friday I’m in love {july}


Hello Friday! And the last Friday of July already. How is this happening? Welp, here are my favs for this month!

{one} The Great British Baking Show.

Since we are on the summer TV hiatus and we’ve caught up on our usual shows, Aaron and I have started watching binging The Great British Baking Show after hearing a lot of hype about it. We generally like cooking shows and it has not disappointed! We love hearing all of the British vernacular (but put on subtitles so you don’t miss anything) and the hosts are AMAZING! There is so much camaraderie between the bakers which is a contrast to American cooking shows where there is always drama, drama, drama.

{two} Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist.

Going into this summer (but really starting last fall with our trip to Mexico) I have been on a mission to find a great mineral (physical) sunscreen. I am slightly neurotic about the sun and our skin (shocking, I know) but I actually really dislike sunscreen. It generally feels awful on your skin (unless you use chemical sunscreen which I won’t use because I don’t think it is as effective), it leaves a white-cast on everything (clothes, car seats, strollers), and you have to apply and re-apply SO often!

But, we are going to be out in the sun so sunscreen is non-negotiable. And the bonus is that the girls are so used to be slathered in sunscreen before we head out for the day/morning that neither of them mind it. And Eloise even reminds me to put sunscreen on her! Plus, they both wear hats which helps tremendously.

Okay, all of this to say that I ordered the new Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist and it is pretty close to love. It isn’t an aerosol so it isn’t just blowing all over the place (and not really covering well) and it isn’t greasy at all. If anything my complaint is that it is a bit drying. But, I am liking it and I love that I can use it on all four of us without worrying!

{three} Missha Mild Sun Milk.

And completely related, I finally found a sunscreen for my face that I actually like (well, LOVE) as well. I have super sensitive skin that tends to break out (in hives) with fragrance and other random things so I have to test everything. But, like regular sunscreen, most facial sunscreens are either super chemically or super greasy. I have been using Missha Essence Mild Sun Milk and it is AMAZING! I will probably never, ever use an American facial sunscreen again (especially since the US FDA is decades behind Asian and European sunscreen technologies)!

{four} Hi-Chews.

When I was on my girls weekend in Boise a few weeks ago my friend Beth introduced us to Hi-Chews candies and I am hooked! They were made by a Japanese fellow who liked chewy fruit candies but didn’t like the way they stuck to his teeth (I am looking at you Starbursts) so he invented Hi-Chews which taste great and don’t stick!

{five} Azaria diaper bag.

As you may remember, I have gone back and forth on diaper bags basically since I was pregnant with Eloise. I have used the Skip Hop Chelsea diaper bag, a Madewell tote and a Nordstrom tote with ToteSavvy insert, and many other iterations of a bag to carry all of the things. But once Daphne was born, I knew that once she started getting mobile I would need something super practical, especially for this summer since many of my days are spent on the playground, splash pad, or Zoo. So, I finally broke down and ordered a backpack diaper bag. This is only a big deal because I sort of loathe backpacks. Even as a kid I preferred a shoulder tote bag (even in law school!). But, practicality won out this time and I have been SO happy with my Azaria La Mere bag. Many of the other backpack diaper bags are similar (ahem, the Fawn bag) but I love my Azaria for the super wipeable inside and outside, inside pockets, extra large outside pockets (which can hold a Hydroflask!), the key ring, and the not insanely high price tag. I also love the Petite La Mere bag which I may get once Daphne is a little older and I don’t have to carry all of the things anymore.

What are you loving this month?


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friday I’m in love {june}

Keep Families Together

{one} Hydroflask 16 oz Wide Mouth Coffee Thermos

I think I have previously sung the praises of my Hydroflask waterbottle (with a straw lid) that I got to replace my old Camelbak ones, but I am here again to say that I am OBSESSED with my new coffee thermos. I use it every day, starting with my cold brew (though you could use it for hot coffee too), and then using it for my Bubly water for the rest of the day (which I discuss below too) which doesn’t do well in a straw cup because of the carbonation. Guys, this thing keeps ice cubes for hours, at least 6, and does hot and cold beverages equally well. Plus, it’s about $25 so if you have a Nordstrom note, it costs you just $5, AND it fits in cup holders! Continue reading

friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday! Just a few fun things I wanted to share since both of the girls are napping at the same time – wahoo!

{one} Inchbug Orbit Labels.

