daphne {week 6}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // onesie: Etsy // pants: babyGap // booties: June & January}

{week 6} This past week has sort of been a blur where all of the days start feeling the same. I guess that is what happens with routines, each day is basically the same, which is great for kids who need consistency (Eloise!) but not so great for Mamas who start to feel like it’s Groundhog’s Day! Luckily I have started to get my act together enough to feel like I can leave the house without it being a major, chaotic thing. The most helpful thing for me is that I have lowered my expectations about how “ready” I will be before we leave the house… concealer, mascara, maybe a quick shower, and clean clothes! (Plus, Aaron and I always joke that the secret to being a good parent is low expectations. Ha!)

Daphne, while still going thru the night without a middle of the night feeding, has been much more fussy during the night. I usually just have to get her paci in her mouth and maybe rock her for a second, and she is back down. But I am finding that I am doing this multiple times per night which wasn’t the case even a week or so ago. But in reading back on Eloise’s week 6 update, I was reminded of the dreaded week 6 sleep regression! Since I was in a PEPS group with Eloise at this point in her life, meaning I met weekly with a mama’s group to chat all about our new babies, I was totally up-to-speed on all of these types of things, like regressions, milestones, or developments. But since having Daphne I haven’t had a chance to catch up on my reading! All of this is to say that I think Daphne may be in her 6 week sleep regression and will go back to snoozing more normally soon!

She is still sleeping at night in her rock n’ play right next to our bed. At this point I had transitioned Eloise into her crib, but am not feeling quite as antsy to do that this time around. At least yet. I may try putting Daphne down for naps in her crib, especially to get her used to lying flat during sleeping time, but nighttime seems like a completely different story and the reason is two-fold; one is that because Daphne just needs her paci stuck back in her mouth to get back to sleep, it is so, so much easier for me to just roll over in bed and lean over to give her a paci (rather than have to get up out of bed and go next door), and two is that Eloise is next door to the nursery and I am trying to prevent having both kids up at night if Daphne is crying! I know it’s not realistic to think that Daphne’s crying will never effect Eloise because she definitely cries in the early mornings before her first feeding, during naptime in the afternoon, and in the evenings after Eloise is asleep. But I am much more anxious about it in the middle of the night! I think I will get thru this regression and then re-evaluate!

We are still offering Daphne a bottle of pumped milk after her last feeding of the day which she almost always takes. It is mostly to ensure she will continue to take a bottle (which can sometimes be an issue for (mostly) exclusively breastfed babies) and is only about an ounce and a half. I have dropped down to just one pumping session per day, right after Daphne’s first feeding around 6:30 or 7 am. Although it was nice to get extra pumped milk and feel like I was “fully drained” right before bedtime, having a pumping session after her last feeding was pushing my bedtime so late! Generally milk supplies are higher in the morning (which seems to be mostly true with me) and then I can get pumping out of the way before Eloise is up for the day. And nothing is more stressful than having a toddler (and an infant) to watch while you are pumping… I had Eloise in the nursery with me once while I tried to pump and it was terrible. It cut my output at least in half!

Daphne is super into her hands these days and constantly has them (or tries to have them) in her mouth. Aaron has been able to keep her fingernails trimmed down, though they still grow like weeds, so we haven’t had to keep mittens on her. She can’t self-soothe enough with just her hands, so she is still using a paci, but we will see if she becomes a hand sucker.

You can also see from this picture that Daphne’s hair is changing a bit. It is becoming lighter on the sides, most notably in the sun, and is developing into a faux-hawk on the top just like Eloise’s at this age. I think these girls are going to have the same hair!

Daphne is much more alert during her “wake time” this past week as well. She sometimes falls asleep during the end of her feeding or immediately after, but a diaper change always jazzes her up. She still doesn’t love a diaper or clothes change, but she is starting to tolerate both much better. After a fresh diaper, Daphne is generally up for 30ish minutes before she starts to show signs of wanting a nap. She will sometimes go to sleep on her own, but generally needs/wants a swaddle and a paci. Her naps are all over the place during the day depending on what we are doing: in the car seat, in the Ergo or Solly wrap, on the Boppy lounger, in her swing (we have a version of this one that I found on consignment*), on my chest or arms.

