friday I’m in love {april}

{Our local scooter crew!}

Happy April! We’ve definitely had all of the showers and flowers around here and it is so BEAUTIFUL! I just can’t even believe that April is almost over…

Here are some of my favorite things this spring.

{one} USB Lighter.

I am not a huge candle person, but do love to occasionally light a candle on the table along with some tea lights (and I would share that candle but it’s no longer available). And as much as I love the look of matches (so cute in a jar or match box) it seems impractical and wasteful. So when I saw this USB lighter a few months ago at Anthro, I had to pick it up. And, spoiler alert, it’s awesome!

{two} J. Crew Swimsuit.

Two things about me when it comes to swimwear: I prefer bikinis and I am pretty conservative. That sounds like an oxymoron; let’s just say I don’t like string bikinis. But, there are such cute one-pieces out there and when I saw this one go on sale right after Christmas, I couldn’t resist. It’s got a plunging neckline, but in a tasteful and flattering way and doesn’t show too much! Also, it’s really comfortable for when you are swimming with your kids in the pool. I got it in black but this striped one is darling too!

{three} Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter.

If you are a regular reader or follow me on Instagram, you have seen that recently there are endless pictures and videos of the girls on their scooters. They each have the Micro Mini version and they are obsessed! Eloise got hers from Santa and Daphne got hers for her birthday.

No joke, they ride three to four times during the week (either in the afternoons or during our family walk after dinner) and three to four times each weekend. (See above for the adorable picture of the girls with our friends this past weekend cruising around the neighborhood!) As the weather turns warmer and drier, we tend to take more family walks and the girls have been opting each time to take their scooters. Daphne’s favorite, favorite thing is “scooter, helmet.” They also have the bells and streamers which we purchased on the Micro Kickboard site.

The girls also each wear Nutcase helmets. They are sized well for littles, have a magnetic closure, and have super cute prints!

{four} Honest Face + Body Lotion in Sweet Almond.

I have been using Honest Face + Body lotion (just on my body) basically since Honest released the product years ago. And it’s a great basic moisturizer that I used after showering or if my arms or legs feel dry. Honest just launched the Sweet Almond scent and, even though I don’t like most fragrances* this one is light and smells amazing. It’s reminds me slightly of the old Jergens lotion that had an almond/cherry scent. I like this lotion because it works for me (and I have sensitive skin) as well as the girls.

*I have a sensitive nose, even after pregnancy, and often times fragrances are so strong and overpowering that they give me a headache! There are some products I just can’t use because of the scent (Mrs. Meyers – such a strong scent – and most conventional hand washes, soaps, and detergents) so I generally buy the unscented versions of everything.

What are you loving this month?


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