friday I’m in love.

Welcome back Friday!

{one} Magnetic False Lashes.

{via One Two Cosmetics – Original Lash}

It seems like it has been a lifetime ago that I had lash extensions (the year we got married and it was AMAZING) or even used falsies, but I dream about long, lush lashes again. It is awesome not to have to wear eye make-up which I found to be true when I had extensions. But, at this point in my life, it just doesn’t seem worth the money or the hassle to have lashes and lash fills… But, I just found out about these false magnetic lashes and I am intrigued! What do you think about false lashes?

{two} Framebridge Heartsagram.


{via Framebridge}

I have heard a ton about Framebridge from bloggers and actually just put in my first order (I will let you know how it goes!), but these Heartsagrams that are available for Valentine’s Day are so perfect! And for $39 they make a great gift for a spouse, grandparent, or bestie! Now, which Instagram photo to use…

{three} Health!

Finally this week, I am feeling so thankful for our health. We are finally over the colds that took us out over Christmas (knock on wood!) and it is amazing. I always forget how awful it is to be sick until I am on the mend. Plus, when you are a parent, you just don’t get a break, even when you feel awful. So here’s to being healthy for the rest of cold and flu season!!

And be sure to check out what Kendra is loving this week! What about you?



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