my {long holiday} weekend in pictures.


{me & the bump celebrating the 4th of july.}


{the land of nod store is under construction & has a pretty fun entryway right now.}


{sadie’s new dog door at the house. pics to come later in the week of the rest of the house!}


{we attended a very patriotic party to celebrate america’s birthday.}


{the annual 4th of july parade in our neighborhood. such a treat!}


{we stopped by to see andy & hailey, & sadie loved sleeping in the grass lake-side.}


{sadie insisted on sitting right in between us during a small fireworks show. she didn’t last long before she wanted to be inside away from the noise. poor kid.}


{we went to ikea to pick up a few things for the house. #nesting}


{& amazingly it all fit in our car! sadie & I shared a seat in the back, but it worked. thank goodness we have a hatchback!}


{I finally found some time to finish up a sewing project for baby lower that I started some time ago. hope to share pics soon.}


{due to the many residual fireworks over the weekend, sadie got to sleep in bed with us. she hated it, obviously.}

what an awesome weekend. can every weekend be a three-day weekend, seriously? we got to sleep in, see lots of friends & family, & check some things off the ole’ to-do list – doesn’t get much better than that. we were a bit disappointed in the weather this weekend {rain when it wasn’t actually forecasted} but it is definitely feeling like summer here in the emerald city. I am still in shock that we are already so far into july – slow down summer!

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{got to attend jaz’s dance recital on friday night. such a treat! great job kiddo!}


{I had the pleasure of hosting a baby brunch for amanda & baby boy sadlier at steelhead diner on saturday afternoon. more pics to come this week!}


{traffic was awful this weekend going to seattle & in the city. the 520 bridge was closed & streets all over the city were closed for the half and full marathon.}


{not usually a fast food eater but I did have to try a wendy’s frosty in a waffle cone. so good!}


{we got to hang out with jaz on saturday night while her parents went on date night. lots of games were played!}


{I bust out the iron only for special occasions. this occasion was maternity photos.}


{lots of hair products used by the gal at swink style bar while getting my hair done.}


{stopped by the house this weekend to see the progress & DRYWALL! pics to come later in the week.}


{sadie enjoying the new almost finished space in our basement.}

we had a very busy first-of-the-summer weekend but it was time well spent. we got to hang out with our friends jes, cale, & their daughter jaz {twice!} which is always a good time. I also got to co-host a brunch for my good friend amanda & it was so good to see her & get some girl time in. the setting wasn’t too shabby either – right in the heart of pike place market! I was able to stroll around the market ahead of time, buy some gorgeous flowers, & enjoy a delicious raspberry croissaint from le panier. we also did a maternity photoshoot this afternoon – all of us: aaron, me, sadie, & the bump! we were down at golden gardens beach park which was busy because the weather was so great. can’t wait to share these pics in a few weeks!

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{starting to sort baby clothes – eep!}


{panera for lunch is always a good idea. also, I can’t get enough lemonade these days!}


{stripes & salt waters. dress: asos maternity dress in breton stripe}


{bumpin’ in dvf to see once at the paramount with mom.}


{two of the gorgeous chandeliers at the paramount theater.}


{manis & pedis at julep. so many colors to choose from.}


{sadie was really sad when she couldn’t join us at rain city burgers for lunch.}


{sadie & the bump.}


{crafting for the nursery. very excited to share this project once it’s done!}

my mom was in town visiting this weekend & it was sunny, so all-in-all a great weekend! we enjoyed the weather, ran some errands, & got some things checked off the to-do list.

