Eloise meets Santa {2015}!

We went down to see Santa at the downtown Nordstrom with our friend Beatrice last year {see that picture here} & decided to make it a tradition! This Santa Claus is a particularly busy one, so we have opted to always go early in December so I can include copies of pictures with some of our Christmas cards {but not so early, like on Black Friday, when there is an 8 hour wait!}.

This year we headed down on December 1st & tried to get there as soon as the doors opened. We weren’t the first in line, but didn’t have too many people in line in front of us. Even still, the entire thing took about 90 minutes, & it was right during nap time, so I was just waiting for a meltdown to happen {&, spoiler alert!, a tiny one did}. Eloise was really into the decorations & lights, but was pretty antsy the entire time. The kid just does not want to stay still {& I don’t blame her!}.

As you can see below, Eloise was very stoic at first, & then she got really sad.

So we called it good with the first picture & Eloise was much happier to roam around Santa’s workshop/window display while we waited for Beatrice to sit on Santa’s lap {that also didn’t happen & B was not happy to see Santa either!}.

Do your littlest love or hate Santa Claus? I always feel so bad for Santa when he has to pose with kiddos who really just don’t want to sit with him!


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