my weekend in pictures.

{Late this week Daphne’s new umbrella finally got delivered. She had been waiting for it all week! I’ll update in a few weeks days with Daphne’s two-and-a-half year update, but here’s the spoiler alert: she gave up her pacifier! And in return she got a new umbrella. She’s been wanting one since Eloise got hers for Christmas. And now she’s obsessed!}

{I decided to do my BBG workout on Friday morning rather than in the afternoon, so Daphne kept checking in on me. And then she kicked me off the mat after my cool down so she could do yoga.}

{Eloise’s swim lesson is right at lunchtime on Fridays, so I packed the girls a lunch to eat right after the lesson. It’s fun for the girls to be right on Lake Union and see all the houseboats and sea planes.}

{And Eloise made it to the Sea Turtle Swim Level at the end of her lesson. She was so proud! She’s been doing so well with swimming, especially from where we started in the spring. We can’t keep doing multiple lessons per week when school starts, but are trying to keep a consistent schedule for her to be in the water.}

{The girls really wanted to play with playdoh on Friday afternoon while I made dinner. They had fun but I (honestly) almost instantly regretted it. Not that they had fun, but all of the clean-up!}

{Aaron was running really late at work on Friday evening, missing dinner completely. Daphne was eager for him to get home and waited on the front mat for him. It was so sweet.}

{After Aaron (finally) got home on Friday we all headed out for ice cream to celebrate Eloise’s new swim achievement! We usually head to Molly Moon’s but decided to mix it up with Menchie’s this time. The girls loved picking out all of the flavors and toppings.}

{We headed (way) East for a birthday party on Saturday morning. One of Eloise’s friends shares a birthday with her little brother, so it was a two-fer. Plus, there were cupcakes AND popsicles. What’s not to love?}

{And our second birthday party for Saturday, in the afternoon. The girls loved being at the park so they could ride their bike (Eloise) and scooter (Daphne). And Daph opted to wear her helmet rather than a party hat!}

{Daphne and Ander playing this afternoon. They are the sweetest!}

{Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah came over for our monthly dinner. And Uncle Ben showed Daphne how to swing a golf club.}

{Ended Sunday with the yummiest treat. I think s’mores may be one of my favorite desserts ever. Plus, there was a dark chocolate peanut butter cup in there!}

It was a fun weekend and we all enjoyed sleeping in a bit! The weather wasn’t too hot and we spent some time outside and with friends. I just can’t believe we are heading into the last week of August! We have one last summer hurrah over Labor Day weekend before we are back to settle back into a routine to prepare for back-to-school. Eloise doesn’t start until September 9th, so we still have TWO more weeks of summer. It’s sort of hard to believe. But I also cannot wait!

How was your weekend?


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