friday I’m in love {march}

Happy March! This last week or so has absolutely felt like spring here in the PNW, and even though I know the grey and rain and cold is coming back, it’s hard not to get giddy when the weather is just so, PERFECT!

And here are some of my favorite things lately.

{one} One Strange Rock.

I love getting TV recommendations from a variety of friends, and one of our favorite new shows recently has been One Strange Rock. It’s a Nat Geo show that is narrated by Will Smith and is streaming on Netflix. We started watching it when my parents were in town, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Along with Will Smith, there are former astronauts that speak about their time up in space and also discuss amazing phenomenons here on Earth. It’s so captivating and so, so informative.

{two} Ryan and Wren hair clips.

We’ve never been big into bows for the girls (and neither of them would ever let us keep anything in) but since they both have deep side parts and side-swept bangs, some type of hair intervention is necessary. We’ve been using these Ryan and Wren hair clips and it is LOVE. They are basically leather wrapped snap clips which means they are super easy to put in (and Eloise can do it herself, of course) and they are really cute. We have a variety of glitter ones and all different colors in our growing collection. Plus, they are only $5 a piece, so it’s easy to snag a set for easy “gifting” holidays, like Easter, Christmas, Valentine’s Day.

{three} Queer Eye Season Three.

And another show recommendation. We binge watched the first two seasons of Queer Eye and just realized the third season was released. And in full, so we don’t have to wait every week for a new one! {Side note: we watch almost nothing live and wait for the entire season to release or be most of the way thru since our TV watching is a bit sporadic.} I just love the LOVE from the Fab Five, and so far this season has not disappointed!

{four} Lean Closet: Cuyana x Thred Up.

I have previously professed my love for Cuyana as a maker of high quality items that make you want less of everything. Fewer, Better Things. And I was so pleasantly surprised to see that it had teamed up with the (huge) online consigning site Thred Up to help everyone Marie Kondo their closets. I have used Thred Up* in the past to consign clothes, and while it’s nice to not have to do the leg work on photographing and posting and mailing, you definitely don’t get much value for your clothes. But, this Lean Closet collaboration between Cuyana and Thred Up is really cool because you basically get a shipping label from Cuyana (it is included with any order) for a donation box (mine was HUGE) that you send to Thred Up. Then Thred Up sorts thru all of the things and sends you an offer. But instead of being cash or Thred Up credit, Cuyana adds 10% and sends you a gift card! I had a little trouble deciding, but ended up getting this gorgeous leather travel case set (in grey, of course)!

*The major complaints that I’ve heard about Thred Up are: it is super picky about clothes and has strict rules on brands it will accept, the payout is relatively small (since it includes all the leg-work on selling), and if you want anything returned to you after you’ve received an offer it is pretty expensive.

What are you loving this month?


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