my weekend in pictures.


{Seriously, you guys, sisters are the best!}


{Making avocado dip for this amazing recipe. It’s definitely a go-to in our house!}


{Sleeping in and a morning barre class really put Daphne and I out of sync in terms of feedings on Saturday, so I spent a fair amount of time pumping.}


{Oh so happy!}


{Birthday party this afternoon. Happy birthday Andrew and Ford!}


{Lunchtime at this cutest tiny picnic table. Word on the street is that it is from IKEA. We may or may not need this for our girls!}


{Eloise and her friend Harlon enjoying some frosting together. The sweetest! These girls have known each other basically their entire lives and are BFFs!}


{Daphne napped thru basically the entire party and enjoyed some snuggles with Papa!}


{Some of the kiddos enjoying strawberry shortcake!}


{Basically my entire adult life I have wanted to have a strawberry planter and I finally picked one up this weekend. SO excited about this!}


{Tummy time this afternoon. She spent the first few minutes rolling but then stopped as soon as I got my phone out… She has been enjoying talking to herself in the mirror though!}

This weekend flew by but was so much fun! We got some stuff done around in the yard and also got to catch up with some friends – the best kind of weekend, right?

We are gearing up for the week and so excited because Aaron is on paternity leave! Eloise is still in school (for another three weeks!) so our daily/weekly routine will be similar, but we are hoping to squeeze in some fun summer activities too!

How was your week?


daphne {month three}


{alligator: Jellycat // hoodie jumper : June and January // moccasins: Freshly Picked}

{month three} How has it already been three months since Daphne was born? The last official month as a newborn… I can’t even believe it. Sometimes I look at her and think she is so little and tiny, and sometimes I think “wow, she is SO big already!” As they say, the days/weeks are long and the months/years are short; I am trying to take in all of it with this little one!

Daphne, as I have mentioned probably a few times, is amazing at tummy time. She doesn’t love it all the time and will definitely let us know when she is done, but her head and neck control is impressive. I have been setting her down for official tummy time a few times per day on her playmat which she seems to enjoy for short stretches of time. She looks all around with her head and follows all of us (including Sadie) all around with her eyes. You can tell her eyesight has greatly improved since she will react to something that is all the way across the room!

Along with tummy time has come the inevitable rolling (from tummy to back) which came as a bit of a shock when she first did it since Eloise was not attempting rolls until she was close to four months! But given Daphne’s great head and neck control, it isn’t really a surprise that she hit this milestone early. The rolling is pretty consistent on both sides though recently Daphne has been pretty content staying on her tummy. And when she is on her back, she likes to roll to her side (mostly the right) which means we have to watch her way more carefully these days!

Also, there are a lot of times that Daphne does not want to be lying down flat on her back. She loves to be upright or sitting (held, of course) to see what is going on! If you do lie her down and she doesn’t want to be, she will start picking up her head like she is doing little crunches. It’s impressive.

Recently Daphne has started to giggle when she is tickled or if you make a funny face or sound. It is the sweetest! She isn’t consistent about it, but she is almost always smiling which is nearly as sweet. Daphne has also found her little voice and coos during her awake time. She likes to sit on my lap (facing me) and we have conversations. She often cracks up and gets so excited, kicking her legs and arms.

While Daphne is sort of at the mercy of Eloise’s (and everyone else’s) schedule, I do try to give her consistent naps. Sometimes we are in the car or out and about during naptime (easy to do since she takes 4 or 5 naps a day!) and she does a good job napping in her car seat (she is actually a great car seat napper), but when we are at home, I have really tried to nap her in her room. I have been putting her down in her Rock N Play since that is what she is used to at nighttime and she sleeps so well in it, but we have been trying out the occasional nap in her crib as well. The flat surface can come as a bit of a shock I think to some babies (I remember this was a tricky transition for Eloise too) and in the coming weeks, we are going to try to transition completely to naps in the crib. For the most part Daphne can put herself to sleep, usually with a pacifier, which is awesome. She still wakes during naptimes (sometimes a few times, sometimes not at all) and early in the morning (between 3 and 6) but a pacifier almost always puts her right back to sleep.

We just started with cloth diapers which sometimes means you have to size up in clothes, but even last week it seems like Daphne is growing right out of her clothes! She doesn’t seem really big for her age, but based on clothes, she is. Anything 0 to 3 months or 3 months seems slightly small, so I got out the 6 months and even 6 to 12 month clothes since, especially in onesies, she seems to need more length! We are getting to the point in Eloise’s old wardrobe that the seasons are making a difference; at this age with Eloise we were headed into fall whereas now we will need summer clothes for Daphne. I have been really trying not to buy Daphne a ton of clothes (which is really hard) because she is in the stage where she is wearing something once or a handful of times (if I stay on top of laundry) before she is out of it! It seems like such a waste to spend money on something that she will wear for such a short amount of time. And then there are some things of Eloise’s that just aren’t going to ever be worn because of the difference in season! As Daphne has grown out of clothes, I have been really deliberate about what I am keeping and what I am passing on/selling/giving away since I just don’t want to store so many clothes! And I also have been equally deliberate about what I bring out for Daphne from Eloise’s old clothes, like things that I just know I won’t ever put her in are headed straight to the Goodwill pile (or however I am passing on baby clothes) rather than taking up space in her dresser or closet.

