friday I’m in love {january}o

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Happy (almost end of) January! Can you even believe how quickly 2019 is already zooming by? Here are some of my favorite things, as of late.

{one}The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel.

We have completely jumped on the bandwagon of The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel and LOVE it! We’ve binged the entire thing (so much faster than I’d like to admit!) and just finished it this week. I had heard a lot about it when it released, and then again after it won at the Emmy’s, but was still a little skeptical. Sometimes when you have such high expectations for something, it disappoints. This was not the case. Highly recommend!

{two} Recyclable (or Compostable) Paper Sandwich Bags.

I have a love/hate relationship with plastic bags, like the Ziploc kind. They are super, super convenient for nearly everything. Especially with kids. But they are also super, super wasteful! I have been making a very conscious effort in the past year to minimize the amount of plastic bags we use and as an alternative use glass containers, Stasher bags, and beeswax paper. BUT I still have a need for plastic bags. And while they aren’t a complete substitute (since they aren’t completely sealable) these Lunchskin paper sandwich bags are awesome because they are either recyclable or compostable (based on what was in the bag) once you are finished. Plus the prints are super cute!

{three} Nordstrom alterations department.

As most of you know, I am pretty petite. And while generally speaking clothes off-the-rack fit me, I have been much more conscious about how my clothes fit me. Especially since I have been focusing the past few years on quality over quantity when it comes to clothes. All that’s to say that I frequently need to have things altered to fit me correctly, especially leg lengths. I have always had Nordstrom alter denim and dresses that I have purchased there, but just recently I have been taking in everything (denim, a jumpsuit, and a bridesmaids dress). And while you don’t get to use your alteration credit (if you have a Nordstrom card) to use on non-Nordstrom alterations, it’s still really reasonably priced for quality work.

{four} J. Crew Perfect Winter Parka.

In all of the years I have lived in Seattle (ahem, that would be 14 years – eek!) I have worn either had a winter (down) coat OR a rain jacket (a waterproof shell) that I would alternate depending on the day’s weather. It’s a fairly good system except for the fact that we have many winter days that are both cold AND wet. (Cold rain in Seattle, go figure!) In one of the many post-Christmas sales, I picked up this Parka for a steal and it is LOVE. I just got it but have worn it every day since! It’s got this great waxy outside and a quilted inside (that’s pink!), and a giant (GIANT) hood which goes over my head whether I have a hat on or my hair up in a bun (such a game-changer!). It’s still in stock and on sale!

{five} Bombas No-Show Socks.

Way, way back I shared my love for no-show socks from the Gap. Well, scratch that. My new favorite socks (EVER!) are the Bombas No-Show Socks that I got for Christmas. I have never been into “weather appropriate” footwear during the winter months and wear shoes that show my ankles basically rain or shine. So no-show socks are basically necessary for me every single day that I wear shoes. I have heard good (actually amazing) things about Bombas socks before from friends (and also am inundated with ads on Facebook and Instagram!) but always balked at the pretty high price point. But, I am here to tell you, they are so worth it! They don’t slide down (at all) because they are high enough to cover your heel and also have a little sticky patch to keep it up. Plus, they don’t dig into the top of your foot (which became my issue with the Gap ones). And, generally speaking, they don’t show above most of my sneakers and booties. I might even venture into regular socks too!

What are you loving?


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