my weekend in pictures.

{We kicked off the weekend with dinner with friends. It was finally warm enough to be outside, so dinner on the deck and playing out back!}

{Saturday morning was gorgeous and we couldn’t resist the SUN! The girls found lots of ways to play. Helmets included, obviously.}

{We were in charge of bringing dessert to family dinner and Seattle Pops were a must! One of our favorite summer-time treats.}

{We hosted another BBQ this afternoon and it was SO gorgeous!}

{These two were so, so sweet during bedtime stories tonight.}

We had such a fun and very social weekend, hosting one family pizza night and two BBQs, plus our monthly family dinner! It was wonderful to not only have so much face-time with friends, but also the most perfect summer weather. Finally, summertime in Seattle!

We have a slightly calmer week coming up and really hoping to start getting out to enjoy summertime activities like dinner at local Farmer’s Markets, blueberry picking, splash pads, and bike/scooter rides.

Eloise had SUCH a big week this past week at bike camp. She didn’t know how to pedal on her new bike when she started and by day three, she was riding on her own! She can not only pedal but also start on her own too (you can see a video on my Instagram). She is so, so proud of herself and excited to ride her bike, and we are so proud of her as well. We celebrated by getting her a hamburger bike bell (her choice)! And starting this week, and for the remainder of the summer, Eloise will be back in swim lessons a few days per week. Maybe we can get her swimming as well as biking by the end of the summer!

How was your weekend?


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