Daphne has definitely found (and LOVES) her hands. She admires them from afar and waves them around in the air, and loves to try to shove her entire fist into her mouth, much like her sister did. She also though has found her (right) thumb on some occasions which makes me wonder whether she will be a thumb sucker or not! (And I am totally mixed on this.) Along with hand sucking has come a huge amount of drool! It may be an early sign of teething (E started getting teeth around 5 months I believe) or just normal newborn drool which our ped gave us a head’s up about. I remember E drooling a lot, but not for a while later.

{weight} 14 pounds!
{hair} blackish brown.
{teeth} none.
{eyes} dark grey/brown.
{clothes} 0 to 3 month pants (but growing out of them very quickly!), growing out of 3 months (Carter’s), 3 to 6 months, 6 months (Carter’s).
{diapers} size 2 {from the honest company}. I just prepped all of E’s old cloth diapers and we are just starting the cloth diapering routine this week (at least when we are at home).
{feeding} nursing every 3 to 4 hours during the day, starting around 6 am. feeding sessions last around 40 minutes (20 per side). last feeding of the day is around 9:30 pm which is regular nursing plus a 2 oz bottle of pumped milk and no middle of the night feeding!
{likes} nursing, riding in the car (usually), her big sister Eloise, singing, lights, paci, being swaddled, being bounced, sucking on her hands, being tickled, talking (cooing).
{dislikes} baths, loud noises, having gas, lying down flat right after eating, being hungry.

{nicknames} Daph, Bug, Snorty, Baby D.

And see Eloise’s three month update here {the girls look so much alike to me}!

Happy Three Months Daphne!


my {long} weekend in pictures.


{We visited Papa’s office – and dropped off some new artwork Eloise made for him for his birthday – on Friday afternoon.}


{The kids’ table!}


{Family Dinner Night at the Sadliers. Good food, great company. The kids had so much fun playing together, Amanda made an amazing sangria, the weather was beautiful, and we all played Ticket to Ride for the first time which was super fun! Thanks for the BEST time Sadlier family!}


{With the sun out Eloise insisted on being outside basically every minute of the weekend. She even wore her hat (most of the time), sunglasses (some of the time), sun shirt, and reminded me to put sunscreen on her! Also, she always has these sneakers on the wrong feet…}


{Milk drunk.}


{I made it to Pure Barre Saturday AND Sunday morning! Just into the third week of the Summer Challenge and have 9 classes done!}


{Daphne is almost always this happy! And she wore this romper on repeat this weekend because it is so incredibly cute. Thanks Great Aunt Yaya and Gigi!}


{We picnicked at Sascha and Brad’s Marital Dance Party on Saturday night, and the food was delish!}


{One of my best friends from law school Sascha got married a few months ago and it was so amazing to see her this weekend and celebrate!}


{Ah my heart. I love these sisters.}


{Rocking tummy time.}


{Eloise spent all morning outside with Aaron and apparently insisted that she help him with his shoes! Such a helper.}


{Yes, my peonies are blooming. Well, two out of three of the plants are!}

We had almost no plans going into the weekend but amazing weather forecasted. I surprised Aaron with 2 hours of weeding (via the Neighborly app) for his birthday which inspired Aaron to be outside all weekend long. I didn’t get many pictures (but I will be sure to soon) but our yard looks AMAZING! The lawn was mowed and edged, the front flower bed next to our driveway was cleaned out (dirt, weeds, and extra plants out, landscape fabric down, bark on top), and the area around our raised bed was all cleaned out. And I spent most of today cleaning the house and doing laundry plus we already got our weekly grocery delivery, so things are pretty spectacular around here as we kick off this coming week! (Also, how is it almost June?)

Things are very exciting around here as we finally (finally) are going to have a stretch of “summer” weather PLUS this is Aaron’s last week of work before he takes the summer off – wahoo! We can’t wait to have Papa home during the week and have all sorts of summer adventures together.

I hope you had an amazing Memorial Day weekend! Also, do you know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day (and Armed Forces Day)? I didn’t until today.

How was your long weekend?


daphne {week 12}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // dress: Carter’s}

{week 12} Daphne is really starting to fill out and it is the best! She’s getting rolls in her thighs, a Buddha belly, and a double-chin – it is love!

She particularly loves her right hand as well (exactly like Eloise) and tries to stick the entire thing in her mouth. She also waves it around and watches it which proves to be quite entertaining!

Daphne is napping solidly during the day (knock on wood) and well at night. We increased her nighttime bottle to 2 ounces which she takes after a full nursing session so her belly is nice and full for bedtime. Since I have been going to Barre more frequently, Daphne has been taking a bottle (I will just pump before I leave) as a feeding a few times over the past week and will take about 3 ounces. I have been freezing milk in bags between 1 and 2 ounces so we don’t have to defrost more than we have to!

