my weekend in pictures.

{Headed out for an afternoon walk on Friday with these two goofballs to enjoy the sun!}

{Our Friday night plans, after the girls went to bed, was me being in my jammies at 7:45, enjoying a cookie, and watching “Grey’s Anatomy” (since we missed the entire last season!) and it was glorious. Best Friday Night Ever!}

{We headed out to the backyard on Saturday morning (to try to beat the rain)! The girls played while Aaron and I got some yard work done – weeding, moving two hydrangea plants that got way too much sun this summer, mowing the lawn, and prepping for new bark in the coming weeks.}

{And my big hydrangea plant is still in bloom, but most of the blooms are fading from bright pink and purple-y blue to this really pretty color scheme. I couldn’t help but cut a few for our dining room table this week.}

{On Saturday evening we joined some of our neighbors to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival which is a Vietnamese and Chinese holiday. The kids had paper lanterns and paraded down the street to a traditional song, and then we had yummy food – short ribs, pot stickers, and moon cakes – while all of the kids played.}

{Eloise found our neighbor’s Lego sets and was in heaven! She just got two sets of these smaller Legos for her birthday and she could spend hours playing. We can’t keep them out like this because Daphne will just destroy them, but I know in our near future, we will have Lego creations all over the house.}

{This morning we hammered out a bunch of (mundane) things on the to-do list like organizing the chest freezer. Because it is so deep, we tend to just pile things in and not update the inventory list. But now it’s all up-to-date! #nerd}

{We had cooler temperatures and a lot of rain this weekend, and the forecast isn’t showing any really warm temps, so Aaron took out the A/C unit in the living room. We didn’t use it nearly as much this summer because it just wasn’t as hot, but it was nice to circulate air in the room when it was warmer outside. Even though the unit is pretty small, having it out of the window makes the room so much brighter!}

Oh boy, this week was something. It was our first full week of Eloise being in Kindergarten and we were all more exhausted than ever! We are all still adjusting to being up earlier and really trying to make it to bed a little earlier too. Other than the early wake-up time though, Kindergarten was a success! Eloise had the time of her life riding the school bus and being at school with her new teacher and friends. It’s amazing to see her so happy in school! (Not that I had any doubts, but I am a worrier.) And Daphne did well at school this week too and didn’t even cry when I dropped her off. Wahoo!

So we took our weekend days to sleep in and it was wonderful! We didn’t have a lot of plans this weekend which was absolutely perfect. It really felt like the end of summer this weekend and after this week, we are hitting the ground running with a very full fall season!

How was your weekend?


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