friday I’m in love {may}

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Hello Friday! And how it is already the end of May, I’m not even sure. Spring is just flying by and summer will be here before we know it.

This year, one of my (very informal) New Year’s Resolutions was to prioritize self-care. As a stay at home mama, it is really easy for me to get lost in the day-to-day shuffle (or chaos) and I tend to de-prioritize myself, to a fault. But, after this past year with two little ones, I know I can’t be my best if I am not taking care of myself, hence the resolution. It’s nothing really big, but a few small indulgences have helped!

Here are my favs for mama self-care for the month!

{one} BeautyCounter Lip Conditioner.

I have been using BeautyCounter for a while now (the flawless in five make-up is awesome!) but I just recently got this Lip Conditioner in Calendula and it is LOVE. I don’t wear much make-up these days, but after doing my morning and evening facial routine (more about that below) I need something to moisturize my lips. I love this right before bed (I put it on before I read for 15 minutes) and it is great after I have worn my LipSense lipstick (which I find really drying and needs to be scrubbed off). The smell is amazing and, like every BeautyCounter product, I know it is safe for me and my body!

{two} Sheetmasks (+ K-Beauty).

Guys, I never in my wildest dreams thought this would be true, but I am slightly addicted to all things K-Beauty. I have never been super into make-up and like minimal skin care, so it is a big surprise! But as part of my self-care resolution, I wanted to really start taking care of my skin so that I could combat aging (hello, 30s!) and be able to wear less make-up. So instead of focusing on make-up, I am focusing on skin care. There are tons and tons of skin care and everywhere you look there is something new. It is extremely overwhelming. So without getting into the entire line-up of my skin care products, I want to talk about sheetmasks. I mostly get mine from either SokoGlam or Peach & Lily (J.Crew sells them too!) and try to use one once or twice per week. I try to do my evening skin care routine right after the girls go to bed and once you have a sheetmask on, it is hard to do anything but sit and relax because you can’t move your face. Ha!

{three} Suits.

For the record, I have been fan-girling over Meghan Markle long before she started dating Prince Harry! And if you need a little more Meghan in your life (because we can only see so many of the same wedding photos, right?) do yourself a favor and go watch Suits. And even if you don’t like Meghan or the royals, you will still like this show! I am a sucker for a legal drama, and this one did not disappoint! There are SEVEN seasons and while I think they dragged it out a few more seasons than they should have, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

{four} Reading.

If you knew me before I went to grad school, you know I was an avid reader. My entire life I plowed thru books and just loved to read. Fast-forward thru law school and I lost interest in reading anything more than a magazine article. Seriously. It was slightly depressing, but I just needed a break from books, generally. And now that I am seven (what?) years out of law school, I am returning to my love of books. I originally set a goal of one book per month. Lofty, I know. And honestly, I haven’t even come close to that! But Aaron and I recently finished binge-watching Big Little Lies and before we even watched the last episode, I found myself downloading it onto my Kindle. And each night I have been reading for 15 or 30 minutes before bed. It is lovely.

{five} Working Out.

I recently shared all about my BBG experience and though the past month has taken it’s toll on my workouts (read: they were non-existent) I am working on getting back into a good rhythm. And actually, this past month of not having almost daily workouts has shown me how much I need this in my life! Not only do I miss the physical aspect of it, but the mental time too. Just this weekend I took 30 minutes to walk down to Greenlake and listen to a podcast and it was amazing how good I felt after (and then I got home and Daphne threw up all over me #mamalife).

What are you loving this month? And what do you do for self-care? I’d love some more ideas!


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