my weekend in pictures.

{Dinner prep for soup on Friday!}

{Any time there is a big truck that comes down the street, the girls want to see it. And lucky for them, this one on Saturday morning was coming to our house!}

{Mulch delivery. Mostly for our flower beds but also for a few of the neighbors. Aaron spent ALL day on Sunday in the pouring rain spreading it. Bless him.}

{We headed over early to family dinner and got to pick some apples! Also, Eloise was super into her outfit which included a faux fur vest, a ruffle sweater, and leopard print leggings. I was slightly jealous!}

{And Aaron and Amanda and I worked on refinishing the kitchen table.}

{While Daphne dressed up like Katerina Kitty Cat.}

{These two girls make my heart melt. I cannot wait to see their friendship grow!}

{And you can’t pick apples without making a delicious apple dish! We ended up choosing this apple cake which was delicious. Definitely making it again as we head into apple season.}

{Once the kids were in bed, we busted out a new board game to try to learn. This was our second attempt – there are SO many pieces and rules – and it was pretty successful! In between rounds Amanda and I polyurethane-d the table.}

{Bedtime stories with these two and their best “say cheese!” faces. We generally do stories separately since the girls sleep in their own rooms still and Eloise gets one more story than Daphne. But Daphne always comes into Eloise’s room after her story to say goodnight by climbing into her bed and saying “Just one page, and be all done!” And then they hug and kiss goodnight and Daphne heads to bed.}

We had a really fun weekend though the rain could let up a bit. Saturday wasn’t bad, but today was really so wet. Also, we got to SLEEP IN both mornings which is the very best thing ever (especially now that we are on early mornings for school).

How was your weekend?


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