my weekend in pictures.


{Love how these girls are starting to play together.}


{Daphne is doing such a great job sitting up!}


{As you may have seen on my Instagram Stories, Daphne and I were playing peek-a-boo. It was so sweet!}


{I gave Daphne a teething biscuit on Saturday morning thinking it would be a clean(ish) thing to eat. Not so much. Moral of the story: Daphne can make a mess of any type of food.}


{Saturday morning we headed to Mount Baker playground to celebrate our little friend Seraphina’s birthday party. Eloise enjoyed the playground and the donuts!}


{We headed out to dinner on Saturday evening. This is the face Eloise makes if you say “cheese!”}


{Now that it is officially fall and the weather has cooled down, the A/C unit got to come out! As nice as it is to have in the heat, it is so nice to have it out of the living room! And yes, we store it in the shopping cart box!}


{Making a big batch of sweet potato waffles for the girls.}


{Such a sweet girl.}


{“Huh Mama?” Eloise was out with Aaron this morning while he was mowing the lawn but really needed to bring in an armful of rocks.}

Oh my goodness guys, it sounds so cliche but I am so ready for fall. The weather this week has been perfect. Seriously. A little bit of rain, clouds, cooler weather, and breaks of sun. I could live in this weather all year long!

We had a crazy week and Aaron worked a ton, so we made almost no plans for this weekend. It was perfect. I am denial that it is the end of September, but also so happy it is fall!

How was your weekend?


eloise {big kid room reveal}

It’s been a long time coming (especially since we moved Eloise into her new room months ago!) and a lot of you have been asking, but here is a post all about Eloise’s big kid room! (And there will, eventually, be a post about Daphne’s nursery too… shooting the nursery is tricky with a baby and a toddler. And nap times and preschool drop-off and pick-up. But I digress.)

Eloise is (still) so excited about her room. If you come over (or have been over recently) she will want to take you on a tour of it. So sweet and I am taking it as a complement of how much she LOVES it! I tried to keep most of her original decor (though most of the artwork never hung in her nursery though I had good intentions of hanging a gallery wall in there for years!) which was the entire idea when I decorated her nursery to begin with. I wanted it to feel like she could grow up in there and have something familiar even once she transitioned into a new space.

As most of you know, this is the front bedroom which is at the very bottom of the stairs, and formally housed our office. We hadn’t done much to the space (except hang some things on the walls) since we knew it was mostly a temporary space for us to spread out and would eventually become a bedroom.

And without further adieu, pictures (because that is what you all are here for, right?).


And a source list for those who are interested:

Love your big kid room Eloise!


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daphne {week 29}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // hoodie: Childhoods (old; similar) // jeggings: Levi’s (old) // moccasins: Freshly Picked // bib: DIY with Rifle Paper Co. fabric}

{week 29} This week solids have continued to go well and I am still trying to offer them twice per day, at lunch and dinner time after Daphne nurses. We are still doing a mix of purees and BLW foods. So far Daphne has tried: roasted sweet potatoes, watermelon, steamed broccoli, red grapes (quartered), black beans, and apple slices. We also introduced peanuts and didn’t get an allergic reaction which is a relief; it was highly unlikely that either of our girls would have a (pea)nut allergy but you never know. Our pediatrician suggested that we introduce a snack food called Bambas which is made almost entirely of peanuts (think a similar texture to a Cheeto but tastes like peanut butter) rather than trying to introduce straight peanut butter (which was super tricky last time around)!

And also (since I know you have been waiting with baited breath) we finally got poop! After almost 13 days… guys, it was stressful. But Daphne wasn’t showing any signs that she was in pain or that there were any issues, so her doctor really wasn’t worried. That said, I am very sad to have left the (solely) breast milk poop days and move into the real poop days. It’s so stinky. And always makes me re-think our decision to cloth diaper! (Okay, not really, but sort of.)

Since big sister Eloise is in school now and Mama wants/needs to get out of the house to get things done, a few more morning naps are on-the-go. It is hit or miss, but mostly what happens is that Daphne will nap either in the car seat or in the Ergo (or Solly wrap) but it’s for a much shorter time than a nap in her crib would be. And then if she has had an on-the-go morning nap, I really make sure she is home for her afternoon nap (which is pretty easy since Eloise naps at the same time).

Happy 29 weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.


{All afternoon on Friday Eloise waited for Mimi and Paga to come… it was so sweet!}


{Crafting with Paga.}


{Eloise finally (FINALLY) agreed to a haircut if Mimi came and held her hand. She wasn’t sure at all though and ended up sitting on my lap. Once we got started though, she was great and even let the stylist braid her hair!}


{And lunch at Din Thai Fung. So, so delicious.}


{Selfie with Mama and Eloise!}


{Eloise LOVES the noodles. And is way too cool for a fork.}


{Daphne was happy with a plastic spoon.}


{Since Eloise did such a great job with her haircut, we celebrated with Molly Moon’s. She insisted on a cone and I worried it would fall the entire time she ate it!}


{Last week our neighbor’s super tall tree (like 100 feet!) split from the heat and part of it fell. So, they started taking it down. We watched all last weekend and most of Saturday afternoon. It was amazing!}


{Painting is a must when Grammie is around. And Eloise is delighted!}


{Reading a new book with Paga.}


{Visiting the Chihuly exhibit this morning. I promise Eloise had way more fun than her facial expression!}


{Love these two!}


{Aaron and I slipped out for a date night this evening and enjoyed a kid-free trip to U Village! First course was ramen, second course was a fried chicken sammie, and dessert at Molly Moon’s. I definitely regretted wearing my super skinny jeans tonight because my belly was so full!}

Mimi and Paga (my parents) were in town this weekend, so it was pretty much a great time seeing as they are two of Eloise’s favorite (favorite, favorite) people. The weather also feels like FALL! I am not ready for the rain yet, but ready for the cool, crisp weather.