Finally, I compared Daphne’s 4 week stats with Eloise’s and they are basically identical in weight and length but Eloise’s head was bigger!

Happy 6 weeks Daphne!


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* I am not a huge consignment store shopper unless it comes to baby gear. We never had a swing with Eloise, but since Daphne was fussy in the evenings for the first few weeks we thought one might be helpful. Our philosophy about most baby/kids’ gear is to wait to get it until you need it. And consignment stores are a great place to find a really good deal on gently used gear (that you will use for a couple of months, max!). You can spend so. much. money on baby gear and it feels like such a waste! If you are local to Seattle, my favorite consignment shop is Childish Things.

my weekend in pictures.


{Eloise nursing her baby Stella. She is such a great little mama!}


{Eloise LOVES her little sister. And ditto for Daphne. It is the sweetest!}


{If you missed it on my Instagram and Facebook, I shared a side-by-side of Daphne and Eloise in one of my favorite rompers! I swear these girls look similar, but in these pictures they look so different!}


{I finally went thru my entire closet on Saturday afternoon during naptime and was pretty brutal. I will realistically need nursing friendly tops for the next year (plus) and to get rid of the things I will never wear… it was a surprisingly large pile of things!}


{Out at U Village for some shopping and dinner on Saturday.}


{There are three cozy coupes at the U Village playground these days, so Eloise got a turn without having to be too patient!}


{This little one is trying so hard to hold her paci in her mouth!}


{Eloise helped us make some of Mama’s “milk bars” (aka lactation cookies) which she was so excited about! We have been trying not to call them “cookies” so that she isn’t as interested in them. The recommendation is to eat 4 cookies a day to help boost supply (!) and I am taking that as a challenge!}


{Papa and Eloise reading. She is so obsessed with books and would read them (or have them read to her) all. day. long.}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no plans – exactly what we needed! I was so spoiled since I got to sleep in both mornings. Well, I was still up early to feed and pump, but headed back to bed for a morning nap! (You know you are the mama of a newborn when you can squeeze a nap in before 8 am!)

Aaron was able to mow the lawn in between the sprinkles on Saturday morning and by late Saturday afternoon, we had sunshine! It finally (finally) feels like spring is around the corner.

Eloise has spring break this week, so I am gearing up for my hands being full with both girls for the first half of the week before Grammie joins us! Fingers crossed the weather will cooperate and we can spend some time outside.

How was your weekend?


project baby #2 {daphne’s birth story}

{warning: this is likely an overly long post for a lot of readers, but I wanted to share details for those who have asked & also to have a record to share with daphne one day. feel free to skip down to the pictures, or skip this post completely!}

As most of you know, I pretty much fell off the map as I neared my due date. In fact, I only blogged up to week 37!  Once I hit 38 and 39 weeks, I kept telling Aaron that I should do my weekly photo, but by 40 weeks I was over it! This is actually the final picture I took of me and the bump, on February 24th, 4 days before I went into labor. You can see I stopped wearing pants (dresses were a godsend even though it was still really cold outside!) and my toiletries and make-up were all packed up and ready to be tossed into the hospital bag (well bags, plural, because I just kept adding things!).


Physically, those last three weeks, I felt great! I was tired, but I was actually sleeping really well, my heartburn had subsided, the baby was not into my ribs, I had zero swelling, and I didn’t have any (noticeable) early labor symptoms. BUT, mentally and emotionally I was so drained and so ready to be done. I felt like I might go into labor at any moment from February 15th on (that’s the day I had my mani/pedi so I was sure that would do it!) and so I was completely exhausted and anxious by the time my parents came into town on February 20th. We were all worried that they wouldn’t make it in time, but alas, we waited. And waited. And my dad actually extended his trip a few days, but ended up getting on a plane about 5 hours before I had my first labor contraction!

