family pictures {2016}

Like last year, we had The Happy Film Company shoot for our family Christmas cards. I chose Gas Works Park this year since I thought it would be a fun backdrop with an active toddler and wouldn’t be a repeat of our Greenlake shoot last year.

We ended up getting rained out on our original shoot date, but the day we rescheduled was nice and sunny (albeit a little windy)! And since I didn’t want to do another round of professional pictures for a maternity shoot, we did a few bump pictures too (even though I was not showing very much!).

My favorites ended up in our Christmas card, but here are a few others from the shoot!

{My dress: Zara // E’s dress: GapKids (similar) // E’s vest: Old Navy (similar) // E’s boots: Old Navy (similar) // E’s tights: GapKids // E’s bow: A Little Lady Shop // Aaron’s shirt: Nordstrom (old) // Aaron’s sweater: Banana Republic (old) // gold moccasins: Freshly Picked}

Do you do family pictures every year?


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happy thanksgiving!

I just wanted to pop in & wish you & yours a very happy thanksgiving! We are spending the week with my family & are enjoying all of the family & friends!

Last week we did our family photo shoot (for our holiday cards) & we just got them back – LOVE! You can see the pictures on The Happy Film Company’s blog, & the little video/slideshow below.

Happy turkey day!


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{sadie really wanted to get up on my lap.}


{this face! #milkdrunk}


{caught some of a weekend mariner’s game. go Ms!}


{when eloise grabs my fingers it melts my heart.}


{we have been enjoying peach season.}


{anyone know what infant socks will actually stay on? in two minutes they look like this…}


{eloise was not ready to wake up from her afternoon nap for a feeding. she looks so proper!}


{aaron’s parents were in town & eloise got to meet her papaw & nana.}

we had lots of family in town – my mom & uncle, & aaron’s parents – which made for lots of cuddles of our sweet little eloise. it didn’t feel like much of a holiday weekend since we stuck around the house without many plans, but it was so nice to have aaron home for one extra day this weekend! I am completely in shock that it is already september, but for someone who has no idea what day of the week it is, I guess it really doesn’t matter exactly what month it is… how was your long weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{got a sneak peek of eloise’s newborn photo shoot. can’t wait to see the rest!}


{my little family. love them.}


{couldn’t resist getting this little lion for eloise, especially since her zodiac sign is a leo.}


{I have a feeling we have a thumb-sucker on our hands…}


{eloise’s aunt jodi & uncle david sent over this book – so sweet!}


{this is sadie’s new spot, hanging out right next to the glider during feeding sessions.}


{we ventured out to pure barre’s newest grand opening at greenlake. congrats sami & brandon!}


{eloise in her sun hat. my heart melts.}

this weekend flew by – did it for you too? while my days felt similar to that of the week since we are on the same feeding schedule, it was so great to have aaron home to keep us company! we are gearing up for a string of hot days & it has definitely been warm in the house so eloise & I are spending a lot of time downstairs in the nursery where it is cool. we had a few visitors stop by the house this weekend – so great to see everyone! – & have aaron’s parents coming into town this week!

how was your weekend?

my weekend in pictures.


{my last day of work was on friday. so strange! hello maternity leave!}


{whole foods was having a huge sale on bars on saturday. aaron decided we should stock up!}


{we were the clampetts this weekend when we picked up some box springs for our new bed & had to tie them up on the roof of our car!}


{we met some friends at black raven brewery for a great date night!}


{so enjoying peach season! & thanks to my husband for removing all of the skins… even though he thinks it is so ridiculous.}


{after a few trips back & forth over lake washington this weekend, we finally got stuck at a bridge crossing this morning. at least it was a pretty view of the lake!}


{we spent some time at the house this weekend & started moving back in. good thing we are getting some help with cleaning since there is a layer of dust on everything!}


{we finally got summer weather back in the PNW! I always worry about keeping sadie cool when the weather is hot. then I see her lay in the sun & I realize I shouldn’t worry so much.}


{lots of cleaning was happening this weekend. I think this is foreshadowing what our foreseeable future looks like.}


{lots of painting – by our subs – was completed at the house this weekend!}


{another dinner date this weekend with friends at skillet diner in ballard. so delish!}


{sadie was loving the cold concrete floor at lowe’s this evening. I sort of wanted to lay down with her!}

we had big plans to spend lots of time at the house this weekend & really start moving in. we were a bit foiled when there was still interior painting being completed in both our old space & new space. we did the best we could but still have a long ways to go – that’s the way renovations work, right? the weather was absolutely amazing though so it was such a great summer weekend. I officially start my maternity leave tomorrow & have about a million-&-a-half things on my to-do list before baby lower makes an appearance. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{sadie cuddling with the bump.}


{hit up the nordy’s anni sale with my mom on saturday. haven’t been to the anni sale in person in years since I always pre-sale. what a nut house!}


{I finally decided I could wear a pair of birkenstocks. then I found out my feet are too small… #fail}


{got the car seat this weekend & finally got to see my cover in action!}


{found my grandmother’s old slides & enjoyed lots of slideshows of her life.}


{finally got the glider for the nursery delivered! it is living in the living room until the nursery space is ready.}


{started doing lots of baby laundry. #nesting}


{went on a double date to see begin again with aaron & my parents. it was really cute & has a great soundtrack!}

this weekend we had the pleasure of hosting my parents & some cooler summer weather! I feel like we got quite a few things checked off the to-do list which is feeling really great. a little weird to be going into my last week of work this week – it’s hard to complain about monday morning!

how was your weekend?

my weekend in pictures.


{at our childbirth class this weekend we learned about how baby lower will navigate the pelvic bones – pretty crazy stuff!}


{sadie & my 35 week bump!}


{in the middle of a diy project for the house & so excited about it!}


{fro-yo doesn’t doesn’t last long around here when its 90 degrees. & there is no A/C.}


{a much-needed car wash!}


{admiring the gorgeous salvaged wood floors at the house. more pics to come on thursday!}


{we dined in west seattle with some friends & enjoyed the view of the seattle city skyline.}


{tried marination ma kai – a food truck turned restaurant – & it was awesome. there wasn’t shave ice since the freezer was out which was a bit of a bummer. 90 degrees + pregnant misha = wants shave ice}


{walking out of whole foods this evening the sky was breathtaking!}

this weekend was hot, hot,, hot! a lot of you can easily do high 80s or low 90s without breaking a sweat {pun intended!} but I know you are doing it with A/C. I was able to make it most of the day, but by about 5 or 6 I was ready to be cooled down. luckily both mornings this weekend we attended a childbirth & breastfeeding class at swedish hospital – it was not only very informative but had A/C! I am gearing up for my last two weeks of work before I start my leave {!} & looking forward to enjoying some summer before baby lower joins the fam {though a bit cooler would be more pleasant!}. how was your weekend?