my weekend in pictures.


{on our way east out of the city on friday morning sadie & I got stuck at the bridge opening at the ship canal bridge. sadie didn’t mind at all that we had to sit in the sunshine for a few minutes.}


{started some spring cleaning by tackling our office closet. at least I made some progress on it.}


{celebrated baby blakely & her mama-to-be this weekend!}


{dinner date at purple café with our friends rhett & lindsay saturday evening.}


{it was an official date night at the paramount theater to see the lion king. this was my very favorite movie as a kid & the musical is phenomenal. just the opening scene – breathtaking!}


{it was rain, rain, rain this weekend after a gorgeous & sunny week.}


{coffee date with my mama!}


{enjoyed some rum cake straight from little cayman. thanks mom & dad!}

gosh, how is the weekend over already? it poured rain for most of the weekend which stunk because it was so beautiful at the end of last week. bummer. while I am excited about the spring-look to seattle – flowers, bushes, & trees starting to bloom – I am SO ready for spring weather! my mama was in town which is always a treat, but seems to make time fly even faster. how was your weekend?


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