That last week was difficult for me because I felt like I couldn’t plan anything. So we would wake up in the morning and since there wasn’t a baby, we would maybe plan a short outing, just in case I went into labor. My due date was definitely the most difficult day for me, and after that, I felt like I could better handle not being in control (which I very obviously wasn’t at that point!) and try to enjoy these last days with my family and with Eloise before Baby Foot arrived. I also stopped all social media at that point, including responding to any and all texts and emails, so sorry if I was ignoring you!

On February 28th I had my 40 week (well, 39 weeks + 6) appointment with my midwife. I remember checking into the front desk and seeing the on-call board: Sarah was the on-call midwife (my favorite one since she also helped delivery Eloise) and Dr. Foltz was the on-call OB (also my favorite since she was my original OB years and years ago); I made a mental note that it would be a great day to have this baby since those are exactly the providers I would have wanted if I had my choice! It wasn’t until after Daphne was born that I actually made that connection… I think that is what I needed to get things started!

Anyways, my check-up went well with my weight and blood pressure, and baby’s heartbeat. At that point Sarah went ahead and checked to see if and how much I was dilated and I was almost 4 cm! I was really surprised since it didn’t feel like I was having early laboring at all, but clearly all that tightening in my belly (like Braxton Hicks) was having an impact. Since I my body was already dilating on it’s own, it made sense to have my membranes swept (which only is effective if you are already close to baby time, like within 48 hours!). It was so, so uncomfortable (and borderline painful!) and I was honestly uncomfortable for the remainder of the day (cramping mostly). Since I was at 41 weeks, my midwife also had me schedule an ultrasound for the end of the week as well as a non-stress test (to monitor baby’s heartbeat) which are both standard for post-due date cases. Apparently after 42 weeks the placenta stops working as efficiently so close monitoring of mama and baby are required as well as discussion about intervention.

We took it easy for the rest of the day and said good-bye to my dad. By that evening I was really feeling crampy, so I called it a night early to try to get some rest. I got ready for bed and was lying down for just a bit when I had my first (real) labor contraction. I noted the time – it was 9 pm – and tried to go to sleep. Well, that was wishful thinking because the contractions kept coming and seemed to be fairly regular. At 9:42 I called Aaron, who was upstairs watching TV with my mom, to tell him to come down and time my contractions. Within 30 minutes, my contractions were becoming regular (4 to 5 minutes apart and a minute long) and Aaron called our doula, Jennie, to give her a head’s up and have her start making her way to our house. Then Aaron called the doctor’s office to give Sarah, the midwife, an update and they agreed that we would wait for Jennie to get to the house before making any further decisions.

At 10:50 pm, Jennie arrived at our house and I was still downstairs in our bed laboring on my side (with my pregnancy pillow, thank goodness!). My contractions were still consistent, and, spoiler alert, never stopped. Jennie talked me thru my next few contractions, and I decided I was ready to head to the hospital. At that point, the last thing I wanted to do was get in the car because having contractions in the car is the worst, but I also knew that I didn’t want to have a homebirth, so there really wasn’t any choice. Aaron called Sarah back to let her know we were headed to the hospital and that we would meet her there.

We pack up our last-minute stuff (and by we I mean Aaron), and say good-bye to my mom, and get in the car around 11:30. I had a number (like 4 or 5) of contractions in the car, but luckily since it was so late, there was no traffic (even on I-5) so we made it to the hospital pretty quickly! Aaron pulled into the hospital’s parking garage at 11:40 pm. After parking, I had a few contractions on the way into the hospital, but luckily we had Jennie with us and she was able to help me as Aaron navigated us up the elevator, thru the security desk (you don’t need to show ID if you are in labor!), and up to L&D triage. My contractions were getting stronger and much more intense. At 11:50 I was checked in and at 11:55, the nurse checked and I was 7 cm dilated. I remember looking at Jennie and telling her that I needed a break. I also remember making a reference to wanting something to help with the intensity (an epidural), but no one even acknowledged it! Not because they didn’t care, but it was WAY too late by then! And really, I wanted an un-medicated labor, but I probably would have given anything to have just a minute of rest at that point! The nurses wheeled the triage bed directly to the L&D suite.