{via Inchbug}

Eloise takes a water bottle to pre-school each day and since I don’t have a label maker I stuck a piece of Washi tape with her name written in Sharpie. Not the best method, I know. Then I saw one of these plastic rubbery labels on a friend’s daughter’s water bottle and knew it would perfectly solve my problem! I ordered one purple set for Eloise (she was SO excited that they were purple!) and one teal set for Daphne (for the future). There are four labels in a pack for less than $15. Sold!


{via Amazon}

We have the Bugaboo Bee stroller (which we LOVE) and decided against getting a double stroller once Daphne was born since it seemed way too burdensome. But I did want an option for Eloise since having her in a stroller is WAY easier! Luckily Bugaboo makes this Wheeled Board that attaches to any Bugaboo stroller. Other stroller systems have similar boards for older siblings, but this is the only one that I know of that also has a seat. It is a game-changer. I can’t tell you how many comments we get on it. Every single time I am out with it. And it is mostly older ladies who are eager to tell their daughters! If you are going to have two young kids – an infant and a toddler – I highly recommend this!

{three} Tea Collection Opera House.

Tea Collection Opera House Dress (Toddler Girls, Little Girls & Big Girls)Tea Collection Opera House Romper Dress (Baby Girls)

{via Nordstrom – dress, romper}

One of my favorite things about having two girls is the idea that I get to dress them alike! Not all the time, but imagining them in matching (or coordinating) outfits makes my heart swoon. We don’t have much from Tea Collection, but while I was perusing Nordstrom for the girls, I ran across this dress and romper from the Opera House collection. Seriously, the cutest!

{four} Walker Family Goods Kickstarter Project.

{via Kickstarter}

One of my old friends from home (we met in middle school!) launched a Kickstarter called Walker Family Goods which is all about easy travelling duffel bags. Lex and her husband Loren have two kiddos and make the most beautiful travel and wedding videos. Definitely go check out this project. I can’t wait to get my duffel later this year. I chose the yellow one but am loving the newly announced blush color which will be released if they hit their stretch goal before the end of the funding campaign.

What are you loving this week?



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friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Anthro Knotted Hair Ties.


{via Anthropologie}

Even with much shorter hair than I have had for years, I always keep a hair-tie on my wrist because it will inevitably end up in a ponytail or bun at some point during the day. While I like the thicker fabric ones – that aren’t supposed to leave creases but they totally do! – like these Emi-Jay ones, they don’t really hold my hair well unless I have two or three of them… So I was excited to see these knotted hair-ties when I was perusing around Anthro the other day. They hold up my hair with a single tie, plus they are cuter around my wrist than a normal hair-tie – score!

{two} NPR’s How I Built This podcast: Kate and Andy Spade.

Kate Spade: Kate & Andy Spade

{via NPR}

I know podcasts are all the rage these days and I have enjoyed all of them that I have ever listened to, but I still haven’t gotten on board as a regular listener (sort of like reading novels… law school ruined me!). But Aaron is super into podcasts as he listens to them on his commute each day. He recently shared this podcast about Kate and Andy Spade, creators of kate spade new york, and I LOVED it! It was the perfect thing to listen to while I was working on a last-minute project for Baby Foot’s nursery and I am looking forward to listening to a few of the other podcasts in the series!

{three} Birthday Love.

{Birthday/Valentine’s Day date night with my love at Serafina // blowing out the candles with Eloise}

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of the birthday love this week. I got so many sweet text messages, phone calls, and Facebook posts that really made my day. My birthday has always been a really special part of the year for me and this year did not disappoint! And while, of course, I would have been more than happy to welcome Baby Foot on this day, I am very grateful that I don’t share a birthday with my child! I was spoiled by friends & family all weekend going into my birthday and into the 14th: a fresh bouquet of flowers, date night at my very favorite restaurant, a handmade watercolor heart from my favorite pre-schooler, a load of presents, and a much-needed mani/pedi!

Also, I wanted to add that this is going to be my last Friday I’m In Love post (or any blog post for that matter depending on baby’s timing!) for a while. We are hoping to be snuggling a brand-new Baby Foot by this time next week (which I promise we will share as soon as there is news either here, via email/text/phone, or via Instagram or Facebook) and then I am likely going to take a bit of a blog hiatus while we find our new normal! (Though I am planning on continuing to do weekly updates with Baby Foot – for the first 52 weeks! – just like we did with Eloise, though the first ones may not be posted in real time.)

And be sure to check out what Kendra is loving this week! What about you?



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