my weekend in pictures.


{got a sneak peek of eloise’s newborn photo shoot. can’t wait to see the rest!}


{my little family. love them.}


{couldn’t resist getting this little lion for eloise, especially since her zodiac sign is a leo.}


{I have a feeling we have a thumb-sucker on our hands…}


{eloise’s aunt jodi & uncle david sent over this book – so sweet!}


{this is sadie’s new spot, hanging out right next to the glider during feeding sessions.}


{we ventured out to pure barre’s newest grand opening at greenlake. congrats sami & brandon!}


{eloise in her sun hat. my heart melts.}

this weekend flew by – did it for you too? while my days felt similar to that of the week since we are on the same feeding schedule, it was so great to have aaron home to keep us company! we are gearing up for a string of hot days & it has definitely been warm in the house so eloise & I are spending a lot of time downstairs in the nursery where it is cool. we had a few visitors stop by the house this weekend – so great to see everyone! – & have aaron’s parents coming into town this week!

how was your weekend?

my {long} weekend in pictures.


{I joined some girlfriends for some lift, tone, burn at the pure barre in boise.}


{in an effort to pack light I didn’t bring my own hairdryer & planned on borrowing my mom’s. little did I know that hers recently bit the dust & she has been using this one from the 1970s…}


{on saturday I had the great joy of showering a soon-to-be-mama with my best & oldest girlfriends. it was so amazing to see these ladies & makes me wish we all lived in the same city again. {sigh} maybe someday! thanks jen for throwing a beautiful shower & congrats to beth!}


{watch out world, according to my fortune I am about to unleash some talents!}


{this morning my mom & I caught up on the men’s final match at the australian open & did our best not to read any news. I felt so, so bad for rafa but excited for wawrinka!}


{I dined with my mom & dad at an old favorite, da vinci’s, this evening. really good italian food if you ever find yourself in downtown eagle, idaho.}


{hopped on a plane tonight for the quick trip back to seattle!}

this long weekend was spent in idaho visiting family & friends, & was much-needed for me. we didn’t make it over for the holidays, so it felt good to be home at least for a few days this winter. it is always such a treat to catch up with family & old friends, & this weekend did not disappoint. we got to see my brother, sister, sister-in-law, & nephews for dinner one night, & I got to see all of my very best & oldest girlfriends all in one place at once – amazing! even though I am sad that the weekend is over, it is great to be home & to see sadie!

how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{on friday there was a car show at work. i absolutely adore old porsches. someday!}


{a co-worker of aaron’s gave sadie a treat on friday afternoon. sadie didn’t put it down until she conquered it!}


{no real weekend plans meant back-to-back nights of redbox. now you see me we watched with ben; it was okay & definitely a rental. world war z was good, surprisingly good, though it would have been way too scary for me to see on a big screen. it was my first zombie movie & probably my last. yep, i am a baby when it comes to scary movies. it was more intense than scary, but there were still zombies.}


{we finally harvested our eggplant & plan to enjoy the fruits of our labor in a homemade eggplant parmesan later in the week.}


{for as much technology as we have access to we still mow the lawn old-school.}


{chinese take-out for dinner. not something we do very often, but so delish!}


{the sunset was phenomenal on saturday evening. it is crazy getting used to the dark so much earlier this time of year, but the sunsets are worth it!}


{quick run to get molly moon’s ice cream & beer before movie night.}


{sunday morning i was up bright & early to get my lift, tone, burn on at pure barre. i was sad to hear the alarm go off & not get to sleep in, but it was worth it. well, ask me tomorrow.}


{sunday morning brunch with aaron at the local sunlight café. the huevos rancheros were awesome!}


{traffic was so, so bad this weekend & a local bridge closure forced us onto i-5 for a bit which we normally avoid at all costs. no fun.}


{sunday night movie. we saw don jon. it was terrible. don’t go see it.}

we ended up with an absolutely gorgeous fall weekend. as much as i appreciate the sunny weather, our local meterologists should really find alternative work as they kept threatening rain storms that never transpired. we didn’t have any real plans this weekend which meant we got a few things done this weekend – like some much-needed yard work – plus just some down time to enjoy the house & doing nothing. it was wonderful. how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{debuted my new favorite sweater – carpe diem!}


{trying to fit in pure barre classes during the week, though i am loving it on saturday mornings.}


{i attended my first alt summit blog conference at the end of this week. it makes me want to attend the live conference – so fun! for now, the alt for everyone classes are perfect.}


{it rained literally the entire weekend. & by literally i mean there was an 80 to 100% chance of rain all weekend long. we are used to fall rain, but even for seattle this is ridiculous!}


{yep, it’s the end of september, the house is freezing, & the electric mattress pad cover has emerged from its summer hibernation.}


{sadie doesn’t mind the rain at all, especially if it means we take a family walk on weekend mornings.}


{we caught the end of the seahawks vs. texans game this afternoon. go hawks!}


{i am attempting to learn more advanced techniques in illustrator. wish me luck!}

we had a chilly & wet weekend given the non-stop rainstorms. boy does it feel like fall in the emerald city! since there was no going outside, we took the chance to get some inside chores done & catching up on a few of our favorite TV shows that are beginning to start up. it is hard to believe these are the last days of september already, but we are looking forward to a fun (& hopefully dry) october! how was your weekend?


my weekend in pictures.


{sadie & me catching up on the pile of fall fashion magazines.}


{received my alt summit goodie bag in the mail this week. so excited for the alt for everyone blog conference this week!}


{loving jewel tones & chambray for the fall.}


{friday night family cuddle time after dinner out with old friends.}


{attended my first pure barre class on saturday morning. i am trying it out for a month to see if i like it as much as i hope i will!}


{the bad part about having an old house is having storm windows. aaron & my dad took them off this spring so some work could be done on them. guess who got to help aaron hang them back up this weekend?}


{thank you amy & brian for canning the amazing deliciousness of coconut juice! #obsessed}


{this may or may not be sadie’s favorite part of home depot.}


{aaron’s grandpa was in town this weekend & we took him out on the town saturday night with ben & sarah.}


{on saturday night she crashed with me on the couch & her front paws were straight out. #frankendog #hilarious}


{sunday lunch with aaron’s grandpa at one of our favorite bakeries in eastlake, grand central.}


{i spent sunday evening out dinner & shopping with my grandmother. meanwhile ben & grandpa were crabbing at the crab pot! their faces crack me up!}

we had a really great weekend with a mix of house work & family time. we started to get some stormy weather & some of the leaves are already starting to change. i don’t mind that it is officially fall but do hope we get a few more days of sunshine-y weather before we get the seattle grey until next spring! how was your weekend?