At midnight my labor was strong and from the time I got onto the triage bed, I kept my eyes closed. That was the only way I could handle the intensity of my labor. The nurses wanted me to move from the triage bed (stretcher) to the actual hospital bed, but I refused. I remember them telling me I would be way more comfortable and then I wouldn’t have to move after the baby was born, but there was seriously no way that was going to happen. I also remember seeing Sarah at this point with her scrub cap on and ready to deliver. And almost immediately upon entering our hospital room, I felt like I needed to push.

At 12:05 am, Sarah checks and I am fully dilated. She gave me the green light to start pushing even though my bag of waters was still fully intact. Once the baby started crowning, everyone could see that baby’s hair floating in the amniotic sac, which was apparently really cool. (Rarely babies are born completely in the amniotic sac, called in the caul, and it is seen as a sign of good luck!) After the baby’s head is born (and the amniotic sack breaks on it’s own), her shoulder gets stuck below my pubic bone (shoulder dystocia). I was too focused on pushing (and the pain/intensity) to really realize the severity of the situation, but Aaron has told me he was terrified. I remember hearing someone (it was Sarah) call “SHOULDER!” and then being turned onto my back by the L&D nurse (as I was pushing on my right side at the time) which was horribly, horribly painful! Apparently this was to get back-up in case the baby couldn’t turn and pass under the bone, and a physician and NICU team arrived immediately. There is a series of maneuvers that are used in this (rare) situation, and luckily, Sarah was able to get the baby turned and I was able to continue with a safe and healthy delivery in about 90 seconds. Baby Foot Lower was born at 12:19 am on March 1st!*

Despite the slight complication at the end, Baby’s APGAR scores were high (7s I think) and no visit to the NICU was necessary. And while technically the Baby’s gender was a surprise, I wasn’t at all surprised to hear it was a girl! Baby remained unnamed for at least a few hours (we were already in the post-partum room) as Aaron and I weren’t decided on a name.** We each had a name that we liked; mine was Margot and Aaron’s was Daphne. I will let you guess who won!

We were able to skin-to-skin almost right away (me and Aaron both) and by 12:50 am Baby was nursing for the first time. I remember the moment I first held Daphne that it felt so strange, like I was cheating on Eloise. It was such a weird feeling because when Eloise was born, at that moment, I was holding the little one that made me a mama, but with this second baby, I was already a mama… she felt like a stranger for just a moment! (I have heard other second-time mamas have felt the same way!)

So even though she made us wait (and wait) until March to be born, once she decided, she was here in a hurry: just over 3 hours in all.

Welcome to the world Daphne Lucille! I wouldn’t have been able to have done any of this without Aaron, Jennie, Sarah, and all of the L&D staff, and my mom who stayed with Eloise. Plus, we had so much support from friends and family. We really are so blessed!


And here’s Eloise’s birth story if you are interested!

*March 1st is also Aaron’s dad’s birthday, so Daphne shares the day with her Papaw.
**Many of you have asked what our boy’s name would have been, and since the likelihood of us having a third child is basically nil at this point, we have been sharing it (though we reserve the right to it if we ever do have a boy!): Fitzgerald Benjamin. Fitz as a nickname. Benjamin is a family name on both sides: Aaron’s oldest brother, and the middle name of my dad, brother, and grandfather.
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daphne {week 5}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // top: crewcuts (old) // pants: June & January}

{week 5} Just a few things to update on this week following Daphne’s first monthly update. We just went to the doctor’s office for her 4 week check-up and here are her stats:

