my weekend in pictures.

{Daphne and I had a quite morning at home on Friday with no real plans. I opted to skip my usual morning workout so we could get outside and scoot around the neighborhood!}

{Friday night was movie night and the girls actually agreed on Cars. We got into jammies right after dinner and had ice cream while the popcorn popped (and maybe went all over the place?). Then it was movie time. Eloise watches movies very intently while Daphne can’t sit still after about 25 minutes and then starts playing instead.}

{The girls found our old copy of Old MacDonald Had A Truck which has been awaiting repairs but is one of Daph’s favorites. Eloise is so sweet and really tries her best to read to her.}

{This afternoon the girls were being so silly while playing “dinner.”}

{Our very sweet neighbors invited us over for dinner tonight. And it was sprinkling just enough that the walk over warranted umbrellas.}

Aaron was out of town for the (very) long weekend, so it was just me and the girls at home. I feel so lucky that we had SO many friends who supported us thru the weekend. We had friends who fed us, check in on us, and came over to play. It literally takes a tribe, guys.

Also, I am in complete and total shock that we are just one week out from Thanksgiving. What?!

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “my weekend in pictures.

  1. 12/13 of Eileen’s grandkids and 11/19 greats were in attendance to celebrate the life of this beautiful woman. Aaron did an outstanding job representing Ben and sharing his own remembrances of Grandma MEL. It was a wonderful service that did justice to her life. ♥️you, Mother.

  2. We missed you. Wish u and the girls were here. Thank you for the card. My Mother has always thought that your girls were absolutely darling. And they are! And she always asked about all of you. Aaron won her heart the first time they met. He sat down beside her and struck up a conversation and she loved it and never forgot it.

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