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{mocking up an in-the-works project for baby lower’s nursery.}


{we housesat & watched ben & sarah’s dogs this weekend. they all wanted to cuddle with us on friday night. yoshi is hiding behind aaron in this one.}


{joined amanda for pre-natal yoga on saturday afternoon & then noshed on a delicious lunch at gobble.}


{caught up with my ever-stylish – & soon to be new yorker – friend brenda & she came bearing gifts for baby lower. leave it to her to dress our baby in crewcuts!}


{trekked down to tacoma to pick up this craigslist find. I promise to share soon!}


{we had a sunny sunday & sadie enjoyed catching up on some open car window time.}


{my first unofficial mother’s day card from honest company!}

we enjoyed a fun {but quick!} weekend in the emerald city. it was a bit rainy to begin with, but we are starting into a much-needed warm weather streak. I can’t wait! we celebrated our first mother’s day which seemed a bit strange to be honest. I guess it is hard to imagine I will be part of such an amazing group of women in just a few months! the sun was shining today & I didn’t have to cook or do any dishes, so it seemed like a good celebration!

happy mother’s day to my mom, mother-in-law, sister, sisters-in-law, friends, & all of you mothers out there!

xo M

my weekend in pictures.


{a trip to bellevue square means I get my auntie anne’s fix. I never really ate big pretzels before I was pregnant, but now whenever I see them I crave them.}


{we just happened to be at nordy’s & they just happened to be running triple points. so, we shopped a bit!}


{no one loves the warm sunny weather more than sadie because it means she gets to cruise around in the car with the window down.}


{aaron & a few of our very nice friends loaded up this guy on saturday. just the start of some  very big things to come around here!}


{found some time to relax & enjoy the second book in this trilogy.}


{sadie has been such a cuddle bug lately. she always wants to be right by my side. or on my lap. whichever is more convenient for her.}

we had the most beautiful gorgeous & sunny weekend weather that really made it feel like spring is here. I know this is just a teaser & that winter-ish weather will return soon, but it was nice to break out my sunglasses &  not need quite so many layers for at least a few days. we had an awesome group of friends come over this weekend & help us pack & move a few things from around the house as we prepare for our next big project. it feels a little crazy-town around here since there are so many things going on at once these days, but we are excited about the coming months. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{on our way east out of the city on friday morning sadie & I got stuck at the bridge opening at the ship canal bridge. sadie didn’t mind at all that we had to sit in the sunshine for a few minutes.}


{started some spring cleaning by tackling our office closet. at least I made some progress on it.}


{celebrated baby blakely & her mama-to-be this weekend!}


{dinner date at purple café with our friends rhett & lindsay saturday evening.}


{it was an official date night at the paramount theater to see the lion king. this was my very favorite movie as a kid & the musical is phenomenal. just the opening scene – breathtaking!}


{it was rain, rain, rain this weekend after a gorgeous & sunny week.}


{coffee date with my mama!}


{enjoyed some rum cake straight from little cayman. thanks mom & dad!}

gosh, how is the weekend over already? it poured rain for most of the weekend which stunk because it was so beautiful at the end of last week. bummer. while I am excited about the spring-look to seattle – flowers, bushes, & trees starting to bloom – I am SO ready for spring weather! my mama was in town which is always a treat, but seems to make time fly even faster. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{pre-dinner drinks on capital hill. cheers!}


{out to dinner with old & new friends on friday night.}


{I don’t know which is more amazing: the fact that spring bulbs are blooming or the fact that I planted these bulbs last fall.}


{I spent saturday morning on a rainy walk around greenlake with an old friend & her little one. I feel like this was a look into my very near future.}


{couldn’t resist the freshly picked pop-up shop at land of nod this weekend. picked up the cutest pair of moccasins for baby lower.}


{sunday lived up to its name today & brought some much-needed sun. needless to say sadie was here for most of the afternoon.}


{see those tiny little green plants at the base of our front tree? yep, those are tulips that I planted!}


{borrowing the divergent series from a friend. I need to get going before we go see the movie!}


{this week sadie got bored & unwound an entire spool of twine she found in my craft supplies. aaron & I spent 15 minutes trying to find an end so I could attempt to re-spin it. still a work in progress.}

we had a fun & productive weekend spending time with old & new friends, & finally taking a much-needed trip to the goodwill in an effort to get a kick-start on spring cleaning. after days & days of rain, we finally got a few dry days, or moments, starting on friday & finishing up with some actual sunshine today – it was glorious! while I am still reeling from the spring forward this morning, it was all-in-all a great weekend! how was your weekend?