my weekend in pictures.

{We are on a puzzle kick after being out at Seabrook (where we always do puzzles!) and our neighbor brought us this really fun round one!}

{Daphne requested peanut butter toast with her breakfast on Saturday morning and then proceeded to eat it with a fork. She also eats bread and toast from the middle!}

{We headed way out to Duvall on Saturday for PEPS to visit friends who recently moved out there. The girls had a blast playing with friends and especially with this little tractor.}

{We went up to Swanson’s Nursery on Saturday afternoon to check out the tree selection since we lost a fire maple this summer in the backyard. The girls were fascinated with this employee who was unloading plants and trees off this special truck. Also, Eloise has insisted on carrying a purse with all of her “things” everywhere she goes since last week.}

{Spoiler alert: we found a tree. And then Aaron put it inside the car! Luckily, it’s really skinny so he still had visibility to drive.}

We had lots of time with friends this weekend (play date, brunch, and lunch) and a BIG thunderstorm on Saturday night which is super unusual for the PNW.

It was also BIG weekend around here since it is officially the end of summer! I am a little sad about summer ending, but to be totally honest, I am SO ready for the school year to start. It is going to be a bit of a transition with Eloise in full-day school but I thrive on routine and can’t wait to find our school year groove.

Eloise is headed to KINDERGARTEN tomorrow morning and she is SO excited! I convinced her to let us drive her in for her first day, but she’s insistent on taking the bus for the rest of the week (and school year)! She starts MUCH earlier this year than in preschool, with her new wake-up time around 6:15 am. We have been practicing waking up earlier the past week (which I have referred to as reverse sleep training!) and even our 7 am wake-up times have resulted in afternoon naps. I have let her sleep for about 20 minutes before waking her up since naps destroy her nighttime sleeping, mainly that it delays her falling asleep for at least an hour (sometimes more) and then she’s super sleepy and groggy the next morning. So, wish us luck this week as we are all becoming early birds!

And Daph started preschool last week!

How was your weekend?


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