How was your weekend?


daphne {week 28}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // peplum top: Target (old) // leggings: Carter’s (old) // bandana bib: DIY with Rifle Paper Co. fabric // quilted playmat: DIY for Eloise}

{week 28} Daphne. Always on the move. As you can see from this photo, during our weekly shoot on Sunday, she did not want to stay still. These days, as soon as I put her down on her back she will immediately flip over (except on her changing pad which is great).

Since Eloise started preschool again, we’ve had much more Mama and Daphne time which has been nice. I have been really trying to focus on one-on-one playtime in the mornings between feedings and naps since that is really what we miss out on when Eloise is home. And that’s not to say that Daphne doesn’t enjoy playtime when E is home, because in all honesty, Daphne would probably rather play with Eloise than Mama! She is just so mesmerized watching Eloise. But, we can take time to feed and it doesn’t feel rushed with a toddler saying “Mamamamamamama” the entire time! (Though her feedings are shortening even more, sometimes clocking in around 15 minutes. #progress) She seems satisfied and once her belly is full of milk, she sits right up and starts chatting. It’s the sweetest.

We added solids at lunchtime this past weekend because Daphne seems SO interested when she see us eating lunch. I’ve been doing a smaller portion at lunchtime than at dinner and usually doing either a single puree or a BLW food just to make it a little easier at mid-day for me. We have also been offering this Prune + Pear + Clove puree a lot since Daphne is a bit constipated! It worked like a charm for Eloise and we are hoping it will do the same for Baby D. I may have mentioned, but this is the one puree that we will continue to make and offer, even in a few months when we stop offering other purees and do strictly BLW solids.

Happy 28 weeks Daphne!


my weekend in pictures.


{This girl. She let me put her hair in a ballerina bun. And then she twirled around the house all day. Magical.}


{Eloise went to the neighbor’s house after nap time on Friday so Daphne and I headed to Trader Joe’s. Guys, shopping with only one kid is like a vacation. And Daphne got to sit in the cart for the first time, like a big kid. She loved it. Can you tell?}


{We introduced Baby D to a sippy cup. She’s not so sure and makes a hilarious face when she realizes it’s water in the cup and not milk.}


{On Saturday morning we headed to a PEPS playdate which is always so fun! Eloise has been into puzzles lately so she was excited to see some.}


{Tuned into the Boise State game and while they played a good game against Wazzu, it just didn’t work out. Darn 4th quarter! And triple OT. Crazy.}


{Buh-bye old dishwasher! Aaron hauled it away to the transit center for disposal this morning since apparently no one wants a free old dishwasher… haha! And thanks to the Sweeneys for letting us borrow their truck!}


{Daphne is discovering finger foods. She puts every single thing in her mouth. Except for pieces of food. If Aaron or I hold the food for her, she will eat it, but won’t do it herself.}


{We ventured up to the Andersons’ house for the Seahawks game this afternoon. Great company, terrible game. The kids had so much fun, especially Jaz and Eloise.}


{And these two littles. So sweet!}

We had a fun weekend packed full of social events. It was great to see old friends and catch up!

And the weather was a-m-a-z-i-n-g today. Seriously perfect. The smoke has cleared out, the temperature was a few degrees cooler, and the sun was out.

How was your weekend?


eloise {first day of preschool 2017}


{letter board: Letter Folk // top: Cat & Jack for Target // skirt and pants: Cat and Jack for Target // lunchbox: PackIt // backpack: my old backpack // shoes: babyGap (old)}

Eloise headed back to preschool today and she was pretty excited about it. She was a little quiet when we first got to school, but I think mostly it was because everyone was doing drop-off right at the same time, so it was pretty busy with kids and parents taking off shoes, hanging up backpacks, and saying good-bye. She sat with me for a minute and then was ready to go!

Eloise will be at the same preschool this year, but will be going four mornings per week (Monday to Thursday) instead of just two. It is going to be wonderful for all of us. Plus I am so excited for her because on Tuesday mornings she will walk down to the library with her teachers and friends to storytime. That is one thing I just haven’t found the time and energy for but Eloise loves it.

She seemed so big this year going to school. Last week we went to Target to pick out a first day outfit and she picked it out all by herself! And she even wanted to get dressed as soon as she woke up this morning which is unusual since she normally just wants to hang out in her underpants!

And see E’s first day of preschool last year. She looks so little!

Happy first day of preschool Eloise!


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