happy thanksgiving!

I just wanted to pop in & wish you & yours a very happy thanksgiving! We are spending the week with my family & are enjoying all of the family & friends!

Last week we did our family photo shoot (for our holiday cards) & we just got them back – LOVE! You can see the pictures on The Happy Film Company’s blog, & the little video/slideshow below.

Happy turkey day!


my weekend in pictures.


{watched despicable me 2 on an exciting friday night.}


{after lunch with amanda, we indulged with a cupcake from trophy.}


{we took a family walk to & around greenlake on sunday morning. it was so incredibly gorgeous (this picture doesn’t do it justice!).}


{decided I should probably pack up the christmas decorations. the house is definitely not feeling as festive…}


{aaron took down the lights from the outside of the house. & apparently he was also doing some strength training as well.}

so here is my weekend post. on monday evening. where did the weekend go? I swear there weren’t enough days that passed from friday night to last night to count as an entire weekend. I blinked & went from saturday to monday! I am blaming on it being such a weird week since the holiday was on wednesday… how was your weekend? M

my weekend in pictures.


{saturday afternoon marked my first starbucks drive-thru experience. yep, for real.}


{aaron started patching the holes in our ceiling where our old lights were.}


{we went to out for quinoa pasta & ended up with a basket full of snacks for the superbowl. darn you whole foods!}


{on sunday morning we took a family stroll around greenlake.}


{sadie wanted to swim with the birds.}


{highlight of the walk: the bald eagle perched high up in a tree.}


{mini vegan, gluten-free pizzas. not too shabby. february 1 marked the start of gluten-free month. cheers to diet restrictions & eating more veggies!}


{despite the 49ers not winning the superbowl, i did enjoy beyonce’s half-time show & the brief reunion of destiny’s child!}


{aaron thinks this gal in the budweiser commercial is my doppelganger. i am on the fence.}

we had a pretty relaxing weekend without a lot of solid plans which was a nice change. how was your weekend?