my weekend in pictures.

{We headed to Northacres Park on Friday morning for the playground and splash pad with some of Eloise’s school friends. It was HOT but luckily we snagged some shade and had a picnic lunch.}

{Eloise is super into splash pads, while Daphne, not so much. Just look at that smile!}

{Daphne was all about the watermelon!}

{We got new Kiwi Crates on Friday with the mail, so after nap/quiet time, we jumped right in! Daphne got to make playdoh which she loved.}

{And Eloise got a few indoor play activities which included making this little seesaw and balance beads.}

{We headed out for ice cream – at Molly Moon’s of course! – after dinner on Friday for a special treat. Hooray for the end of the week!}

{Saturday morning we celebrated Amelie and Clark’s birthdays! Eloise was much happier to hit that pinata than she appears.}

{And Daphne loved the cake. Even though it was chocolate. And she kept stealing the M&Ms from the trail mix, so maybe she likes chocolate now? Also, that’s the birthday boy semi-photobombing!}

{I’ve been wanting to get Eloise some good bike practice so on Saturday after nap/quiet time, we headed up to Maple Leaf – just a few minutes from the house – to ride on the paved loop. It’s perfect for practicing! Daphne has a balance bike but she is super slow on it and just wants to be pushed by someone, so we brought her scooter instead. She almost was able to keep up with Eloise! These girls were just WAY too cute!}

{And we headed down to Playdate Seattle this morning for another birthday party! And more (cup)cake.}

{I always have this conundrum about grocery shopping as a SAHM. I don’t want to do it on the weekends since it’s so busy but I also don’t want to take my kids either. So, I usually do a mixture of grocery pick-up and shopping with the kids one weekday morning. But, I tried Prime Now which delivers groceries from Whole Foods and it changed my life this weekend!}

{I am kicking off week two of the Sweat Challenge which is a month-long. This is the plan for my week. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to my Monday rest day!}

We had a really fun weekend and I felt like we got a lot of good family time in, which is always the best! We started in with the summer birthday circuit but it won’t get super crazy for another two weeks (of course, during Eloise’s birthday weekend).

Eloise has garden camp this week at her old school and she is so excited to see her teachers and some school friends. And we have two family dinners, two playdates, and our NINTH anniversary date night – lots to look forward to!

How was your weekend?


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