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{If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this picture on my Instagram Stories, but it is WAY too cute not to share again. Daphne is the most excited person ever to see Eloise after school and waves (furiously) as she walks down the stairs to meet us. It’s really just the best thing ever.}

Updated: August 2019. (See {three}).

Happy September!

{one} Cat & Jack Sneakers.

Unlike Eloise, Daphne has a very limited number of shoes. Partly it is because I know kids don’t need a lot of shoes (just one of each type: tennis shoe, boot, rain boot, sandal) and partly because her little foot is hard to find shoes for! All summer long she wore her Natives which were so convenient because they just slipped right on and off. I picked up these Cat & Jack sneakers last month and they are perfect! There is elastic so they stretch on, they are easy on and off, the sole is flexible so she can walk well, and they were $10. Done and done.

{two} Bumble & Bumble Scalp Detox Spray.

As you probably now, me and dry shampoo are like this [crosses fingers]. I don’t need to wash my hair more than once or twice per week, nor do I have that kind of time, so it’s dry shampoo into my roots most mornings. But, I noticed my scalp seemed sad, so after getting a scalp detox treatment a few weekends ago at a local salon, I picked up this Bumble & Bumble Scalp Detox spray (which was one of the products included in my salon treatment). I use it right before I shampoo and spray it into different parts of my hair, before massaging it all in and letting it set a few minutes before stepping into the shower. It sprays on really cold and foamy, but feels really great. Plus, I also picked up this Bumble & Bumble dry shampoo and have been happy with it (I have tried almost everything on the market and this one is great for dark hair)!

{three} Girl, Wash Your Face.

UPDATE: As I heard from more and more women (& mamas) about Rachel Hollis and Girl, Wash Your Face, I returned to the text to re-read and found that I was much more critical of what was said than during my original reads. In addition, I was following Rachel Hollis on Instagram and it started to make my stomach turn. So much of the message was focused on wealth. And that wealth and money were the ultimate answer. And also, so much fat shaming. Like working out only to punish yourself. Ugh. I found myself disconnecting from everything Rachel Hollis. And then when she released her new book Girl, Stop Apologizing and it was highly criticized for being plagiarized. I don’t want this to be a bash on Rachel Hollis. I think she is doing her thing which is good for some women, but just not me. If you are interested in some of the dialogue surrounding Rachel Hollis, check out this article on The Everymom.

Earlier this summer a friend invited me to go see “the Rachel Hollis movie” with her. I honestly had never heard of Rachel Hollis before that moment, but decided to try it nonetheless. A fun night out with a girlfriend, what’s not to like? The “movie” ended up being a documentary highlighting the RISE conference that was created by, you guessed it, Rachel Hollis to empower women all around the country. And right around that same time, Rachel’s book Girl, Wash Your Face came out and I ordered a copy as soon as a I got home that night. It’s a “self-help” type of book in that it is meant to motivate you to become your best self. I loved her honesty and humor, and have meant to pick it up again and go over some specific sections in more detail. All that is to say, if you want a good (and quick) read, go pick up Girl, Wash Your Face.

{four} BUBM Leather Mouse Pad.

When I read other blogs and websites, I have a habit of adding things I read about to my Amazon shopping cart as a reminder to look into that particular product. Generally I don’t buy the product right away, but I will move it to the “Save for Later” section which I will peruse if I need to hit a specific dollar limit on a future Amazon order (like for Add-On Items) or to move into my Amazon Wishlist or to look for a present or something. Any-hoo, the BUBM Leather Mouse Pad is one of those products I sort of randomly added to my Amazon shopping cart and ended up gifting Aaron this year. Since we both have laptops but also use a Bluetooth mouse, it is great to now have a HUGE surface to set our laptop on and to have a ginormous mouse pad (since our desk has a glass top). Plus I find that I stack less things on the desk since so much of it is covered by the “mouse pad.”

{five} Bulletproof Coffee.

I shared on my Instagram Stories about my new discovery and love of Bulletproof Coffee, but since the beginning of this week, I have been craving it. While I found a decent (ore-made) cold brew coffee for my daily brew, I am always on the hunt for a (better) cup of coffee. I am a little bit of a snob when it comes to coffee and find most coffee way too bitter. Plus, I prefer to drink coffee black which is sort of my test; if you can drink coffee black and it’s yummy, it’s a good cup of coffee! Well, I haven’t ordered a bunch of Bulletproof Coffee yet (I am still price checking) but have a date with myself early next month to hit up the cafe that is downtown on Westlake on a morning I know the girls will be at school. (And specifically, I really loved the Mocha Cold Brew which does have cocoa added but no sugar!)

Also, I just upgraded my old Kindle (there is a Prime sale right now!) since there was a trade-in deal (though it was only worth $5, ha!) and want a case. But Kindle cases don’t seem to be a thing like they used to be? Anyone have a good Kindle case they recommend?

What are you loving this month?


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