Daphne’s first two naps and last nap are generally the best, the other two are more like cat naps. I have been trying to put her down in her nursery for naptime (if we are home or I am not cooking dinner) and simulate what a “real” naptime would be like: curtains closed, swaddle, pacifier, sound machine, and closed door. She does pretty well and even though she is still sleeping in a rock n play (and not her crib yet) I think this is a good first step to getting into a good napping routine. Often I will lay her down while she is still awake and she will put herself to sleep (which is what I do for bedtime too) which is amazing! And then there are some naps (like her last one yesterday) which she insists on being held… I am trying to find a good balance of being able to get a “break” during naptime and also enjoying those lovely newborn cuddles!

We are enjoying all of the smiles and coos from this little one who is so, so happy! She is the happiest (and most animated) right after a feeding. She also continues to have amazing neck strength and can sit up (being held) without (much) head or neck support, loves to look around, and is rocking tummy time. It seems like time is flying so quickly and pretty soon she isn’t going to be a newborn anymore (but then she does the newborn narcolepsy thing – always during a feeding – and she seems so little again)!

Happy 12 weeks Daphne!


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my weekend in pictures.

{Friday brought gorgeous sunny weather so we met Amanda and Elliott at Ella Bailey Park (in Magnolia) for a play date. The views were spectacular!}

{After the park we headed to Serendipity Cafe for some lunch. There is a great little play space for the littles and the food was delish. Thanks for such a fun morning Amanda and Elliott!}

{Daphne sporting her Pagliacci Pizza onesie. If you order a Pagliacci pizza to be delivered to your room in the hospital right after you have a baby, the delivery will include a special onesie! Needless to say we had pizza delivered to the room for dinner.}

{A package from Freshly Picked always makes for a great mail day. I ordered a pair of new sandals for Eloise and I can’t wait for her to wear them!}

{Daphne has been enjoying time in her playmat, and her hand too, and is starting to really roll from side to side. Once she is in her shoulder though she can’t roll back!}

{The sunny and warm weather meant we officially started grilling season! I love not having to cook in the kitchen when it’s hot.}

{Aaron vacuumed out the car which was such a nice surprise, even under the car seats!}

{Eloise was trying on her new summer hat. And since it matches Daphne’s new summer hat, Stella got to wear Daphne’s!}

{Aaron’s brother David was in town for a quick visit, and he and Ben and Sarah came over for dinner and shenanigans on Saturday.}

{Eloise was pretty excited to have Uncle David around. He kept telling her that something was on the ceiling and when she looked up he would tickle under her chin!}

{And Daphne was giving Aunt Sarah so many smiles.}

{And after Eloise went to bed, Ben, Sarah, and David played this hilarious game called Overcooked. I could never play it but it’s so funny to watch!}

{Milk dunk Daphne this morning. And she let me sleep in until 7 after sleeping without a peep all night!}

{Aaron hung some lines for our future peas to climb. All of our little veggie starts are finally  starting to grow!}

{Eloise was teaching Stella how to walk down the stairs like a big kid. And let her borrow her red sandals too. I promise this was safer than it looks!}

{Eloise was helping me with Daphne’s weekly photo shoot by taking some on her camera!}

{Thanks for coming out the visit Uncle David!}

We had a super fun weekend which was only made better by the amazing weather! It feels like we skipped spring and went right into summer. At least for the next few days… it is amazing how much difference the sun makes in our lives. 

I finished my first week of the Pure Barre Summer Challenge and only have five more weeks left. I was worried about taking 4 classes per week, but after the second class, I was feeling really good! The evening classes during the week are rough but it’s only for two more weeks until Aaron starts his paternity leave! Yes!

How was your weekend?


daphne {week 11}


{letterboard: Letter Folk (Poet) // sweater, tunic, leggings: Carter’s // booties: June and January}

{week 11} After being in a completely different time zone (a three hour change is no joke with littles!) Daphne was back on our regular home routine immediately! Amazing. She is a pretty easy-going kid (much like her big sister) which makes things so much easier for this mama. Also, that dimple in her right cheek!

I think Daphne got a bit of a cold (at least a stuffy nose) from our trip but it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. I have just noticed that she is much more “snorty” than usual since getting back!

Upon our return I also switched Daphne to a new swaddle since she was busting out of the Velcro one we had been using (which we LOVED for Eloise). This new one makes her look a bit like a flying squirrel since her arms and hands are sort of suspended, but it makes a great transitioning swaddle from arms down by sides to no swaddle and she seems to be liking it. One thing that we have really noticed is that Daphne loves her hands. She will use a pacifier when she is tired or to fall asleep, but sometimes she just wants those fists. This swaddle allows her to suck on her hands, well, thru the fabric anyways. We have yet to see whether she becomes a hand/finger/thumb sucker or will stick to a pacifier – I am mixed about both!

It was really cool this past week (with so. much. rain.) so this little outfit that my oldest sister sent has been on repeat! I am dying over that big buffalo check print and pretty much need this tunic in every size (plus for me and Eloise)!

Happy 11 weeks Daphne!


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