my weekend in pictures.

{We didn’t have any real plans going into Friday, but I did need to go to the grocery store, so U Village made the most sense! Plus, after sitting in the cart and eating all of the snacks in the entire store (seriously, there was an apple, orange, two slices of cheese, one granola bar, and a pouch consumed during our trip) the girls got their wiggles out on the playground!} Continue reading

my {thanksgiving} weekend in pictures.

We headed to Boise to celebrate Thanksgiving, so here are a smattering of pictures from the entire week! Also, I was terrible at capturing many moments (I blame it on the unplugging) and missed a lot of great moments, like a family photo at Thanksgiving dinner, and meeting one of my best friend’s sweet daughter (just 11 days old) and seeing my oldest and dearest girlfriends!


{Aaron and I headed out on an unexpected date night on Wednesday. I had a hair cut scheduled in the evening and my parents offered to watch the girls so we could grab a bite to eat after my appointment. We were lucky to snag a table right away at the freshly opened Diablo & Sons, then headed across the street to Pie Hole for a slice and a PBR (for Aaron since it was $1.25), and then rounded everything out with fried ice cream at The Matador.} Continue reading

my weekend in pictures.


{Friday morning we headed over to Bellevue and spent some time at the LEGO store since the girls are both into LEGOS recently and it’s a super kid-friendly store. There was a station where you could make ornaments out of LEGOS and for every ornament made, a set of LEGOS would be donated to a child spending the holiday in the hospital. Eloise made this little Santa one and it was so cute!} Continue reading

my {long} weekend in pictures.

This week was a freakin’ doozy, guys. Maybe my least favorite of all of the weeks so far. It started off on Monday evening with me at urgent care after taking a divot out of my finger (from trying to dice sweet potatoes) to mid-week having Aaron diagnosed with Hand Foot and Mouth,  and then quarantining ourselves, canceling all of the fun plans we had for the rest of the week and our entire weekend! {Of course, it was a super-packed weekend. Naturally.} Continue reading