Weight: 9 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile)

Length: 22 in (75th percentile)

Head: 37.6 cm (50th percentile)

In comparison to Eloise, these girls are basically the same size in terms of weight after the first month which is sort of surprising given the fact that Eloise was significantly smaller when she was born! I remember E hitting the growth curve fast and hard from the get-go and it doesn’t feel like Daphne has been that way. Much more slow and steady for this little one! I haven’t done a true comparison of the girls’ stats, but will dig out Eloise’s old records to see – I am so curious!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that it looked like Daphne may be getting some baby acne. She has a few spots here and there, but mostly her skin has stayed clear. She does still have really dry and flaky skin though, and may have a tiny bit of cradle cap (not an actual diagnosis but just my own hunch) on her scalp near her hairline. I am hoping she doesn’t get cradle cap (for real) since I have heard it is such a pain to manage, even though it is completely harmless and really common.

Daphne’s eyebrows are starting to come in and get darker. She is definitely sporting the light brows and dark hair, though it is still adorable! There is still a lot of fine hair all over Daphne’s back, forehead, arms, and tops of her ears which I know will go away over time. We keep teasing her that she is the hairiest person in our family, since both Aaron and I have very little body hair!

We are still happy with our diapering situation, though we may be moving to just disposables for a while. We were using the g-diapers with disposable inserts (which we really like and fit Daphne really well) but continuing to use the disposable inserts doesn’t feel like we are really doing anything different than using a regular disposable. We have the option of using a cloth insert instead, but since we didn’t use this system with Eloise, we would have to buy the inserts, and since these particular g diapers only go up to 12 pounds, it doesn’t seem worth it. At least for now. If Daphne is slow on the growth curve, maybe we will re-think the decision, but I feel like we blinked and Eloise was 10+ pounds! And we also have the Lil Joeys all-in-one cloth diapers which I absolutely love, but Daphne’s little chicken legs are too small and she just leaks all the time… I hope she can chunk out in her legs before her waist is too big for these diapers. That is sort of the way it goes with cloth, some diapers work well and others don’t depending on the kid. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Daphne will fit well into the BumGenius diapers that we used with Eloise!

And just as a sidenote mostly for historical value, Daphne’s Nubbawub pacifier (which is a penguin) has officially been named Graham. I asked Eloise what we should call it when we first got it (she LOVES to name things and I wanted to make sure she felt included) and she said “Grammie!” Well, that might be confusing since we call my mom Grammie (or Mimi), so we shortened it to Graham.

Happy 5 weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{Daphne smiles on Friday morning. Oh my heart!}


{The girls and I made it out to the Zoo on Friday morning which was impressive, I have to say. We met up with PEPS friends and it was so fun! Eloise was bound and determined to see the tigers and we got to see two of them!}


{J.Crew declared Friday to be #nationalstripesday so, of course, we had to participate since we are obsessed with stripes! Eloise was also wearing black & white stripes but didn’t want to be in the picture after naptime…}


{Such a little snuggler!}


{Aaron and the girls FaceTiming with Aaron’s parents – Nana and Papaw.}


{Such a proud big sister! Eloise was pretty excited to hold Daphne this weekend. But she never wants to stop!}


{Our yard got some much-needed attention this morning since it was sunny and pretty warmish. Aaron spent many hours out there today and now the yard looks so great!}


{Daphne in her new swing. Though I think Eloise likes it more for her baby doll Stella than Daphne!}

We had a pretty mellow weekend with almost no plans which was much-needed after feeling a little crazy the past few weeks! The sun finally (finally!) came out this morning and it was wonderful. I just want it to last thru the next few months… We got to FaceTime with both of our families, see Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah (thanks for the cookies!), and have dinner with friends on Sunday (thanks for cooking dinner and dessert!).

How was your weekend?


daphne {one month}


{alligator: Jellycat // onesie: June & January // jeggings: Levi’s (old)}

{month one} This was the fastest and slowest month ever… except for maybe the first month of Eloise’s life!

