friday I’m in love {june}

Keep Families Together

{one} Hydroflask 16 oz Wide Mouth Coffee Thermos

I think I have previously sung the praises of my Hydroflask waterbottle (with a straw lid) that I got to replace my old Camelbak ones, but I am here again to say that I am OBSESSED with my new coffee thermos. I use it every day, starting with my cold brew (though you could use it for hot coffee too), and then using it for my Bubly water for the rest of the day (which I discuss below too) which doesn’t do well in a straw cup because of the carbonation. Guys, this thing keeps ice cubes for hours, at least 6, and does hot and cold beverages equally well. Plus, it’s about $25 so if you have a Nordstrom note, it costs you just $5, AND it fits in cup holders!

{two} Bubly water

So I mentioned Bubly water above, and I definitely jumped on the bandwagon for this one. And as a former lover of La Croix water I was skeptical about a new carbonated water on the market, but I tried it when I was in the midwest a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back! The two things that I LOVE are that the flavor is better (than La Croix) and the bubbles are less intense (you have to try it and you’ll see). My very favorite is the Strawberry, but I also like the Grapefruit and Apple. And, if you drink it from the Hydroflask coffee thermos (like I do!) you can keep it cold all afternoon or however long it takes you to drink it. I have seen it at grocery stores and Target, so pick up a pack!

{three} Natives shoes

As we have nearly officially headed into summer, I have been doing tons of research and shopping for good shoes for the girls. They both have sandals, but especially for Daphne, I need something with good foot protection since she tends to fall. A lot. Plus, something that is easy to clean and easy to get on and off (because it already takes forever to get out of the house). I had been hearing about Natives for a while, but I honestly thought they were over-priced plastic shoes. And while that may be true ($35 to $40 for kids shoes is not inexpensive) they are totally worth the hype. We had a friend give us a hand-me-down pair for Eloise and it took only one wearing before I was sold. The style is like a sneaker and they are extremely easy to put on and wear for the kids, from the playground to the splash pad, but they don’t scream UGLY PLASTIC SHOE like other ones do (ahem, Crocs). Daphne is really good about sitting down when I ask her to put her shoes on and it takes me about 10 seconds to get them on her chubby little feet, and Eloise has no problems slipping them on. AND Nordstrom Rack frequently has them for about half-price.

{four} Keep Families Together

If you know me, you know that, especially recently, I don’t talk politics. In fact, following the recent election and start of the current administration, I am sad to say that I don’t watch or read the news at all. Any of it. As someone who was a bit of a current events junkie (a very informed citizen, if you may) it has been a huge change. But when I am at home every day raising my babies, I just cannot stomach the current news cycle. It’s seriously depressing and I feel so helpless. It won’t always be this way, but for now, I am best if I just don’t know.

That said, however, the horrifics of the current administration’s stance on families seeking asylum at our country’s borders is one that I cannot shake. It has gained some serious social media momentum (which is how I even know about it!) and for good reason. The acts of this country in relation to these families are deplorable. I can’t tell you how many times my stomach has turned and the tears that have streamed down my face when I think about these families being torn apart. The children that are being detained are the same age as my girls (and even younger). There is absolutely no reason that I can conceive of for these actions to be taken by a government, let alone one that is built on immigrants. We have seen atrocities like this in the past with the Holocaust and the internment of the Japanese during WWII, but yet here we are. Politics aside, this is a morality issue and one about compassion, empathy, and being a good human.

Please join the thousands of outraged citizens all over the country (and the world) as we stand up for justice and change. We deserve better than this and so do our children (and grandchildren). This article on Cup of Jo is amazing if you want some more information (without delving into all of the heartwrenching details). I have called my senators, made donations to the ACLU (of which I am a PROUD member) and RAICES, and am looking into ways I can help in my local community.

Let’s just be kind to each other.


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