spring break {2019} + my weekend in pictures.

As some of you know from my Instagram Stories this week, we spent our Spring Break week out on the coast at Seabrook. We had the BEST time and even though it rained nearly every day, we can’t wait to go back! The town is tiny and super family friendly. Plus, we actually unplugged and felt like we got a little bit of vacation (as much as you can when you have your kiddos in tow). If you live in the Seattle area, Seabrook is such a fun get-away! (Also, if you already saw my Instagram recently, you can skip on thru to my weekend pics!)

{Eloise and Sasquatch. When we first came upon this statute, Eloise was like “What’s his name?” and Aaron and I both said “Sasquatch.” And she was SO confused how we both knew who he was. Ha!}

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