, Clarks Gelata Freeza

{image via}

As this little baby bump is getting bigger, I have been finding myself grabbing dresses out of my closet each morning. Our weather is still pretty warm for fall and I am loving dresses paired with booties or sneakers – a perfect combination! Some of my favorites are Sonnet James (Quincy, Kate, and Stella – all non-maternity but fit beautifully!), this new one I picked up from the Gap, and this chambray one from Madewell (similar and both are non-maternity).

{two} Starbucks Holiday Cups.

10 Stacked Red Cups_ Available in U.S.

{image via}

I know it’s awful and I know it’s before Thanksgiving, but the release of the red holiday Starbucks cups has me giddy. Maybe it’s because I need a big pick-me-up this week, or maybe it’s because having kids makes Christmas so much more magical, or maybe it’s just because I LOVE Christmas. Even though I won’t decorate the house until after Thanksgiving, I will be sipping out of a red holiday cup stat!

{three} Election Aftermath.


{via Cup of Jo}

This week was a hard one. For a lot of us. And for (probably) many different reasons. I had a really rough day on Wednesday – there were so many tears and so much sadness. But by Thursday, I found some comfort in the small things and really focused on what was making me happy. But, I also found some solace in what others were posting and saying about the election and it’s aftermath. I thought I would share some of my favorites in case you need a pick-me-up too!

George Takei: Heartfelt Advice.

Ellen DeGeneres: What Makes America Great.

Cup of Jo: Things to Do Now.

Be sure to check out what Kendra is loving this week! What about you?



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