Daphne is doing so well and it seems like she has been part of the family forever. And even though life is much more chaotic now than it was just a month ago, I wouldn’t change a thing! Also, having 2.5 years between the kiddos is awesome. Eloise is pretty independent and can do a lot of things on her own (which she prefers) and is also super helpful, especially since I feel like I am nursing all day long!

While not quite the marathon nurser that her sister was, Daphne still takes her sweet time during feedings. And most of the reason is because she is still so sleepy. Seriously half the time (at least) Daphne is snoozing while feeding. She still has what I call “newborn narcolepsy” in that she can instantly fall asleep! One second she will be looking around or looking right at me, and literally the next second she is asleep. I am hoping that in the coming weeks as she is awake more and more that feeding sessions will begin to shorten so that I have more time between feedings.

Daphne’s nails are growing like weeds which is good since it is a sign of being healthy but much too quickly for us to keep up. I swear even if we trimmed them every day, she still would have long nails. So, we try to keep gloves on her hands if we haven’t just trimmed her nails to avoid her scratching her face and chest. Most newborn onesies, rompers, and sleepers have gloves built-in which is awesome! I am hoping the rapid pace of her nails slows soon so that I don’t feel like she needs gloves all the time and can have access to her hands more!

We introduced a pacifier pretty early (in comparison) since nursing has been going well and Daphne has taken to a bottle well. Luckily, we were just able to use Eloise’s old ones, though you shouldn’t tell Eloise that since we told her her old ones disappeared! Daphne definitely likes a paci shortly after a feeding to help her go to sleep. Once she is asleep she will spit it out, but especially when she is fussy, a paci is tremendously helpful! Also, we just got a Nubbawub pacifier for her since it seems to help keep it in her mouth a bit longer. Honestly I sort of thought they were silly when we saw them before, but the little animal really does help keep the paci in her mouth since she sort of has something to hold onto; on the other hand, it also gives her something bigger to rip out of her mouth as well.

This kid is a pretty great sleeper. KNOCK ON WOOD! Since her first night she has slept at least 4 hours and has continued to stretch it out. I was nervous at first since you really aren’t supposed to let tiny newborns go more than 3 or 4 hours between a feeding, but since Daphne’s weight very quickly rebounded after her initial drop, we got the okay early from her ped to just let her sleep at night. Phew! A swaddle is basically key to getting this little one to sleep though. After some awake time, she generally will fuss a bit until she is swaddled up and given a paci. In the morning and early afternoon is her best time for a nap, while later in the afternoon and evening she tends to nap less and fuss more between feedings.

I had mentioned in a weekly update that Daphne is sort of already on a schedule even though she is so little. It really wasn’t my intention, but when you have another child who is on a schedule and has time specific activities (preschool drop-off and pick-up, and naptime) it sort of ends up working that way. And especially since Aaron is back at work.* But even without a schedule, we try to do the EAT, PLAY, SLEEP routine that BabyWise is so (in)famous for. Since Daphne is so little still, I don’t mind if she does fall asleep right after a feeding, but she generally follows this pattern of activity which we found really helpful with Eloise since I think it helped prevent the need to eat in order to go to sleep.

I also mentioned that I was already pumping this time around. My jaw dropped when the ped first mentioned pumping in Daphne’s second week, but it has been a good way to get my supply up and stabilized, and start a freezer stash. I am pumping just twice per day now, once in the early morning after Daphne’s 6 or 6:30 am feeding (but before Eloise is up between 7:30 and 8) and again right before I go to bed after Daphne’s last feeding. Pumping stinks, I will admit, but I have been pretty happy with my new Naya pump and also found a really good lactation cookie recipe! If you are a new mama I am happy to share!

