friday I’m in love {october}

Lower Family Fall 2018-45

{Another family photo from our shoot a few weeks ago which is really similar to the other one I shared over on Instagram and Facebook but I just can’t stop! Ashley Vos has taken our photos the past two years and if you are local, I cannot recommend her enough.}

Happy October! Seattle has had the most beautiful weather ever in the past few weeks and I am living for it. I know the rainy season (and grey) is on it’s way soon, but this crisp, but sunny fall is exactly what I needed!

{one} Photoshoot Dresses.

I have gotten lots of questions about the dresses the girls and I wore for our Christmas card photoshoot (above) and share details on Instagram Stories, but since I can’t link there, I thought I would share everything here too.

My dress is from Modern Citizen and I love everything about it! The color is gorgeous and is amazing for the fall with a beautiful pop of color. Plus, you don’t have to iron it at all! I feel like it’s slightly big on me (though I like things really well fitted) but has an elastic waistband which actually helps it drape well. This is my first time ordering from Modern Citizen (after seeing about a billion ads on Instagram and Facebook) but it definitely won’t be my last!

Eloise’s dress is from Alice & Ames (which is now sold out) but check out the other dresses if you have little girls. It is a company who I have admired for a few years but I could never pull the trigger based on the price because $40 is a LOT to spend on a dress for a toddler. But, Eloise is finally at the age where she is wearing things for an entire year (plus Daphne will eventually wear it) and our friends that have Alice & Ames dresses have raved about how amazing they are! The quality is outstanding plus they are perfect for twirling.

And Daphne’s dress is from Zara and was actually the first of our dresses to be picked out! I generally have a color scheme (ish) in mind going into photoshoots and then it narrows my focus for what I am looking for in terms of outfits. I don’t get into Zara as much as I’d like since the two locations in the area aren’t super convenient for me, but I personally love the European-style of the clothes (for me and the kids) and returns are free so I mostly order online in a couple of sizes. Even just in searching for the link to Daphne’s dress, I probably could have carted at least 4 or 5 other dresses!

Also, so he doesn’t feel left out, Aaron’s sweater is a striped cashmere one that we picked up at Nordstrom a few years ago. Almost all of Aaron’s photoshoot sweaters and shirts are either from Nordstrom or Banana Republic.

{two} Queer Eye.

Maybe I am late to the party, but is anyone else watching (and loving) Queer Eye on Netflix? I never watched the original series, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but am seriously loving this re-make! I started watching the show one night a few weeks ago when Aaron was out for drinks with friends, and I ended up watching two episodes that evening. And then I talked Aaron into watching it with me a few nights later, and now we are both hooked! I love the Fab 5. If you need a fun show to watch, definitely check it out.

{three} More Perfect podcast.

My favorite (legal) podcast, More Perfect, has a new season out and it is all about the Amendments. Law school geeky, I know, but the Amendments (to the Constitution) are so, so important (especially given our current political climate) and really, do you know much about the Amendments? Like did you know there are 27? Most of us only really know about the first 10 which make up the Bill of Rights. Any-hoo, this new season focuses on each of the Amendments and includes an interesting story or tidbit about them, so if you are so inclined, head on over the next time you are looking for a podcast.

{four} Free shipping from McGee & Co.

One of my favorite home decor shops (& interior design inspiration) McGee & Co is offering free shipping on all orders thru the weekend (technically it ends on Monday) with the code ITSONUS. I don’t buy a lot of home decor goods since my style preference has become less is more as of late, but I have a list of things to either add to our decor or to replace when I find the perfect piece (which could probably all just be from McGee & Co if I’m being honest). I just ordered this adorable dotted terracotta planter pot to add to our guest bathroom along with a gift for a friend for her upcoming birthday (planning ahead!). But, if I had the budget, I would have an entire cart full, including some new holiday decor (which is sort of my exception to minimal decor).

{five} Pure Barre Reform.

I was super excited last weekend to try out the newly released Pure Barre class, Reform which is similar to traditional Pure Barre classes but includes resistance straps and (foot) sliders to mimic pilates reformers. I am sort of a Pure Barre junkie at the moment since I am rounding out week five of the Challenge, but really enjoyed something new after having taken Pure Barre for FIVE years! (Wow, that makes me feel really old.) So if you are local (or even if you aren’t) head over to your closest Pure Barre studio for a Reform class. You won’t regret it. Well, maybe during and two days after, but it’s worth it. Ha!

What are you loving this month?




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