my {long} weekend in pictures.


{sadie really wanted to get up on my lap.}


{this face! #milkdrunk}


{caught some of a weekend mariner’s game. go Ms!}


{when eloise grabs my fingers it melts my heart.}


{we have been enjoying peach season.}


{anyone know what infant socks will actually stay on? in two minutes they look like this…}


{eloise was not ready to wake up from her afternoon nap for a feeding. she looks so proper!}


{aaron’s parents were in town & eloise got to meet her papaw & nana.}

we had lots of family in town – my mom & uncle, & aaron’s parents – which made for lots of cuddles of our sweet little eloise. it didn’t feel like much of a holiday weekend since we stuck around the house without many plans, but it was so nice to have aaron home for one extra day this weekend! I am completely in shock that it is already september, but for someone who has no idea what day of the week it is, I guess it really doesn’t matter exactly what month it is… how was your long weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{our rhodie is in bloom! does anyone know whether rhodies change color from year to year? two years ago this rhodie was white, last year it was light pink, & now its dark pink.}


{there was lots of progress on the house this week. this was me standing at the front door looking up. updates to come later!}


{swedish fish – my new favorite treat.}


{we spent a beautiful sunday afternoon at the ballpark! go mariners!}

my uncle & mom were in town this weekend so it was a lot of catching up! we also ended up having a nice spring-like weekend with the sun shining & temps warming up. how was your weekend?