friday i’m in love {august}

Hello (mid late) August and Happy Friday! Here are some of my favorite things as we head into the very end of summer!

{Sorry there isn’t a pretty photo collage. Photoshop was acting up. Grr.}

{one} Minted Name Labels.

As I am prepping for Eloise to head back to school in a few weeks, I have been trying to organize all of the back-to-school things. Because she will be in Pre-K in a very small, private school, the list of school supplies is really short, but since she is accumulating more things that she takes to school (and then need to come back home) I figured having name labels for things wouldn’t be the worst idea. Plus, Eloise LOVES stickers. I immediately checked out Minted for name labels since it is my go-to for beautifully designed goods, namely our Christmas cards. And after some scrolling (there are so many cute ones!) I found these adorable ones. Perfect for snack cups, a Bento lunchbox, or even clothes. And I went ahead and picked up a set for Daphne as well (same design but a different color).

{two} The Crown.

Keeping up with our British TV show theme, after we finished The Great British Baking Show we moved onto The Crown since regular TV shows are still on summer hiatus (except for Bachelor In Paradise which I haven’t started watching yet… is anyone else?). I don’t honestly know a lot of British history, specifically following WWII and King George VI’s death. So, we have had to look some things up (mostly for our own interest) but so far, so good! I would definitely recommend subtitles on because there is enough English vernacular that isn’t familiar, but it is a wonderful way to learn all about Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne. Plus, I do have a mild obsession with the current royal family (ahem, Duchess Meghan).

{three} Madewell Ruffle-Sleeve Tee.

Have I mentioned recently how much I LOVE Madewell? I ordered this ruffle-sleeve tee (in grey, of course) a few weeks ago and it has been on-repeat. Like almost embarrassingly so. And it made sense to pick it up in striped as well just this week (which doesn’t appear to be available online but is in store). I do have to note that it is cropped and boxy, so I pair it with my high-waisted jeans for sure.

{four} Monthly Wall Calendar.

For a while now I have used this weekly calendar with a built-in shopping list for my weekly meal planning and grocery list BUT we wanted to have something available that would show out further than a week, like a month. So I finally picked up this monthly wall calendar from Lindsay Letters and it works perfectly! I try not to put in too much detail (like every single weekly play date or activity since those can go in my own Gmail calendar – which is color-coded and everything!) but for bigger events and family things, it works so well. Since this calendar is designed to be a single-use, stick-on-the-wall calendar, I put it into a frame so we can reuse it each month with a dry erase marker. I ordered the 16×20 size which is good for our kitchen wall. {Side note: the frame I currently am using is plastic but I wish it was glass because dry erase works better on glass!}

{five} Crazy Rich Asians.

I have been trying to read a few novels recently before bedtime (dusting off that old Kindle) and Crazy Rich Asians has been my one of my favorites so far. It is a super fast read and really entertaining. Plus, apparently it’s coming out this month in a movie? That was completely coincidence on my part because, let’s be honest, I haven’t been to see a movie in a theater in years! This article about the movie’s release is really interesting, and, of course on Cup of Jo (one of my fave blogs ever)!

Any other novel recommendations?

What are you loving this month?


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