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♛ A wHiMSiCaL RomAnCe ♛

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Happy December! I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas – just three more sleeps! It’s been a fun and festive holiday season, but I really tried to scale back on the amount of things we committed to, partly because Aaron is still recovering and partly because I always regret being crazy busy this time of year (and then feeling exhausted come the 25th). I have a few fun things to share this month, and if you haven’t seen the post about the girls with Santa, you are missing out.

{one} Backseat Storage Hangers.

As soon as it gets cold enough for jackets, I always exhale (loudly) and gear up for the months that require me to take off my kids’ jackets whenever they get into their car seats, even if it’s freezing out. Everyone has their own theories about car seats and (winter) jackets, but generally speaking, beyond a (thin) fleece jacket or vest, my rule is that jackets come off in the car. And we keep blankets in the backseat for the girls to bundle up in. BUT, the point of this is not the taking off (or not taking off) of jackets, but what to do with those jackets if they aren’t being worn. I was tired of jackets being on the floor of the car (and then ultimately being stepped on or forgotten) and was eager to try these backseat storage hangers that hold jackets and even bags. Guys, these have been a game changer and I highly recommend them! We have two on the headrest in front of Eloise’s seat (the driver’s seat) and one on Daphne’s side (since the inside headrest bar isn’t really usable since her car seat is rear-facing. They are super easy to install, don’t get in the way of the driver or passenger, and help keep the backseat clean.

{two} Molly’s Game.

I have been devouring books on my (new) Kindle the past few months and have really enjoyed getting back into reading novels and reading for pleasure. One book that I finished recently was Molly’s Game and I highly recommend it! It’s a page-turner and kept me up late (too late) a few nights. The story is about Molly, who sets out to LA with basically nothing and ends up running the largest game of poker in history. I have yet to see the movie and hope to over the holiday break, but I always try to read the book version of stories before watching the movie.

{three} Rubberized Hair Ties.

Even though I recently chopped my hair again (last month) I still have a lot of hair. I am pleasantly surprised that I have managed to keep it down most days (if it’s long, it just goes up in a bun immediately) but at some point during the day, it goes up. I have spent years breaking hair ties of all kinds and was skeptical about these rubberized ones, but I added them last-minute to an Anthro order and have been pleasantly surprised. They are nice enough looking that I can wear them on my wrist like a bracelet, but do a decent job holding up my hair. And the coils are good for gripping. I do find that if I have used one for some time, it’s too stretched to put on my wrist (without it being huge) and takes a few hours to shrink back down (or you can manually squeeze it down) so I end up with a pile of them on my nightstand by the end of the week.

{four} Aveda Speed of Light.

Speaking of thick hair, I have a product recommendation if you are like me and spend a silly amount of time under the hair dryer. My hair is like a sponge, so even if it’s short, it hold so. much. water. When I was home getting my hair done at Thanksgiving, O’Dell introduced me to a new Aveda product called Speed of Light which is a blow dryer accelerator and I am sold! You spray it on wet hair (in four sections, but avoiding your roots), comb it through, and then blow dry as normal. When I was at the salon, O’Dell used this spray in conjunction with a Dyson hair dryer so I wasn’t totally sold since I didn’t know whether it was the spray or the dryer or both, but I ended up buying a bottle to try. And I don’t doubt that the Dyson dryer is faster, but I am super impressed with this spray! My hair does dry a lot faster (like before my arms get so tired I just give up) and it’s super soft and silky. There also isn’t a super strong fragrance either though it definitely smells like Aveda (which is never a bad thing, in my opinion).

{five} Aerie Jammie Set.

I haven’t shopped at American Eagle (or I guess AE as it is referred to now by the cool kids) since I was in college, but I kept seeing these jammies (leggings and tee) on Instagram and had to check them out (I am a marketer’s dream sometimes, ha!). I am a sucker for stripes, and if it’s grey and white, I basically am adding it to my shopping cart, so there wasn’t too much convincing needed. Other than I had NO idea what size to order. Do stores like this use junior sizing or regular sizing or vanity sizing? It’s SO hard to know what size to order. (Does anyone else have this issue? Just me?) Any-hoo, I ordered the XS in both the top and bottom, and couldn’t be happier. These are the softest and most comfy jammies, but make me feel a little put together which is a bonus. The leggings are really fitted (which is my preference to baggy jammie bottoms which I very much dislike) but the top is a little oversized. And they could be worn separately too. I definitely have been wearing them on repeat and they are on SALE now!

What are you loving this month?


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