family pictures {2018}

Most of you are probably on our Christmas card list so you’ve seen at least a smattering of our family photos from this year. But, I ended up buying the entire gallery of photos this year since I couldn’t choose just a few, ha!, so here is a photo over-load because I also couldn’t choose which ones to share either.

We shot these at the UW Arboretum just as it was really starting to look and feel like fall, and even though it was drizzling rain, it was perfect! As we have for the past few family photoshoots, we used Ashley Vos, and I highly recommend her if you are local to Seattle!

Also, when did my girls get so grown-up?!

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A Pinterest Christmas {2018}

This year I had high hopes of continuing one of my very favorite blogging traditions which is A Pinterest Christmas. It is a DIY series that I started back in 2011! {You can see all of the posts from the series here.}

But alas, as I have been stepping back a bit from things (to avoid over commitment, for which I am famous for this time of year) somethings had to give and this was one of them. At least for now. I do have a few “projects” that are waiting to be done but there feels like so much to be done with just general Christmas festivities and the closing of The Petite Flag Shop that the list is unlikely to be completed in the coming weeks. But, I did think it would be fun to share my favorite projects over the years in this post! Continue reading

my weekend in pictures.

{We didn’t have any real plans going into Friday, but I did need to go to the grocery store, so U Village made the most sense! Plus, after sitting in the cart and eating all of the snacks in the entire store (seriously, there was an apple, orange, two slices of cheese, one granola bar, and a pouch consumed during our trip) the girls got their wiggles out on the playground!} Continue reading

my {thanksgiving} weekend in pictures.

We headed to Boise to celebrate Thanksgiving, so here are a smattering of pictures from the entire week! Also, I was terrible at capturing many moments (I blame it on the unplugging) and missed a lot of great moments, like a family photo at Thanksgiving dinner, and meeting one of my best friend’s sweet daughter (just 11 days old) and seeing my oldest and dearest girlfriends!


{Aaron and I headed out on an unexpected date night on Wednesday. I had a hair cut scheduled in the evening and my parents offered to watch the girls so we could grab a bite to eat after my appointment. We were lucky to snag a table right away at the freshly opened Diablo & Sons, then headed across the street to Pie Hole for a slice and a PBR (for Aaron since it was $1.25), and then rounded everything out with fried ice cream at The Matador.} Continue reading