{weight} 9 lbs 12 oz (50th percentile).
{hair} black. and a faux hawk just like big sister!
{teeth} none.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} newborn, 0 to 3 months, 3 months (Carter’s). any pants bigger than newborn are way too big!
{diapers} newborn {from the honest company} and cloth (g-diapers in a size small and Lil Joeys cloth).
{feeding} nursing every 2.5 to 3 hours during the day, starting around 6 am. feeding sessions last around 40 minutes (20 per side). last feeding of the day is around 11 pm which is regular nursing plus a 1.5 oz bottle of pumped milk and no middle of the night feeding!
{likes} nursing, riding in the car (usually), her big sister, singing, lights, paci, being swaddled, being bounced, sucking on her hands.
{dislikes} sponge baths, loud noises, diaper changes, having gas, being naked.

{nicknames} Daph, Bug, Snorty.

Happy One Month Daphne!


*Lots of you have asked about Aaron’s paternity leave. He gets 12 weeks of (paid) leave which is very generous and we feel very lucky. He took vacation time when Daphne was first born, but much like when Eloise was born, we decided it would be best if he delayed his leave until the baby was a little bigger (he has one year to take the leave). So the plan now is for Aaron to take 6 weeks this summer and 6 weeks at the beginning of next calendar year. This will allow for us to travel or just enjoy being at home together without worrying about Daphne being too young (immunizations) or feeding around the clock.

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daphne {week 4}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // dress & sweater: Target (old)}


{And some outtakes with Eloise! Yep, that’s a (temporary) tattoo on E’s belly – she’s obsessed!}

{week 4} I will keep this post pretty short since Daphne’s one month birthday is coming up this weekend, what?!

Daphne is really starting to smile and even laugh a little (in her sleep which is impossibly cute, like the tiniest little chuckle), and Aaron and I both swear she smiled at both of us this week! You can see her smiling in that first photo with Eloise; Daphne is in awe of Eloise and if she is upset, Eloise will start singing to her and 90% of the time the crying will stop. Seriously.

In terms of eating and sleeping, Daphne has been preferring eating every 2.5 hours (rather than 3) that past few days which makes me think she might be going thru a small growth spurt, and about 50% of nights she will sleep for 5 or 6 hours. On the nights Daphne wakes up, she mostly just wants to be rocked and have her paci, and she will go back to sleep! We really don’t do middle-of-the-night feedings which is really bizarre since I feel like Eloise ate all night long!

And since I don’t really think newborns should be on schedules per se, I have sort of had to “schedule” a bit in terms of timing because of Eloise, but it is pretty much in line with what Daphne is naturally doing! Daphne and I start our day around 6 or 6:30 am with a feeding and then I pump, and generally she starts her morning nap to the sound of the pump (great white noise!). By the time I am cleaning up my pumping stuff, Eloise is up for the day (between 7:30 and 8 am). And then we proceed to a 2.5 or 3 hour feeding schedule thru-out the day, and on Mondays and Wednesdays when we have to pick up Eloise from school at 1 pm, I try to get in a feeding either right before we have to leave or after Eloise is down for a nap (which sometimes means I am shortening or lengthening the feeding times a bit). And recently I have been aiming for 7 pm and 10 pm feedings to end the day so that I am not nursing thru dinnertime and I can feed and pump right before bed and not be up past midnight!

And see Eloise’s week four since she, again, is also wearing the same outfit! It’s mostly been a coincidence that in the past two weeks the girls have been wearing the same weekly photo outfit; this weekend I was looking for something white (for the baby shower) and this little bird dress was perfect! Aaron and I joked that we should do the exact same outfits each week for Daphne as we did for Eloise, and while I briefly considered it, it seems like WAY too much work! Plus, as we get into bigger sizes, we will run into seasonal clothing issues as these girls were born at exact opposite times of the year!

Happy Four Weeks Daphne!


Also, I updated the Project Baby #2 page so it is fully up-to-date with all of my weekly bump pictures with Daphne, and I also started the Daphne Lucille page which will be a quick link to all of Daphne’s weekly birthday posts!