my weekend in pictures.


{a trip to bellevue square means I get my auntie anne’s fix. I never really ate big pretzels before I was pregnant, but now whenever I see them I crave them.}


{we just happened to be at nordy’s & they just happened to be running triple points. so, we shopped a bit!}


{no one loves the warm sunny weather more than sadie because it means she gets to cruise around in the car with the window down.}


{aaron & a few of our very nice friends loaded up this guy on saturday. just the start of some  very big things to come around here!}


{found some time to relax & enjoy the second book in this trilogy.}


{sadie has been such a cuddle bug lately. she always wants to be right by my side. or on my lap. whichever is more convenient for her.}

we had the most beautiful gorgeous & sunny weekend weather that really made it feel like spring is here. I know this is just a teaser & that winter-ish weather will return soon, but it was nice to break out my sunglasses &  not need quite so many layers for at least a few days. we had an awesome group of friends come over this weekend & help us pack & move a few things from around the house as we prepare for our next big project. it feels a little crazy-town around here since there are so many things going on at once these days, but we are excited about the coming months. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{on our way east out of the city on friday morning sadie & I got stuck at the bridge opening at the ship canal bridge. sadie didn’t mind at all that we had to sit in the sunshine for a few minutes.}


{started some spring cleaning by tackling our office closet. at least I made some progress on it.}


{celebrated baby blakely & her mama-to-be this weekend!}


{dinner date at purple café with our friends rhett & lindsay saturday evening.}


{it was an official date night at the paramount theater to see the lion king. this was my very favorite movie as a kid & the musical is phenomenal. just the opening scene – breathtaking!}


{it was rain, rain, rain this weekend after a gorgeous & sunny week.}


{coffee date with my mama!}


{enjoyed some rum cake straight from little cayman. thanks mom & dad!}

gosh, how is the weekend over already? it poured rain for most of the weekend which stunk because it was so beautiful at the end of last week. bummer. while I am excited about the spring-look to seattle – flowers, bushes, & trees starting to bloom – I am SO ready for spring weather! my mama was in town which is always a treat, but seems to make time fly even faster. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{what a wonderful forecast!}


{i made tea for my grandmother on friday afternoon. she insisted we use real tea cups & saucers.}


{saturday was opening day for boat season. lots & lots of boats out on lake washington.}


{we took a family walk to the ravenna ravine on sunday morning. sadie decided that she wanted a drink of water. & to take a swim.}


{i attended a bridal blessing on sunday afternoon. what a view!}


{the bride-to-be!}


{we spent the afternoon of cinco de mayo at our friend andy & hailey’s house. they have the most perfect lake house.}


{the view of lake washington & mount rainier from their dock.}


{the weather is finally warm enough for me to break out my summer-side of the closet. very exciting!}


{love to start the week with a fresh bouquet of flowers. #thebestpartofspring}

my weekend in pictures.


{sadie was making friends at anthro on friday night. sometimes we have to be careful that she doesn’t fall in love with another person & follow them home!}


{we had a yummy veggie lunch on saturday at chaco canyon.}


{rain, rain go away. we had lightning & thunder that shook the house in the late afternoon on saturday.}


{we hosted some friends for dinner on saturday night & aaron made homemade gnocchi – yum-o!}


{sadie was hunting squirrels, & aaron & i enjoyed all of the spring tulips on our family outing sunday morning.}


{the sun was out – after days of rain this week – so we celebrated with a bit of open sunroof.}


{we had sunday night dinner with my grandmother & saw 42. it was awesome. go see it, stat!}

we had a fun weekend mixed with a few small house projects & some good quality time together – like a dinner date on friday {fancy!}. it is hard to complain about wanting spring to come faster after a sunny day like today, but we have had so much rain the last week that we are ready for a change {though the wet conditions have made growing grass seed much easier}. per usual, the weekend has come & gone so quickly leaving us wishing it was just one more day. oh well, back to the grind. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{on the second day of spring we got snow after not getting snow the entire winter. #crazyseattlespringweather}


{aaron, my dad, & our friend rhett were working on a house project. it may or may not have been something in the bathroom.}


{my mom helped with some tending to the yard including planting these beauts around our front tree!}


{happy birthday mom!}


{there is nothing like fresh eggs. even for $7 a dozen. chicken ownership, here we come!}


{my mom & i went to the best of the northwest art show at pier 91. she bought the cutest mouse sculpture that i failed to get a picture of. #badblogger}


{i finally pulled the trigger on some fabric for an upcoming diy project.}

{obviously} my mom & dad were in town this weekend. they were gracious enough to help us out with some work & projects around the house. we started with snow on friday, but saturday, sunday, & even today are beautiful sunny days {though not to be confused with warm!}. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures: moving edition.


{boxes ready to move!}


{the desk at the escrow office where we signed our names about 67,888 times, approximately.}


{the key to our house!}


{sadie pretty much wants to be near someone (me) all the time. and preferably also touching.}


{uhaul for the move.}


{our rhodie is bloomin’ in the backyard. it is so gorgeous!}


{sadie staking out her yard.}


{happy, happy birthday to my dear friend sascha! sorry we couldn’t stay for karaoke & dancing.}


{thanks dave for expertly packing our uhaul!}


{first dinner at the new house was chicken mole at the local mexican restaurant.}


{we lost some of the bed hardware during the move & “camped out” on the living room floor with the mattress. aaron & i hated it. sadie LOVED it!}


{one of may boxes we unpacked this weekend!}


{i couldn’t find the coffeemaker, so made coffee with the french press. also, a sneak peak at our awesome kitchen tile.}


{we took our first of many, many trips to lowe’s.}


{unpacked the cookies to put in the cookie jar. you can see where my priorities were when unpacking the kitchen!}

well, after a few trips back & forth to the new house & lots of help from our local family & friends, we are officially in our new house (as of saturday evening!) we want to give a big (huge) shout-out to everyone who stopped by to help: ben & sarah, dave, marcus, andy & hailey, nick & jerry!

the house is still a mess (that’s an understatement, for sure), but i am hoping to post pictures of the (pre-moved into) house sometime this week for all of you that are hankering to finally see it.

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{i “talked to chuck” & got mints!}


{hit a milestone with jez (the jetta) this weekend. not bad for a 2003.}


{friday night dinner at spazzo. clams are hard work, but so worth it!}


{aaron makes sadie work hard for her treats. she is such a good dog!}


{kate spade is coming to bellevue square! so much more convenient than the downtown location.}


{yep, that is indeed the air conditioning button. yay for the sunny spring weather!}


{we headed down to pike place market on saturday to enjoy the sun & sights.}


{sadie loved being at the market with us.}


{grabbed drinks at comet tavern before a show. those are dollar bills pinned to the ceiling; an interesting investment idea.}


{a few new bands played at a thriftshop on capitol hill. an interesting mix of hipsters & a need for earplugs, but great shopping!}


{the beginnings of a move. the lowers are moving at the end of the month. anyone want to come help me pack?}


{we enjoyed a little bit of easter candy this weekend.}


{mount rainier was out way in the distance.}


{easter dinner at my grandmother’s house. she always has the best table decorations.}

we couldn’t get enough of the sun this weekend & enjoyed shedding some extra winter layers, finally! we only hit the low 60s in seattle, but it was glorious. how was your weekend?